Tuesday, July 28, 2020

All About Sunflowers: 10 Beautiful Facts About Sunflowers

This article is all about sunflowers. These wonderful flowers will brighten up your garden and home and are simply a joy to grow.

Are you ready to be inspired to head out and buy some sunflower seeds? Let's get started!

1. Sunflowers Follow the Sunshine

As you might expect from their name, sunflowers love the sun. The head of a sunflower moves from east to west throughout the day.

This is unless it is the season of seed production when the sunflower's head will droop and face east for most of the day.

Why not try guessing the time by looking at your sunflowers throughout the day? A bouquet of sunflowers will certainly help bring a smile to your face!

2. Sunflowers Can Reach 30ft Tall

Amazingly, the tallest sunflower recorded was grown by Hans-Peter Schiffer in Germany. It reached 30 feet 1 inch and is an amazing sight to behold.

If you want to grow a huge sunflower, Hans-Peter is the guy to beat. He has held the record for the tallest sunflower two times before and definitely has some useful tricks up his sleeve.

3. Sunflowers Date Back to 1,000 BC

Sunflowers were grown for food and medicine in 1,000 BC. The seeds were eaten by humans but were also fed to livestock.

These plants are actually native to North America but have become popular across the globe.

4. Sunflower Seeds Contain Many Nutrients

If you enjoy eating healthily, then you'll know the wonders of seeds. Sunflower seeds can provide you with a source of vitamin E and calcium and they can even reduce your risk of diabetes.

The shells of sunflower seeds are coated with salt which can boost your sodium intake for the day. If you're eating shelled seeds, there's no need to worry about sodium.

This snack is brilliant for walkers or those who need a quick energy fix. Just a handful of sunflower seeds contains around 200 calories.

5. Sunflower Heads Contain 2,000 Seeds

The head of a sunflower is simply jam-packed with seeds. The larger varieties of sunflowers are usually farmed and turned into sunflower oil.

This ingredient is used across the world by people looking for a healthy way to cook their meals. It's also delicious when used as a dressing.

6. Sunflowers Are the National Flower of Ukraine

Although sunflowers are native to the US, immigrants loved these beautiful flowers so much that they took them back to Ukraine.

Now, it is the national flower of this country. Ukrainians believe that sunflowers represent well-being, power, warmth, and longevity. The sunflower is a symbol of unity.

These flowers were first discovered by explorers of the Americas. They had found that there weren't many native food crops aside from these delicious seeds.

7. Sunflowers Need a Lot of Space

If you want to grow sunflowers, you'll need patience and to give them a lot of space. They also require a lot of sunlight, as you might expect.

How to Grow Sunflowers

Here's a guide on how to grow sunflowers in your back yard:
  • Put soil in a plastic cup, add some water, and poke a cavity
  • Add your sunflower seed to this space, cover it over, and add some water.
  • Place your seeds in a sunny location in your home. 
  • Add water to your soil whenever it feels a little dry.
  • Keep doing this for around two weeks and should you notice your sunflower starts to grow.
  • When it is too big for the plastic cup, move it into a bigger pot.
  • You can expect a fully grown sunflower to emerge at around eight weeks! 
Don't be disheartened when your sunflower head goes brown. Instead, cut it off and leave it to dry out. You'll have seeds that can be fed to the wildlife in your garden!

8. Sunflowers Have Been to Space

Yes, that's right. These flowers have explored space before you have! Don Pettit took sunflowers along with him to space in 2012.

He wanted friends in the International Space Station and even spent time blogging about his pursuits growing sunflowers in space. The pictures are pretty incredible!

9. Sunflower Heads Can Be Recycled

Why not try turning your sunflower heads into scrubbing pads when they've turned brown and you've harvested the seeds?

If you're living a zero-waste lifestyle, then this is a brilliant use for these flower heads and means you don't need to buy plastic pads.

10. Sunflowers Are Immortalized by Vincent Van Gogh

If you love art then you're likely to be very familiar with the beautiful sunflower paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. The Dutch painter painted 11 still-life images of sunflowers.

He loved the bright yellow of the flower and the sturdiness of the plant. You can now see Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh at his dedicated museum in Amsterdam.

Don't miss the gift shop where you can find hundreds of wares adorned with images of these beautiful flowers.

Now You Know All About Sunflowers

Are you inspired to grow your own plants now you know all about sunflowers? If you simply don't have enough space in your yard to grow flowers, don't worry.

Instead, why not buy some beautiful sunflowers from us? You'll certainly brighten up your own home or that of a friend!

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