Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fun Flowers for Kids!

Kids are a joy to be around, and if you have your own, you know there are going to be plenty of special occasions and events to celebrate on their behalf. One of the best gifts to give them are fun flowers and assorted gifts to bring a beautiful smile to their hearts.

They want to know that you care and they appreciate your careful thoughtfulness, as you place in their hands the gifts that touch their lives. Flowers and gifts that express happiness means a lot for children that are in the hospital, recovering from surgery and getting better. If you are looking for the Best Flowers For Kids and assorted gifts to have fun with, here is list of them below that will surely brighten their day!

Sunflowers – There's no flower that kids jump for joy more than the sunflower. It looks so much like the sun that kids become so encouraged and comforted from nature's most happiest flower. Sunflowers come in a variety of sizes and colors such as red and orange, yet the most popular is the inner brown with bright yellow leaves. If you are planting them, they can grow from 3ft to 12ft tall.

Snapdragons – Snapdragons They are also great fun for kids when they plant them. Kids can pinch the blossoms which make the dragon’s mouth open. Snapdragons are also tall flowers and it comes in yellow, and various shades of pink, white, and crimson red.

Gerber Daisies - The gerber daisy is a lovely and cheery flower. It is from the daisy family, and an official flower of April. This is a very popular flower and everyone enjoys them, whether they stand alone within a floral arrangement, or are used to be complimentary to your main flower. Gerber daisies are so beautiful, bold and more deeply-colored than an other flower in the daisy family. Gerbers come in white, red, deep orange, yellow, purple, and more!

Daisies - The daisy is the birth flower of April and absolutely adored by all. It has stood the test of time and has becomes one of our most widely-used flowers. This flower means implicity, modesty, innocence, stability, sympathy, and what kids like the most, cheerfulness. You will mostly find white daisies, but they also come in red, yellow, and purple, as well as a variety of other shades.

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