Friday, May 29, 2015

What Not To Do When Deciding On Your Wedding Flowers

You want your wedding to be perfect, even when it comes to having the best wedding flowers. With a little information regarding making the best flower decisions, you can save time, money and avoid making some hug mistakes with your wedding. Here are some great tips of what not to do when deciding and coordinating your wedding flowers.

Underestimating The Cost - Much of a bride's focus is on her dress and the actual wedding venue, which is certainly fitting within her priorities. However, don't underestimate your wedding flower costs because the entire scope of your floral needs aren't being considered. Your wedding bouquet and centerpieces are only a couple of aspects of your wedding that you need flowers for. When you consider your aisles, entry ways, doors, rails, and more, you can find you needed quite a bit more wedding flowers then you were aware of. Analyze your venues and get all the floral decor that you want, therefore, no venue areas end up looking barren.

Don't Use Out-Of-Season Flowers - You may love certain flowers, yet, some of them may not be in season at the time of your wedding. You don't want to use out-of-season flowers because they can be more expensive and hard to acquire the volume you need. Save money by choosing a seasonal flowers that are comparable as possible to the ones that you love.

Being Inflexible - Event designer Preston Bailey said, "...there are times when the florist can do everything in his or her power and still not be able to get the flower of choice (or as many of them as needed)." In times like these, don't be inflexible with flower choices. This can add more stress and pressure to everyone, even yourself, at one of the most happiest time of your life. Remember, the overall objective is to have an excellent wedding presentation.

Choosing Flowers Based Only On Looks - Some flowers look extraordinary, but may not be the best to choice for your wedding. Different flowers carry different scents, which can create an overpowering aroma when combined. These are the flowers you want to watch out for. It would be wise to ask your florist when deciding on your wedding flowers.

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