Monday, March 30, 2015

Five Tips On How To Plan A Quick Wedding

"I'm getting more calls from brides who would like to get married in a couple of months," said event planner Julie Pryor of Pryor Events in Los Angeles in a recent Bridal Guide article. You know you want the wedding of your dreams, but with planning a quick wedding, you just don't feel confident that you can get it done. Don't be discouraged. Just because it is quick, doesn't mean you have to settle for less on your big day. Here are 5 tips on how to plan a quick wedding.

Make the first month count. Quick weddings are usually considered to be a time frame of one year or less. However, some couples find themselves having even 6 months or less to plan their wedding. As a result, make the first month count and get a great start on your planning. Go ahead and set your budget, and make all of your major decisions. Due to time, be quick and smart with matters such as exact colors. With considering your budget, this is the time to make the location, ceremony booking, honeymoon trip, reception sites, food, your gown and bridal party attire. Also, hire your photographer and a quality, premium Atlanta florist like Peachtree Petals.

Be flexible and creative. Being flexible and creative is a major key with a quick wedding. For example, if your first ceremony location choice is already reserved on the date of your wedding, you may have to either change locations or slightly adjust your wedding date. It may be easier to book a location on a Friday or Sunday early in the day, rather than Saturday. If you still can't find a location that is perfect for you, be creative! Christine Paul of Christine Paul Events stated in the article, "Instead of the more obvious choices, perhaps a friend has a beautiful beach house, or you could get married in a local park".

Ask for help. Be honest with yourself and ask for help. A quick wedding cannot be pulled off successfully on your own. Event planners can help you do your entire wedding, handle tasks that you don't have the time to do or just manage things on your wedding day. Another advantage of having a good event planner is they will already have the reliable, cost-effective and trustworthy vendor network in reach for a quick wedding, which will save you a lot of planning time.

But will it cost more? A shorter notice to vendors and other service providers for your wedding doesn't mean it will cost more. You will receive the same treatment as other brides. A Perfect Event's Debi Lily stated, "Don’t assume you should refrain from negotiating prices just because you’re on a short timetable. Negotiate whenever and wherever it seems reasonable."

Enjoy yourself. Yes, you want to above all things enjoy yourself! There is a lot to do, however, don't allow the time frame of your wedding to spoil the experience. It only comes once, so make it count and enjoy. Take time to soak it all in. Paul stated to Bridal Guide, "Brides who’ve gotten their weddings together in six months or less have told me they actually enjoyed the process. They had less time to stress out and found the preparations surprisingly exciting."

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