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Happy Together: Here Are the Best Wedding Anniversary Flowers to Surprise Her With

Whether you're newlyweds still enjoying their honeymoon phase or a couple who's been together for years, celebrating your marriage will remind you of all the great memories you share and the ones you'll create in the future.

You've had the wedding of your dreams and it was the happiest day of your lives. But marriage isn't always a walk in the park and it takes a lot of work to keep the spark alive.

It's important to show appreciation and respect for your significant other even when you're both busy and life gets hard. Making time for each other, going on date nights, and communicating effectively will help you maintain a healthy, loving relationship.

If your anniversary is approaching and you'd like to surprise your spouse with a thoughtful gift, read on to learn which wedding anniversary flowers to choose to celebrate your love.

1st Anniversary

Your first anniversary marks a whole year of your love and union. For many couples, it's the honeymoon phase where they get used to living together and planning their future. It's also filled with challenges, learning to solve marital problems, and for some couples, the time to start a family.

The marriage flowers for the 1st anniversary are carnations. They symbolize love, youthful affection, and deep passion. Their abundant blossom represents the expansion of the family, growing love, and blooming happiness in a marriage.

3rd Anniversary

Sunflowers are the blooms for your 3rd anniversary. They signify happiness, joy, and overcoming challenges in a marriage because they always turn towards the sun.

Sunflowers also symbolize friendship between the partners, fidelity, and strength because of the sturdy stem that keeps them upright.

5th Anniversary

To celebrate 5 years of a sacred unity, give your spouse a bouquet of daisies for your anniversary of marriage.

The delicate daisy means eternal love with a strong foundation, loyalty, hope, and growth. It's great to remind yourself of these values in order to reignite the spark between you and your partner.

10th Anniversary

Yellow daffodils are the best flowers for an anniversary as meaningful as your first decade together. They carry the meaning of simplicity and paying attention to the little things that make you happy, but also to all the years filled with wonderful memories.

A bouquet of 10 fresh daffodils is the perfect way to celebrate your 10th anniversary and welcome the future with open arms.

15th Anniversary

Red roses represent fiery passion, deep affectionate love, and everlasting romance. If you celebrate 15 years together, it means you know and accept each other completely, with all your flaws and virtues.

Red roses signify a strong unity that blooms into an exquisite flower despite the obstacles (thorns) that life throws at you. The reason why you should give red roses specifically (not white, yellow or pink) on your 15th anniversary (and not earlier) is because they're a symbol of deeply-rooted true love.

20th Anniversary

Celebrating two decades together calls for beautiful asters that carry the meaning of longevity, wisdom, hope for the future, and patience. These flowers for anniversary represent what you've learned from marriage in the past two decades.

A single aster flower is simple and delicate, but when put in a bouquet, it becomes an amazing union of beauty and mesmerizing floral scent.

25th Anniversary

The stunningly beautiful iris is the symbolic flower of your silver anniversary. Iris represents courage, faith, hope, and wisdom, all of which you've gained during your 25 years together.

The flower is small and delicate on its own, but when put together in a bouquet, it becomes a powerful bunch with the meaning of romantic love and happiness.

30th Anniversary

To celebrate 30 years of marriage, give your spouse a bouquet of dozen lilies as wedding anniversaries flowers. Lilies have a big, glorious bloom with visible anthers and come in several different colors, each symbolizing a different thing:
  • Pink lily means abundance, success, prosperity, and wealth
  • Yellow lily means gratefulness and joy
  • Red lily means passion for life and love
  • White lily means virtue, innocence, and purity
  • Orange lily means confidence, wealth, and pride (not suitable as an anniversary gift)
After 3 decades, your marriage is strong and well-rooted, and you as people have become wiser, more understanding, and more committed to each other. This is also the time when many married couples become grandparents which helps them find a new purpose and joy in life.

40th Anniversary

Gladioli are long, slender flowers whose blooms are layered one above the other, just like the memories, happy times, and experiences you've gained after 40 years of marriage.

One gladiolus stem has up to 20 florets, but not all of them will blossom at the same time. It's best to form a bouquet of at least 3-6 stems so when they bloom, you'll have a lush bunch of blossoms.

The name 'gladiolus' comes from the Latin word 'gladius' which means 'sword' and with these flowers, you're telling your spouse they still 'pierce through your heart' with their love, passion, and affection.

50th Anniversary

For your Golden Anniversary, surprise your significant other with a bouquet of yellow roses and a flowerpot of violets. Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship, true love, faith, and longevity, while violets represent faithfulness, virtue, and modesty.

These two flowers go together to mark a half a century of a successful, happy marriage full of heartwarming memories. Just like the colors yellow and purple complement each other so beautifully, the same is true for you and your partner whose love has withstood the test of time.

Choose the Most Beautiful Wedding Anniversary Flowers for Your Significant Other

Though marriage is a union between two people in love, it's still challenging and takes an effort to keep the flame alive. No matter how many years you've been together, all that matters is that you love, support, and care for each other in both good times and bad.

If you liked this article and would like to learn more about flower care and choosing the best flowers for different occasions, visit our blog.

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What Should You Give as Graduation Flowers: A Simple Guide

Graduation is a huge accomplishment. After all, only just above half of all students who attempt college go on to receive a degree. It's a time for family and friends to gather around their graduate and inspire them to the next phase in their journey.

Whether you can make it to town for the big day, or you just want to send a gift from a distance, sending someone bright blooms is always a treat.

Graduation flowers are a great way to mark the milestone and congratulate your loved one on their accomplishment. The right bouquet will create an ambiance for the day and make them feel special and valued. Read on to learn how to make the perfect selection no matter who you are shopping for.

Choose Their School Colors

Choosing school colors for a graduation bouquet is a way you can't lose. No matter what kind of flowers you choose, your graduate will love the personal touch.

You may have trouble finding flowers that are black if that is one of their school colors. But you could consider using blooms that are dark purple or maroon in color or consider just using black ribbon to tie together the bouquet.

Choosing school colors is especially a good idea if you will be using the flowers for a centerpiece for their graduation party. It's a nice touch to add to the tables to tie together the theme.

If you're throwing a party, you may also want to consider buying some garlands to decorate. It's a great way to make a table of honor stand out in a small room.

Make sure that you visit a florist in person or include a note about your order if you want to be sure that the flowers are the right color. Sometimes when you order a bouquet online, the one that the person gets doesn't look exactly the same.

Consider Sending a Leis

Leis are often given to people on vacations as a way to welcome them to a fancy hotel or result. But they're also used as a way to congratulate someone on an accomplishment or achievement in life. Consider ordering a lei for the graduate in your life.

While most traditional leis are made from orchids, there are also leis made from roses, plumeria, carnations, and foliage. Orchids can be an expensive option, but they're also very beautiful.

If you want to make your gift extra special, consider adding money into the lei as a graduation gift. It's a lot better than just stuffing the money into an envelope. You can also sew candy into a lei if the graduate has a major sweet tooth.

If your graduate isn't the kind of person who would wear a lei, you can also order a corsage or boutonniere for them to wear on their big day. Find out what their favorite flower is or just choose a collection featuring the school's colors.

Choose Flowers That Represent Prosperity

Bright and bold flower color choices will bring your festivity and celebration to the next level.  Choosing yellow flowers is a way to symbolize success and accomplishment and charge up the day. Orange flowers, on the other hand, represent enthusiasm and a passion for life which is perfect for a graduation day.

White and green flowers are symbolic of new beginnings. Choose flowers of those colors if your graduate is looking to the future instead of reminiscing on their past. Camilias and white carnations are good options for symbolizing luck and prosperity to come.

Send Their Favorite Flower

Giving someone their favorite flower is a great way to show them how well you know them and make them feel loved.

If you don't know what someone's favorite flower is, consider asking their parents or best friends if they know. Even if they don't they may be able to reach out and discreetly ask for you so that you don't have to ruin the surprise.

If you decide to send someone their favorite flowers, try to schedule your delivery for the morning of their graduation day. They'll love waking up to something special and it will brighten their mood just in time to celebrate.

When to Give the Flowers

When to give the flowers depends on if you are attending the graduation ceremony or not. Most commonly, you will give the graduate their flowers after the ceremony is over.

But, if you aren't able to make it, you can send the flowers to show up any time within a week of the actual graduation.

If you take care of the flowers, they can last for weeks. Make sure that you change the water and use the fertilizer package that comes with your flowers. You should also trim the ends of your stems so that they can get enough water.

Where to Order Graduation Flowers in Atlanta or LA

Ordering graduation flowers for someone is a great way to let them know that you are thinking about them and celebrate their big day with them no matter where you are. If you're buying graduation flowers, consider purchasing them in the school colors for the institution where they are graduating from.

You can also find out what someone's favorite flowers are or send them flowers that carry a special meaning.

Do you know someone who is graduating soon? We would love to help you send a thoughtful message. Find out if we deliver in your area today.

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Expressing Your Sympathy: All You Need to Know About Traditional Funeral Flowers

In 2018 alone, the funeral industry had a revenue of $16 billion. This industry is large because funerals are so common. Are you prepared for a funeral?

Whether you're attending in person or trying to send your condolences when you can't attend, sending flowers is always a good choice. However, it's helpful to know some tradition first, so you can send the right message.

There are some traditional funeral flowers you can send to make the statement you want to make. Not sure which ones to choose, or how to send them? We've put together a complete guide to help you decide -- keep reading so you can express your sympathy in the best way.

Funeral Flower Arrangements

First, let's break down the different arrangements you might find on your search for grieving flowers.
There are two main types of funeral flowers: those that will be used as part of the service, and those that are sent to show sympathy to the grieving family.Flowers for the service can include:
  • Bouquets
  • Wreaths and hearts
  • Standing Sprays
  • Crosses
  • Casket arrangements
  • Urn and photo arrangements
These will beautify the space during the service.
Flowers for showing sympathy might include:
  • Floral baskets
  • Bouquets
  • Wreaths
  • Other arrangements including things like fruit
There's more freedom for choosing these flowers as a gift.

What to Send and When

Wondering how to navigate the expectations surrounding funeral flowers? Just follow these guidelines.

Funeral Service Flowers

These flowers tend to come in pre-arranged sets to match the look for the funeral. Most funerals aren't decorated with a random assortment of flowers from loved ones. Instead, they'll have bouquets and arrangements that are designed to all look nice together.

It's not expected or encouraged for you to show up to most funerals bearing flowers. However, if you're planning the funeral, you might need to have the right arrangements sent to the funeral home.
The family members, or those planning the funeral, will be the ones to choose the casket arrangement and other important floral decorations. But if you want to help out, and you're close to the family, you could offer to take care of the casket arrangement for them.

Generally speaking, it's always best to ask the family before sending or bringing flowers to a service. You want to make sure you won't disrupt their plans for decorating. Flowers can offer a beautiful way to pay a tribute to a loved one, which is why funeral service flowers are a beloved tradition.

Flowers for Mourning

If you want to send an individual message to the family or loved ones of the deceased, you can send them your own floral arrangement.

You can send them to a specific person or address them to the family. You can expect that they will be receiving lots of flowers at the time, so bigger isn't always better. Instead, send a tasteful arrangement that will fit nicely in a crowded home.

Sometimes, you might even choose to send a potted flowering plant, rather than cut flowers. This can send a message that lasts longer than your usual bouquet.

However, keep in mind that grieving families tend to be busy, and might not have the time or energy to care for a new plant. When in doubt, cut flowers are always a good choice.

Even if the funeral is over, but you just heard about it, you can still send flowers. This gesture is welcome at any time.

Traditional Funeral Flowers to Choose From

Now that you know what to send or bring and when, which flowers should you choose?
The good news is that you have a range of options. Funeral flowers don't have to be all somber and serious. Funerals are meant to be times of celebration, not just mourning, so many bright and luscious flowers can work well.

Here are three popular funeral flower types, and the meanings they convey.


This traditional choice for standing sprays and wreaths comes in many different colors, so you can pick which one suits the moment best.

Red, for example, symbolizes affection. Pink carnations were once believed to have sprouted where the Virgin Mary's tears fell, making them appropriate for Christian and Catholic funerals.

However, flowers mean different things in different cultures. For example, in Buddhist culture, white is the color of mourning, and sending flowers of another color may not be appropriate. It's important to know enough about the family to choose the right flowers that will show respect.


If you choose a white rose arrangement, you're making a statement about peace, innocence, and purity. Red roses can show love and affection, while yellow is associated with friendship.

But no matter which color you choose, roses tend to be a good choice for traditional funeral flowers. They look beautiful alone or mixed with different flowers.


Lilies remain one of the most popular funeral flower choices. Their strong scent combined with their beauty can help make the funeral space feel even more celebratory.

Some people may also choose to send a peace lily plant, which is associated with rebirth, as well as peace.

Sending Lilies to a home is a good choice, but be careful if the mourners have pets. These flowers are very toxic to cats, so they aren't a good choice for all households.

Sending the Right Flowers for Loss

Traditional funeral flowers remain the top way to show love, respect, and sympathy at the time of a funeral. Whether you're choosing arrangements for the casket or just sending a bouquet to someone's home, this guide will help.

Wondering where to get your arrangements? Check out our sympathy and funeral options here.

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Note Writing Basics: How to Get Your Card Right Every Time

Have you been putting off sending a note to a family member or friend? Whether it's a thank you note, a sympathy note, or just a note to express your love, what's holding you back?

These days, when people send 16 million text messages per minute and 156 million emails, a written note can make all the difference to someone who's feeling lonely or could use a kind word.

Many people avoid writing notes because they're worried about their writing abilities. It's okay if you're not a note writing expert, though. You can become one in no time if you keep these tips in mind.

It's Always the Right Time

You might think it's too late to send a note to someone you love. Maybe they got married a couple of months ago or they gave you a gift last year.

The truth, though, is that it's always a good time to receive a note or card. Everyone loves getting mail that's not a bill or a credit card application. Chances are good that your loved one will appreciate your note no matter how late it is.

Keep in mind, too, that you don't always need a reason to send a note. There's nothing wrong with sending a "thinking of you" or "hope you're well" note just because. Often, these are the very best notes.

Start with Great Stationery

Having some nice, high-quality stationery can make the note writing process a lot more appealing.
Whether you want something that contains a clever message or features the official color of the year, there are lots of stationery options for you to choose from.

Before you start writing your note, head to the store and look for some stationery or a card that's appropriate for the situation and gets you excited to write your note.

Create a Digital Draft

There's nothing more irritating than having to throw away several practice notes because you misspelled something or wrote the wrong thing.

To avoid wasting your new stationery, write your note on the computer first. That way, you can plan out exactly what you want to say and transfer it to the card after.

There's no more wasted paper when you do it this way, and you'll be free to make as many mistakes as you need to figure out the perfect message.

Follow a Formula

If you have no idea where to begin when it comes to writing a note for someone, try following this basic formula:
  • Start by greeting the recipient by name
  • Express why you're writing
  • Use one or two sentences for a personal touch
  • Wrap up with a closing message (thank you again, I wish you the best, etc.)
 There's plenty of room to get more creative with your notes, but this formula can be helpful if you're dealing with writer's block and have no clue what to say.

Talk About a Memory

When it comes to adding a personal touch to your cards, a memory is a great approach to take. Spending a sentence or two writing about a memory you have with your loved one shows them that they really do matter to you. It'll also make your note unique and separate it from other notes they've received.

Think About the Future

It's also helpful to spend a sentence or two addressing the future. Maybe you can let your loved one know that you're looking forward to seeing them soon or that you hope to make plans to see them the next time you're in the neighborhood.

If you're writing a thank you note, you could also talk about how you plan to use their gift in the future (I can't wait to bake lots of casseroles in this dish, Aunt Helen).

Don't be Something You're Not

It might be tempting to try and make yourself sound smarter or more sophisticated than you are, especially if you don't consider yourself to be a great writer.

It's important to note, though, that your loved one wants to hear from you. They love you for who you are, and they don't want to read a note that sounds like it was written by someone else.

Resist the urge to use the thesaurus to expand your vocabulary or change your tone and write from the heart. It'll make your note much more meaningful.

Focus on Them

When in doubt, focus on the recipient, not yourself. Emphasize how much you appreciate them, what their friendship means, why you love them, etc.

There are so many self-centered people in the world these days. If you can separate yourself by keeping the focus on the recipient, you'll be miles ahead of all the other people who might be sending them notes.

Keep it Short and Sweet

You don't need to send your loved one a novel. Instead, try to keep your note short. Limit yourself to a few really well-written, meaningful sentences. This will have more of an impact on your loved one than a long letter full of boring platitudes.

You can only read messages like "best wishes" and "congratulations" so many times before your head explodes.

Don't Overthink it

Finally, don't overthink it. Remember, most people are just excited to receive an original note.
As long as you're writing from the heart and being genuine, they won't care if it's the most well-written note in the world.

With so many people eschewing written notes these days, they might not have that many to compare it to, anyway.

Take Your Note Writing to the Next Level

Writing a heartfelt note doesn't have to be difficult. If you keep these note writing tips in mind, you'll have a much easier time expressing your thoughts and feelings and showing your loved ones that you care.

Do you know what makes a note even better? When it's attached to a stunning flower arrangement!
Next time you need to send someone a note, send some flowers along with it.

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Elegance and Fun: Top 6 Edible Flower Petals for Your Wedding Cake

Two of the most important elements in any wedding are the stunning flower arrangements and the delectable cake. But have you ever considered combining them?

We're not talking about carrying a bouquet of cupcakes down the aisle -- although, come to think of it, that's a pretty fantastic idea too. No, we are talking about edible flower petals used as a stunning, unusual decoration for your wedding cake!

Keep reading for the scoop on six varieties of edible blossoms and the beauty they will impart to your big day!

First, A Few General Tips for Decorating Your Cake with Flowers

While you can always ask the baker to incorporate edible flowers into your wedding cake decoration, we also want to let you in on a little secret. Since real petals are so easy to use -- way easier that making flowers out of frosting! -- this is one area where you can slash your budget and still make a splash.

Rather than paying through the nose for a lavishly decorated cake, simply order a basic one with a smooth frosting finish. Then add the flower petals yourself. Do this as close to ceremony and reception time as possible, to lessen the risk that they will wilt.

Be sure to choose food-grade flowers so that they are safe for consumption; you can't just take a walk in the park and pick any old blossom. Naturally, you'll also want to select species that will not only taste good, but that will complement the cake flavor.

Steer clear of alliums like chive blossoms, or any plant whose flavor profile leans toward the savory. Nasturtiums, for example, have a peppery taste. They might not be the best choice for starting your marriage off on a sweet note!

Lastly, if you or a member of your bridal party are planning on creating the cake yourself, consider the frosting. American buttercream hardens, so your blossoms might not stay where they're put. Swiss meringue buttercream is a better choice.

Now, on to the flowers!

1. Hibiscus 

With a perfect balance of sweet and tart and a stunning scarlet color, hibiscus petals lend incredible brightness and pizzazz to a wedding cake. Some people say that hibiscus flowers taste like cranberries, and that comparison isn't inaccurate.

However, it is much more complex, bringing to mind sweeter berries, such as strawberries and blueberries.

Hibiscus flowers can also be incorporated into the cake batter itself, for an extra burst of fruity flavor. A few ingredients that complement hibiscus flavor include coconut, honey, buttermilk, and lemon.

2. Roses

You really can't go wrong using rose petals to decorate a wedding cake. After all, no other flower is such an enduring symbol of love and passion. The fact that they are also delicious is -- well, icing on the proverbial cake!

Would it surprise you to know that roses are related to almonds, apples, apricots, peaches, pears, plums, and cherries? It's true. Rose buds, rose petals, and rose hips are all edible and nutritious. In fact, rose hips have more Vitamin C than oranges!

To encourage your guests to eat the roses with which you decorate your cake, keep them on the small side, or use only the petals. Munching down on the entire flower might be a bit much for some folks. Or opt for rose buds, which pack a flavorful punch in a small package.

3. Lavender

If you enjoy the calming, herbaceous, earthy scent of lavender, you will enjoy this beautiful blossom's taste, too. Lavender brings to mind the serenity and grace of an English countryside in springtime, and is a wonderful addition to any wedding with a romantic and old-fashioned theme.

Lavender has an affinity for dairy, so it is perfect to use in buttercream. Other flavors that match well with lavender include vanilla, honey, mint, and chocolate. And of course, its absolutely gorgeous pale-purple hue is perfectly suited to a wedding aesthetic.

4. Violets

Another option for anyone whose wedding has a color scheme involving purple? Violets! These small, sweet, and humble flowers come in a wide array of hues from the palest lavender to the richest indigo -- and every beautiful shade in between.

Violets are sweeter than most other edible flowers. If you or your intended have a true sweet tooth, however, consider using candied or sugared violets. They're not difficult to make at home, although they do require a gentle touch. You can make candied violets with egg whites and superfine sugar, or dunk them delicately in a simple syrup.

5. Pansies

Much like violets, pansies are a simple, down-to-earth bloom with bohemian appeal. They are perfect for flower lovers who want to incorporate the beauty of nature into their wedding, but without showiness or drama.

What do pansies taste like? Their flavor is perhaps best described as fresh, grassy, and even slightly minty. Some varieties have a stronger minty or wintergreen flavor than others, so be sure to do a taste test.

Rich but straightforward flavors like French vanilla and dark chocolate are your best bet for pairing with pansies. You can candy pansies as easily as violets, too, if a sweeter profile is desired.

6. Micro Orchids

Rounding out our list of edible floral decorations for your cake is micro orchids. About the size of a nickel, these tiny blossoms nevertheless pack a big punch! They come in beautiful bright shades of yellow, orange, red, purple and pink.

Micro orchids have a fresh, cucumber-melon taste -- just perfect for a spring or early summer wedding.

Final Thoughts on Edible Flower Petals

We hope you've enjoyed -- and been inspired by -- this beginner's guide to the wonderful world of edible flowers! When choosing the edible flower petals for your cake, bear in mind that you want a combination of aesthetic appeal, delicious taste, and sturdy staying power.

Have you ever tasted any flowers? Which flowers do you plan to use in your bridal bouquet or table arrangements? Share your thoughts on edible blooms in the comment section below!

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Show Her You Care: 7 Flowers for Mother's Day That'll Make the Perfect Gift

Mother's Day in the US is just around the corner on Sunday, May 12.

Make sure you let the mother figure in your life know how special she is to you on this holiday, even if it is simply with a small gift and some loving words.

Of course, deciding on a mother's day gift can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Why not simply get her a bunch of beautiful flowers?

Here are 7 types of flowers for mother's day that'll be a huge hit with your mom.

1. Daffodils Brighten Up Your Life

Along with Mother's Day, spring is also coming around (thank goodness!) What better way to remind your mom of the new season than with a bunch of beautiful daffodils?

These flowers represent new beginnings and are synonymous with little lambs hopping around in fields and glimmers of sunshine thanks to their bright yellow color.

Is your mom an avid gardener? Perhaps the best mother's day flowers to get her are actually bulbs. You could buy her a few daffodil bulbs so she can care for them and enjoy the plants for years to come.

2. Roses are a Classic Choice

Not sure exactly what your mom's favorite flower is? Stick to the classics and get her a mother's day flower gift of gorgeous roses.

What's your mom's favorite color? Does she prefer deep red or pink? How about a yellow or orange?
Still not sure? It sounds like you need to sit down for a chat with your mom so you can nail her favorite flowers and colors for next year!

But, for this year, why not try instead a mixed bunch of flowers in a wide array of colors and help to brighten up her home?

Our Bright Spark Rose Bouquet will definitely grab attention and have your mom feeling the love she deserves! (Even if you did get her favorite color wrong.)

3. Tulips are Synonymous with Spring

Tulips come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. However, pink is a great color to choose for your mom as this means "affection".

If you're a little late to remembering mother's day, don't worry too much - white tulips are a symbol of an apology and your mom will appreciate flowers being late rather than never arriving!

These flowers are a great reminder that spring is just around the corner and can be paired with daffodils to create a beautiful seasonal bunch.

In fact, the tulip was once such a fashionable flower than in the Netherlands, "Tulip Mania" saw bulbs rise in price to extraordinarily high levels.

Thankfully, tulips are now very affordable and look beautiful in a large vase on your mom's table.

4. Peonies Help You Honor Your Mother

Although the peony is seen as an old-fashioned choice by some, by others this classic flower is adored.

If you're not sure how your mother will feel, create a bouquet with just a few peonies. The flowers create a big show with their bloom meaning you don't need as many to make a statement.

These flowers are a little more expensive than other choices in this list, but if you're trying to spoil your mom, they're a great option.

Peonies may be bought with the appearance of large balls. But, don't worry, after just a couple of days this ball will bloom and the beauty of the flower will be revealed.

5. Sunflowers Adore the Sun Like You Adore Your Mom

Let your mom know that she's the sunflower in your life with a bright bouquet of Van Gogh's favorite.

These flowers follow and dote on the sun, just like kids do with their mom... Get your mom a huge bunch of this stunning flower and add in a balloon to let her know she lifts you up!

A sunflower is sure to put a smile on anyone's face so make sure to check out our Smile Bouquet.

6. Buy a Succulent to Last a Lifetime

If you want to buy your mom a present which will last longer than a bunch of flowers, why not consider a succulent?

These plants are also easy to keep alive so if your mom doesn't have a green thumb, it's no problem.
They also look great in any home and will keep your mom feeling positive for weeks to come. In fact, plants have hundreds of benefits on our mental health!

Check out this unique Succulent Terrarium for a present a little different from regular.

7. Orchids Look Elegant Just Like Your Mom

These flowers are known for their elegant long stalks and stunning flowers. They are simple and classy. If your mom is too, this is the flower for her.

Better yet, these flowers are very easy to care for and look great in your home. They aren't as delicate as they look!

When shopping for an orchid for your mom, make sure to choose a plant which has many closed buds on its stem. This way it will last longer.

As with all plants, your orchid needs to be in the light. However, it shouldn't overheat and needs to be in temperatures around 70 and 80F.

An orchid also needs to have moisture to keep it alive but it should be allowed to dry out a little before watering. Make sure your mom knows this before you hand over the plant.

Flowers for Mother's Day Should Come with a Card

Remember that your flowers for mother's day should also arrive with a card and a personalized message so that your mom knows who they're from.

Even once the good flowers have withered, your mom will have your card to remember how much you love her.

Do you need to now choose a greeting card? Check out this beautiful option, here.
If you're still wondering what to get your mom as you've realized she doesn't like flowers, how about getting her some handmade chocolate instead?

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The Meaning Behind 7 of the Most Popular Funeral Plants

In the past four decades, there has been an increase of more than 1,000% in funeral costs. Aside from the fact that funerals cost more than 10 times the amount than back in the 60s, more people are opting for cremations. In fact, 5 years ago 3.56% of funerals were cremations. Today, this number equates to more than 40%.

Despite the fact that funerals cost more, people continue to spend their money to commemorate their loved ones when they pass. While the ceremony as a whole is important, the flowers at a funeral can tell a story of their own.

Read on to find out about the meaning behind 7 of the most popular funeral plants.

1. Lillies

Lilies are among the most popular funeral plants out there. This is a go-to funeral flower because it represents:
  • Purity
  • Virginity
  • Radiance of the soul
Lilies are a way for loved ones to send the soul of the deceased back to a state of innocence. Lilies are also a biblical plant. The Bible mentions them in 15 different verses and Christians associate the Madonna lily with the Virgin Mary.

In ancient Greece, lilies symbolized motherhood and rebirth. In China, the flower represents 100 years of love as well as good luck, making it popular at weddings.

2. Roses

Many believe that roses are only for Valentine's Day but this couldn't be further from the truth. All color roses have different connotations. For example, red roses are a symbol of love no matter what the circumstances. They're also a sign of grief and passion.

Pink roses aren't as common as red and yellow roses at funerals. That said, they represent thankfulness and parents also use them for funerals for little girls. They also symbolize:
  • Gratitude
  • Joy
  • Grace
Pink roses are a token of admiration. But, the different shades of pink represent different feelings. For example, a dark shade of pink is to say thank you while a lighter shade is to offer sympathy.
Yellow roses at a funeral represent:
  • Friendship
  • Companionship
  • A strong bond between people
Last but not least, as with most white flowers, white roses are a symbol of innocence. They represent purity and appear at funerals because they tell those grieving that you're there for them.

3. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are another popular funeral flower that has a different meaning depending on their color. Their meaning also varies globally.

For example, America and Europe have different connotations for the plant. Also, in Asia, these flowers represent rebirth. With this in mind, Asian people often give these flowers to mums at baby showers rather than at funerals.

Traditionally, red Chrysanthemums represent love and passion. White ones are a symbol of innocence.

4. Orchids

Orchids come in various shapes, colors, sizes, and there are now more than 20,000 species of them in the world. They're particularly special plants that tend to cost more than other funeral flowers.  Orchids come from the Greek word Paphos, the name of Aphrodite's temple. In Ancient Greece, these plants are not only a sign of love but one of passion and sexuality. In China, orchids represent:
  • Elegance
  • Friendship
  • Integrity
Today, Orchids send the message of eternal love to the deceased. If you want to keep the flower arrangements or distribute them to friends and family after the funeral, orchids are a great option. In the right environment, these plants can last for years to come.

5. Hydrangea

Hydrangeas represent deep emotion because of their shape which resembles a beating heart. Hydrangeas have different meanings, all of which stem from different cultures, stories, and beliefs.

As with most flowers, different colors of hydrangeas represent different emotions and symbols. If you want to show heartfelt emotion, go for pink hydrangeas. If you are apologizing, blue is the best option. For deep understanding and compassion, purple hydrangeas should be your choice.

Like with orchids, if you want to keep the flower arrangements or gift them to friends and family, go for the plant version of the flower. These will last longer than cut arrangements. You can also plant them in your garden.

6. Carnations

Carnations have a very biblical undertone. Some believe that the pink and red carnations represent love and life for Mary as well as the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Today, carnations represent:
  • Distinction
  • Love
  • Fascination
In the United States, people wear red carnations at funerals. France and the Netherlands associate purple and white carnations with funerals, specifically, to celebrate veterans and the country's opposition to World War II.

Carnations come in a wide variety of colors. They're also popular for dying which means you can buy white ones and create your own bouquet based on your needs. Here are the meanings of the different colors in America:
  • Purple represents compassion
  • White represents purity and luck
  • Pink represents gratitude
  • Dark red represents love and passion
Avoid yellow carnations at a funeral as they represent rejection.

7. Peace Lily Plant

The peace lily is a striking and powerful plant with a strong fragrance. Many send these plants to grieving families. They represent sympathy as well as the rebirth of the soul. They also encourage peace and hope to those grieving.

Similarly to a white lily, a peace lily is a sign of purity. It has biblical connotations and many believe that they can purify the soul of the deceased.

Additionally, peace lilies have a strong presence in the spiritual world. They can help balance peoples' energy and act as a strong healing agent for the soul. The peace lily represents:
  • Healing
  • Calm
  • Expanding consciousness
In the spiritual world, many believe that the peace lily offers balance and the feeling of things becoming whole again.

Find Popular Funeral Plants at Peachtree Petals

These popular funeral plants all send individual messages to the deceased and those grieving the death of a loved one. The key to choosing the right flowers for a funeral depends on the emotion you want to exude as well as the nature of the person you lost.

If you would like help choosing the best funeral flowers and plants, visit our sympathy and funeral page for more information. We can also create custom bouquets and arrangements depending on your individual needs. 

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Important Tips to Know When Sending Flowers to a Hospital

Millions of people need to be hospitalized every year, for everything from severe, long-term conditions to broken bones and more minor issues. If someone you love has recently been hospitalized, we know that you want to do everything that you can to make them as comfortable as possible.

Especially if they're looking at longer inpatient care, we also know that you want to help to keep their spirits high, and to give them as much of a homey feeling as is possible. Sending flowers to a hospital is an awesome way to remind the person you love that you're there to support their recovery, and that you're always thinking of them in between visits.

But when it comes to learning how to send flowers to a hospital, there are a few rules and considerations that you need to know. Keep on reading this post to make sure that your delivery goes off without a hitch.

1. Ensure Flowers Are Allowed

The first thing you need to do when sending flowers to a hospital? Make sure that they're actually allowed. Depending on the type of hospital that your loved one is staying in, it may or may not be safe to send flowers. Usually, most hospitals and other long-term care facilities and wards will have their flower and package policies listed on their websites.

For example, the majority of intensive care units don't allow flower arrangements, because the patients' immune systems could be compromised. You don't want all of the hard work you put into choosing the right arrangements (and of course, the money you paid for it) to go to waste.

But if you're not quite sure of the rules, the best thing to do is just call the hospital and ask. Plus, the staff might even be able to tell you when the best time to have flowers delivered to a particular patient is.

2. Go for Flowers with Less of a Scent

We know that life is all about taking the time to stop and smell the roses. But if you want to send flowers to a hospital, then it's the one time that you likely shouldn't follow this otherwise great advice.

First of all, you don't know how the strong scent of some flowers could interfere with nurse's allergies, your patient's roommate, or anyone else who comes to pay them a visit.

Plus, depending on the medications they're on, a patient's nose could suddenly be much more sensitive than usual. And because hospitals famously use tons of antiseptics and alcohols?
The two competing scents could turn out to be a complete nightmare.

Check out this list of flowers with little to no smell to come up with the perfect arrangement to send to someone special in the hospital.

You may also want to check with the patient's care team and family to see if they have any specific allergies to certain scents. That way, you won't end up accidentally buying flowers that they can't enjoy.

3. Pick the Right Size of Arrangement

When you're ordering a floral arrangement, we know that you often think that bigger is better. After all, you want your arrangement to be the brightest and best, the one that your patient notices right away. You also want to effectively communicate to the person how much you care about them.

But the overall size of the arrangement is something that you should take into careful consideration when it comes to sending flowers to a hospital.

Remember that the rooms often don't have much space. And the extra space they do have needs to leave enough room for their food, medications, medical team, and visitors.

Plus, you're likely not going to be the only person who is sending them flowers!

So, pick a smaller arrangement when you're shopping for someone in the hospital. If you want to send them a little something extra, you can always include a card or a stuffed animal.

4. Focus on Flowers Needing Minimal Care

The final thing you need to know in order to get flower delivery to a hospital right? Make sure that you're choosing flowers and plants that require as little care as possible. The truth is that the patient simply may not have the strength or the ability to get up and change the water in an arrangement every day.

So, look for flowers like these, that don't require an excessive amount of care. You also want to make sure that you're choosing flowers that will last for as long as possible. In some cases, your patient may even be able to take them home after a shorter stay in the hospital.

Ready to Start Sending Flowers to a Hospital?

We hope that this post has helped you to learn more about a few of the most important things that you need to consider when you're sending flowers to a hospital.

From ensuring flower delivery to a hospital is allowed to dreaming up the perfect and safest arrangement, you now know how to ensure that your patient and their medical team can make the most of your delivery.

Of course, you also need to work with a flower arrangement and delivery company you can trust.
That's where we come in.

Spend some time on our website to browse through the stunning Get Well Soon arrangements we offer, and learn about our same-day delivery services as well.

Let us help you to put a smile on the face of the hospital patient in your life.

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Wedding Decor: The Most Common Flower Mistakes You Should Know

What's one of the first things you think of when you think of a wedding?
If you're like most people, second to the white dress, the first thing you think of is probably a beautiful bouquet and unique flower arrangements.

The right flowers can set the tone for your whole wedding. But, choosing the best flowers and arranging them properly is no simple task.

If you're feeling lost when it comes to selecting flowers for your big day, keep reading.
Listed below are some common flower mistakes people make when planning their weddings.

Not Doing Your Research

One of the biggest mistakes people make when planning their weddings is neglecting to research the flowers they're going to use in their bouquet and decorations.

It's not enough to just search "wedding flower arrangements" or "wedding bouquet" on Pinterest and choose the bouquet that looks prettiest (Although, that can be a good starting place).

Figure out which types of flowers are included in the bouquets you like. Then, do some research to find out whether or not they're in-season and how much they cost.

A little preliminary research will help you save money (And who doesn't want that when they're planning a wedding?). Your florist will also have an easier time putting together great bouquet and flower arrangements for you.

Getting Too Wrapped up in the Details

Details matter, of course. But sometimes people get so wrapped up in the minutiae when they're planning their wedding that they forget to step back and look at the big picture.

Don't get so focused on one element -- like your bouquet or your centerpieces -- that you forget to think about the whole theme of the wedding.

Sticking to One Color

Monochromatic flower arrangements aren't inherently bad. In fact, they can often look quite nice. But, there's nothing wrong with mixing colors, either. This can add variety to your arrangements and help your flowers stand out.

It's also important to avoid trying to match flowers perfectly to your bridesmaids' dresses.
Think about it. If the flowers match perfectly, they'll blend in and make your photos look a bit bland. Choose flowers in contrasting colors that will pop in pictures instead.

Choosing Strongly Scented Flowers

You might love the scent of a specific flower, but that doesn't mean your guests will.
Strongly scented flowers can cause allergies and discomfort among guests who are particularly sensitive to smell. Strong scents can also mingle with the scent of food being served and throw off people's appetites.

Keep your guests' health and comfort in mind and choose flowers that have little-to-no fragrance. If you absolutely must use a strongly scented flower, at least try to use it as sparingly as possible.

Not Hiring a Florist

In an effort to save money, some people try to handle their bouquet and flower arrangements themselves.

This might seem like a good idea initially. But, unless you or a family member has experience arranging flowers, it's likely going to end up taking a lot of time and causing you a lot of unnecessary stress.

You could also end up spending more money than you would have if you hired a florist in the first place.

Instead of trying to take on this huge task yourself, find a professional who will do it for you. If you're worried about the cost, remember that a talented florist can work with just about any budget.
You may have to make some compromises when choosing your flowers, but you'll also get to save time and money and keep your wits about you.

Choosing Cheap Flowers

Some people also try to lower the cost of their flowers by exclusively choosing inexpensive blooms.
You don't need to fill your bouquet with the Rolls Royce of roses, but it's also not a good idea to pass on expensive flowers altogether.

Adding some more expensive flowers to your bouquet can actually save you money. This is because larger flowers cover more space and reduce the need for filler flowers.

Ignoring Advice

Even if you have a very specific vision for your flowers, it's still helpful to get a second opinion. Florists are experts, and they know what will and won't work when it comes to arranging wedding flowers.

It's okay to bring in pictures or share your thoughts on what you want -- it's your wedding, after all. But, it's also important to listen and take the florist's advice into account.

Ordering Too Late

It takes time for flowers to be shipped to your florist and arranged for your wedding. They often come in from all over the world.

Be sure to order your flowers at least six weeks in advance. This will give them plenty of time to arrive, and your florist will be able to ensure that they're arranged properly for your big day.

Not Shopping Seasonally

Choosing seasonal flowers can help you save money. It's also better for the environment since your flowers don't have to be shipped from another part of the world.

Spring wedding flowers include lilacs, boronia, and tulips. Summer flowers include forget-me-nots, gerbera daisies, and lilies.

In the fall, chrysanthemums, marigolds, and zinnias are in season. Daffodils, camellias, and poinsettias are in season in the winter.

The following flowers are also available year-round:
  • Baby's breath
  • Calla lilies
  • Carnations
  • Orchids
  • Roses
Keep these guidelines in mind when planning your wedding and setting your floral budget.

Choosing Flimsy Flowers

Some people also make the mistake of choosing flowers that don't do well when they're left out of water.

Flowers like dahlias, for example, are made primarily of water. They tend to wither when they're away from water for too long.

Look for sturdier flowers that can handle being out of water for long periods of time. This is especially helpful if yours is a summer or outdoor wedding.

Don't Make These Common Flower Mistakes

If you want to plan a beautiful wedding that people will talk about for years to come, be sure to avoid these common flower mistakes.

Need help creating the perfect flower arrangements for your wedding? Contact us at Peach Tree Petals today for a wedding consultation.

You can also check out our online wedding portfolio to see what kinds of arrangements and bouquets we can make for you.

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The Best Flowers for a Birthday: What Type of Flowers Should You Buy?

Getting flowers for a gift, whether it's a special occasion or not, is always welcome. Even men like getting flowers. In fact, unless someone suffers from allergies, flowers are a perfect gift choice.

Giving roses to your aunt Rose or lilies to your niece Lily is great fun. Everyone has a favorite flower or plant. Those make the best flowers for a birthday. It shows you've been listening.

It's nice when you put some thought into the flowers you choose, rather than just grab some when buying your lottery ticket. Let's look at a few nice ideas for giving plants and flowers.

The Best Flowers for a Birthday

You don't have to spend a fortune, as the flowers say enough on their own. Finding certain flowers off-season can be expensive and difficult. But if you look around or preorder, you and the one receiving them won't be disappointed.


Roses have a long tradition of being a popular flower for so many special occasions. Birthday, wedding, first date, but they can also represent mourning or other meanings.

White Roses

These flowers mean new beginnings, which is perfect for a birthday, as they start their new year. They also mean innocence and purity.

Red Roses

Red roses mean love. What better way of saying 'I love you' than with a gorgeous bouquet of red roses?
You can also just give one if you got a different gift. Not just for Valentine's day.

Yellow Roses

Joy, friendship and a promise of new beginnings. Nice for a spring birthday.

Pink Roses

A delicate pink rose, so perfect for representing gentleness, happiness, and grace. If you aren't sure, get a combination of roses, pick red and white, red and pink or get a mix of all that is available, for a beautiful and colorful bouquet.

Other Flowers

Not everyone will be a fan of roses. It's always nice to find something they like, or something unusual. Finding them in season or locally grown is best.


Gardenias symbolize mutual understanding and harmony. They are nice on their own, can be mixed with other flowers and come in a variety of colors.


There are several types of lilies, readily available, either as bouquets on their own or in a mixed bunch. Finding ones with a scent can fill an entire room with their heady aroma. Look for Easter or Tiger Lilies.


Tall and beautiful, these flowers come in many colors and represent strength, honor, and infatuation.


Bright yellow and hearty, these flowers are a fun gift to give. They come in different colors other than yellow, for a variety. Sunflowers mean warmth and adoration, and they are a sign of longevity.


Delicate, velvety, and in many colors, these can make a great gift in a bouquet or as a starter kit for the garden. They represent spring, abundance, and royalty.
If you grow flowers, you can always cut from your own garden.

Mixed Bunches

A mixed bunch of flowers makes a great gift. They can have scented flowers and a wide mix of colors. Certain flowers will last longer than others, and these bouquets can last a lot longer.

Blooming Plants

If you want to give a gift that lasts longer than the flowers, consider blooming houseplants. You can also give plants that bloom for planting outside. A plant that blooms is a gift that gives for years to come.


Orchids are a gorgeous plant and have thousands of variations. If the person you are giving it to has a bit of a knack with plants, consider the orchid.

African Violets

African violets are easy to grow. Their delicate flowers and furry leaves don't take up much room and look great.

Christmas Cactus

These are a hearty plant that often blooms more than once a year. Easy to grow, low maintenance, and you can mix a few together for a wilder color show.

Food Plants

Not only will food plants bloom, but they are the perfect gift for the balcony gardener. A pepper or tomato plant will grow very well in a window or patio. Imagine how fun it will be when your friend can pick their own food off their plant.

Mixed Pots

A combination of plants in a pot makes a beautiful gift. There can be some that bloom, maybe some that change color in season or a nice mix of similar plants.

The best thing about these is when they start to get too big, they can be transplanted into bigger, separate pots for a whole new batch of plants. Some of these can be used as outdoor plants, depending on your area.

These can be in baskets, bowls, planters, or terrariums. An arrangement of small cacti are also nice for those with limited space or not great with plants.

Flowers and More

If you want to combine the flowers with something more, or are looking at a different type of bouquet, there are bouquets for that, too. Balloon bouquets can be fun and very colorful.

These can come with chocolates or candy, or both. Get a combination of balloons, a teddy, and flowers, all arranged professionally.

Outdoor plants that bloom are a beautiful way to say happy birthday. it's a gift that serves a purpose and gives back for many years to come.

Blooming Beauty

Don't be afraid to get creative with your flowers. Move beyond the vase for excitement and variety. The best flowers for a birthday will be the ones you choose. Make sure the person isn't allergic to certain types of flowers before you get them.

It's also a great way to say Happy Birthday when you are not there to give the flowers yourself. You can simply order them from wherever you are for a delivery. Show you remember and care with a birthday delivery.

Looking for flower arrangement ideas? We've got bouquets and arrangements for every occasion. Please check out our birthday flower arrangements here or contact us to place an order.

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A Brief History of Giving Flowers

You can't go wrong with giving flowers. Anyone would love to receive a big beautiful bouquet or even a humble handpicked bunch.

Flowers are perfect for the big milestones in our lives and also great "just because". It's no surprise, then, that the flower industry is worth about $105 billion globally.

There's a lot of fascinating history behind the kinds of flowers that get used in arrangements. If you want to learn something new - and find out the secret to gifting the ultimate arrangement - keep reading!

The Earliest Flower Gifts

When do you think the first flowers got used as gifts or tokens? Do you picture an advanced civilization, like the Greeks or the Egyptians?

You might be shocked to learn that some of the earliest humans used flowers in their rituals. In fact, an entire cemetery was found with bodies buried individually and decorated with flowers. These ancient graves date back almost 14,000 - 12,000 years.

Flowers are beautiful, yet temporary. It's no surprise that earliest humans were drawn to them and understood their symbolism regarding the beauty of life.

Early Civilization and the Language of Flowers

Once most early humans abandoned the life of the nomad and started settling down, their rituals were more connected to where they lived.

Of course, certain flowers only bloom in certain places. The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and other early advanced civilizations attached meanings to different flowers.

Flowers played an important role not only in everyday life but also in their worship of the gods. Let's take a look at how different cultures used many kinds of flowers in their lives.

Ancient Egyptians

Check out any Egyptian tomb and you'll see lots of flowers and plants pictured among the hieroglyphs. While early man used flowers in important rituals, the Egyptians used them to decorate their lives as well as for religious reasons.

Egyptians attached meaning to certain flowers. For example, lotuses were a symbol of the goddess Isis. When giving flowers or using them in their home, they were one of the first to consider what their flower arrangements meant.

Egyptians were some of the first to add arrangements to their homes and give flowers as gifts, but they weren't the last.

Greeks and Romans

Ever heard the phrase "don't rest on your laurels"? That's because accomplished people in ancient Greece and Rome received laurel crowns.

While the Egyptians went for vases, the Greeks and Romans preferred to use wreaths and garlands in their homes. They also loved to give roses, so much so that dinners became known as "the hour of the rose" for the scent of these beautiful flowers.

Beautiful flowers played an important part in everyday life and in celebrations for the Greeks and Romans. Gifting flowers, however, was not unique to only the west.


China not only used flowers for decorations, gifts, and rituals but also for their medicinal purposes. They developed a rich and meaningful language when it came to giving flowers.

For example, giving someone a bamboo symbolized longevity. Orchids were symbols of fertility.
Peonies were markers of high status and called the "king of flowers". Students still give their teachers peonies on the first day of school today.

In Japan, flowers also took on various meanings. They turned flower arrangements into a meditative art form. Plus, their carefully curated bonsai trees are highly-prized gifts.

European Traditions

Most of our modern flower-giving traditions come from Europe and got refined over many centuries. Giving flowers and understanding an intricate floral language really took off in the 1700s.

At that time, the French and English visited Turkey. They learned that the women in the harems would send secret messages to each other using flowers.

From then on, floral arrangements took on a new life. The Victorian era would see the language of flowers blossom and bloom.

The Victorian Era

Victorians were very much about having everything in its place and imbuing everyday actions with meanings. It's only natural that this fastidiousness would extend to meanings of flowers.

When giving flowers, the Victorians had many rules. Everything from the kinds of flowers you chose to which hand you gave them with had a secret code.

Many books were published in this era to help people navigate these exciting new rules. To truly be stylish and succeed in society, one had to understand the language of flowers.

Let's look at some of the things Victorians used to say with flowers.

Victorian Flower Language

The Victorians were detailed in everything that they did. You might be surprised to find that several of their ideas about the meanings of flowers still apply today. Here are a few flowers and their secret codes:
  • White roses - Symbols of purity
  • Carnations - A solid color meant "yes;" a spotted or striped carnation meant "no"
  • Daisies - Loyalty and love
  • Freesia - Friendship and trust
  • Gardenia - Send this to someone to tell them they're beautiful
  • Pansy - Ask someone to remember you by sending this flower
  • Iris - Valor and wisdom
  • Mistletoe - Victorians started the whole "kiss under the mistletoe" tradition
  • Red Tulip - For when you want to declare your love
  • Violets - Fidelity, faithfulness, and a true heart
As you can see, several of these ideas are still in play today. Your gifts can have a little more meaning now that you have this secret information.

Giving Flowers: From the Past to the Present

Giving flowers has a history as long as human civilization itself. Although different cultures at various times have ascribed different meanings to flowers, you can't go wrong with giving them to friends and family.

Looking for the best blooms to give as a gift? From the east coast to the west coast, we're ready to meet your needs.

Our beautiful arrangements are sure to please. No matter which flower you choose, the one message you'll clearly send is that you truly care for the recipient.

We're ready to help you find the perfect gift for the special someone in your life. Contact us today!

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Romantic Flowers for Her: The Surprising Meaning Behind the 7 Most Common Romance Flowers

For thousands of years, people have been giving flowers meanings. Communicating through giving flowers is called floriography and has been part of many cultures in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Before you choose your next bouquet of romantic flowers for her, read on. We'll explain the meaning behind the top 7 flowers of love. Then you'll be able to give a gift that expresses exactly how you feel.

History of the Language of Flowers

Floriography, or the language of flowers, grew in popularity both in the US and England during the 1800s.

In Victorian times, true sentiments could not be expressed openly due to constraints on what was considered proper. Using flowers to communicate coded messages soon became standard practice among lovers.

People commonly carried around flower dictionaries so they could give and receive talking bouquets to communicate with those around them.

Hundreds of books about flower meanings were published during this time. Each flower could have multiple meanings. Meanings could be based on the appearance or properties of the plant or from its behavior or habitat.

While interpretations for each plant varied from book to book, many of the common flowers evolved to have a unanimous meaning.

Here are a few of the most common romantic flowers and their meaning.

1. Roses

Roses have different meanings depending on the color. They are the most popular romantic flower to give. Partly due to their expense (and thus making the gift extra special) and partly due to their enticing aroma.

A red rose is known as the lover's rose. This rose symbolizes love, romance, beauty, and perfection.
A white rose means innocence and humility. Yellow roses mean friendship and joy. Pink roses express admiration and gratitude. Purple roses are for love at first sight.

bouquet of long-stem red roses is a classic romantic gesture for anniversaries, Valentine's Day or just to say "I love you."

2. Jasmine

Jasmine is a fragrant and beautiful white bloom to give as a romantic gesture. This flower's meaning is all about sensuality and love. It could also mean grace and elegance and modesty.

It's a truly romantic flower to add to a mixed bouquet. Jasmine flowers are strongly scented and fill a room with their intoxicating scent.

3. Orchids

One of the best things about orchids is that they are hardy. Whether you give them in a potted plant or a cut bouquet, they last a long time for the recipient to enjoy.

Orchids are considered a rare and exotic bloom. They express love, beauty, luxury, and strength. Your lucky lady will be flattered with this rare flower and its romantic meaning.

Orchids come in various hues. Often with a darker middle that fades to a lighter gradient at the petal tips.

4. Tulips

A tulip is one of the most easily recognized and beloved flowers. The word tulip comes from the Persian word turban because of tulips of the resemblance of this flower's petals to the overlapping folds of cloth in a turban.

An arrangement of tulips is the perfect date flowers because they are not too showy or overwhelming. Tulips are petite and elegant and beautifully simple.

There are many colors to choose from and can work as a potted plant as well as in a garden. Tulips mean perfect love making it the ideal romantic flowers for a girlfriend.

The color of the tulips provides extra meanings on top of perfect love. Red tulips mean true love. Yellow tulips can mean hopeless love or cheerful thoughts.

White tulips can be given as an act of forgiveness. You can gift someone variegated tulips if you want to tell her that she has beautiful eyes.

You can't go wrong with a bouquet of this love flower for your lady love.

5. Dittany

This romantic love flower symbolizes love and passion. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and love is said to have used this flower extensively.

This flower is rumored to be an aphrodisiac. Place a vase with it in the bedroom and see how it spices up your lovemaking.

6. Gardenia

Gardenias are a large, white fragrant flower with beautifully curved petals. The flower meaning refers to secret love. It's a great flower to give to someone you have a crush on but doesn't know it, or if your love is a secret only the two of you know about.

It's one of the most romantic flowers of love that fits well in a mixed bouquet.

7. Ranunculus

Ranunculus is a lesser-known love flower that is perfect for romantic love. It is also sometimes called buttercups because of the flower's tight, swirled petals.

The flower meaning here is charm, radiance and strong attraction. Gift these romantic flowers to a girlfriend you are infatuated with and let her know how dazzling she really is.

Romantic Flowers for Her

We hope you enjoyed learning about the secret meaning behind some of the most romantic flowers for her.
Next time there is a special occasion, or just because you want to show her you care, choose a selection of carefully arranged flowers of love to make her heart melt.

At Peachtree Petals, all of our floral arrangements are lovingly made by trained floral designers. We promise you will get the highest quality arrangements for the best value. We'll even get it delivered to your special someone the same day in metro Atlanta or Southern California.

Choose from a wide selection of beautiful arrangements today to make her smile.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The 6 Common Flower Types That Make Great Gifts

Did you know that when you gift someone a bouquet of flowers, you're actually positively impacting their brain?

It's true.

Science tells us the gift of flowers trigger 'happy' chemicals in the brain, such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. These chemicals are responsible for feel-good feelings, and bonding to those you love or care about. Flowers are a simple yet very effective way to let someone know your thoughts and feelings.

But what flower types work best as gifts?Thinking about giving flowers to someone you know and getting lost in the color and sweet aroma? Let's explore six common flower types that make great gifts.

True Colors

The color and fragrance of the flower can greatly impact the receiver. Different colors promote different moods and the same with fragrance.

Before you send flowers, consider the situation of the receiver. Are they recovering from illness? Just had a baby? In a nursing home? Lost a loved one? Birthday?

Consider the situation before sending off a floral gift and make sure it's appropriate.
Also, don't send them flower you know they won't like - there won't be any positive brain affects then!

The color of the flower often has a meaning of idea behind it and boost certain moods:

  • Purple: dignity, youth, and grace. These can promote a feeling of comfort
  • Red: passion and vibrancy. Red flowers give the recipient a feeling of love and admiration
  • Blue: peaceful and calming. Blue flowers send a message of serenity
  • Yellow: cheerfulness and joy. Yellow flowers are often associated with friendship
  • Pink: another color of romance, gratitude, and innocence.
  • White: purity or sympathy. They are a popular choice for those suffering from loss.
  • Orange: boldness and excitement.
  • Green: positivity and symbolize renewal.
  • Combining these colors together is the best way to get your message across. For example, orange and yellow flowers are a bright way to send a message of celebration.

Similar to the aesthetic appeal of the colors on moods, the fragrance of the flower matters. Scents can have a therapeutic impact on mood and even promote productivity.

Six Flower Types That Make Great Gifts

Now that you know the meanings and feelings behind flower colors, here are a few kinds of flowers that make great gifts.

The bright personality of the sunflower is like a smiling face. Their exuberant nature is a popular choice in bouquets and baskets, and work wonderfully in gifts that are celebratory. Though this is a late summer flower, sunflowers shine in fall floral arrangements, bringing a warmth to the fall season.

The friendly disposition of the daisy makes it a wonderful addition to any bouquet or as a standalone gift. They are extremely versatile, making them one of the most popular flowers available. The white daisy with yellow center symbolizes innocence, while the orange daisy with brown center points towards friendship. Other colors are available such as red, purple, pink, and yellow.

The sweet fragrance and almost periwinkle color of the lilac adds a beautiful tone to any arrangement, especially when paired with other white tones. The purple color can symbolize intimacy, so lilacs are a popular choice in wedding bouquets. Lilacs are also edible and are the flower symbol for the eight anniversary.

With an array of pink and white hues, peonies make a gorgeous and extremely fragrant gift all on their own. Peonies are the star in many wedding bouquets as they symbolize a happy marriage.  because of the large size of the peonies, they make elaborate and robust centerpieces. If you need flowers to celebrate your anniversary, peonies represent the twelfth anniversary.

Calla Lily
Calla lilies typically make their trumpet-like appearance on Easter and in the spring, but they great for gift giving, and they are easy to maintain. The word 'calla' comes from the Greek word meaning beautiful and the Egyptians used their oil as a fragrance. You can even save the bulb replant them because they're perennial plants. Keep them out of reach of children and pets as they are toxic when eaten. Calla lilies make beautiful wedding decorations.

According to fossils, roses have been around for 35 million years, and it doesn't look like they're going anywhere. A popular choice for nearly any occasion - birthdays, weddings, funerals, corsages - any event you can think of, roses top the list. They come in a variety of different colors, ranging from the passionate red to energetic orange, there's a rose for everyone.

Red roses are akin to romance (of course), but other colors have different meanings. Yellow is friendship, while pink could be, 'I kind of like you.' Because of roses association with passion, be mindful of the colors you choose.

Tips When Choosing Flowers

You want your gift to perfectly express your thoughts and bring comfort to the recipient. Here are some ways to make that happen:

Consult a Florist
A florist can help you piece together the perfect item for the occasion. They are knowledgeable about flower types, colors, and different floral arrangements. They can help you choose between bouquet, basket, corsage, or other options within your budget. The florist pieces your choices together, based on the situation and your ideas.

Go Seasonal
The most vibrant floral gifts are born out of flowers that are seasonal and fresh. If you have a specific flower in mind that's not available, a seasonal flower makes a great replacement.

Write A Card
Include a card with a thoughtful saying in your gift. A short, simple, personal message is best.

Understand Proper Care
Most likely, the recipient will want to keep their flowers in peak condition for as long as they can. Depending on the situation, though, they may not be thinking about the best way to preserve their flowers. Ensure that directions are given as each flower has different needs.

Stop And Smell The Flowers

No matter what flower types you choose, the result will most likely be something beautiful and thoughtful. Choosing from these set of six common flowers will get you started.

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