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The Color of Roses: Which Colors Represent Love and Other Symbolisms

Today, we think of roses as fragrant and romantic flowers. Lovers buy them on Valentine's Day to show their desire and affection. But roses have a long history of hidden meanings, many of which have nothing to do with romantic love.

Indeed, the Latin phrase sub rosa means "under the rose." It refers to a time when people decorated ceilings with roses. Anyone in such a room knew everything said there must remain a secret.

Roses have many secret meanings, depending on the flower's color. If you are thinking of giving roses to someone, you might want to consider it and its message. For example, is red the color to send to your mother-in-law?

We've got the complete guide below for the color of roses. You'll find everything you need to know about roses and their hidden meanings. Read on!

The Secret Color of Roses

Receiving roses as a gift is always a special treat. And although roses have had symbolic meanings for centuries, it was the Victorians who elevated this messaging system to an art form.
A bouquet of roses of any color during Victorian times was fragrant with meaning. Yellow roses conveyed something entirely different than lavender or green, for that matter.
Let's explore some of these meanings below. We'll start with the more popular rose colors:
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Pink
Then we'll move on to some of the less well-known, but equally beautiful, roses and their symbolic meanings.

1. Red Roses

Red roses are always a staple gift choice. They are the classic symbol of love, romance, and devotion. That is why gift-givers often buy them for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or a significant other's birthday.

Brides may also place them in their wedding bouquets for much the same reason. And you may have noticed people throwing on stage after a successful performance. For example, what famous ballerina hasn't walked away with an armful of reds?

Consider giving red roses not only to your beloved, then, but to anyone who had achieved a significant accomplishment. It can include performers or personal friends you admire.

You can also use them to thank someone who has performed something meaningful for you. The bright red color will show your heartfelt gratitude.

2. White Roses

White roses have varied meanings. On the one hand, they symbolize purity, innocence, and spirituality. On the other hand, they represent deep, enduring, and ever-lasting love.

For these reasons, people use them at both weddings and funerals. A wedding bouquet of white roses represents the never-ending love of the bride and groom.

White funeral flowers, though, can suggest a new beginning. They also portray the spiritual side of the event while still showing the enduring love one has for the departed.

You can give them as "thinking of you" roses when you need to demonstrate reverence and sympathy. They are also appropriate for baptisms and other religious ceremonies.

Alternatively, you may wish to give white instead of red roses to your significant other. While the color of red roses fades, white lasts forever.

3. Yellow Roses

During the Victorian era, the yellow rose represented infidelity and jealousy. Their meaning has changed a lot. Today their bright color suggests joy and friendship.

Because of these newer meanings, yellow roses are not suitable as a romantic gift. But any friend or relative would appreciate them, especially if they are sick or feeling down. A yellow get-well bouquet would brighten up any dreary hospital room.

You can also give yellow roses as a congratulatory gift, to celebrate the birth of a new baby, or thank a friend for help or support.

Yellow roses are also an excellent choice as roses for your mother or mother-in-law. They show affection without any romantic overtones.

4. Pink Roses

They can be used to celebrate a milestone or provide congratulations, especially if the achiever is a young girl.

Dark pink roses can also indicate your appreciation. Your mother or aunt will love their bright color as well as your heartfelt sentiment.

Light pink roses are also appropriate for any maternal figure. They are an optimistic color and would brighten their mood.

Because they are seen as elegant, they carry connotations of grace and gentleness. Consider sending light pink roses when a romance is just beginning. The color red may be strong, but pink shows the burgeoning affection nonetheless.

Light pink can also be used as a platonic gift. They traditionally suggest admiration, and you can send them to your mom or any person you respect. Their bright color is also cheerful in and of itself without being overpowering.

Some Other Rose Colors

There are other colors you can choose to send hidden meanings. Orange roses, for example, are indicative of very strong romantic desire. Consider sending a bouquet of this color instead of the traditional red.

Shades of purple convey everything from majesty to love at first sight. If you are enchanted with someone right away and want to send a strong message, consider sending lavender roses.
Peach roses are also a relatively popular color. Because they express sympathy, they are an ideal flower to send someone in mourning.

Other rose colors, such as blue or black, are not found in nature, but they have interesting connotations nonetheless. Blue roses suggest the unattainable and mysterious. You might want to send them as a secret admirer.

Of course, black roses are indicative of death and rebirth. They may fit for a funeral arrangement.

Wrapping Up: Color of Roses

There you have it! Everything you need to know about the color of roses and their hidden messages. Now you can send a bouquet of any color and feel confident you are not sending a romantic message to a platonic friend or vice versa.

We can help you put together a meaningful bouquet for any occasion and would love to help you. Please feel free to contact us today!

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