Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Making The Life Of Your Flowers Last Longer

Flower are one of the greatest lively gifts given as an expression of gratitude and care.  It would also be a gift if the floral arrangement could remain as beautiful as the day we sent or received them.  We think to ourselves, "Only if they could last!"  The expected life span of a bouquet of flowers is at least 4 to 7 days.  However, they can last much longer.  Depending on the flowers and how well you care for them, will determine if the flowers will last longer that the expected life span.

Below are some helpful tips that will extend the life of your floral arrangement.
  • Be sure to keep the floral foam or vase filled with fresh warm water.   The flower food provided by your florist should be mixed with the water.  You will want to make sure you follow the instructions on the packet.  If your water begins to look cloudy and murky, empty the water and replace it with clean water and flower food.
  • Keep your flowers away from vents, radiators, on top of televisions, directly under ceiling fans, even sunny windows.  This may be contrary to the thinking flowers must need a lot of sun.  Excessive heat and the heat from appliances will cause flower dehydration and petals to wilt much faster than normal.
  • Make sure your floral arrangement is kept in a cool spot (65 to 75 degrees).  Do not set your bouquet near the refrigerator.  Refrigerators emits a type of humidity that can harm the flowers.  Also, fruits and vegetables release enzymes that can harm them.
  • Remove dying flowers daily. Decaying flowers can cause flower-killing organisms, which can clog stem ends also.  So promptly remove dying flowers, especially those that set in the container water.
  • A good suggestion is to replace the plant material to keep the arrangement looking full and new.
  • Cut off at a slant of 1 to 1 1/2 inches of each stem.  You will need to use a sharp knife as to not damage the stems.
  • Find out any other tips for keeping fresh the specific flowers that you have in your arrangement (i.e. carnations, lilies, hydrangeas, roses).
Taking a few moments in your day to care for your flowers, can result in you enjoying the beauty of your floral arrangement much longer.  Atlanta Florists like Peachtree Petals take steps of prompt care as well to make sure their customers receive the the best bouquet possible. They properly refrigerate, perform accurate stem-cutting, and quick, free delivery for all floral arrangements Peachtree Petals make sure you receive the highest quality floral arrangement to begin with, therefore, making it easy for your flowers to last.<

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