Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Poppy - One Of California's Best Flowers!

In California, there's no flower like the poppy. It is a gentle wildflower and has a beauty of its' very own. The poppy is made so delicate and elegant. It is 1-2 inches spread across in length once it blossoms and can grow a foot high in height. Not only does the flower come in gold, it also comes in several colors, including white, bronze, terra cotta, and rose red. Indians also considered the poppy as a valued food source, as well as utilizing the oil that can be extracted from it. It indeed grows throughout the great state of California. It can also be found up to southern Washington and east, extending as far as Texas.

The "Golden Poppy", or "California Poppy", is California's state flower. The Golden Poppy can be seen each year from February to September. It belongs to the Papayeraceae family and has different names, such as the Corn Poppy, Iceland Poppy and the Oriental Poppy. The leaves on it are fern-like and has single flowers on a long stalk. It is also known as the "Flame Flower", due to is golden color that blazes in the California sunset. They grow in open areas, grassy or sandy slopes as well. It is a sheer delight to see this wonderful flower on the hills of California and the citizens of the state have come to adore the poppy.

In the sunshine state, the poppy is beloved flower and it is esteemed by all. Each year, California has what is called California Poppy Day, which is on the 6th of April. From May 13th to May 18th, the people of California celebrate the flower with what's known as Poppy Week. This let's you know that Californians know their flowers, and it is no doubt one of the top places in which you will find the most beautiful flowers in the world.

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