Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Best Sympathy Flowers

We all have times where we experience a loss of a friend or loved one, and those times call for the gifts that will comfort them the most. One of the best things you can give them are a beautiful and warm bouquet of flowers to encourage their hearts. If you need a hand deciding on what flowers to create your bouquet with, here are some of the Best Sympathy Flowers that are sure to help bring peace and encourage their hearts.

Gladiolus - The is one of the most unique flowers that you will find and it has a way of lifting someone up with its' beauty. The Gladiolus flower is the birth flower for August and it is also known as the Sword Lily, due to its sword-shaped leaves. Coupled with its' uniqueness, it signifies remembrance, honor, strength of character and faithfulness. This will mean so much when you express what these wonderful flowers specifically mean in regards to their loved one that was lost.

White Orchid Planter - This planter is an elegant flower that quietly sends your sincerest condolences. It contains exotic blooms that symbolize of peace White orchids are rich and represent refinement. With a planter like this, it doesn't only have to be a cut flower that will whither quickly away, but your recipient will be able to take this home with them as a fond memory of them.

Zinnias - Zinnias are a popular garden plant because they are easy to grow, as well as being a great cut flower. Zinnia bouquets are done with mixed colors and are used in memorial of a lost friend or loved one. They are found in several different colors, including light green. It is perfect for being used in bouquets, or in small flower pots as a living memorial of who has passed away. The zinnia is said to be an appropriate flower to send to a home to show sympathy.

Stargazer Lily - There is something about the stargazer lily. This pink and white flower has a number of meanings, including purity and sympathy. The white stargazer lily is known to express sympathy, as well as spirituality. It is also suitable as standing flowers within funeral homes and church-related memorial services. It does have a subtle fragrance, therefore, let this be considered when choosing this flower as well.

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