Best Flowers for March Weddings
March is the month that follows the love month of February and is before April, known for the treasured Mother's Day. Both months get so much attention, yet they happen to give March just a little bit of the more

Best Flowers for Winter Weddings
Your big day is almost here and you have everything in place. Well, almost everything. The one thing that you have to decide on are your floral arrangements of choice to make your wedding day even more special. Here are some great choices of flowers for winter weddings.... read more

Book your wedding and get a FREE gift!
Get a FREE Bird Cage card holder and a throw away bouquet when you book your wedding with Peachtree Petals by June 30th!.... read more

Atlanta Wedding Florist
Even if you are planning to host a small wedding, a talented and experienced wedding consultant or wedding floral planner, like Peachtree Petals, is truly an asset, especially if you are planning the wedding without the assistance of a wedding planner.... read more

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