Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Types of Wedding Flowers by Season and Color

Thinking about choosing seasonal flowers for your wedding? With so many different types of wedding flowers to choose from, making the decision can be daunting. However, there are plenty of other things to focus on during wedding planning - picking the flowers should be fun and simple. Once you know the different seasonal wedding flowers and the colors they come in, the decision becomes much easier.

If you follow the wedding flower trends, you probably know that locally-grown flowers, small bouquets, and deeper, muted tones are in. But picking your flowers is a personal decision, and you can't just follow the trends. Wondering what flowers will be in season for your big day? Keep reading to make the wedding flower choice easier!

Flowers for Spring

Spring is often called "wedding season." With the perfect weather and new life growing outside, it's a great time for new beginnings like weddings. If you're planning a spring wedding, here are a few in-season blooms you might want to consider.

1. Garden Rose

Roses are one of the most classic choices for a wedding, and they're perfectly in season during spring. Since roses are often associated with love and beauty, this is a great traditional wedding flower. They're also easy to find, and they come in just about any color you can think of. Pink, purple, cream, yellow, orange, or red - take your pick!

2. Dahlia

Large, dramatic dahlias make for wonderful centerpieces. They don't have any scent, so they're ideal if you want a flower that won't compete with a delicately flavored menu, or if you have scent allergy concerns. Dahlias come in a wide range of colors, too, including purple, pink, orange, and red.

3. Lisianthus

If you want something a bit more unexpected, try this flower. There are multiple buds and blossoms on every stem, and they'll stay looking fresh all day. You can find them in white, pink, purple, and even green.

Flowers for Summer

When the hot summer months hit, growing season has reached its peak, and there are plenty of blossoms to choose from. If you're taking advantage of the long, sunny days for your wedding, here are some blooms to choose from.

1. Astilbe

These long, dramatic flowers are sure to make a statement. The dense but feathery blossoms give a natural, wildflower-like look to a bouquet, perfect for a bohemian wedding. The thick stems also lend a rustic feeling. If your ideal wedding involves mason jars and a barn, this may be the flower for you. They come in shades of mauve, pink, crimson, and white.

2. Mock Orange

These flowers are actually white, not orange - but they smell kind of like orange blossoms. White flowers make a sleek, chic statement for a trendy modern wedding.

3. Clematis

These flowers grow on long vine-like stems, but the petals are delicate and formed around a dramatic center. If you want a fairy-tale princess vibe, the clematis might be a good choice. You'll find them in pink and purple, as well as darker shades of cranberry and violet-blue.

Flowers for Fall

Maybe you love the fresh, crisp, back-to-school feeling of fall for your wedding. If that's the case, there are still some lovely flowers in season, with a whole range of colors to choose from. Here are our top picks for fall flowers.

1. Amaryllis

These flowers stay in bloom well into the cold weather, so they're a great choice even for a late-fall wedding. You can find them in a range of hues from light pink to deep red.

2. Black Cosmos

If you want to add a touch of chic black to a bouquet or arrangement, the black cosmos has you covered. These dark, mysterious flowers add a touch of depth where it's needed.

3. Andromeda

The rustic, delicate andromeda blooms add movement to a bouquet, with their winding, curved shapes. The long flower clusters pack a visual punch in traditional colors like red, white, and pink.

Flowers for Winter

Finally, an unconventional winter wedding can be truly beautiful. The warm, cozy holiday feelings set the perfect mood, and if you're lucky you might get treated to a pristine snowfall on your special day. Worried about finding winter flowers? Here are a few blooms that you can rely on even during the coldest months.

1. Love in a Mist

This aptly named wedding flower comes in one of the more surprising flower colors: a vibrant blue. The delicate leaves form a lacy thread-like trim around the blossoms for a stunning impact. If blue isn't quite your style, you can also find them in lilac, pink, and white.

2. Sweet Pea

Sweet peas are richly scented but the blossoms themselves look delicate. The flowy cluster of petals on each stem gives a light, airy look. Sweet peas don't just come in the popular white and pink colors, either - you can find them in yellow, purple, and red.

3. Forget-me-Nots

Another aptly named flower for a wedding, forget-me-nots are the perfect way to add a touch of "something blue." The petals are soft but the clusters of blossoms add volume. In addition to blue, they come in white, yellow, pink, and purple.

4. Honeywort

Finding flowers in winter can seem harder than it is in other seasons, so here's one more bonus winter flower. The honeywort has a delicate, honey-like scent, hence the name. The petals form tubes an inch long which cascade downward for a striking appearance. And the distinctive blue-purple color can't be missed.

Which Types of Wedding Flowers Will You Choose?

No matter when you schedule your wedding, there are multiple types of wedding flowers available. Choosing seasonal flowers is a great way to highlight the special moment in your own unique way.
From safe pinks and purples to unconventional blues and blacks, we know you'll be able to find the perfect flower for you using this list as a guide. When you're ready to place your orders, make sure to book a consultation with us first!