Tuesday, December 24, 2019

7 Ways to Care for Poinsettia Flowers and Other Christmas Plants

Come Christmastime, we decorate our houses for some holiday cheer. And in addition to those decorations, we also buy some greenery; more specifically, pine trees and poinsettias.

Not only are poinsettias beautifully red in color, but they also have a historical background. Supposedly, an old Mexican legend says that a girl called Pepita didn't have any gifts to give baby Jesus, so she left a bouquet of weeds. Suddenly, they transformed into big red flowers, which is known today as the poinsettia.

Now that you know a bit about the history of poinsettia flowers, it's a must-have for your home. But what if you don't know the first thing about looking after them?

Here are seven ways to care for your poinsettia flowers and other Christmas plants this holiday season.

1. Keep Your House Warm

The poinsettia flower may be one that's associated with winter, but the truth is, it doesn't like the cold. Considering it's native to tropical areas in Central America, it's used to high temperatures instead of low.

Because of this, you need to ensure you keep them in temperatures above 40 degrees. If they're indoor poinsettias, then that shouldn't a problem.

However, if you keep your poinsettia flowers outdoors, you may want to bring them inside if the temperatures drop. Otherwise, they may die from the cold.

2. Don't Over water Your Flowers

As is the case with many flowers, if you over water them, they'll become waterlogged. This can result in many problems, such as root rot. If this happens, your poinsettias can quickly die.

Only water your flowers when the soil is dry to the touch. Make sure there's proper drainage; if the pot came with foil, you might have to remove it and/or poke some holes on the bottom so the roots don't just sit in old water.

To tell if you're watering your poinsettias right, take a look at the leaves. If the leaves are turning yellow and/or they're falling off, then you're not giving the plant the right amount of water.

3. Give It Plenty of Sunlight

Again, this is a tropical flower, so it flourishes when it gets plenty of sunlight. You might be tempted to put your poinsettias on the mantelpiece as a beautiful decoration, but if it doesn't get any sunlight, your flowers will wilt.

If you want to decorate your house and must have your flowers on the mantelpiece, consider leaving it in the windowsill with plenty of UV rays until the last minute. Right before your guests arrive, you can pull it from the windowsill and place it wherever you want.

Keep in mind that while poinsettias will do fine near radiators, it won't fare so well with droughts. This means keep it away from open spaces, such as hallways, doorways, or windows.

4. Decorate With Christmas Cacti

If you want a plant that's gorgeous with barely any effort on your part, then consider getting some Christmas cacti. Since they're from the desert, they're genetically conditioned to withstand harsh conditions. This means you barely have to do any plant care!

All you have to do is put it somewhere with plenty of sunshine and water it whenever the soil is dry. Just like with the poinsettia, you want to be careful not to over water it.

5. Some Christmas Tree Tips

Surely if you have poinsettias, you'll have a Christmas tree as well! Perhaps this is the first time you're purchasing one as an adult, and you have no clue how to take care of it!

When you take it home, make sure you first saw off around 1/4th of an inch from the trunk. You'll need a tree stand that allows you to keep it watered. Make sure to keep the dish filled, as the tree will need lots of water to stay perky.

If you have a potted Christmas tree, you'll need to give it plenty of water as well. Make sure you check up on it often so the soil doesn't get too dry.

6. Go With Rosemary Instead

Not a fan of Christmas trees for whatever reason? Then you might want to get a small rosemary plant instead!

This will reflect the festivities of the holiday season, all without you having to get an actual pine tree. Not only will it smell good, but you can also use it for cooking!

Rosemary plants are very easy to care for. It needs lots of sunlight and an even amount of moisture in its soil.

Although it looks similar to a pine tree, it actually needs a lot more water than pines do. Most people underwater instead of over water, so you need to stay on top of giving it plenty of water.

7. Keep Your Poinsettias Alive Until Next Year

Usually, when people see the flowers die off on a plant, they just toss it. But did you know you can keep your poinsettia plants alive until the next holiday season?

Keep your plant around after Christmas, and prune it in the spring, around April. Keep it in low temperatures around 55 degrees, repot it in May, and keep it in a cool place for the rest of the year. Give it some fertilizer every two weeks.

In November, bring your plant out and give it 12 hours of sunlight, 12 hours of darkness. After doing this for a bit, it'll start growing those beautiful flowers again!

Keep Your Poinsettia Flowers and Other Christmas Plants Lively This Holiday Season

Scattering some poinsettia flowers and other Christmas plants in your home this holiday season can give it a warm and inviting atmosphere, especially if you're planning on having some guests over.
By following our tips for plant care, you can ensure your greenery stays nice and perky during this cold winter weeks. They're sure to put you and your guests in a cheerful mood!

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Friday, December 6, 2019

How to Be a Secret Admirer and Send Flowers the Right Way

A whopping 93% of men are nervous when it comes to approaching a woman they like. This fearful feeling goes both ways and is highly common for women to experience as well.

An easier way to approach this is to become a secret admirer. This offers a bit of mystery and romance, without being too forward. You can admire a new crush or someone you've long had feelings for.

Flowers are a great gift idea to impress your secret crush. They are thoughtful and send a romantic yet subtle message. Yet, there are a few tips to consider when sending florals anonymously.
Here's the right way to send flowers to that special someone.

Do Your Research

If you want to wow your crush, find out a few things about them first. These details can help you pick the perfect bouquet to impress them.

Try to figure out what type of flower is their favorite. If you're stuck, popular choices include roses, orchids, peonies, and lilies.

You can also work by what color they like best. Consider their wardrobe and what colors they wear most often. Certain flower colors also have special meanings, well-suited for romance.
Does your crush like attention? If so, a big and bold bouquet would be best. While a more subtle personality type will appreciate a neutral-colored and simpler bouquet.

Remember that those secret admirers do not always have to be men. 95% of men wish women would initiate the first move. So, a female can send her crush flowers as well.

It's also smart to enlist the help of someone else when planning out your secret admirer ideas. This could be a friend, family member, or colleague of your love interest. This person can give you some inside knowledge and help you to win your crush over.

First, always be sure to confirm that your crush is single and not involved with anyone. This could create some problems if you start sending gifts to a married, engaged, or coupled-up person.

Deliver to the Right Address

It's best to have the flower delivery shop send the bouquet to a work address. Sending flowers to their home is a bit too personal. This is a top tip for how to be a secret admirer without being creepy.

Sending flowers to their office will also attract attention from other co-workers. This will likely make your secret love interest feel more special. Your crush can display them on their work desk and let people know they are from an admirer.

You should also think about the time and day you want the flowers delivered. Mondays are often the busiest and most stressful day of the week. Your special gift may not make as big of an impact on this day.

A Friday afternoon is ideal for sending your crush flowers. This way, they also have the entire weekend to spend thinking about who could have sent the flowers. You could also plan to send flowers around a holiday, like Valentine's Day or Christmas.

Express Your Feelings with a Note

Flower delivery services make it easy for how to give your crush a gift secretly. A  small card gets delivered with the flowers. This offers is a great way to share your feelings while still being discreet about your identity.

Short and sweet notes make for the perfect secret admirer messages for her or him. When signing the card, you can stay anonymous by saying they are from an admirer.

Signing the card with a single initial is another option. This gives your crush a clue to who their admirer may be.

A subtle compliment is also a nice touch to include on the card. Or you can go with  a short poem or favorite line. Here are more tips on writing the perfect note to go with your secret flower delivery.

Follow up After Your Gift Is Delivered

As a secret admirer, you don't simply send flowers then call it a day. It's best to follow up with another gift or send them a new bouquet of flowers each week.

Chocolates, cookies, and gift cards are thoughtful ideas that pair well with flowers. A lovely plant gift is a more long-lasting option as well.

Be sure to include short and sweet secret admirer notes with each gift. This builds up the anticipation and shows them how interested you are. It also makes your love interest excited about the idea of meeting their admirer.

Continue sending these gifts to show your affection until you're ready to ask them out on a date. This way, you can work up to a big reveal. Yet, don't take too long to let them know who you are as they may start to lose interest.

If you're too shy to approach them in person, you could send a thoughtful handwritten card or letter. Let them know who you are and ask to take them on a romantic first date.

Use Flowers as a Secret Weapon to Score Your Crush

This last tip involves sending flowers to yourself to get a reaction from your crush. This idea works best in an office setting, where you see your crush every day.

Send yourself a beautiful bouquet from a "secret admirer." Be sure your office crush is around at the time of delivery so they notice.

This will spark a bit of harmless jealousy. It may provoke them to make the first move once they see someone else is interested in you. It's a sneaky trick but gets the job done.

Making a Lasting Impression as a Secret Admirer

Both men and women are flattered by the thought of having a secret admirer. This approach is a subtle and thoughtful way to let your crush know about your feelings.

Sending a custom bouquet of flowers makes for the perfect secret admirer gift. Learn more about how Peachtree Petals can help impress the special someone in your life.