Monday, December 3, 2018

What Makes the Best Feel Better Flowers?

Flowers almost always make the perfect gift. No matter what feeling you want to convey, there's a flower that best represents the occasion.

What's also wonderful is that no matter your budget, you can always find an arrangement.
There are times when flowers are the perfect way to let someone know you're thinking of them when they aren't feeling well. But that only works if you know which flowers for getting well to buy.

You wouldn't want to buy red roses for your boss while he's recuperating from gallbladder surgery. Instead, keep reading to learn which feel better flowers will deliver your message perfectly.

Daisies Are the Perfect Feel Better Flowers

Daisies have a great get well flowers meaning. They represent new beginnings, purity, and harmony. They can also represent true love.

And while many people associate the traditional white flowers with the yellow center with daisies, they do come in other colors. Choose white or yellow daisies when you want to wish someone a speedy recovery and you're not in a romantic relationship with them.

For those wishing to convey romantic love and get well sentiments, the pink and red versions of daisies are the perfect way to send a dual message to your loved one.

Daisies also have healing properties when consumed. It's long been used to help ease inflammation and works great when applied to wounds and sores. You can even use daisies as a gargle if you have a sore throat. However, most people will just love looking at these bright, cheerful flowers.

Pansies Are the Best Get Well Soon Flowers

Pansies make the best get well flowers because they have a long history of being associated with healing. When consumed, pansies have healing benefits and have long been used in herbal remedies.
If you're looking for get well soon flowers color, you'll find that pansies come in a variety of different colors. Choose yellow pansies to convey happiness.

Blue pansies are perfect to help keep someone calm while they're healing. And orange is just a warm and welcoming shade.

And pansies don't just come in one solid shade. You can also choose pansies that are tri-colored or bi-colored.

Pansies are the perfect gift for anyone who is stuck inside while healing and is beginning to feel a bit restless due to cabin fever.

Pansies, too have great healing benefits when consumed. You can even toss the flowers into a salad to create a stunning looking salad that has added health benefits.

Pansies are known to help heal coughs and colds. You can use them to ease a sore throat and it's even a known anti-allergen.


In terms of get well soon flowers color, peonies come in every shade except blue. Which means you can certainly find a shade that conveys the perfect message to someone while they're healing.

These are great flowers for getting well as it has a very long life when growing. It can return each spring and bloom its beautiful flowers for 100 years or longer.

Peonies are widely associated with beauty and can quickly transform a bleak hospital room into a stunning showcase for these gorgeous flowers.

And peonies have long been associated with healing. In fact, the name peony is derived from the Greek god, Paeen, the god of healing.

Peonies have long been used to heal inflammation, fevers, and even rheumatoid arthritis. Thankfully, the recipient doesn't have to eat the flowers, they can just enjoy them.


Hydrangeas are great feel better flowers. They too come in a different variety of colors. They're big and bright and cheerful. Hydrangeas are great to give to family members when they aren't feeling well because they help strengthen family ties.

But if you want to give one to a friend, that's just as perfect since hydrangeas also strengthen relationships between friends.

If a woman is recovering after a difficult childbirth, you may want to present her with pink hydrangeas as they represent female vitality.

And like the rest of these flowers for getting well, hydrangeas also offer many healing benefits when consumed. They can help ease inflammation and has often been used in various cultures, including Native American cultures for kidney and gallbladder stones as well as bladder problems.

Best Plants that Convey a Get Well Flowers Meaning

Sometimes, rather than giving a beautiful bouquet of flowers to someone, you would prefer to give a living plant. Plants also make great gifts because they'll last longer.

Plants are great if the person will be in the hospital for a long stay or has already gone home to recuperate. There are several plants like Chrysanthemums which not only look beautiful and have flowers but also have added health benefits.

Chrysanthemums actually clean the air of toxins like formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, and ammonia.
A lavender plant is not only stunning but can help someone get some much-needed rest while they recuperate. An aloe vera plant can be used on burns or to make a healing and refreshing drink.

It's Always a Good Time to Buy Flowers

While feel better flowers are perfect when someone is healing and needs a little cheering up, that doesn't mean you need to wait for a specific occasion to buy flowers.

Flowers "just because" are almost even better. They convey that you were thinking of someone not because it's their birthday or they're injured, but just because you care.

When you go to buy flowers, make sure you go to the best floral shop you can find. Make sure the staff is knowledgeable about what meaning is behind the flowers you're purchasing and they can help you find the best arrangement for your budget.

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