Wednesday, October 16, 2019

7 Things You Should Know About Making a Wedding Bouquet

Between debating about the guest list and choosing the perfect venue, planning a wedding becomes overwhelming. There's a lot to do, and it seems like there's just not enough time. But because your wedding is a special day that'll only happen this one time, you spend several hours of the day and long nights putting everything together.

And through all of the chaos, there's a ray of peace: deciding on flowers for the wedding bouquet. Making a wedding bouquet is relaxing and brings tranquility during stressful times. There are many flower options to choose from, so it's guaranteed you'll find something for you.

But to make things a bit easier for you, we've listed a few tips that you should know for when you're picking out flowers for your wedding bouquet. Let us help you. Continue reading below to learn more.

1. Your Desired Flower's Season

There's nothing more upsetting than meeting up with your florist with some amazing flower ideas for your bouquet only to realize that those specific flowers aren't in season. Some flowers just aren't naturally available during certain times of the year. That's why we think it's important for you to consider the time of the year that your wedding date is set for.

For example, if your wedding is in August, know that yellow peonies won't be available during that time. Do some research to see which flowers are in season during the time of your wedding. This way you don't upset yourself by getting your hopes up for a certain type of flower.

Know what your options are and go from there. Luckily, many flowers are in season year-round making it super easy to incorporate them into your bouquet. These flowers include carnations, roses, orchids, and much more.

2. The Importance of Your Bouquet

Know the importance of your bouquet and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Your wedding bouquet is just essential of an element in your wedding as everything else is. Sure, your wedding dress is what makes the show.

But all of the other little details come together to really complete your big day. And the bouquet that you put together will compliment your dress in so many ways if done right. It's not just a bunch of flowers placed together.

Your bouquet is what will be held in front of you for all your wedding pictures. You'll be looking at this bouquet for as long as you, your family members, and your friends have your wedding picture on display for. Make it special. Take the time to put something together that truly means something to you.

3. Inspiration From Your Theme and Color Scheme

When making the perfect wedding bouquet, it's a great idea to take inspiration from your wedding's theme and color scheme. Put together a mood board with visuals from your wedding's theme and color scheme to show your florist. Showing your florist is much more productive than simply explaining to him or her.

Bring together pictures of the venue, your wedding dress, your bridesmaids' dresses, the groom's tuxedo, the centerpieces, your shoes, anything! Give your florist a vivid idea of what your wedding is going to look like so that he or she can help put together the perfect bouquet.

4. Use of Shades to Avoid Polka Dots

If your wedding theme is two solid colors such as white and red, consider using shades in the bouquet to avoid polka dots. Using only white and red flowers might make your bouquet look like something from the 1920s fashion. If this is the look you're going for, you don't need to make any adjustments. However, if you're not looking for polka dots, add in shading.

You can add in green foilage or washed-red colors to tie it all together.

5. Your Flower Size Matters

Remember, when selecting your flowers that size does matter. If you want to go for something big and bold, then choosing larger flowers is ideal. However, it's best to keep size in mind when choosing flowers for your bouquet.

You don't want to spend time simply choosing flowers you like without considering the size of them. You might end up with an oversize bouquet. For petite women, a large bouquet might be overwhelming and take away from the bride herself and her wedding dress.
Choose flowers that'll create a perfect size for you.

6. Simplify Your Bridesmaids' Bouquets 

Don't spend too much time putting together these extravagant bridesmaids' bouquets. Your bouquet should be the center of attention, and you don't want the bridesmaids' ones to take away from it. Therefore, simplify your bridesmaids' bouquets by making them smaller.

You still want to tie in your wedding's theme and color scheme into them, but have them more focused on the greenery and add a splash here and there of color.

7. Meet with a Florist Who Can Help

The last tip to follow is to meet with a florist who can help you create your own unique wedding bouquet! Not all florist are the same, so you want to ensure yours is the right fit for you. Consider working with a florist that can also help you create wonderful centerpieces and other wedding decor and really have an eye for design.

This is the type of florist that'll be there with you throughout the entire wedding planning process. This ensures that every detail in decor in your wedding flows smoothly.

Making a Wedding Bouquet Just For You!

Making a wedding bouquet is tons of fun! It's a time for you to become creative and take a minute to sit back and smell the roses.

Ready to make your own perfect wedding bouquet? Contact us today to see how we can help you!