Tuesday, May 15, 2018

7 Beautiful Types of Sunflowers to Brighten Your Home

Can your home use a splash of color? Or perhaps something to brighten up the color scheme? You could go with another piece of artwork but what's the fun in that?

Instead, try flowers! They're a great way to add color or make your day better. Flowers are the poster child of wellbeing. They'll brighten your day, make you feel better when you're sick and can promote positivity. But we aren't just talking about any type of flower.

We'll discuss different types of sunflowers. They're yellow, cheery, and bright. How can you not want a bunch in your home?
Let's take a look!

Dwarf Sunflowers

You didn't think we'd have you place extremely tall sunflowers in your home, did you? If you did, that's okay. It's a bit unrealistic to house a gigantic flower in your living room or kitchen. With that said, we'll talk about the different types of sunflowers that range in height from three feet and lower.
Here we go!

Sunny Smile

They have that name for a reason. As soon as you lay eyes on their bright yellow color, it'll bring a smile to anyone's face. Similar to the larger types of sunflowers, they range about 12 to 15 inches tall. They're a great addition to the garden or make for one beautiful bouquet.

If you know someone who needs to be cheered up, they'll love receiving these at their doorstep. They're easy to maintain as you can leave them in direct sunlight.

Sundance Kid

Being the first of its kind, this was the first sunflower to be domesticated. It features yellow petals but the center differs from the regular yellow sunflowers. Instead of having what's called the disk flowers in the center, it features smaller petals of a reddish brown color.

They reach to be about knee height, making them a stunner in a tall vase. Have them be solo or group them together with other types of sunflowers for a little diversity.


Before you get any ideas, this isn't named after the legendary actor, Al Pacino. It's actually the complete opposite. It's made up of delicate petals with disk flowers that look like a mandala made out of beads. They can grow up to be about two feet.

They match perfectly with other delicate flowers like Delilahs and roses. Or for maximum impact, group a bunch of Pacino sunflowers together in a tall vase.

Little Becka

Looking for a sunflower that's a little different than the others? It's still yellow but accompanied by a fiery red on the inner part of the petals. When you're really looking for something to brighten up your home, this choice is it. It gives you the same yellowy color everyone loves but with a twist.

Visitors will be amazed at how this sunflower resembles a sunset. It makes for a great centerpiece as it'll be the thing that breaks the ice between dinner guests.

Colored Sunflowers

Who knew sunflowers came in a variety of gorgeous colors? Rather than your average yellow, there are types of sunflowers that come in deep reds, even medium pink hue. Let's take a look at these colorful beauties.


Terracotta sunflowers look exactly like how they sound. They have pale orange petals with hints of yellow throughout. For the disk flowers, they're more of a brown color. They're perfect for fall bouquets and garlands.


This is another type of sunflower that sounds just like its name. It's made up of earthy tones like golds, reds, and browns.

Moulin Rouge

If you're looking for a unique sunflower, this is it. Its gorgeous color resembles the best red wine available. It ranges from a rose red to a deep burgundy. Put it in any bouquet and it'll be the standout flower amongst the rest.

How to Care for Sunflowers

Now that you've been introduced to a wide array of sunflowers, it's time to learn how to care for them. And don't worry, it's not as complicated as you think. Here's what's needed to keep them looking vibrant and cheery.

Grow Individually

If you're a first-time sunflower owner, it's best to grow them separately. Some varieties as we know already can grow to be pretty large. And it can get easily out of hand if you're inexperienced.

For a planter, choose one with a good amount of drainage holes. As for the potting mix, opt for one that drains well. Keeping sunflowers separate from one another allows for optimal growth. They won't have to fight for space, which could cause them to die quicker.


Sunflowers have that name for a reason--they love the sunlight! Keeping them in at least six hours of direct sunlight means they'll grow to their ideal height.

Unlike other flowers, if you don't get direct sunlight inside your home, you can stick them outside. Rather than dying like other flowers would, they flourish when living in harsh sunlight.


This part can get a little tricky for those who are forgetful. When the drainage tray is full, make sure to discard the dirty water. To keep your sunflowers thriving, it's important to keep the soil moist.
You don't want it to get soggy, however. Soggy soil can lead to the flower dying.


For ideal growth, you'll want to get a water-soluble fertilizer made for house-plants. With sunflowers, avoid using a lot. It could cause the plant to grow more foliage.


If you're growing a large type of sunflower, you might want to invest in getting stakes. Sunflowers become top-heavy when they're tall. Stakes will make sure to keep them upright.

Wrapping Up on Types of Sunflowers

Sunflowers are like a ray of sunshine. They're cheery and everyone can't help but smile when they see one. Looking for the perfect bouquet? Check out our best sellers today!

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