Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Things To Do For Labor Day

Labor Day is almost here and the air is full of excitement for one of our favorite holidays. It's the day we honor hard-working men and women across the country. It is a day to simply to eat and enjoy your friends and family. For those traveling here to Atlanta, there will plenty to do this coming weekend.

Here are some fun things to do for Labor Day in Atlanta and in Georgia this weekend.

Stone Mountain's Labor Day Weekend Celebration - Stone Mountain Park is planning to have three days of fun and festivities to honor Labor Day. The park has skyrides, sites, train rides and more. From September 1st through September 3rd, the Labor Day Celebration will include the popular Laser Show Spectacular at 8:30pm on Memorial Lawn. The laser show is shown literally off the Stone Mountain itself. There will also be an extended fireworks show afterwards. Make sure to arrive early for a great seat. This is something you don't want to miss!

Art in the Park at Marietta Square - This is a free event that kids can enjoy with their families and gain a great appreciation for art. This is the largest art show in the Southeast and it is held every Labor Day weekend. It highlights 150 artists and kids will be able to paint too. Callaway Gardens' Labor Day Festival - If you want to leave Atlanta this weekend and have a quick getaway, Callaway Gardens will be have a Labor Day Weekend Festival full of things to enjoy. They will have hot air balloon rides, including a Friday evening balloon glow. There will also be family activities, exhibits, and more.

Celebrate Freedom Atlanta Concert - The Fish 104.7 is having a free concert and is the largest outdoor concert happening in Atlanta! It will be held at Jim R. Miller Park, beginning at 8:30 Saturday night. If you want some good music, rock on there for a great time!

Georgia Dome Chick-Fil-A Kick-Off Games - Football will be going on all day Sunday in Atlanta as the college football season begins. Get your tickets. The tailgating will begin early and sure to be a lot of fun!

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Best Colors For August Weddings

August is one of the most popular months of the year for weddings. With so many color combinations to choose from, the month of August can be quite tricky. It is the end of the summer, yet the beginning of fall. Some can find this a little frustrating and elect to have there wedding within a single season. At the same time, August allows you to have more creativity and express a variety of wedding colors that are rarely used in any other time of year.

Orange is one the best August wedding colors. It is vibrant and relates to the entering of the fall season. The recommended shade of orange would be rustic, burnt orange or tangerine. This is an original expression all of its' own. Some pairing color to orange include ivory, purple or burgundy. Another great color is green. Green can be dark or lime green. You can have your wedding accessories such as green punch and table decor. Sage green and purple can be a great combination to represent the brightness of summer and the darker shade of the upcoming fall.

Burgundy is an outstanding wedding color. It is so rich and simply beautiful. It is very easy to pair colors with like black, ivory, pink,and gray. Flowers such as Roses and Asian Lilies come in dark shades of red. Your burgundy decor with candles would look very elegant and romantic as the evening progresses.

Yellow is another color chosen this time of the year. Although summer is coming to a close, August is still considered a summer month. Therefore, it is proper to use it as an August wedding color. For more of the fall color theme, sunflower and burnt yellow is an excellent choice. It can be paired with burnt red or brown for a mild appeal.

Your August wedding colors will not be complete without the perfect floral arrangements to match. Atlanta Florists like Peachtree Petals is able to provide the highest of quality wedding flower bouquets for your August wedding be breathtaking. Our floral designers have over 25 years of experience in their craft and can meet any of your floral needs. From wedding bouquets or corsages, we can custom design any floral accessories to your liking. Also, our wedding consultant is available to discuss your wedding colors with you and create the best complimenting floral decor. Call Peachtree Petals today. We truly do it all!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bar Mitzvah Flower And Event Ideas

A Bar Mitzvah is not a light ceremony. It is a revered and honored Jewish tradition that is very significant. Bar Mitzvah literally means "a son of commandment". It is held on the 13th birthday of every Jewish boy. It is their transition and celebration entrance into their religious adulthood. With this momentous occasion, there are some wonderful event ideas to make it unforgettable.

A Bar Mitzvah Theme is a great start to begin your event planning. For example, the Torah can be a theme for the event. Various laws and teachings can be posted all around the venue. All attendees can read while they sit and dine. It can also serve as a reminder to the adolescent of his responsibility in his life ahead. Food Variety is central to the occasion. Bar Mitzvah's are not just a celebration, but also social in nature. Therefore, the occasion is festive. A variety of snacks on each table such as nuts and candy, while the main courses are being prepared would be great. Gift basket centerpieces are excellent, because they provide so much snack variety, beauty and color to the event as well.

A Poem/Letter Centerpiece is a warm gesture of for the adolescent as well. The poem or letter can be about how so many people are proud of him. It can be words from the parents for all attending to read. It can also share some experiences in his life that communicate how special he is.

Flower Centerpieces and floral arrangements are excellentt for Bar Mitzvahs. Tall and beautiful centerpieces are recommended to symbolize growth and achievement. Floral decor can be creative such as flowers on chairs and tables. Matching corsages for the Mother and Grandmothers involved. Also, boutonnieres for the honoree, Father and Grandfathers as well.

Whether it is a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, flowers are always beautiful and bring life to any occasion. If you are looking for an Altanta Florist, Peachtree Petals is able to meet all of your floral needs. We have designers with over 25 years of experience and truly care about their craft. They also care about your moment. With this important event, you want a florist that cares and a florist you can trust. Visit our Bar Mitzvah Flowers collection.