Tuesday, September 1, 2015

1980s Wedding Trends

Wedding industry expert and site director of leading wedding planning site The Knot.com, Anja Winnika, there’s been a blast from the past in wedding trends this year as more styles from the 1980s make a comeback.

You can rest easily knowing that powder blue suits, puffy sleeves, rainbow bridesmaids dresses, and bouquets accented with a ton of baby’s breath will probably not be seen at the next wedding you attend, but variations of these trends from a generation ago are starting to crop up in contemporary weddings."We are seeing touches of 80s style incorporated throughout today's weddings but with a modern twist," Winnika told ABC News "For instance, cascade bouquets are back in style but they look a little different than they did the first time around. Where the flowers used to be carnations, they are now more lush and secret garden-like, with peonies, ferns and apple blossoms."

Brides are incorporating the feeling of the 80s in their attire too. When one thinks of a wedding in the 1980s, one immediately conjures an image of Princess Diana’s opulent ballgown complete with oversized, puffy sleeves, mile long train, and jeweled tiara. This look inspired brides all over the world who wanted to replicate this princess style, and now we’re seeing a slight comeback in this look. Ironically, thanks to the recent wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, brides are once again coveting the style of a princess and opting for sleeves on their dresses. These sleeves aren’t as padded or puffy as their 1980s forebearers, but rather use that trend as a guide while maintaining a more tailored and contemporary feel of modern weddings.

Additional subtle nods to the 80s in wedding trends are seen in decor. Balloons are making a comeback in wedding ceremony and reception decor, but again maintain a more subdued feeling than they did over twenty years ago. While you might have seen balloon archways sweeping over sweetheart tables had you been a guest in 1985, balloons in 2015 are less about quantity and being the focus of the decor than they are about the quality and size, like a weather balloon, and used for accents to add whimsy and a uniqueness to the decor.

Overall, 2015 is a quite unique year for wedding trends. We’re seeing diversity amongst trends that we’ve not seen in previous years. There is literally something for every bride regardless of taste and budget with so many trends overlapping one another and one being just a more subtle version of another. Being Atlanta’s preferred wedding florist, we at Peachtree Petals pride ourselves on staying on top of wedding industry trends, particularly when it comes to wedding flowers, so we can stay competitive and help guide brides with a variety of visions and inspirations for their perfect day. We invite you to browse our extensive wedding portfolio to see what we have been able to create for couples in the past. You will find that from corsages to centerpieces, bouquets, hair accessories, and so much more, Peachtree Petals is the obvious choice for your wedding florist. Call us today at 800-337-1755 to set up a complimentary wedding consultation with our talented florists who can help establish your vision, necessary arrangements, and give you a price quote we know you won’t be able to top.

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