Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Etiquette

As weddings become more individualized and less traditional, brides and grooms are often faced with a tough decision when it comes to how to handle having flower girls and ring bearers in the ceremonies. While many couples now opt for children free ceremonies and/or receptions, many others will still keep the tradition of a flower girl and ring bearer in the ceremony in order to place special attention on two special tiny tots in their families. With these miniature bridal party members comes special circumstances and in turn a special set of etiquette though. We’ve compiled some of the more pieces of etiquette to help you navigate through including these special members.

What’s an Appropriate Age Range for Flower Girls/Ring Bearers? According to etiquette expert Emily Post, flower girls and ring bearers are traditionally from three to seven years of age. Since these members of the bridal party are close members of family or children of close friends, or even children of the bride and groom themselves, the age range can be flexible. It is recommended, however, the child be old enough to fulfill the tasks they will be asked to perform in the ceremony. Additionally, as children reach the “tween” age range (10-14), it might be wise to consider other honorary places for them in the ceremony such as honorary bridesmaid, junior bridesmaid, usher, or guest book attendant.

Who Should Pay for The Attire? Just as bridesmaids and groomsmen would pay for their own wedding attire, the expectation for flower girls and ring bearers is for them to provide their own wedding day garb. Given the age of these wedding party members, the parents usually pick up the tab, and so, it is recommended by wedding etiquette guru at Brides.com to pick a few styles you like within a budget set by the parents and then let the parents select the outfit they feel the most comfortable with. Since children’s clothing is often much cheaper than adult clothing, many couples will offer to pay for the outfit of the flower girl and ring bearer as their gift to them for being in the wedding. Either way you go, it is important to establish how you’d like to proceed prior to asking the parent’s permission for the child to be in your wedding so there’s no confusion later on.

Multiple Flower Girls: When selecting a flower girl, choosing just one special little girl to give honorary duties to can be difficult, especially in a larger family, or if the bride herself has several daughters. Many wedding parties have opted to have multiple flower girls and it has worked quite well. Two flower girls can share the traditional duty of spreading flower petals before the bride’s entrance, or dependant upon the bride and groom’s flair for personal touch in ceremony and reception, can have non-traditional duties. Premium florists, such as Atlanta wedding florist, Peachtree Petals, can create alternate options to include two little girls such as having each of them walk down the aisle with gorgeous garland rather than flower petals, or creating gorgeous floral wreaths for their hair for a whimsical touch.

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