Tuesday, February 13, 2018

7 Tips for Giving Floral Baskets as Gifts

Whatever the occasion, floral baskets are always the answer. Who doesn't love flowers? And even if they say they don't, chances are that they secretly do!

Whether it's an anniversary, something for your girlfriend, or some business appreciation, floral baskets make excellent gifts. In fact, with Americans spending over $26 billion a year on flowers, they're the most popular gift in the country!

If you're considering a basket for a loved one, there are several things you need to know. Keep reading for tips on giving floral baskets as gifts.

What Are Floral Baskets?

Imagine the basket Little Red Riding Hood had swinging from her arm as she skipped through the woods to visit Grandma. Now, fill it with flowers - you've got a floral basket!

Floral baskets are more popular and coveted than typical floral bouquets, because they're so much, well, fancier.

1. Give a Gift That Lasts

With cumbersome bouquets, you have to be super careful when unwrapping them. Then, you need to trim the stems and arrange them in water, whether you know how to or not.

Know what you're doing and you'll get a pretty arrangement that'll last for days on end. If you're not blessed with green fingers, though, you might just mess up your bouquet and wish you hadn't fiddled with it in the first place.

With a floral basket, your arrangement's made to last. A week later it will still look as perfect as the day it arrived.

2. Cut Flowers Are a Safe Choice

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right kind of floral basket for the occasion.
Do you know whether the recipient is great with things that grow, or do they tend to make things wither and die? Either is fine when it comes to a floral basket - you just need to pick the right flowers.

Choose cut flowers for a plant-nurturing novice, for low maintenance. There are plenty of ways to make cut flowers last even longer, so be sure to print this handy guide as part of your gift.
If your basket is part of a corporate gift, though, it's recommended to use cut flowers. If the office isn't great at looking after plants, you wouldn't want your well-meaning token to become a nuisance.

3. If They're Green-Fingered, Get a Living Basket

Maybe the recipient grows their own flowers, though. Perhaps they even talk to their flowers, because flowers need attention too!

In that case, they might prefer a living basket instead. Choose high-quality flowers from a trusted source, for long-lasting flowers they'll love.

Living baskets are also a wonderful and thoughtful choice for funeral homes, and for the friends and family of the deceased. What better way to remember a loved one than a living, blossoming tribute that will last.

4. Think About What She Likes

When you're choosing the right flowers for your floral basket, have a think about who you're giving them to.

Does your girlfriend have a favorite flower or color? There's no better way of showing you're a great listener than giving her something she already told you she loves!

Roses are always a great choice for wives and girlfriends. A top anniversary tip would be to choose at least 1 flower from her wedding bouquet. If you're unsure, send your florist a picture from your wedding. You're sure to earn brownie points - just make sure you point them out if she doesn't notice!

5. Remember the Occasion

Of course, flowers are traditional on some occasions, so you'll need to think about expectations and sensibilities.


If your flowers are to take to a funeral, whites, pale pinks and yellows are often a safe color choice.
However, again, if you know that the deceased liked a particular color or flower, then it might be nice to use those, and show the family how much you care.

Get Well Flowers

Did you know that flowers can promote good mental health?

Bright, vibrant colors work well when the message is, 'get well soon'. Oranges, yellows, fuchsias, and purples work well to invigorate and uplift, for a refreshing floral gift.

For longer-term illnesses, though, paler flowers are a thoughtful choice, as they promote a more relaxed atmosphere.

Business Gifts

For unique and special corporate and business gifts, floral baskets are a great way to go. Whether it's a thank-you for them nudging some business your way, a landmark year or just to show your appreciation, they'll love the flowers you send.

Don't stress about the right colors for this one. A nice touch would be to match their logo or business colors. If that won't work, choose something you love and run with it - someone in the office is bound to love it, too!

6. They've Got Allergies? No Problem!

If your significant other is prone to allergies, there's no reason why you can't still send a floral basket. In this instance, a basket arranged with succulents is a better choice.

You'll still get a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from, but with far less sneeze-inducing potential.

7. Choose Your Price Point Wisely

The last thing to think about is how much you should spend.

Often, the amount you spend will show in the flowers you choose, so you want to send out the right message.

If you know your wife loves flowers but hates the expense, then an inexpensive floral basket is definitely the right choice. That way, you show what a good listener you are, twice over! With funeral flowers, it's best to spend the most you can afford. It'll show your regard for the deceased and their family, and can lift their spirits on a sad day.

Anniversary flowers vary - if your floral basket is part of a bigger gift, then spending less is fine. If your basket is delivered with her anniversary gift, though, then splash out - it's going to live long in the memory. And if you're giving her flowers to say 'I'm sorry', then push the boat out, dude. Seriously - she deserves it.

The Takeaway

Floral baskets make a wonderful gift, no matter the occasion. Whether it's a 'sorry', a 'thank you', or something to say 'I love you', a floral basket will always be appreciated.

Choose your flowers wisely, with the person in mind. Know your audience and pick either cut flowers or a living basket that'll last.

Don't worry, we've got you covered. Read up on our tips and keep them in mind when choosing your next floral basket, and you won't go wrong.