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The Etiquette of Sending Bereavement Flowers

It can be difficult to know what to say or do when someone loses a loved one. Sending bereavement flowers is a kind and thoughtful way to send your condolences after a painful loss.While sending bereavement flowers is a long-standing tradition, the etiquette involved is not always clear. There are many factors to consider when deciding on an appropriate arrangement.
Read on to learn more about properly selecting and sending flowers to those who are in mourning.

Where Should You Send Bereavement Flowers?

Flowers are usually sent to the funeral home. They are displayed during the funeral and other services.
They're also sent to the homes of surviving loved ones as a gesture of comfort and condolence.

When Can You Send Flowers?

In most cases, it's acceptable to send bereavement flowers at any point after the deceased has passed.
If you're aware of the date of the funeral, you may send flowers to the funeral home for display during the service.
You may have missed the funeral date and still want to express your sympathy to the family. Small and medium-sized flower and plant arrangements can be sent directly to the home in this case.

Cultural and Religious Considerations

Flowers are generally accepted as a gift of kindness during a difficult time. However, it's good to take cultural and religious preferences into consideration.
For many faiths and cultures, most flowers are acceptable. These include:
  • Buddhists - white is preferred, red is not appropriate
  • Catholics
  • Protestant Christian
  • Baha'i
With other cultures and religious groups, preferences for colors or arrangements may be more specific.
For example, Hindus commonly display garlands at funerals instead of other arrangements.
White flowers are preferred by Eastern and Greek Orthodox church members.
It's considered inappropriate to send flower arrangements that involve a cross or a crucifix to Mormons. Other arrangements are acceptable.
Flower preferences can vary among Muslims. While a simple arrangement is usually acceptable, those of the Islamic faith often prefer that a donation to charity is made in place of flowers.
Jewish funerals typically do not include flower arrangements, although some funerals now allow them at the synagogue entrance. You may send flowers to the Jewish home as a thoughtful gesture; however, fruit and food baskets are generally preferred.
Flowers should not be sent to a Jewish home during a Shiva call. This is the seven day period during which family and friends come to the home to pay their respects to mourn loved ones.
For Chinese families, color choice is very important if you choose to send flowers. White or yellow lilies or chrysanthemums are acceptable funeral flowers. White is most appropriate for funerals in Chinese culture.
White chrysanthemums are an acceptable flower selection for Korean funerals.
Many cultures and faiths are fairly relaxed about flower types. For these families, you may choose sympathy or funeral flowers based on colors or symbolism.

Who Can Send Bereavement Flowers?

Anyone who knows those affected by the loss of a loved one may send flowers. There are no definite rules on what types of flowers to send. There are some loose guidelines, however.
Immediate family can send any type of arrangement. At a funeral service, theirs are usually on display close to and sometimes inside of the casket.
Extended family can send either a standing arrangement or something less formal that can be taken home after the funeral.
Friends, coworkers, and other business associates or acquaintances can send flowers to the funeral home or directly to the family's home. Most arrangements are appropriate, including living potted plants.

Selecting the Appropriate Flowers and Arrangements

There are different types of funeral or bereavement arrangements that can be sent to funerals or homes. Here are some common arrangements:
  • Wreath - represents eternal life, usually sent by immediate family
  • Casket blankets - blanket of flowers draped over the casket
  • Sprays - viewed from one side only and displayed at a service
  • Casket sprays - obtained by immediate family and displayed on top of casket
  • Floral arrangements - Any type, including cut flowers, containers, and baskets
  • Potted plants - Continues to grow, symbolic of new life, can be brought home
  • Inside pieces - smaller arrangements such as bouquets and sprays that are placed inside casket
Casket arrangements such as sprays and blankets are ordered by close family members. These shouldn't be sent by extended family, friends, or business associates.
Wreaths and large sprays, held upright by easels, are commonly used as a memorial display at funeral services, as well as large container arrangements.
Smaller container and basket arrangements are good choices when sending flowers to homes or offices.
Potted plants make wonderful living arrangements for homes and office spaces as well. They can be enjoyed long after funeral services as a living memorial.

Flower Colors

As mentioned earlier, color choice is important in certain cultures, so make sure you're aware of any preferred or inappropriate colors before you make a selection.
For other families and loved ones, there are no set rules on flower types or colors.
You may wish to send something colorful and uplifting as a symbol of the celebration of life. Bright, cheery arrangements can be comforting and encouraging in times of sadness.
If you happen to know the deceased person's favorite color or flower, choosing an arrangement that includes these favorites is acceptable.
Simple white arrangements, especially of flowers like white lilies and carnations, are elegant, tasteful options. Arrangements that include white roses and greenery make lovely floral tributes as well.

Sympathy Versus Funeral

Sympathy flower arrangements are sent directly to mourning loved ones as a condolence during their time of loss. They are usually smaller and are used by the family as decor in the home.
Funeral flowers serve as a tribute and are intended to be displayed at a funeral service. They are usually large, formal pieces that are not suitable for display in the home.

When Family Requests Donations In Lieu of Flowers

Some families will ask that you make a contribution to the family for expenses or to charities instead of purchasing flowers.
If this was the request, you may still send flowers; however, you should also make the requested contribution or donation.

A Thoughtful Way to Show You Care

Sending flowers to those who have recently experienced the loss of a loved one is a kind expression of sympathy.
It's the perfect way to let them know you care and that they are in your thoughts. It's also a lovely way to pay tribute to the deceased.
If you're looking for a timeless way to express your condolences, please browse our selection of bereavement flowers. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information on ordering arrangements.

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7 Gorgeous Trends in Fall Wedding Flowers
7 Gorgeous Trends in Fall Wedding Flowers

Did you know that more and more people are choosing to get married in fall, with up to 40% of couples considering fall weddings? We're huge fans of this shift in seasons, because fall weather is ideal and fall wedding flowers are absolutely gorgeous!
Whether you're in the early wedding planning stages or narrowing down your floral choices, we're showing you the top trends in fall wedding flowers this season.
Let's get into them!

Plants for Reception Pieces

Looking to create a breathless, earthy vibe for your fall wedding? You're not alone. This is the trend of the season, and it's one that we love.
Consider jumping on the succulent trend bandwagon. More and more brides are using these gorgeous plants for everything from centerpieces to bouquets to favor gifts.
It's no wonder these plants are in the limelight. Although succulents can look pretty year-round, they come in many gorgeous fall tones (like purples and reds). Whether you're going for a laid-back beach vibe or a Southwestern desert wedding, succulents belong pretty much anywhere!
Best of all? Succulents are hearty little beasts that require little to no maintenance. No need to worry about them wilting for pictures.
And, we'll be totally honest here. You'll have plenty of family members fighting to take home the centerpieces. Everyone loves a beautiful succulent arrangement!

Going Totally Wild

Today, many couples are choosing a natural, dreamy look for their fall wedding flowers. We're a big fan of this trend because the natural look instantly creates a relaxed, chic, and even minimalistic look.
How to recreate this? Focus on wildflower bouquets with big green and leafy plants (like wheat greens, baby breath, and acacia). Focus on a few neutral shades (like white dahlias and white hydrangea). Finally, throw in a few pops of a signature, dramatic color (like red tulips or large sunflowers).
Bouquets no longer need to be prim and proper. Many brides are lusting after a looser and flowing look. Consider a cascade bouquet to create a dreamy and flowing vibe.

Lots and Lots of Greenery

We already mentioned that whimsical wildflower-type weddings are trending. With that being said, green continues to dominate the fall season, and we're not just talking about flower colors here.
Consider adding in big leaves, wheat greens, succulents, and acacia into your bouquets. Drape greenery to make an elegant photo wall. Arrange some pretty leaves on the table.
Not only is green a lovely color, that coordinates with pretty much any other flower color, it breathes life and vitality into your wedding. Who wouldn't want to that?

Flowers Beyond the Bouquet

With many couples choosing to have outdoor, garden-type weddings, nothing looks more dreamy or elegant than lots and lots of florals!
Think beyond the traditional bouquet and consider adding flowers into other areas of your wedding including:
  • Centerpieces
  • Aisle runners
  • Cake toppers
  • Head table or sweetheart table
  • Wedding favors
  • Bar decor
  • Reception backdrops
  • Hanging greenery
Remember, fall wedding flowers are naturally whimsical. Consider thinking beyond the bouquet to create a dreamy and elegant look!

Pop With Color

The traditional white and pink hues may be timeless, but fall wedding flowers are all about color and boldness. That means you want something that stands out and really makes a statement about you!
Forget the traditional rules here and consider going BOLD with your color choices (deep wine reds, bright yellows, dark purples). It's a great way to customize your wedding and create an unforgettable look for photos.
Use your floral decor to show off your personality as a couple. Let your fall wedding flowers make a statement, rather than just blend into the background. We promise you won't regret it.
And, if you're not super talented with color coordinating, that's where the experts come in. Collaborate with your florist. He or she will know exactly which colors look best when put together- and which colors clash.

Funky & Informal Arrangements

Still debating what you want your tables to look like? Considering floral centerpieces? We hope you are! If so, think outside just the standard vase. Today, couples are using all sorts of displays to show off their gorgeous fall wedding flowers.
Some of our favorite design elements include:
  • Mix-and-match vases (different colors and stains)
  • Driftwood designs
  • Wooden boxes
  • Raw wood edges
  • Tealight candles
  • Pinecones, rocks, and natural elements
  • Pictures of the happy couple (yes, photos look great with flowers)
We're all about making your wedding a one-of-a-kind experience. Get creative with your process. Get artsy with it! Making funky arrangements is a great way to show off your individual personality.

Ribbons & Lace

We're all about flowers, but who says that you ONLY need flowers in your bridal bouquet?
Today, many brides are choosing to customize their fall wedding flowers with additional garments and trinkets. Consider lacing in ribbon streamers, beadwork, or antique lace to make your own one-of-a-kind bouquet.
Consult with your florist about weaving in trinkets that may be special to you, like a strand of pearls or photo of a loved one.
Remember, this is your wedding. Make it reflect your personality and your vision!

Floral Headpieces & Flower Crowns

Yes, this might be taking a page of out of the Coachella fashion trends, but it's one that we really, really love.
There's something beautifully elegant about brides wearing flower crowns instead of the traditional tiara or veil.
Not only does it create a more laid-back look, it simply lets your natural beauty shine. If you're looking for a more bohemian or hippie look (which we also adore!), consider talking to your florist and hairstylist about coordinating a floral headpiece.

Final Thoughts on Trends in Fall Wedding Flowers

No matter which of these trends you choose to follow, you're guaranteed to create a beautiful and memorable wedding.
While planning a wedding can be undoubtedly stressful, your fall wedding flowers don't have to be.
We're here to help you with all your floral needs to create the look of your dreams. Contact us for your wedding consultation!

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April Showers Bring Easter Flowers

Nothing says Easter like vibrant springtime flowers, and nobody does flowers like Buckhead florist, Peachtree Petals. With Easter quickly approaching (April 13), Peachtree Petals is offering a wonderful selection of bouquets, centerpieces, and even Easter baskets available for flat-rate, same-day Atlanta flower delivery as well as flat-rate national delivery.

Centerpieces: You can’t have Easter dinner without the perfect centerpiece to adorn your tablescape. We have you covered!

Pink Softness: Our Pink Softness bouquet makes for the perfect Easter centerpiece. This bouquet is arranged in a white shabby-chic ceramic vase that would turn Joanna Gaines green with envy. The blooms and greenery inside of this arrangement perfectly captures the spring spirit of the Easter holiday. Your tablescape will be perfectly rounded out with baby pink garden roses, astilbe, cymbidiums, viburnums, lisianthus, and of course verdant greens.

Pastel Passion Bouquet: If you’re like us, Easter conjures images of pastel dresses with crisp crinoline layers and pastel easter eggs peeping up from lush green grass. These scenes are easily seen in our Buckhead neighborhood, and this bouquet perfectly encapsulates those scenes. Coming from our Buckhead flowers collection, this bouquet will look lovely on a brunch or dinner table. A glass vase filled with fragrant pink garden roses, dusty miller, and hydrangeas is sure to compliment your day spent with family and friends.

White Gold Bouquet: If Easter pastels aren’t your thing, the white gold bouquet artfully represents the purity and season of renewal spring brings. Within this bouquet perfect for an Easter brunch table, you’ll receive mini calla lilies, hydrangeas, orchids, larkspur, stock, roses, spray roses, and lilies. All blooms are in perfect shades of white that contrasts wonderfully against the 6.5”x8” gold vase bringing tasteful elegance to your Easter.

Bouquets: While centerpieces add the perfect touch of spring to an Easter Sunday tablescape, if you’re not celebrating in your home, a bouquet is the perfect way to enjoy the spring season at home or work, or to give as a hostess gift for your friends and family who are.

Purple Bliss: The crisp simplicity of orchids is a perfect visual representation of the spring season. While the Easter lily traditionally dominates this holiday season, orchids are another popular option for a springtime flower. The purple bliss bouquet is filled to the max with 20 purple dendrobium orchids arranged against lily grass and curly willows inside of a cylindrical glass vase. Orchids are easily kept in the home or at your office, perfect for bringing some springtime happiness to your cubicle.

Fanfare: If you’re looking for the perfect Atlanta flower delivery, look no further than our Fanfare arrangement. Your lucky recipient is sure to have a sunny day no matter the weather when they receive the Fanfare bouquet this Easter holiday. Like our White Gold bouquet centerpiece, this arrangement eschews traditional Easter pastels in favor of a monochromatic white pallette. This bouquet highlights a cluster of calla lilies, snapdragons, tulips, hypernicum berries, and is artfully arranged with dark leaf green accents.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Pressed Flowers

2017 is the year for unique wedding trends with each one vying to be more of a stand out than the one before it. One trend 2017 is seeing is a resurgence of trends from past decades that may have been considered tacky in the recent past, with a modern face-lift giving them a new posh appearance. One such trend is the pressed flower. Dried flowers have made their comeback this year, and pressed flowers are a gorgeous way to incorporate that trend in your special day.

Pressed Flower Uses: Brides are finding a variety of uses for pressed flowers when it comes to their wedding day. Perhaps the most popular use is for table settings. Pressing delicate flowers between small glass plates creates a gorgeous table setting for wedding guests featuring either a table number, the guests’ name, or both. Similarly, pressed flowers can be used to create gorgeous, ethereal seating charts to coincide with the place settings. Pressed flowers create such gorgeous pieces, these place settings can even be doubled as a wedding favor for guests, allowing them to take home a piece of the gorgeous decor that will last a lifetime!

This throwback trend is perfect for wedding invitations, save the dates, and coordinating thank-you cards. Pressed flowers can also enhance a guest book, card table, or dessert table. They’re a great way to add feminine details throughout the ceremony and reception space that are on trend while not being over the top.

Best Flora and Fauna for the Look: Almost any flower or greenery can be used when trying the achieve the pressed flower look, but some are better than others. For example, ferns and Queen’s Anne’s Lace give the decor a more modern feel. Jasmine leaves, lavender, and peonies on the other hand, create a more delicate, feminine feel.

Consult With Your Florist:No one knows more about wedding floral trends than Atlanta wedding florist, Peachtree Petals. Peachtree Petals specializes in Atlanta brides providing them with a unique experience regardless of budget or vision. The pressed flower trend is best executed when working closely with your florist. For instance, the Peachtree Petals staff can assist brides in the selection and arrangement of flowers for their pressed flower look, and can even help set up flowers on the day of the wedding taking the worry and stress off of the shoulders of the bride-elect. Because of the versatility of using pressed flowers, Buckhead area brides now have even more ways to incorporate their wedding flowers and colors into their day beyond the traditional bouquet.

Brides interested in the pressed flower trend or other 2017 wedding trends should schedule a complimentary wedding flower consultation today with the Buckhead area florist. This consultation allows for the professional florist to collaborate with the bride and groom on their vision for the day. Brides will be able to share inspiration and ideas with florists and maybe become inspired to try something new, like pressed flowers!

Monday, February 20, 2017

The Best February Wedding Flowers!

Some women like having their wedding in the the spring and summer from May to July. Some even like the weather and amazing colors of the fall in October. Yet, some of us thoroughly enjoy the latter of the winter months and have decided to have your wedding in February!

With it already filled with Valentine's Day, February is considered one of the best months of the year to have a wedding. Romance and love is already in the air, which will make your big day even more special. As you begin to plan your wedding, deciding on your gown, your wedding location, reception theme, and more, don't forget one of the most important elements of your wedding--flowers! Here are some of the Best Wedding Flowers in February that will be absolutely perfect for you!

One of the Best February Wedding Flowers is the bouvardia. It is a star-shaped cluster of flowers that look festive and vibrant. They are soft flowers and truly communicate love. They are available in deep pink, red or white. The bouvardia works well with hyacinths and garden roses, in addition to being your primary flower. Either way, you won't go wrong with choosing the bouvardia for the theme of your wedding.

When it comes to creating that elegance and grace in a wedding, no flowers does it better than the calla lily. This flower exude purity and romance, all at the same time. Its' single petals form a trumpet-like shape and they stand with virtue. The colors of the calla lily include white, lavender, rich purple, shades of mango, yellow, and burgundy. They are great if you are looking for a simple look for your wedding. Callas are expensive flowers, yet they're worth it!

The rose is without question the most popular flower in the world. It is consistently used in an array of events and occasions because of its' versatility. No matter the color scheme of your wedding, there is more than likely a rose with a color that would fit. Roses come in red, white, yellow, orange, lavender, and more. Roses can be your primary choice, or in the midst of not being able to decide, you can always turn to the rose and your wedding will be stunning!

Lastly, if you are looking for something beautiful and different, choose the delphinium. This wondrous, long stemmed flower is made up of dense clusters of blooms that grow in the shape of a tower. All of the clusters surround one stem to present this lively look. Its' colors come in hues of royal blue, powder blue, mauve and white. Whether you use it as floral decor within your actual wedding and/or at your reception, the delphinium is amazing flower that you will absolutely love!

No matter which flower you select for your February wedding, you'll need an Atlanta Florist you can depend on like Peachtree Petals! We are a trusted source for all of your wedding floral needs. From wedding bouquets and wedding centerpieces, to corsages and boutonnieres, Peachtree Petals does it all. We also provide free wedding consultation and do not have a minimum order requirement. Whether you desire a Midtown Flower Delivery or a Roswell Flower Delivery, Peachtree Petals services the entire Atlanta and Metro-Atlanta area. We love our brides! Call and order with Peachtree Petals today!

Reference:, 10 February Wedding Flowers

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Time for the Best Valentine's Day Flowers!

When February comes around, it's time for the romance to begin with Valentine's Day! Men and women all over the world are pulling out all the stops to surprise that special someone. Whether it's chocolates, truffles, gourmet dainties, and more, many will be looking to show their affection in the most impressive ways!

Nothing says "I love you" better than flowers, and Peachtree Petals has an array of the Best Valentine's Day Flowers that will truly take her breath away. Here are just a few of our Valentine's Day bouquets that you can send the one you adore!

Heartfelt Luxury Rose Bouquet - This is a one-of-a-kind arrangement and truly exemplifies its' name. The Heartfelt Luxury Rose Bouquet is a great choice to leave her absolutely speechless! It highlights the most popular flower in the world, with a combination of red, pink and lavender roses at their best! It consists of 72 stems of 24-inch premium long-stemmed roses that created to bring tears of joy. All of this abundance of beauty is wonderfully nested within a 16-inch clear glass pedestal vase.

Art of Love Rose Bouquet - This Valentine's Day, give her the Art of Love Rose Bouquet, which has a creative touch to expressing your heart to her. With the combination of red, hot pink and pink roses, our floral designers bring an artful, romantic floral arrangement for you to enjoy. These flowers are presented within a keepsake mosaic red and pink glass vase with a modern pattern that she will find to be stylish and elegant. Nothing compares to the Art of Love Rose Bouquet.

Sweethearts Bouquet - If you desire to surprise your sweetheart but also save money, send her our Sweethearts Bouquet! This arrangement will let her know very lovingly that she is your one and only. It is full of rich red roses, surrounded by ruffled blooms, including hot pink carnations, red mini carnations, purple statice, fuchsia, mini carnations, accented with lush greens, within a ravishing red modern glass keepsake vase. Your Valentine's Day won't get any better when you choose to wow her by sending this stunning arrangement.

Memorable Moments Bouquet - Make her Valentine's Day this year the one that she won't forget with the Memorable Moments Bouquet! This bouquet is found to be so elegant and graceful, consisting of the perfect combination of classic red roses and white calla lilies, accented with an assortment of lush greens. It will tell her that she is a lady and speak to the purity of who she is to you. Send her this exquisite flower arrangement on Valentine's Day and she won't be the same.

Love is in the air and Peachtree Petals is your one-stop source to meet your Valentine's Day gift needs. We are a nationally-recognized FTD Master Florist and our designers have over 50 years of combined design experience. This Atlanta Florist can get your flowers there in no time with our signature same-day delivery. Whether you are in need of an Atlanta Flower Delivery or a Dunwoody Florist, Peachtree Petals services the entire Metro-Atlanta area.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Perfect Winter Flower Arrangements!

As we are officially in the winter season of the year, millions of people are asking the same question these days, “What is the perfect floral arrangement for the winter season?” We want our indoor bouquets and our outdoor floral displays to look spectacular. However, the cold months of December and January bring with it the harshest of temperatures that can turn our elegant flowers into a less than beautiful display. But there is hope! You and your family can still enjoy the wonderful look of an outdoor arrangement even when it’s freezing cold outside.

During the colder season of the year, there are many flowers that can't handle the harsh temperatures. However, did you know that there is a long list of outdoor flowers that can not only handle cold weather, but they will make your outdoor garden or patio look amazing! Your house will stand out from others in your neighborhood with some of these perfect choices of winter plants:

Mugo pine, also known as creeping pine, is a beautiful winter plant, along with English holly or boxwood, which is great for your outdoor patio. Perennials such as Heuchera are a wonderful choice. They’ve come a long way from the traditional Coral bells and are a true winter delight. Let’s not forget the ornamental grasses and lambs ear, which are also wonderful plants for the winter season. Sedum, hens and chicks, Persian shield, ivy, creeping wire vine or hosta are additional options. Ornamental cabbage, flowering kale and pansies can also be a nice touch as well. As you are deciding from the list of flowers and plants, be sure to select healthy-looking plants. Select the bushiest shrub when choosing a shrub. Avoid choosing the tallest.

You might also consider adding gourds or pine cones to your winter arrangement for a nice touch. Almonds and other shelled nuts can also add the most beautiful accent.

Now that you're knowledgeable of the many winter flowers and plants that you can choose from, now we must also choose the perfect container that can handle the cold temperatures as well. Containers made of fiberglass, metal, thick plastic, stone, or concrete are ideal. Even synthetic materials, wood or hollow logs will work just fine. Whichever container you choose, make sure it has one or two drainage holes so that it drains properly. You might also want to consider adding pot feet to the bottom of the container. This would help prevent the container from freezing to the ground.

Peachtree Petals has the fastest flower same-day delivery service in Atlanta! We have the best collection of exquisite flower bouquets, assorted gifts, and outdoor plants that are sure to impress that special person in your life. Whether you need Buckhead Flower Delivery or Lawrenceville Flower Delivery, we can have your stunning bouquet and wonderful assorted gifts in the special recipient’s hand in no time. You can count on Peachtree Petals for your floral needs! No one does flower same-day delivery better!