Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Finding The Perfect Flower Girl Flowers

One of the wedding trends that is changing and expanding more than ever are flowers for flower girls. Traditionally a flower girl would carry a simple basket and toss petals ahead of the bride as she’s walking down the aisle. Within the last decade pomanders for flower girls have also grown in popularity. More recently however, we’re starting to see more unique trends for these small members of the bridal party take shape. We at Peachtree Petals, Atlanta’s premier wedding florist, have compiled some of our favorite ideas for flower girls to share with you.

Mini Bouquet: A mini bouquet mimics the shape, design, and color palette of the bridesmaids’ bouquet. Typically a mini bouquet for the flower girl will have more petite, dainty flowers than the bridesmaids. This option is perfect for a flower girl who wants to be more included or might be very close to the bride--it will make her feel like one of the girls.

Single Stems: Having your little ladies walk down the aisle carrying a single stem that matches the bridesmaid’s bouquet will compliment the rest of the bridal party as well as their petite stature. We like single blooms like alliums which give a whimsical feel the the wedding march. Other flowers that work well in this style are Delphinium, Calla lily, Tiger lily, and Hibiscus. You can even combine the mini bouquet and single stem trend for a truly memorable wedding march. Flower girls could have a bouquet of single stems to pass out to those in attendance rather than throw petals, thus creating a truly unique experience.

Floral Hair Accessories: We love wedding flowers in all shapes and sizes. While we may be a bit biased, we believe no wedding is complete without flowers. For brides who might want to move away from the traditional flower girl basket, floral hair accessories are a great option. These accessories are perfect for an outdoor wedding. Additionally, we have a nice selection of hair pieces. The florists at Peachtree Petals are also available to create one of a kind hair accessories for your little ladies. These handcrafted pieces will be unique to your day and tailor made to fit within your theme, venue, and color selection.

Balloon Bouquet: While we adore our flowers, we think the idea of a balloon bouquet is very original! The giant balloons in neutral tones are perfectly complimented by the flower petals creating the aisle way for the bride. Though extremely unique, Atlanta’s number one wedding florist can even assist you in selecting balloons for your day.

Perfect Theme: We’re seeing more and more flower girls carrying trinkets which match the wedding theme. As we see the vintage glam theme reach its peak popularity in 2014, this is a perfect way to incorporate that theme into your wedding. Vintage teapots or small birdcages filled with flowers are a perfect addition. Seashells are also great for coastal weddings.

Flower with a Purpose: We love the romanticism of sending a love note to the groom just before the bride emerges. Signs for ring bearers and flower girls to carry have seen a lot of popularity recently, but we like the idea of a private note carried from the flower girl to the groom. This can also work in reverse with the flower girl receiving a single stem from the groom with a special note for the bride to read just before she steps onto the aisle.

With the many new wedding trends emerging this year we’re excited to see how these trends will affect the rest of the wedding party, especially darling flower girls. Whatever your vision is for your wedding, Peachtree Petals, Atlanta’s preeminent wedding florist, is here to assist you with your big day. Voted TheKnot and’s number one wedding floral vendor in the Atlanta area, the staff at Peachtree Petals are not only experienced with wedding decor, but look forward to working with couples to plan their special day. Working with all styles, budgets, and

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