Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Great Apps for Wedding Planning

It seems every day a new website, app, or other piece of technology crops up devoted to some aspect of wedding planning. Given the lack of options for brides in years past, these new advancements seem to be really helpful, but as brides begin the process of scouring the internet and app markets for inspiration and organization tools, it can be incredibly overwhelming to sift through the wedding planning tools much less the actual parts of the planning process. Recently, Forbes Magazine online released an article outlining the nine best apps for event and wedding planners, and as we reviewed these tools thinking about their usefulness to us in as the premier Atlanta wedding florist, we realized these apps are equally as useful to brides planning their day as they would be to a certified wedding professional. Here are the highlights of these wedding planning apps to simplify the planning process of your special day.

Pinterest: By now, Pinterest has become a household name. Pinterest quickly gained popularity in late 2012 as the place to “pin” ideas for DIY crafts, recipes, household upgrades, and was just as quickly taken over by brides eager to share ideas for their wedding days. Operating in  desktop, mobile, and app platforms Pinterest is easily accessible for brides and wedding planners alike to share wedding inspiration from other brides or bigger names in the wedding industry like Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides Magazine, Southern Bride Magazine, WeddingWire.com, and more. Peachtree Petals even operates a Pinterest account to showcase wedding flowers for Atlanta brides and can interact with brides to share inspiration and ideas! Be sure to check out Pinterest page.

Evernote: Like Pinterest, Evernote is available on the Web and iOS and Android platforms. Evernote is a great way to stay organized and share information with various vendors you’ll be working with throughout the wedding planning process right through your wedding day. Evernote conveniently keeps everything in one place using syncing technology to share text, images, video, emails, entire web pages-- anything you desire to be shared, and you can organize it by tags and folders. Share this information (be it one photo, a whole folder, or anything that gets tagged under the same tag) with vendors, the bridal party, mother of the bride, whoever, with a simple click. The best part is, the basic version of Evernote is free!

Doodle: As you begin setting more appointments with vendors, dress and tux fittings, and picking up various family members from the airport, your time will become a more precious commodity than ever and keeping all of your appointments straight will be imperative. Doodle is a great app available for iOS and Android systems to help you do just that. Doodle allows you to set appointments, blocks off time where appointments are already set, and alerts you in advance of when your appointments will be. While this sounds similar to the features of the iCalendar or the Google Cal for iPhones and Android phones, Doodle allows for vendors that also use the Doodle application to add in the appointment to your Doodle appointment book once the appointment is booked, immediately blocking out that time slot allowing for you to make your next appointment without worrying about overlapping.

Capsule: Capsule is a great app for event planners, specifically for wedding planners, but can have great benefits for those of you planning your own weddings, too. One benefit of using Capsule to those planning their own wedding is the photo stream. Unlike social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter that require a common hashtag to link up posts, all guests who download the Capsule app prior to attending the ceremony and reception, can easily stream all of the photos they take of your day to one common space allowing for you to easily grab great shots of your day from one place rather than having to rely on a mistyped hashtag or having to ask guests to send you specific photos. Guests can also see instantly all of the photos that are streaming into the Capsule you’ve set up specifically for the event and can save any shots they would like!

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Source: "9 Great Apps For Event Planners And Wedding Planners." Forbes Magazine, n.d. Web. 6 Jun. 2015

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