Thursday, January 14, 2021

I'm Sorry: The Top Tips for Sending Apology Flowers

According to a survey done by the Society of American Florists, 80 percent of Americans claim to be happy upon receiving flowers. 88 percent claim they feel more at peace after giving away flowers.

Many people from around the world use flowers to express their emotions and convey specific messages. There are flowers you can use to tell someone that you love them while there are others that only tell of friendship.

But what about apology flowers? Have you said something hurtful to a loved one or friend and you feel sorry about it? If you are having trouble asking for forgiveness, you can send them a fresh bouquet to express your emotions.

At this time, sorry flowers can be your life savior and help you make up for your mistake. By giving flowers, you are telling the recipient that you regret the situation or event, and you would like them to forgive you.

Picking the Right Flower

There are plenty of different types of flowers, all with different color and different meanings. You should carefully select a flower that wants to convey the message you want to send.

But which flowers are the best to say how sorry you feel? Some common flowers you can use include:

1. Hyacinths

These are bell-shaped flowers that grow in clusters and have a lovely fragrance. They bloom in the spring and summer. You can find them in different colors, all of which carry different meanings.

A purple hyacinth stands for forgiveness, while a blue hyacinth shows sincerity. You can use hyacinths when you feel regretful of your actions and want to apologize to someone while accurately expressing your emotions.

You can also use it to convey to the sender that you are willing to accept their apology.

2. Daffodils

You can tell a daffodil through its trumpet-shaped center that is covered by petals, forming a star shape. The flowers bloom during the end of winter towards the start of a new season. They are a symbol of friendship, new beginnings, and forgiveness.

You should give daffodils in bouquets since a single daffodil represents misfortune. By gifting a bouquet of daffodils, you are telling the recipient that you are sorry and you want their forgiveness. The flowers show your desire to have a new beginning and forget the past.

3. White Tulips

White tulips signify forgiveness, serenity, and purity. In a cultural aspect, they may also symbolize having a new beginning, rebirth, or hope for the future.

They bloom in the spring, and you can quickly tell of them as they have a tall green stem with cup-shaped pointed petals. Giving someone white tulips means that you want them to forgive you, forget the past, and start anew.

It means that you want to clean the slate of your past relationship and start over again with sincerity.

4. Roses

Red roses signify love and romance. On the other hand, white roses stand for truth and purity. When you combine the two flowers in a bouquet, it becomes suitable for use if you want to apologize for breaking trust and confidence to the recipient.

By using the red and white rose together, you can effectively ask for forgiveness.

5. Asphodels

These flowers belong to the same family as lilies. They are often associated with a variety of different meanings, the most common being regret and forgiveness.

You can find the flowers in the Mediterranean region and Asia. They come in two colors: yellow and white.

Giving a bouquet of asphodels is an effective way to tell the recipient that you are sorry and regretful about your actions or words.

Flower Colors and Their Meaning

Different flower colors also have a hidden meaning. Here are some of the colors you can use to convey that you are sorry and ask for forgiveness.

White and Light Pastels that Illustrate Sympathy

Flowers with white and light pastels convey unity, virtue, sympathy, and pure love. They are best for use when you want to reconcile or find a new understanding with the recipient.

You can find such colors in weddings as they illustrate the purity and unity that two people in love have. The best flowers to offer in this category are roses and lilies.

Yellow Hues that convey Friendship and Joy

Flowers with yellow hues are the best to give if you want to show a heartfelt apology to a friend after a fall-out. It is also a way to express appreciation to your friendship with the recipient.

You can use the same flowers if you want to evoke a feeling of joy and put a smile on the face of your friend. Some flowers that you can use include pink roses, orchids, and gerberas.

Red Represent Love and Passion

Red flowers are notably a gesture of true love to your loved one. By mixing red and white roses, the meaning changes to unity. It illustrates that for any relationship, forgiveness and unity is vital.

You can use red roses if you want your partner to accept your apologies.

Creating a Memorable Gesture using Apology Flowers

Flowers are a universal means of communication meant to express your feelings when your words fail you. They perfectly embody human emotions and can openly express even the hardest emotion.

By using Apology flowers, you can tell your friends and loved one how sorry you are and get them to forgive you. However, if you are still not sure about the flowers above, you can send them a bouquet of their favorite flowers or flowers in the color they love.

Appeasing them first by showing that you are aware of their preferences is a great start towards being forgiven.

Getting Started 

You should note that there is more to an apology than just delivering flowers. First, you should be self-aware of the mistake you did to upset your friend or loved one. Then, you should write a sincere apology note that you will send together with the flowers.

There is no need of going over the details again.  Instead, write your feelings of regret and inform them what they mean to you. While sending apology flowers may be a nice gesture, if your loved one was deeply hurt, you may require to do more.

Supplement the flowers with an in-person apology either in the phone or by arranging a meet up to clear the air. Contact us today to get a bouquet that you can use to ask for forgiveness from your loved ones.