Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The 6 Common Flower Types That Make Great Gifts

Did you know that when you gift someone a bouquet of flowers, you're actually positively impacting their brain?

It's true.

Science tells us the gift of flowers trigger 'happy' chemicals in the brain, such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. These chemicals are responsible for feel-good feelings, and bonding to those you love or care about. Flowers are a simple yet very effective way to let someone know your thoughts and feelings.

But what flower types work best as gifts?Thinking about giving flowers to someone you know and getting lost in the color and sweet aroma? Let's explore six common flower types that make great gifts.

True Colors

The color and fragrance of the flower can greatly impact the receiver. Different colors promote different moods and the same with fragrance.

Before you send flowers, consider the situation of the receiver. Are they recovering from illness? Just had a baby? In a nursing home? Lost a loved one? Birthday?

Consider the situation before sending off a floral gift and make sure it's appropriate.
Also, don't send them flower you know they won't like - there won't be any positive brain affects then!

The color of the flower often has a meaning of idea behind it and boost certain moods:

  • Purple: dignity, youth, and grace. These can promote a feeling of comfort
  • Red: passion and vibrancy. Red flowers give the recipient a feeling of love and admiration
  • Blue: peaceful and calming. Blue flowers send a message of serenity
  • Yellow: cheerfulness and joy. Yellow flowers are often associated with friendship
  • Pink: another color of romance, gratitude, and innocence.
  • White: purity or sympathy. They are a popular choice for those suffering from loss.
  • Orange: boldness and excitement.
  • Green: positivity and symbolize renewal.
  • Combining these colors together is the best way to get your message across. For example, orange and yellow flowers are a bright way to send a message of celebration.

Similar to the aesthetic appeal of the colors on moods, the fragrance of the flower matters. Scents can have a therapeutic impact on mood and even promote productivity.

Six Flower Types That Make Great Gifts

Now that you know the meanings and feelings behind flower colors, here are a few kinds of flowers that make great gifts.

The bright personality of the sunflower is like a smiling face. Their exuberant nature is a popular choice in bouquets and baskets, and work wonderfully in gifts that are celebratory. Though this is a late summer flower, sunflowers shine in fall floral arrangements, bringing a warmth to the fall season.

The friendly disposition of the daisy makes it a wonderful addition to any bouquet or as a standalone gift. They are extremely versatile, making them one of the most popular flowers available. The white daisy with yellow center symbolizes innocence, while the orange daisy with brown center points towards friendship. Other colors are available such as red, purple, pink, and yellow.

The sweet fragrance and almost periwinkle color of the lilac adds a beautiful tone to any arrangement, especially when paired with other white tones. The purple color can symbolize intimacy, so lilacs are a popular choice in wedding bouquets. Lilacs are also edible and are the flower symbol for the eight anniversary.

With an array of pink and white hues, peonies make a gorgeous and extremely fragrant gift all on their own. Peonies are the star in many wedding bouquets as they symbolize a happy marriage.  because of the large size of the peonies, they make elaborate and robust centerpieces. If you need flowers to celebrate your anniversary, peonies represent the twelfth anniversary.

Calla Lily
Calla lilies typically make their trumpet-like appearance on Easter and in the spring, but they great for gift giving, and they are easy to maintain. The word 'calla' comes from the Greek word meaning beautiful and the Egyptians used their oil as a fragrance. You can even save the bulb replant them because they're perennial plants. Keep them out of reach of children and pets as they are toxic when eaten. Calla lilies make beautiful wedding decorations.

According to fossils, roses have been around for 35 million years, and it doesn't look like they're going anywhere. A popular choice for nearly any occasion - birthdays, weddings, funerals, corsages - any event you can think of, roses top the list. They come in a variety of different colors, ranging from the passionate red to energetic orange, there's a rose for everyone.

Red roses are akin to romance (of course), but other colors have different meanings. Yellow is friendship, while pink could be, 'I kind of like you.' Because of roses association with passion, be mindful of the colors you choose.

Tips When Choosing Flowers

You want your gift to perfectly express your thoughts and bring comfort to the recipient. Here are some ways to make that happen:

Consult a Florist
A florist can help you piece together the perfect item for the occasion. They are knowledgeable about flower types, colors, and different floral arrangements. They can help you choose between bouquet, basket, corsage, or other options within your budget. The florist pieces your choices together, based on the situation and your ideas.

Go Seasonal
The most vibrant floral gifts are born out of flowers that are seasonal and fresh. If you have a specific flower in mind that's not available, a seasonal flower makes a great replacement.

Write A Card
Include a card with a thoughtful saying in your gift. A short, simple, personal message is best.

Understand Proper Care
Most likely, the recipient will want to keep their flowers in peak condition for as long as they can. Depending on the situation, though, they may not be thinking about the best way to preserve their flowers. Ensure that directions are given as each flower has different needs.

Stop And Smell The Flowers

No matter what flower types you choose, the result will most likely be something beautiful and thoughtful. Choosing from these set of six common flowers will get you started.

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