Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Give the Best Back to School Gifts!

With school just around the corner, it's the best time to surprise your children's teachers with a back-to-school gift. It is a great way to show them just how much they are appreciated and that you truly care. Start their year off right with a back-to-school gift that will bring great delight to their teacher's heart. Below are just a few of the best back-to-school gifts for teachers to enjoy!

School Supply Cake - For the most fun of all, a school supply cake is the back-to-school gift that will have their teacher and colleagues raving throughout the school. This gift is comprised of an array of school supplies that their teachers, as well as the students, will be using during the year. You can basically take the supplies and create a three-layer cake. From boxed crayons to glue sticks, use your imagination and make a wonderful school supply cake!

Pre-Thank You Gift Card - You never know what teachers are going to need, whether it is the first day of school or down the line during the year. As a way to thank them in advance, give them a pre-thank you gift card to express your gratitude. From a restaurant to a massage, the ideas for a gift card are endless. Every teacher will love this gift.

Pencil Treat - Another great idea is a pencil treat! Roll up within it some Rolo's, Mentos, or other treats that can be used in the shape of a pencil within a designer pencil wrapper. Their teacher will like receiving some nice sweets to start the new school year and will find it very thoughtful of you to have taken the time to create this fun back-to-school gift.

Ball Mason Jar - With a ball mason jar, you can give your teacher all kinds of small gifts, all compiled inside. For this back-to-school gift, you can add some home baked cookies, paper clips, post it notes, school supplies, candy, or even a git certificate. This really work great when it comes to a teacher of your kids from a previous year, or that you know very well. Full the jar with all the cute things you know they'll love. Then, tie a printable tag with some kind words to the jar with a ribbon around it and you're done.

A Bouquet of Flowers - On the first day of school, nothing compares to having a gorgeous bouquet of flowers sitting on their desk for a week or two. Your kid's teacher will be speechless as soon as they lay their eyes on them, giving them encouragement and strength even before the year begins. Allow it to be symbolic of what a wonderful year it's going to be!

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