Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The 10 Gorgeous Flowers You Need for Your Winter Wedding in Atlanta

Are you planning your special day?

When most people picture a wedding, they think of springtime with lots of green, pink, and purple colors, or some may even picture the exhausted stereotype that is the fall wedding. Fall weddings are beautiful, don't get us wrong, but they're widely overdone. If you're looking for something just a little bit different and maybe even a little bit under budget, but it sure to wow your guests, consider a winter wedding.

Since winter isn't the most popular season for weddings, you'll find venues cheaper, wedding dresses on sale, and maybe even sales on flight tickets for those destination weddings-- heads up, we recommend Atlanta, GA.

Now that we've sold you on the winter wonderland wedding, you'll need to start considering what type of decorations you'll have. The type of flowers you choose, as well as their colors, will make or break your winter wedding in Atlanta.

Check out the 6 best winter flowers (and colors) that will surely make your winter wonderland wedding magical.

White or Red Roses

Roses have become very symbolic over the years. Overall, the rose is a symbol of love. While there are many versions of love, the rose represents them all.

White roses are representative of purity, innocence, cleanliness, and goodness.

Red roses are representative of a deep, passionate type of love.

Mixing these two will not only create a love inspired color splash theme, but it will also hold strong meaning for your new lives together.


Amaryllis flowers come in a beautiful red, pink, or white. These flowers hold the nickname of the "naked lady". It gets this nickname because the flowers bloom on a seemingly "naked" stem, as the leaves of the amaryllis don't grow until the flower has bloomed.

The amaryllis flower is beautiful for bouquets or centerpieces.


With 300 natural species and over 3,000 hybrids, the camellia is a genius flower. This plant can survive from 100-200 years in its natural environment and can be found around 5,000 feet in elevation.

Why do you care about how hardy this plant is? Consider it as a symbol of your new marriage. No matter how many tough times your relationship endure, you find a way to grow back even stronger and more beautiful than ever before.

If not for its symbolism, the camellia flower is truly a beautiful one. This flower is typically pink in color but can be found in multiple colors.

Lillies: Oriental Hybrid

The hybrid lily was cultivated in the 1970s by Leslie Woodriff. Often called the stargazer, this lily holds a display of deep red, clean white, and is sprinkled with bits of pink. Perfect for any winter wedding, this flower represents purity, passion, and delicacy all in one.


Also known as the moth orchid, this flower will be a beautiful addition to your winter wedding.

Be warned, though, these flowers do not hold up well in direct sunlight, as they can actually develop a sunburn. Sunburned orchids will have withered leaves and deep brown splotches. Consider the phalaenopsis for an indoor or evening wedding to keep them crisp and shining brightly.


These are the flowers of winter. The flowers of Christmas. They bring the power of the Christmas spirit to your wedding. Poinsettias are perfect for an outdoor winter wedding, as they look their best with a sprinkle of white snow on their leaves.

Decorate your guest's chairs with these stunningly red flowers.


Once you've got an idea of the style and type of flower you want for your wedding, you'll need to choose a theme color. Here are a few colors that we recommend for the wintery weather:


Of course, everyone loves white for weddings, but white is especially perfect for a winter wedding. We mentioned earlier that white is a symbol for pureness and innocence, but it is also the color of new beginnings. A clean slate, if you will.

This feeling of purity and newness will not only speak to you and your new partner, but it will also leave your guests feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


We all know that red is the color of deep love, but you know what else red represents? Christmas.

Having a winter wedding can be even more special when you find a way to incorporate Christmas into the picture. The holidays are a time of spreading joy and love to everyone you meet, why not capitalize on all the goodness floating around?


Pink is a very versatile color. Many times people think of pink as a color for spring or summer weddings, but pink plays a secret role in winter weddings. Pink brings a sense of delicacy to your wedding.

While you can use pink as a primary color theme, we recommend you use it as a secondary color or an accent.


Blue holds the meaning of depth, trust, loyalty, and wisdom. Blue is strong and steady, yet fast and light. Be careful, though, having too much blue can create feelings of sadness and melancholy. Be sure to add accents to keep your guest's spirits high.

Consider pairing a deep royal blue with a hint of baby pink accents.

Start Planning Your Winter Wedding in Atlanta

So, which flowers will you choose? Will you go with the all white, strikingly pure ceremony? Or are you leaning towards the royal blue and baby pink celebration?

Whatever you choose for your winter wedding in Atlanta, Peachtree Petals is on standby for all of your wintery needs. Contact us today and start experiencing the magic of an Atlanta winter wedding.