Wednesday, January 24, 2018

10 Ways to Save on Wedding Flower Packages

Did you know that most brides spend up to 7% of their wedding budget on flowers? Beautiful blooms are a staple at any wedding, but they can quickly add up without careful planning. Moreover, the money could be spent elsewhere, such as on decorations or the honeymoon.

But, brides-to-be don't have to give up their stunning floral dreams just yet. If you are in the planning stages of your wedding and looking into wedding flower packages, there are some key ways to save on flowers. Read on for ten tips on saving money on flower packages for your special day.

1. Communicate Your Budget Early On

The florist you choose will need to know exactly what your budget is in order to advise you effectively. Don't be afraid to address your budget at the first meeting, as that can help the florist show you the best options. Of course, you are free to make suggestions and present your ideas, but understand that the bottom line may have to come first.

2. Pick In-Season, Local Flowers

Flowers that are currently in-season are often the freshest, and the most beautiful. In addition, they are typically less expensive because they are easy to find. This also applies to local flowers, as they do not have to be transported very far to reach you. And, what could be better than your favorite home-town flower on your wedding day?

3. Focus On Your Bouquet

It can be tempting to obsess about every single flower and arrangement that will be part of wedding flower packages, but it isn't a good idea if you are on a budget. In order to prioritize, focus on your bouquet rather than every other arrangement. This will allow you to splurge a little on the flowers you always imagined you would hold, even if you can't afford to have them everywhere.

4. Use the Flowers Twice

Why waste the money on flowers for the ceremony and reception? Consider transporting the same flowers from one event to the next, especially because guests typically only spend thirty minutes at the ceremony. Don't be afraid to use them as decoration for the cake table, or the archway once the ceremony is over. Simply communicate with your florist that you are interested in getting the most bang for your buck.

5. Save On Vases

The main attraction will always be the flowers themselves, but a close second would be the vase. Rather than spending lots of money on top-quality, new vases, consider purchasing more rustic options. Instead of ornate glasses, choose vintage glasses or bottles to achieve a more bohemian look.

6. Add in Candles

Candles can immensely benefit the overall aesthetic of a table without adding the cost that flowers do. Lanterns or candles can also add ambiance to the room, with the benefit of highlighting the lovely flowers that you do have. Cut back on wedding flower packages by adding in the extra natural firelight. This tip also helps if your wedding theme is very romantic.

7. Choose More Greenery

The addition of greenery can greatly reduce the cost of wedding flower packages. This is especially true of centerpieces. Consider adding in fewer flowers and opting for more greens to cut down on price. Greens can help bouquets and decorations appear lush and full, without sacrificing style. This option also pairs well with a more rustic and bohemian style wedding.

8. Limit Expensive Blooms

You may be set on peonies at your wedding, but your budget just won't cut it during the off-season of the flower. Don't give up hope right away. Consider including expensive blooms in limited amounts, rather than using them liberally. For example, use the peonies in your bouquet and by the altar. Elsewhere, you can choose roses and other inexpensive flowers to achieve a beautifully decorated reception.

9. Think Creative with Your Centerpiece

The traditional, flowery centerpiece may not work if your wedding budget is better used elsewhere.
Therefore, think about different options for your centerpiece other than flowers. This could be candles, lanterns, greenery, pinecones, or other do-it-yourself options that cost a fraction of what flowers cost. Be creative and make the centerpiece closely with the season. Are you getting married in the autumn? Consider adding pumpkins, gourds, and apples as part of your centerpiece. In the spring, wildflowers and berries could serve as an alternative. Either way, think outside of the box for a centerpiece in order to achieve the perfect style.

10. Be Flexible

Flexibility is the most important aspect of wedding flower packages on a tight budget. It is understandable if you have very particular ideas about the arrangements and types of flowers, but be open to other ideas as well. As much as you'd like that particular flower, it is unlikely that you will miss it in years to come. Flowers are an integral part of a wedding, but they are by no means the most important. This is a time to focus on you and your loved one, and you shouldn't have overly concern yourself with the budget.

The Best Wedding Flower Packages

It is important to choose the best florist in planning your Atlanta wedding. A florist should be comfortable with your budget while remaining confident in their ability to create the arrangements you've always dreamed of.

The right florist will be upfront about how feasible your ideas are, and if they can be achieved with your budget. In addition, they can help you plan exactly which wedding flower arrangements you love the most based on your vision boards.

Regardless, they should make you feel comfortable, and you should trust their experience.
Peachtree Petals offers handmade, local Atlanta flower arrangements that will exceed your expectations.

Our beautiful, custom arrangements are specially made for your special day, and we take care to understand exactly what you'd love.

Contact us today to find out more about our floral packages for weddings, and happy planning.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

How to Choose The Perfect Bridesmaid and Bridal Bouquets

Did you know that brides spend an average of $2,534 on flowers and bridal bouquets for their weddings? Flowers might only take up a small portion of an average wedding budget, but they're one of the stars of the nuptials (after you, of course!). Not sure how to pick the best wedding flowers for your big day? We've rounded up some of our best tips from our experience with brides-to-be -- and there's bound to be a tip or two you haven't considered.

Choose Your Wedding Gown First

Let's face it: You're the focus of your wedding, but your dress is the real star. So much of your wedding plan revolves around the style and color of the dress, including your bridal bouquet.
That's why it's important to have one picked out before you get to the flowers. A ball gown dress would overpower a small bouquet, while a more form-fitting dress would look good with a simple bouquet.

Bring a photo of your dress -- and your bridesmaids' dresses -- when you meet with your wedding florist for the first time. Your florist will take the dresses into account when recommending potential arrangements so they don't overpower your dress or hide the silhouette in photos and when you walk down the aisle.

Complement Your Shape

You don't want the bouquet to overpower your dress, but you don't want it to overpower you, either!
Opt for a smaller bouquet if you're on the shorter side, like a nosegay or a posy bouquet. These two types of bouquets are designed to be tightly packed to give the illusion of one stem. Go for a round bouquet if you're tall or curvy. These are bolder than a nosegay and give off an elegant vibe.

Take the Color Wheel For a Spin

You might have your heart set on a monochromatic look for your wedding, but consider loosening your restrictions up a little bit -- especially for your bridal bouquets. Don't be afraid to experiment with colors for your flowers that are the opposite (but complement) your dress. For instance, a plum-colored bridesmaid dress would really pop with a tangerine bouquet. Not that daring? Go with flowers that are a few shades darker than your dresses, like red roses with a blush red gown.

Go For Seasonal Flowers

The choices you have for bridal bouquet flowers largely depends on the season. Some flowers, like roses and amaryllis, might be easy to find (and cheaper) in the winter, but impossibly expensive in the summer. But even if you can find your favorite flower doesn't mean it's a good choice to use for your wedding. Take sunflowers, for example. They might look amazing for a late summer or early fall wedding, but a little out of place in a January ceremony.

Fill Out Expensive Bouquets With Extras

Your heart might be telling you to get a bouquet of roses for you and your bridesmaids, but your budget won't allow it. Do you have to give up your dreams? Nope! You can add everything from trendy greenery to ribbons or accent flowers to round out rose arrangement without breaking your entire flower allowance. Or, get roses for the bridal bouquet and opt for flowers that complement for your bridesmaids, like lily of the valley.

Personalize 'Em

You know that old saying "something old, something new; something borrowed, something blue"?
Try using the concept in your bridal bouquet to really give them a personal touch, like adding a brooch or lace handkerchief from your grandma to the arrangement. You can even personalize your bridesmaids' bouquets with little personal trinkets that symbolize your relationship with them.

Get Input From Your Bridal Party

Your bridesmaids know you better than anyone, so get their opinions on which flowers they think would look good for your wedding. Or, you can even let them pick out their own bouquets for the big day (within reason, of course!).

Think About Comfort

A heavy bridal bouquet might look beautiful, but do you really want to be lugging it around all day? If so, go for it! Otherwise, opt for arrangements that won't make your arms -- and your bridesmaids' arms -- sore as you hold it for hours at a time. No one wants to hit the dance floor with a backache.

Consider Getting Two Bridal Bouquets (One For You, One For the Toss)

The flower toss during the reception might be a tradition, but who wants to give away a special memory to someone who won't appreciate it as much as you do? You don't have to! Instead, invest in an extra bouquet made especially for the toss. These bouquets typically aren't as expensive as the regular ones -- and you get to keep your precious memento where it belongs!

Let Go of the Reigns (a Bit)

It's understandable that you want everything about your wedding to go -- and look -- like your vision. However, all of that stress can really pile up. It's totally fine to lean on the professionals you're paying to help your wedding to come to reality. Loosen the grip and let your wedding florist give his or her suggestions for your bouquets and arrangements based on your vision. Chance are good they'll come up with suggestions you'll love -- and never would've considered otherwise!

Get the Flowers of Your Dreams

Flowers are one of the most important parts of your wedding, so don't trust your bridal bouquets to just anyone. At Peachtree Petals, our wedding designer will work with you one-on-one to learn more about your vision and desires to determine the right choice flowers for the ceremony, reception and beyond. Ready to get started? Contact us to set up a consultation or call 678.336.1195 to order the bridal bouquets of your dreams.

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7 of the Longest Lasting Flowers For a Beautiful Home

There's really nothing better than fresh cut flowers to compliment your home or office decor. Or send them on a special occasion. Flowers and bouquets are beautiful and they smell pretty, too. But often when you send or receive fresh cut flowers, they don't last very long. Of course, they're still beautiful while they last. But wouldn't it be nice if they would last just a little bit longer?

There is a way. You can order the longest lasting flowers, or grow them in your own garden so that when you cut them and bring them inside, they'll lighten up your home for weeks!
Here, we're discussing the longest lasting flowers for your home. Keep reading to learn more.

Longest Lasting Flowers

There are a lot of varieties of flowers but only a few made our list. These flowers are of exquisite value for their long-lasting effects when placed in a vase and cared for. Some people can get the flowers to last even longer with special care. Check out this list seven of the longest lasting flowers around:


Gladiolus will last about two weeks in a vase. If you move them first from the garden to warm water and hide them in a darker area of the room before moving them to the desired location, it will help them last longer.

The gladiolus flower represents strength and moral integrity. They are also the August birth flower and 40th-wedding-anniversary flower. Their long stems and colorful flowers also symbolize infatuation.

Lilies & Calla Lilies

Cut lilies will last about two weeks in fresh water. You can push for five to seven days with Calla lilies. Lilies can be found in all colors and different variations. Some are more fragrant than others. These flowers symbolize humility and devotion. Lilies are the 30th-anniversary flower and also a flower most often associated with funerals because they symbolize restored innocence in the dead.
Calla lilies are pink, red, yellow, and white. White is the most fragrant of the bunch. These flowers represent holiness and have been associated with the Virgin Mary. Calla lilies also represent faith and purity, youth and rebirth.


Carnations are one of the longest lasting flowers in a vase at two to three weeks from the time of getting cut. These lovely and often forgotten flowers are beautiful in many colors that can add flair to any occasion.

All colors of carnations represent something different, from pure love and good luck to deep love and affection. They are also often handed out on Mother's Day. Red and pink carnations are meant to honor the living mothers and white carnations represent the deceased. A carnation is also used to represent the first wedding anniversary. This simply delightful flower is also sometimes used in steeped wine, candy or as a cake decoration.


There's a special trick to Dahlias that will get them to last anywhere from four to ten days. Cut the flowers at the bottom of the stem and place the cut ends in very hot water for about an hour. Remove them from the water and cut back the leaves before placing them in a vase. Dahlias come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. They're an elegant flower that makes a statement. The dahlia flower represents sentiments of dignity and elegance. It is also a bold statement of commitment and bonds that last forever.


Chrysanthemums are one of the longest lasting flowers on the list at a whopping 25-30 days in a vase. Their daisy-like blooms make them a very popular flower that lights up any room, any time of year.
There are several varieties of mums beside the daisy-like variety and they make a decorative statement wherever they're placed in a room.

Chrysanthemums, otherwise known as 'mums' for short, represent or symbolize optimism and joy. They are the 13th-wedding-anniversary flower and the November birth flower. Mums are also a popular festive flower during the Autumn months in the United States.


Peonies are available in a wide variety of pink, red, and white hues and even some of the blooms are quite different. They'll last about a week in the house in a vase with water. Peonies are thought of as the flower that represents riches and honor. It's also the 12th-anniversary flower for it embodies romance and prosperity. They're regarded as an omen of good fortune for a happy marriage and might be used in wedding bouquets. When your peonies do wilt and dry, you save them and dry them for use later. If you want to grow your own, you can do research pertaining to the peony root and its medicinal benefits. There is a lot of history about the peony flower.


A ranunculus kind of looks like a delicate rose and its blooms can last in a vase for a week or more.
It's recommended to cut the stems at the base, above the crown of the plant, and place them in water immediately. These flowers are often found in high-end flower shops and wedding bouquets. They are an exquisite flower available in many different colors, although their blooms remain the same layers of silky petals. If you really like ranunculus, you can try to grow them yourself. This is a bulb plant and that makes it fairly easy to grow. That way, you can have your own fresh cut ranunculus whenever you please.

Final Thoughts

If you're buying someone flowers, you're a nice and thoughtful person. When you send flowers that will last, it counts for extra points, no matter your relation to the person you sent them to. Take note of the flowers you found here and send them next time you order a bouquet. You or your recipient will be surprised and enamored by the long-lasting flowers, and recipients will be even more reminded of your thoughtful gift. When you're ready to send flowers to someone you love, contact us. We're voted one of the top florists in Atlanta.