Monday, June 9, 2014

Wedding Splurges You Can Live Without

According to a poll conducted by online wedding planning site The Knot, the average cost of a wedding in the United States in 2013 was $29,858. With such a sizeable price tag, brides are constantly looking for ways to save themselves some money as they plan their special day. Staff writer Davia Montaya for Bridal Guide has outlined what brides say are splurges they've opted to live without in order to save room in their budget. We've compiled some of our favorite pieces of advice for you.

The Champagne Toast: I love the tradition of a champagne toast and besides the opportunity to see gorgeous floral designs, sipping on champs is something I look forward to when RSVPing for a wedding. While this is one of my favorites, Bridal Guide lists is as the number one wasteful wedding splurge, and rightfully so. Most guests prefer to make a toast with a beverage of their choice, and I've seen plenty of glasses of champagne go to waste as guests opt for their beverage over the fizzy fluted drink. A simple way to cut costs in your wedding is to skip the champagne toast and ensure all guests have a drink they'll enjoy in their hand.

The Cake: I advocate for desserts at all events and a wedding is certainly no exception to this; however, I will say some of the best receptions I've attended have served other dessert options in lieu of a giant fancy cake. Many brides are bucking the tradition of the quintessential tiered sugary concoction adorned with everything from rosebuds to edible jewels in favor of single-serving desserts. These new desserts are more cost efficient for brides as the serving size can easily be managed to tailor the number of RSVPs, and can include options for guests who may not like traditional wedding cake. Couples are even scratching the cake as a way to make this portion of the day personalized for them. Couples can opt for desserts that represent their favorites like milk and cookies, fruit pizza, or ice cream from the shop where they had their first date. Cutting the cake doesn't mean having to skimp on dessert, it just means saving money and creating a unique experience for your guests.

Table Service: A beautiful place setting can create a luxurious experience for guests but obsessing over the cut of a crystal goblet or the gold leafing on a charger simply is not worth the headache and ultimately the cost. Bridal Guide suggests thinking of other ways to beautify the place setting for your guests and we couldn't think of a better way to do this than through the use of flowers.

Guest Favors: I have incurred wedding guest guilt at many weddings as I recklessly tear through a perfectly packaged favor of personalized M&Ms only to then think about the time, effort, and money it took the couple to personally assemble these favors. I will even be wracked with empathy wedding guest guilt as I see guest after guest leaving behind their ribbon tied bubble bottles. Honestly, do people even get how long it takes to tie those tiny ribbons?! In an effort to save money on your guest favors and ensure they get used, Bridal Guide suggests thinking local and offering edible favors guests can take home, enjoy, and then go out and buy in their neighborhood. Peachtree Petals can definitely help with this, too!

While many splurges might not be worth it once your special day is all said and done, one splurge we're sure you won't regret are gorgeous flowers. The FTD Certified Master Florists at Atlanta's Peachtree Petals are eager to meet with area brides to discuss their vision for their day while working with a budget of any size. Named Atlanta's top wedding florist by TheKnot and, The Atlanta florist is experienced in the world of wedding flowers and can assist you in everything from bouquets to decor to favors and more. Visit their website today at to view their comprehensive wedding portfolio and schedule your free consultation with a Peachtree Petals master florist.

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