Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Knot Announces 2013 Wedding Survey Results

With wedding season in full swing, our friends at have given a survey to couples who wed in 2013 polling them on the average cost of their weddings. The Knot then broke down these responses by region.

The Knot found the overall average price for a wedding in the United States for 2013 was a sizable $29,858! The region with the most expensive weddings is Manhattan in New York. While we're not shocked this was the most expensive area, we are completely astounded by the average price tag of a wedding in the Big Apple: $89,916! Ranking at the lowest end of the spectrum, Idaho has the most cost efficient weddings with an average of $16,519.

If you've spent any time watching bridal shows on TV, you might anticipate the bridal gown as being one of the most expensive aspects of a wedding. As we've seen on TLC's Say Yes to the Dress, some gowns can cost as much as $25,000 if the bride is lucky enough to have such a generous budget. Surprisingly though, the survey conducted by The Knot tells us otherwise. The average cost of a wedding dress in 2013 was $1,281. Folks in places like Alaska and Oklahoma were lucky enough to score dresses in the triple digits!

With Manhattan racking up such large sums for their weddings, we would expect to see them rank #1 when it comes to number of guests, too. Ironically, the survey concludes the most expensive weddings are not necessarily always the ones with the largest price. The average number of guests at a wedding in Manhattan was 138, while the average number in Nebraska was 222.

So where does our beloved state fit in? In the Atlanta metro area and northern Georgia, the average cost of a wedding is $26,817. Brides spend about $1,352 on their gown, and have 131 guests in attendance. Georgia brides in the Savannah/coastal area spend $24,836 on average for their big day. Brides spent $1,202 for their dress, and preferred a more intimate affair with 98 guests in attendance.

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Weather Channel Broadcasts From Peachtree Petals on Mother’s Day

Besides Christmas, there's no better time to be a florist than on Mother's Day. From single moms to grandmothers, this is the one day of the year that florists have the opportunity to be a part of, bringing a smile to their faces and joy to their hearts. As a recognized leading Atlanta florist, Peachtree Petals has become popular and highly-desired by so many customers in the Atlanta and metro-Atlanta areas. Yet, this past Mother's Day, customers weren't the only ones that took notice of our floral success. The Weather Channel broadcasted Peachtree Petals live nationwide for Mother's Day.

Peachtree Petals was visited by the Weather Channel Friday morning to perform a live broadcast of the florist, as it prepared for one of the highest floral holiday sales of the year—Mother's Day. The Weather Channel interviewed Peachtree Petals to discuss how the severe winter from last year affected the cut flower industry and did it impact its' respective flower supply. Mother's Day accounts for one-fourth of all floral purchases made during the holidays, making it second, only to Christmas, as the holiday with the most floral sales. Also, fresh cut flowers account for 72% of the types of Mother’s Day flowers that consumers buy for their loved ones.

With this in mind, The Weather Channel sought to see how Peachtree Petals "weathered the storm" and has continued to compete. With many suppliers, Peachtree Petals has been able to not experience a flower shortage, yet also experience business growth at the same time. Monthly orders have doubled since last year, and this year’s Mother's Day for Peachtree Petals increased in comparison to 2012. Peachtree Petals was open Saturday, the day prior to the holiday, and open on Mother’s Day as well.

The Weather Channel's meteorologist Maria LaRosa represented the well-known weather forecaster and conducted frequent live feeds, which aired throughout last Friday morning. Peachtree Petals was honored with the Weather Channel's visit and presented to the LaRosa with a complimentary, premium floral arrangement. Highlights of the live broadcast, pictures and more, visit the Peachtree Petals' on its' comprehensive Facebook page. Peachtree Petals is thankful for the nationwide exposure, as it continues to gain recognition nationwide.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's Time For The Best Snack Gift Baskets!

We all like to give the gifts that bring joy and laughter to our loved one’s faces. We also like to give the gifts that can fill the tummy as well. Nothing says fun and food like a great snack gift basket! These are the types of gift baskets that are comprised of delicious, timeless snacks that we all have come to enjoy. Whether you are a young boy or up in age, we all adore having a tasty snack gift basket.

Peachtree Petals has a large assortment of the Best Snack Gift Baskets that you will find. Our Candy, Bears & Balloons Gift Basket is perfect for that son or daughter that wants it all. This gift basket will thoroughly satisfy them, which includes M & M’s, a Jelly Stacker, Famous Amos cookies, a cuddly teddy bear, and four wonderful mylar balloons. Peachtree Petals can provide whatever balloons needed specific for the recipients’ event or occasion.

For the hunger in the girl or boy that loves snacks, we also have our Grrr Snack Basket. This snack gift basket includes M & M’s, various candy bars, cookies, gummies, snack mix, as well as a hungry teddy bear. Whether they are at home or getting well at the hospital, they would love to sit down with their friends and family to indulge in this wonderful gift.

For that friend or loved one that is outside of Georgia, our Snack time Favorites Basket is sure to have your friend or loved one craving for more! Satisfy their taste buds with this magnificent basket, full of an enormous amount of snacks they like. This basket includes M & M peanut candies, Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies, Skittles, Chex mix, animal cookies, Twizzlers licorice, Planters salted peanuts and much more, all nested within a creative, acrylic popcorn tub. This is fitting for the recipient that loves movies or sports. They can sit right down with their snack bowl and enjoy!

Peachtree Petals offers a number of delivery options to choose from. Your wonderful snack gift basket can be delivered the same day with our signature same-day delivery option for $11.99. Peachtree Petals will have your gift basket delivered within a 5-hour window from the time your order is placed. Need your snack gift basket delivered fast? Select our same-day delivery rush service, and we will have it delivered in half the time for $12.99. We also have our next-day or future day delivery option for $9.99 as well. All snack gift baskets that are for shipping only, will be shipped via UPS, which you can choose which ever service type you like, from ground to next-day delivery.

If you are looking for another type of gift basket, we have a wide range of gift baskets for you. From gourmet gift baskets to luxury gift baskets, Peachtree Petals does it all! This Marietta Florist can even custom design a gift basket with your own recommendations or provided items to put within it. If needed, you can speak directly with a designer and we will be more than happy to assist you with any of your gift basket needs. Peachtree Petals is the best premier florist and assorted gift provider for you! Order with us today!