Monday, October 30, 2017

7 Gorgeous Trends in Fall Wedding Flowers
7 Gorgeous Trends in Fall Wedding Flowers

Did you know that more and more people are choosing to get married in fall, with up to 40% of couples considering fall weddings? We're huge fans of this shift in seasons, because fall weather is ideal and fall wedding flowers are absolutely gorgeous!
Whether you're in the early wedding planning stages or narrowing down your floral choices, we're showing you the top trends in fall wedding flowers this season.
Let's get into them!

Plants for Reception Pieces

Looking to create a breathless, earthy vibe for your fall wedding? You're not alone. This is the trend of the season, and it's one that we love.
Consider jumping on the succulent trend bandwagon. More and more brides are using these gorgeous plants for everything from centerpieces to bouquets to favor gifts.
It's no wonder these plants are in the limelight. Although succulents can look pretty year-round, they come in many gorgeous fall tones (like purples and reds). Whether you're going for a laid-back beach vibe or a Southwestern desert wedding, succulents belong pretty much anywhere!
Best of all? Succulents are hearty little beasts that require little to no maintenance. No need to worry about them wilting for pictures.
And, we'll be totally honest here. You'll have plenty of family members fighting to take home the centerpieces. Everyone loves a beautiful succulent arrangement!

Going Totally Wild

Today, many couples are choosing a natural, dreamy look for their fall wedding flowers. We're a big fan of this trend because the natural look instantly creates a relaxed, chic, and even minimalistic look.
How to recreate this? Focus on wildflower bouquets with big green and leafy plants (like wheat greens, baby breath, and acacia). Focus on a few neutral shades (like white dahlias and white hydrangea). Finally, throw in a few pops of a signature, dramatic color (like red tulips or large sunflowers).
Bouquets no longer need to be prim and proper. Many brides are lusting after a looser and flowing look. Consider a cascade bouquet to create a dreamy and flowing vibe.

Lots and Lots of Greenery

We already mentioned that whimsical wildflower-type weddings are trending. With that being said, green continues to dominate the fall season, and we're not just talking about flower colors here.
Consider adding in big leaves, wheat greens, succulents, and acacia into your bouquets. Drape greenery to make an elegant photo wall. Arrange some pretty leaves on the table.
Not only is green a lovely color, that coordinates with pretty much any other flower color, it breathes life and vitality into your wedding. Who wouldn't want to that?

Flowers Beyond the Bouquet

With many couples choosing to have outdoor, garden-type weddings, nothing looks more dreamy or elegant than lots and lots of florals!
Think beyond the traditional bouquet and consider adding flowers into other areas of your wedding including:
  • Centerpieces
  • Aisle runners
  • Cake toppers
  • Head table or sweetheart table
  • Wedding favors
  • Bar decor
  • Reception backdrops
  • Hanging greenery
Remember, fall wedding flowers are naturally whimsical. Consider thinking beyond the bouquet to create a dreamy and elegant look!

Pop With Color

The traditional white and pink hues may be timeless, but fall wedding flowers are all about color and boldness. That means you want something that stands out and really makes a statement about you!
Forget the traditional rules here and consider going BOLD with your color choices (deep wine reds, bright yellows, dark purples). It's a great way to customize your wedding and create an unforgettable look for photos.
Use your floral decor to show off your personality as a couple. Let your fall wedding flowers make a statement, rather than just blend into the background. We promise you won't regret it.
And, if you're not super talented with color coordinating, that's where the experts come in. Collaborate with your florist. He or she will know exactly which colors look best when put together- and which colors clash.

Funky & Informal Arrangements

Still debating what you want your tables to look like? Considering floral centerpieces? We hope you are! If so, think outside just the standard vase. Today, couples are using all sorts of displays to show off their gorgeous fall wedding flowers.
Some of our favorite design elements include:
  • Mix-and-match vases (different colors and stains)
  • Driftwood designs
  • Wooden boxes
  • Raw wood edges
  • Tealight candles
  • Pinecones, rocks, and natural elements
  • Pictures of the happy couple (yes, photos look great with flowers)
We're all about making your wedding a one-of-a-kind experience. Get creative with your process. Get artsy with it! Making funky arrangements is a great way to show off your individual personality.

Ribbons & Lace

We're all about flowers, but who says that you ONLY need flowers in your bridal bouquet?
Today, many brides are choosing to customize their fall wedding flowers with additional garments and trinkets. Consider lacing in ribbon streamers, beadwork, or antique lace to make your own one-of-a-kind bouquet.
Consult with your florist about weaving in trinkets that may be special to you, like a strand of pearls or photo of a loved one.
Remember, this is your wedding. Make it reflect your personality and your vision!

Floral Headpieces & Flower Crowns

Yes, this might be taking a page of out of the Coachella fashion trends, but it's one that we really, really love.
There's something beautifully elegant about brides wearing flower crowns instead of the traditional tiara or veil.
Not only does it create a more laid-back look, it simply lets your natural beauty shine. If you're looking for a more bohemian or hippie look (which we also adore!), consider talking to your florist and hairstylist about coordinating a floral headpiece.

Final Thoughts on Trends in Fall Wedding Flowers

No matter which of these trends you choose to follow, you're guaranteed to create a beautiful and memorable wedding.
While planning a wedding can be undoubtedly stressful, your fall wedding flowers don't have to be.
We're here to help you with all your floral needs to create the look of your dreams. Contact us for your wedding consultation!