Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Enjoy The Peachtree Petals Gift Shop!

When it's time for those special moments and occasions in your life, you want your surprise to your recipient to be truly unforgettable! Sometimes to make your event more special, just one gift to your loved one will only scratch the surface to express just how you feel. Peachtree Petals understands that you only live once, yet you want to create the experiences that last forever. This is why we have an amazing gift shop in Atlanta that is sure to please. We have in mind all of the assorted gifts for you to thoroughly enjoy!

Assorted Chocolates - There's nothing like giving the delectable sweets to that recipient that adores chocolate. Peachtree Petals has a number of chocolate selections to choose from. Godiva® chocolates is one of the most popular chocolates in the world, and we have these wonderful dainties at your disposal. The 8-piece and 19-piece box Godiva® Gold Ballotin contains Godiva's® Signature assortment of classic Belgian chocolates. With either classy box count you choose, your recipient will be left speechless once they tasted the quality of a Godiva®.

Assorted Truffles - Truffles are a one-of-a-kind chocolate treat with an elegance all of its' own. We offer Sweet Shop USA Handmade Chocolates, which has an array of truffles flavors that will communicate a deep affection for that special someone. For that person that enjoys pecans, our pecan truffle will be delightful. The tiramisu truffle is infused with tiramisu flavoring and dipped twice in dark chocolate. Our raspberry truffle is made up of a raspberry puree' and white chocolate center, immersed in white chocolate, and then, in milk chocolate. From Irish cream to peanut butter, Peachtree Petals has the amazing truffles just for you.

Plush Animals - Along with your floral arrangement or gift basket, Peachtree Petals has plush animals for your recipient to squeeze and hug. Whether your son is celebrating his birthday or you are surprising a child in the hospital getting well, a quality, plush animal will always make their day! We have our Toby or Mel bear that is 11' inches in height and they come in brown or cream fur. We also have the cuddly lamb and giraffe plush animals, both are as cute and soft as they can be! With these plush animals and more, your recipient will feel so loved by your kind gesture, bringing joy to their hearts.

Gift Baskets - Our gift baskets are amazing, as they range from gourmet food gift baskets, get-well gift baskets, candy gift baskets, spa gift baskets, and much more! You will absolutely love our baby gift baskets, which are full of all kinds of adorable baby items for that dear friend or relative celebrating their newborn. We also have our luxury gift baskets, which are comprised of gourmet items such as cheese straws, sparkling cider, dolcetto rolls, beef summer sausage, smoked salmon pate, and other delightful foods.

All of these assorted gifts and more can be all yours to send along with one of our superior floral bouquets. This Midtown Atlanta Florist has the professional design expertise to create the Best Atlanta Flowers that you deserve. We also have our popular same-day delivery that our customers have come to thoroughly enjoy! If you are in need of a Buckhead Atlanta Flower Delivery or a Norcross Flower Delivery, Peachtree Petals can get your flowers there the same day. For the best in floral arrangements and assorted gifts, call or visit our Peachtree Petals Gift Shop today!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Regrowing Your Already Cut-Flowers

We all have picked up or ordered cut flowers for our loved one, for a special occasion or event. Cut flowers can take your breath away with their beauty, and it would nice if they could only last. Although those flowers with eventually wither, did you know that you can regrow you already cut flowers? You can use cut flowers and reproduce them, making for a great way to get those same flowers that you adore. Here are some easy steps from Garden Guide to regrow your cut flowers.

Step #1 - Prepare a pot for your cut flowers by filling it with a seed starting medium. Spray the seed medium with water to dampen it well throughout, feeling with your finger if needed to check for moisture.

Step #2 - Push your pencil straight down through the soil 2 to 3 inches in four evenly spaced places to leave a pocket for each of your cut flowers. Cut the top off a 2-liter bottle to make it have a wide opening to form a mini-greenhouse when turned upside down over the pot.

Step #3 - Remove the flower portion from your stem by cutting it off just above a set of leaves. Depending on the type of flower you have, your cutting may be longer or shorter, but the stem only needs to have three sets of leaves and measure 2 to 6 inches long.Step

#4 - Count down from the top leaves to the third leaf set, and cut the stem base just below the third set on a diagonal. Remove the bottom two sets of leaves by pinching them off at their base with your fingernail, leaving only the top leaf set intact. Step #5 - Dip the bottom end of your cut flower into a bowl of water 1 inch deep and then immediately into the rooting powder. Slip the end of the flower into one of the preformed holes in the soil to bring the middle leaf area (where the leaf has been removed) to the soil level.

Step #6 - Gently work the soil around the cutting to hold it in place without putting pressure on the stem. Repeat with each of your cut flowers.

Step #7 - Set the bottle greenhouse over the soil and lightly press the edges of the plastic into the soil 1/2 inch to secure it. Place the pot in a sunny window where it can receive indirect light without sitting in full sun.

Step #8 - Water the pot as needed to keep the soil consistently damp. As long as the stems aren't wilting, you are safe to assume roots are growing. When new growth appears on the stem, you can remove the soda bottle and begin to gradually introduce the plant to direct sunlight over the next few days.

Regrowing your own cut-flowers may not be what you enjoy doing as a hobby. To get the best cut-flower arrangements, assorted gifts and more, Peachtree Petals is the premium Midtown Atlanta Florist for you! We are an honored FTD Master Florist in the Atlanta and Metro-Atlanta area, able to deliver our flowers nationwide. With over 50 years of combined experience, our designers utilize their creative and innovative skills that result in the superior floral bouquets that you deserve. No one compares to Peachtree Petals!

With cut-flowers, we understand that customers like the option of not only buying standard designs, but also creating their own. We have our custom-designed bouquets available for you to select from. From $40 and above, you can have us create a unique floral arrangements with your choice of flowers and ideas. Whether you place your custom-design request online or speak directly with one of our professional designers, we will design a stunning arrangement according to the dollar value you desire to spend.

We can also get you the Best Atlanta Flowers right to your door step in no time! Our signature same-day delivery of flowers is beyond compare. Place your floral order by 3pm daily, and your amazing flowers will arrive the same day. You can surprise that special someone with a Atlanta Flower Delivery or Roswell Flower Delivery with a fresh, quality flowers that they will absolutely love. Call us or order online with Peachtree Petals today!

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