Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Weddings Pricier Than Down Payments

September marks the official wrap of “wedding season.” As we move out of the warm weather season, wedding vendors find themselves with less bookings, thus making weddings held between the months of September and April significantly less expensive than those held during the peak wedding season. In fact, CNBC has recently reported the staggering cost of having a wedding are now pricier than a down payment on most homes. The average cost of a wedding in 2014 was $31,213, up from about $27,000 in 2010. The inflation in wedding costs rose 16% in just 10 years.

Not surprisingly, the location of the wedding has quite the bearing on the cost of the wedding. In areas with higher costs of living, the average wedding cost is typically higher as well. In the San Francisco Bay area, the average cost of a wedding now tops out at $39,690, and even higher in Chicago with a whopping average of $50,934. For perspective, CNBC compared these numbers against the average cost of a home in 2015, $190,000. For a home in this price point, one could put a 10% down payment for the same cost of a wedding. For those marrying in peak wedding season, the costs of the wedding can be even higher.

As many engaged couples sit down to plan their futures, it can be difficult to compromise their dream wedding and their dream home. In order to make each a reality, couples look for the best deal in wedding vendors. Peachtree Petals, Atlanta’s premier wedding florist, is a great option for Atlanta area brides who don’t want to compromise quality in favor of getting a good deal. The Buckhead wedding florists are experienced with working with couples with a variety of budgets and visions for their special day, and know exactly how to stay within an individual budget while giving the couple the highest quality flowers with unique arrangements.

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