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Happy Together: Here Are the Best Wedding Anniversary Flowers to Surprise Her With

Whether you're newlyweds still enjoying their honeymoon phase or a couple who's been together for years, celebrating your marriage will remind you of all the great memories you share and the ones you'll create in the future.

You've had the wedding of your dreams and it was the happiest day of your lives. But marriage isn't always a walk in the park and it takes a lot of work to keep the spark alive.

It's important to show appreciation and respect for your significant other even when you're both busy and life gets hard. Making time for each other, going on date nights, and communicating effectively will help you maintain a healthy, loving relationship.

If your anniversary is approaching and you'd like to surprise your spouse with a thoughtful gift, read on to learn which wedding anniversary flowers to choose to celebrate your love.

1st Anniversary

Your first anniversary marks a whole year of your love and union. For many couples, it's the honeymoon phase where they get used to living together and planning their future. It's also filled with challenges, learning to solve marital problems, and for some couples, the time to start a family.

The marriage flowers for the 1st anniversary are carnations. They symbolize love, youthful affection, and deep passion. Their abundant blossom represents the expansion of the family, growing love, and blooming happiness in a marriage.

3rd Anniversary

Sunflowers are the blooms for your 3rd anniversary. They signify happiness, joy, and overcoming challenges in a marriage because they always turn towards the sun.

Sunflowers also symbolize friendship between the partners, fidelity, and strength because of the sturdy stem that keeps them upright.

5th Anniversary

To celebrate 5 years of a sacred unity, give your spouse a bouquet of daisies for your anniversary of marriage.

The delicate daisy means eternal love with a strong foundation, loyalty, hope, and growth. It's great to remind yourself of these values in order to reignite the spark between you and your partner.

10th Anniversary

Yellow daffodils are the best flowers for an anniversary as meaningful as your first decade together. They carry the meaning of simplicity and paying attention to the little things that make you happy, but also to all the years filled with wonderful memories.

A bouquet of 10 fresh daffodils is the perfect way to celebrate your 10th anniversary and welcome the future with open arms.

15th Anniversary

Red roses represent fiery passion, deep affectionate love, and everlasting romance. If you celebrate 15 years together, it means you know and accept each other completely, with all your flaws and virtues.

Red roses signify a strong unity that blooms into an exquisite flower despite the obstacles (thorns) that life throws at you. The reason why you should give red roses specifically (not white, yellow or pink) on your 15th anniversary (and not earlier) is because they're a symbol of deeply-rooted true love.

20th Anniversary

Celebrating two decades together calls for beautiful asters that carry the meaning of longevity, wisdom, hope for the future, and patience. These flowers for anniversary represent what you've learned from marriage in the past two decades.

A single aster flower is simple and delicate, but when put in a bouquet, it becomes an amazing union of beauty and mesmerizing floral scent.

25th Anniversary

The stunningly beautiful iris is the symbolic flower of your silver anniversary. Iris represents courage, faith, hope, and wisdom, all of which you've gained during your 25 years together.

The flower is small and delicate on its own, but when put together in a bouquet, it becomes a powerful bunch with the meaning of romantic love and happiness.

30th Anniversary

To celebrate 30 years of marriage, give your spouse a bouquet of dozen lilies as wedding anniversaries flowers. Lilies have a big, glorious bloom with visible anthers and come in several different colors, each symbolizing a different thing:
  • Pink lily means abundance, success, prosperity, and wealth
  • Yellow lily means gratefulness and joy
  • Red lily means passion for life and love
  • White lily means virtue, innocence, and purity
  • Orange lily means confidence, wealth, and pride (not suitable as an anniversary gift)
After 3 decades, your marriage is strong and well-rooted, and you as people have become wiser, more understanding, and more committed to each other. This is also the time when many married couples become grandparents which helps them find a new purpose and joy in life.

40th Anniversary

Gladioli are long, slender flowers whose blooms are layered one above the other, just like the memories, happy times, and experiences you've gained after 40 years of marriage.

One gladiolus stem has up to 20 florets, but not all of them will blossom at the same time. It's best to form a bouquet of at least 3-6 stems so when they bloom, you'll have a lush bunch of blossoms.

The name 'gladiolus' comes from the Latin word 'gladius' which means 'sword' and with these flowers, you're telling your spouse they still 'pierce through your heart' with their love, passion, and affection.

50th Anniversary

For your Golden Anniversary, surprise your significant other with a bouquet of yellow roses and a flowerpot of violets. Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship, true love, faith, and longevity, while violets represent faithfulness, virtue, and modesty.

These two flowers go together to mark a half a century of a successful, happy marriage full of heartwarming memories. Just like the colors yellow and purple complement each other so beautifully, the same is true for you and your partner whose love has withstood the test of time.

Choose the Most Beautiful Wedding Anniversary Flowers for Your Significant Other

Though marriage is a union between two people in love, it's still challenging and takes an effort to keep the flame alive. No matter how many years you've been together, all that matters is that you love, support, and care for each other in both good times and bad.

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What Should You Give as Graduation Flowers: A Simple Guide

Graduation is a huge accomplishment. After all, only just above half of all students who attempt college go on to receive a degree. It's a time for family and friends to gather around their graduate and inspire them to the next phase in their journey.

Whether you can make it to town for the big day, or you just want to send a gift from a distance, sending someone bright blooms is always a treat.

Graduation flowers are a great way to mark the milestone and congratulate your loved one on their accomplishment. The right bouquet will create an ambiance for the day and make them feel special and valued. Read on to learn how to make the perfect selection no matter who you are shopping for.

Choose Their School Colors

Choosing school colors for a graduation bouquet is a way you can't lose. No matter what kind of flowers you choose, your graduate will love the personal touch.

You may have trouble finding flowers that are black if that is one of their school colors. But you could consider using blooms that are dark purple or maroon in color or consider just using black ribbon to tie together the bouquet.

Choosing school colors is especially a good idea if you will be using the flowers for a centerpiece for their graduation party. It's a nice touch to add to the tables to tie together the theme.

If you're throwing a party, you may also want to consider buying some garlands to decorate. It's a great way to make a table of honor stand out in a small room.

Make sure that you visit a florist in person or include a note about your order if you want to be sure that the flowers are the right color. Sometimes when you order a bouquet online, the one that the person gets doesn't look exactly the same.

Consider Sending a Leis

Leis are often given to people on vacations as a way to welcome them to a fancy hotel or result. But they're also used as a way to congratulate someone on an accomplishment or achievement in life. Consider ordering a lei for the graduate in your life.

While most traditional leis are made from orchids, there are also leis made from roses, plumeria, carnations, and foliage. Orchids can be an expensive option, but they're also very beautiful.

If you want to make your gift extra special, consider adding money into the lei as a graduation gift. It's a lot better than just stuffing the money into an envelope. You can also sew candy into a lei if the graduate has a major sweet tooth.

If your graduate isn't the kind of person who would wear a lei, you can also order a corsage or boutonniere for them to wear on their big day. Find out what their favorite flower is or just choose a collection featuring the school's colors.

Choose Flowers That Represent Prosperity

Bright and bold flower color choices will bring your festivity and celebration to the next level.  Choosing yellow flowers is a way to symbolize success and accomplishment and charge up the day. Orange flowers, on the other hand, represent enthusiasm and a passion for life which is perfect for a graduation day.

White and green flowers are symbolic of new beginnings. Choose flowers of those colors if your graduate is looking to the future instead of reminiscing on their past. Camilias and white carnations are good options for symbolizing luck and prosperity to come.

Send Their Favorite Flower

Giving someone their favorite flower is a great way to show them how well you know them and make them feel loved.

If you don't know what someone's favorite flower is, consider asking their parents or best friends if they know. Even if they don't they may be able to reach out and discreetly ask for you so that you don't have to ruin the surprise.

If you decide to send someone their favorite flowers, try to schedule your delivery for the morning of their graduation day. They'll love waking up to something special and it will brighten their mood just in time to celebrate.

When to Give the Flowers

When to give the flowers depends on if you are attending the graduation ceremony or not. Most commonly, you will give the graduate their flowers after the ceremony is over.

But, if you aren't able to make it, you can send the flowers to show up any time within a week of the actual graduation.

If you take care of the flowers, they can last for weeks. Make sure that you change the water and use the fertilizer package that comes with your flowers. You should also trim the ends of your stems so that they can get enough water.

Where to Order Graduation Flowers in Atlanta or LA

Ordering graduation flowers for someone is a great way to let them know that you are thinking about them and celebrate their big day with them no matter where you are. If you're buying graduation flowers, consider purchasing them in the school colors for the institution where they are graduating from.

You can also find out what someone's favorite flowers are or send them flowers that carry a special meaning.

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Expressing Your Sympathy: All You Need to Know About Traditional Funeral Flowers

In 2018 alone, the funeral industry had a revenue of $16 billion. This industry is large because funerals are so common. Are you prepared for a funeral?

Whether you're attending in person or trying to send your condolences when you can't attend, sending flowers is always a good choice. However, it's helpful to know some tradition first, so you can send the right message.

There are some traditional funeral flowers you can send to make the statement you want to make. Not sure which ones to choose, or how to send them? We've put together a complete guide to help you decide -- keep reading so you can express your sympathy in the best way.

Funeral Flower Arrangements

First, let's break down the different arrangements you might find on your search for grieving flowers.
There are two main types of funeral flowers: those that will be used as part of the service, and those that are sent to show sympathy to the grieving family.Flowers for the service can include:
  • Bouquets
  • Wreaths and hearts
  • Standing Sprays
  • Crosses
  • Casket arrangements
  • Urn and photo arrangements
These will beautify the space during the service.
Flowers for showing sympathy might include:
  • Floral baskets
  • Bouquets
  • Wreaths
  • Other arrangements including things like fruit
There's more freedom for choosing these flowers as a gift.

What to Send and When

Wondering how to navigate the expectations surrounding funeral flowers? Just follow these guidelines.

Funeral Service Flowers

These flowers tend to come in pre-arranged sets to match the look for the funeral. Most funerals aren't decorated with a random assortment of flowers from loved ones. Instead, they'll have bouquets and arrangements that are designed to all look nice together.

It's not expected or encouraged for you to show up to most funerals bearing flowers. However, if you're planning the funeral, you might need to have the right arrangements sent to the funeral home.
The family members, or those planning the funeral, will be the ones to choose the casket arrangement and other important floral decorations. But if you want to help out, and you're close to the family, you could offer to take care of the casket arrangement for them.

Generally speaking, it's always best to ask the family before sending or bringing flowers to a service. You want to make sure you won't disrupt their plans for decorating. Flowers can offer a beautiful way to pay a tribute to a loved one, which is why funeral service flowers are a beloved tradition.

Flowers for Mourning

If you want to send an individual message to the family or loved ones of the deceased, you can send them your own floral arrangement.

You can send them to a specific person or address them to the family. You can expect that they will be receiving lots of flowers at the time, so bigger isn't always better. Instead, send a tasteful arrangement that will fit nicely in a crowded home.

Sometimes, you might even choose to send a potted flowering plant, rather than cut flowers. This can send a message that lasts longer than your usual bouquet.

However, keep in mind that grieving families tend to be busy, and might not have the time or energy to care for a new plant. When in doubt, cut flowers are always a good choice.

Even if the funeral is over, but you just heard about it, you can still send flowers. This gesture is welcome at any time.

Traditional Funeral Flowers to Choose From

Now that you know what to send or bring and when, which flowers should you choose?
The good news is that you have a range of options. Funeral flowers don't have to be all somber and serious. Funerals are meant to be times of celebration, not just mourning, so many bright and luscious flowers can work well.

Here are three popular funeral flower types, and the meanings they convey.


This traditional choice for standing sprays and wreaths comes in many different colors, so you can pick which one suits the moment best.

Red, for example, symbolizes affection. Pink carnations were once believed to have sprouted where the Virgin Mary's tears fell, making them appropriate for Christian and Catholic funerals.

However, flowers mean different things in different cultures. For example, in Buddhist culture, white is the color of mourning, and sending flowers of another color may not be appropriate. It's important to know enough about the family to choose the right flowers that will show respect.


If you choose a white rose arrangement, you're making a statement about peace, innocence, and purity. Red roses can show love and affection, while yellow is associated with friendship.

But no matter which color you choose, roses tend to be a good choice for traditional funeral flowers. They look beautiful alone or mixed with different flowers.


Lilies remain one of the most popular funeral flower choices. Their strong scent combined with their beauty can help make the funeral space feel even more celebratory.

Some people may also choose to send a peace lily plant, which is associated with rebirth, as well as peace.

Sending Lilies to a home is a good choice, but be careful if the mourners have pets. These flowers are very toxic to cats, so they aren't a good choice for all households.

Sending the Right Flowers for Loss

Traditional funeral flowers remain the top way to show love, respect, and sympathy at the time of a funeral. Whether you're choosing arrangements for the casket or just sending a bouquet to someone's home, this guide will help.

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