Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Best Surprise Gifts For Your Wife!

There is nothing like giving your wife the most precious gifts that her delicate heart desires for a variety of events and special occasions. She is your jewel and you desire to take care of her by giving her all the joys of her heart and more. Many times, a husband doesn't know exactly what his wife wants unless it is expressed to him by his wife. Other times, the king of the castle takes out all of the guess work and simply asks her what gift will take her breath away. Whether it is a birthday celebration or an anniversary, husbands just want to get it right.

One thing a woman absolutely adores are surprise gifts. Those gifts that go beyond a specific date and time in which she obviously knows something is coming her way. Surprise gifts are the ones that catch her off guard and and her heart is blind-sided with something truly special from your heart to hers. You gave it to her to show her just how loved she is. If you are looking to surprise your wife, here are some great surprise gifts that you can't go wrong with and will work every time.

'Just The Two Of Us' Day - Your wife would thoroughly enjoy having a day for just the two of you. Remember three places that your wife has stated she has desired to getaway to and include them within a sentimental letter of appreciation to her. At the bottom of the letter, tell her to circle one of the places and tell her that it is 'Just The Two Of Us Day'. Take her away from the routine and business of life, to a place of fun and relaxation. Cater to her every need on this special day and she will thank you for it.

Surprise Dinner With Dear Friends - Women love to spend quality girl time with their friends. Call a number of her dear friends to your house for dinner and make sure they are all there before she gets home or they arrive right before you have dinner time. This will be a night full of laughs and fun. She will be able to let her hair down and more! Then afterwards, allow her to go out with the girls and enjoy a night with friends.

A Work-Day Massage - Wives can't get enough of massages. Surprise your wife by coordinating her to leave early from work for a massage date or you come home, keep the kids and she goes by herself. Give her a couple of hours of just some "me" time. What a gift to sooth her, even if she has to go back to work, your wife will be full of the considerate love you have shown to her.

Flowers - Flowers are always a surprise gift that never gets old and women will always find so elegant. They are versatile and you can surprise your wife in a number of ways. You can send a floral arrangement to her job, while she is at home, or away on a business trip. A great surprise would be to take her out to dinner and have the flowers delivered while you dine. Flowers can be combined with any of the above gifts to make them even more special as well.

For the best Los Angeles flowers, You won't find another quality and superior West Los Angeles Florist like Peachtree Petals. From stunning roses to elegant peonies, Peachtree Petals has all of the California flowers to meet your floral needs. With over 25 years of combined design experience, our profession floral designers are first class and absolutely love their craft. Peachtree Petals also offers its' signature same-day delivery within Los Angeles and the surrounding Los Angeles city areas. For a Long Beach flower delivery or a Bel Air flower delivery, call Peachtree Petals! We'll assist you in providing your wife a surprise she'll never forget! Visit us at or call us at 1-310-362-3032 today!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Best Flowers For Fall

Fall is here! When we think of Fall, we think of trees with breathtaking colors, happy children jumping into autumn leaves, cold nippy weather, harvesting crops, football season, Thanksgiving and a lot of other things that make life so special. For many of us, fall is our favorite season of the year. We love the anticipation it brings, for it is the entrance into the holiday season as well. Indeed, the Fall season truly has much to offer and it's time to begin enjoying it!

What does nature hold for all of us Fall lovers? It definitely will hold an array of fun, family gatherings and the best of great memories. It also holds a beautiful selection of flowers that can make the season more memorable as well. Nature will present its' beauty all around us, including flowers. For your event or occasion you're having within the coming season, the best Fall flowers are available. Here are some of the best flowers for Fall that you can choose from to make your fall event or occasion the best one ever.

Roses:The delicate rose brings a special touch to any autumn bouquet. It is truly the variety of color that makes the rose a fall favorite. With it's deep burgundy, orange, yellow, and red colors, the rose is a flower we all can love and enjoy in the Fall season.

Calla Lilies:It is truly undeniable that the calla lily is one of our Fall favorites. It is such a romantic flower with classic beauty. With it's long elegant stems and curvaceous petals, just a few of these beautiful flowers in a vase can add a warm touch to any space.

Orchids:The lovely orchid blooms best during the Fall seasons. Those soft petals perk up in autumn and makes a splendid gift when added to a bouquet. With and style and grace, this Fall favorite can be enjoyed well into the winter season.

Sunflowers:Whenever we see the happy sunflower, we know fall is near. With it's long stem and bright petals, this flower can brighten anyone's day. These flowers can be added to a table centerpiece, in a bride's wedding bouquet or in a thoughtful gift basket for a relative or friend.

Make this season extra special by selecting from our one of a kind Autumn Flower Collection. Whether it's our Fall Harvest Cornucopia by Better Homes and Gardens, our Autumn Splendor Bouquet or our amazing Cluster Bouquet, we have selections that would make someone's Fall season a time to remember.

For whatever you are looking for, we are here to meet your assorted gift needs. Peachtree Petals is a premier West Los Angeles Florist that has our line of gift baskets or we also offer high quality, customized gift baskets as well. You won’t have to look any further once you come and see Peachtree Petals! Our florist have more than 25 years of combined experience in the industry, including creating customized gift baskets. Peachtree Petals also offers corporations the ability to place bulk gift basket orders for their clients. Peachtree Petals truly does it all! Visit us at or call us today!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The New Peachtree Petals Art Glass Collection!

It is interesting how floral arrangements have always been impressive for so many centuries and people have not lost their passion for nature's wonderful beauties. What we have found along with the floral bouquets that has an excellent impact and brings sheer joy to people is the actual vase that the arrangement is held within. A quality vase does make a big difference in the presentation of your heartfelt expression of love and appreciation to your dear loved ones.

Vases have become more popular today then ever before, as there are so many to select from. Whether you desire style, color, originality, fashionable, or a piece of them all, the vase can speak volumes to the recipient, not only the flowers themselves. This is where Peachtree Petals comes in with an exciting new line of vases within our new Peachtree Petals' Art Glass Collection. With this collection, you can give your loved one something more than a standard floral arrangement. Peachtree Petals has created a collection of premium hand-blown vases & Tiffany Inspired lamps that are elegant in beauty and wonderful keepsakes after the flowers are gone.

Every arrangement within the Art Glass Collection has an array of flowers that actually enhance the vase itself. We also lamp with a colorful floral arrangement. So start your collection. Here are a some of our premium glass collection vases that you will absolutely love and make for the greatest keepsakes that special someone could ask for.

The Kaleidoscope Bouquet is a classic within our Art Glass Collection. Wonderfully colored, this Oblong art glass vase stands over 12" inches tall and is filled with rich red, burgundy and blue colors. It has blue hydrangeas, white callas, blue delphinium, queen annes lace, crocosmia and curly willow all lovingly nested inside. It is the perfect arrangement for an entry of any kind.

Our Millefiore Bouquet is unlike any other and is sure to please. This glass vase has a gradient of millefiore flowers throughout the arrangement. Our experience designers have also pulled out the colors of the vase with an exquisite floral mix of blue hydrangeas, purple mini callas, hot pink roses, green dendrobiums, crocosmia, and traechilium. You can find the most superior Los Angeles Flowers at Peachtree Petals.

If your recipient loves art glass lamps, choose our Tiffany's Garden Bouquet. This floral gift is comprised of a beautiful mini, Tiffany inspired lamp, along with a colorful floral arrangement. The lamp stands approximately 12 inches tall and is handmade using the highest quality of art glass, with striations in color and natural variations in the surface of the glass. The floral arrangement includes a spring mix of coordinating florals, such as orange gerberas, mixed roses, thistle, seeded eucalyptus, solidago, hypericum, and more. Make your friend or loved one's special moment last with one of our Art Glass Collections!

Whether you are seeking Marina Del Rey Florist or Santa Monica Florist, Peachtree Petals can delivery where you are and meet all of your floral needs. We are an awarded FTD Master Florist and we create the most stunning floral arrangements, using only the best in quality flowers that are simply perfect for you. Our floral designers have over 25 years of combined experience and absolutely love their craft. We also provide our well-known floral same-day delivery within West Los Angeles and the surrounding West Los Angeles areas. Feel free to visit our Peachtree Petals Floral and Gift Shop to pick up an amazing bouquet or meet with floral designer to discuss any of your volume floral needs. You don't have to look any further. Peachtree Petals does it all! Visit or call 310.362.3032 today!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Poppy - One Of California's Best Flowers!

In California, there's no flower like the poppy. It is a gentle wildflower and has a beauty of its' very own. The poppy is made so delicate and elegant. It is 1-2 inches spread across in length once it blossoms and can grow a foot high in height. Not only does the flower come in gold, it also comes in several colors, including white, bronze, terra cotta, and rose red. Indians also considered the poppy as a valued food source, as well as utilizing the oil that can be extracted from it. It indeed grows throughout the great state of California. It can also be found up to southern Washington and east, extending as far as Texas.

The "Golden Poppy", or "California Poppy", is California's state flower. The Golden Poppy can be seen each year from February to September. It belongs to the Papayeraceae family and has different names, such as the Corn Poppy, Iceland Poppy and the Oriental Poppy. The leaves on it are fern-like and has single flowers on a long stalk. It is also known as the "Flame Flower", due to is golden color that blazes in the California sunset. They grow in open areas, grassy or sandy slopes as well. It is a sheer delight to see this wonderful flower on the hills of California and the citizens of the state have come to adore the poppy.

In the sunshine state, the poppy is beloved flower and it is esteemed by all. Each year, California has what is called California Poppy Day, which is on the 6th of April. From May 13th to May 18th, the people of California celebrate the flower with what's known as Poppy Week. This let's you know that Californians know their flowers, and it is no doubt one of the top places in which you will find the most beautiful flowers in the world.

If you are looking for quality poppy floral arrangements, you can find the most superior West Los Angeles Flowers at Peachtree Petals. We can custom design our bouquets with this wonderful flower in mind. From $40, Peachtree Petals can create a stunning floral arrangement according to the dollar value you would like to spend. From beautiful poppies to breathtaking roses, your bouquet can be just what your recipient loves. Peachtree Petals knows just the right flower combinations to make any arrangement to be its' best! We also have the expertise to make the type of arrangements that not only look wonderful, but they also will last, therefore, your loved ones can fully enjoy them.

This Los Angeles florist has the premium flowers that you are looking for and more! Our floral designers have years of experience and absolutely love their craft. Peachtree Petals is known for its' simple approach in providing stunning floral bouquets that you will enjoy. We provide our standard same-day delivery within West Los Angeles and the surrounding West Los Angeles areas. We provide next-day delivery as well. Peachtree Petals also can meet with you to discuss any of your volume floral needs. From Get-Well Flowers to birthday bouquets, Peachtree Petals does it all. Visit or call 310.362.3032 today!

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