Friday, June 17, 2016

The Rose-June's Birth Flower!

The most adored flower in the world is no other than the timeless rose. It is hailed as the most popular flower in the world. The rose has a level of versatility that causes it to be fitting for every type of event or occasion that you experience. From birthday and anniversary celebrations, to holiday and wedding events, you can always turn to the rose for the utmost floral decor!

If you are having an event, or you are simply desiring to send the Best June Flowers to the one you love, choosing the rose will be meaningful and appropriate this month. The rose is actually the birth flower of June, therefore, they can express your sincere thoughtfulness during this season. Historically, roses are said to be ancient symbols of love and beauty. The word rose itself is so important, that it means pink or red in a variety of languages (such as Romance languages, Greek, and Polish). Roses comes in a variety of colors and can match any color theme you are planning for your big occasion. These colors include deep red, yellow, pink, fushia, white, orange, blue, and burgundy. Each color for the rose also has a different symbolic meaning as well. Here are the meanings below:
  • Red - Love.
  • Pink - Grace.
  • Dark Pink - Gratitude.
  • Light Pink - Admiration, sympathy.
  • White - Innocence, purity, secrecy , reverence and humility.
  • Yellow - Dying love or platonic love.
  • Orange - Passion.
  • Burgundy - Beauty.
  • Blue - Mystery.
The rose is also the national flower of England, the provincial flower of Alberta (the wild rose), and the state flower of four US states. Those states consist of Iowa, North Dakota, and for two of the most popular states in the US--New York and Georgia. Portland, Oregon counts “City of Roses” among its nicknames, and even holds an annual Rose Festival.

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Breathless Luxury Rose Bouquet - If you desire to send her luxury, this is the arrangement for you. This bouquet truly lives up to its' name and will take breath away. The Breathless Luxury Rose Bouquet consists of 100 stems of our 24-inch premium long-stemmed red roses. Each stem is a quality rose, gorgeously nested with lush greens within a sophisticated clear glass 13-inch pillow vase. This bouquet is sure to astound her as soon as she lays her eyes upon its' beauty.

Captivating Color™ Rose Bouquet by Vera Wang - The arrangement defines the world's most romantic designer at her best. Vera Wang's Captivating Color Rose Bouquet is full of our finest roses in shades of red, fuchsia, pale pink, light and deep lavender among lush greens, all carefully situated within a sleek, crystal clear glass vase with a subtle, sculptural flare. You will absolutely love this rose-themed arrangement!

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