Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Best Summer Wedding Location Ideas!

August is one of the most beautiful months that we experience during the course of the year. It is right in the heart of the Summer season, which we all love to enjoy. There is more sunlight than we can handle in this month and it makes for a great time to go to every beach you can imagine.

With August being so rich with great weather, it is an excellent time of the year to have a summer wedding. With having a August wedding, the choices are endless relative to the location. You can decide to have a traditional indoor wedding within a church or at a romantic location with plenty of windows, allowing the sunlight in to symbolize a new chapter in your life. An indoor wedding is also an excellent choice if your plans are to have your wedding during the afternoon hours, which will help keep all of your guests cool and you won't be sweating either. This is a wise choice if you are having your July wedding and your reception in the same location. Once the early evening hours arrive, the sun sets, adding a touch of beauty to your the elegant evening of your reception.

Another stunning type of wedding in August is a garden wedding. You can select from various gardens, whether your wedding is within a Botanical Garden, English Garden and more. The timing for a garden wedding plays a key role in making this outdoor wedding successful, as well as comfortable. Usually it is best to have this type of wedding in the morning or early evening when the sun is going down. The early evening time makes for a beautiful setting of the sun, as you enjoy your wedding surrounded by the abundance of nature. Nice pinks and greens, mints and lilacs, or plums and baby blues, are just a few examples of some color schemes you can consider as well with having a garden wedding.

Of course a summer wedding location wouldn't be complete without having a beach wedding in August. One advantage to having a beach wedding is it can really save you a lot of money. You may even be allowed to have it on the beach for free! There is minimum decorating involved, with mostly flowers being a main aspect to have present. Beach weddings are also unique, non-traditional and perfect for small guest lists. All the beauty you desire is right there on the beach. After your gorgeous wedding, coordinate your honeymoon within a resort within the same area to reduce your traveling costs as well.

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