Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tips For Summer Weddings!

So you're considering planning a wedding in the Summer. That's wonderful! One thing Summer weddings have to their advantage is the beauty of nature. With a few helpful tips from Atlanta's Peachtree Petals, your wedding can be a glorious occasion that you and your guests will not want to end. With these tips in mind, you will be a well prepared bride with beautiful memories to enjoy for years to come.

Plan, plan, plan! You will need to decide a date that your guests will be happy with. Make sure that the weekend you choose is not during a US holiday. Friday and Sunday wedding dates are best because venues and caterers offer less expensive prices during those times.

Choose a venue. If you are going to have your wedding inside, be sure to check if it's well ventilated and that the AC works. For outside weddings, make sure that the area is well shaded.

Have a backup plan. If you plan to have your wedding outdoors, be sure to have a backup plan. Outside weddings run the risk of experiencing possible rain and thunderstorms. Choosing a facility that has indoor and outdoor accommodations is a good choice to consider.

Don't overspend on decor. Nature is helping you with decor by providing you with green trees, warm fresh air and natural beauty all around you. Let it become a part of the overall decor of your wedding. Some brides choose to have their wedding in a garden. The Summer is the perfect time to do it!

Keep your guests well hydrated. With it being so hot during the summer, you will want to ensure that you and your guest have plenty of water for everyone to drink.

Select an experienced wedding florist. One of the best tips for your summer wedding is to partner will a top Atlanta florist like Peachtree Petals for your wedding floral services. From June wedding bouquets to wedding centerpieces, Peachtree Petals can design the elegant floral arrangements you deserve and provide a variety of bouquets to meet all of your wedding floral needs. Peachtree Petals does not have a minimum budget requirement as well.

With its' very own Atlanta floral wedding consultant, Peachtree Petals can offer first-hand floral expertise to make sure you have the best June flowers for your wedding. Peachtree Petals is a full service Atlanta wedding florist providing wedding flower services to brides throughout the Atlanta and Metro Atlanta Area. The popular Atlanta florist has worked with many brides to make their special day more beautiful. Let us help you make your floral dreams come to life. Visit or call us at 1-800-337-1155 today!

Monday, June 17, 2013

It's Time For The Best Summer Flowers!

Summer is officially here and for the next few months we can expect to have absolutely wonderful weather in most parts of the US. Vacations are underway, wedding bells are in the air and getting close to water is desired by all! June is the month symbolizing longevity and health. It is also right on heels of one of the most popular holidays of the year --The 4th of July.

People are having various Summer occasions during June and July. From anniversaries to weddings, events are being enjoyed everywhere! For every special event, summer flowers are always fitting to bring the best of what nature's beauty has to offer. You want your occasion to be the most memorable one ever. Below is are some of the best Summer flowers available to help you have your event with beauty and elegance.

Chrysanthemums - These wonderful flowers are as beautiful as they come. Many view chrysanthemums as one of the top flowers in the world, only next to the rose. Chrysanthemums bloom in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as daisy-like, decorative, pompons or buttons. Its' colors include yellow, red, purple, and white. They are very fitting for the Summer because of their meaning. Chrysanthemums symbolizes fidelity, optimism, joy and long life.

Hydrangeas - Hydrangeas are one of the most beautiful and stunning flowers for the Summer. They are full and numerous within its' stems, as they grow in small, round bunches and large bunches. They can be bound together and used for flower bouquets for the bride or graduate. Hydrangeas come in pink, white, purple, blue and green. The large bunches can be separated to create various types of floral decor, such as corsages and centerpieces.

Iris- The Iris is a beautiful garden plant to behold and a great choice in the Summer. Iris means rainbow and its' variety of colors expresses this meaning. The Iris has a combination of two colors, including blue and purple, white and yellow, orange and pink, brown and red, and also black. Its' colors also have meaning, such as blue symbolizes faith and love. This is an elegant flower you will enjoy!

Roses - The rose is the most favorite and reliable flower in the world. It is available year-round, making it a flower that is accessible and affordable. It comes in an assortment of bright summer colors such as red, orange, white, yellow, pink, lavender, and more. With this color variety, roses are versatile and can be used for multiple floral decor schemes for any occasion. If you are undecided, you can always select the rose.

For the best Summer flowers, you will need an excellent florist to assist with your floral decor. Peachtree Petals is an Atlanta florist that has the expertise to create the floral arrangements you are looking for. From June wedding bouquets to birthday bouquets, Peachtree Petals can design the elegant floral arrangements you deserve and provide a variety of bouquets to meet all of your wedding floral needs. With its' very own Atlanta floral wedding consultant, Peachtree Petals can offer first-hand floral expertise to make sure you have the best June flowers for your wedding. Visit or call us at 1-800-337-1155 today!

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Meet Todd, Our Senior Floral Designer and General Manager

When you think about the south you might think of warm sunny days that seem to pass by at a slower pace. Neighbors greet one another by name, front porches are used for rocking, laughing, and drinking sweet tea. Synonymous with this southern way of life is southern hospitality. Peachtree Petal’s Senior Floral Designer and General Manager, Todd Hausman, wishes his business model to exemplify this southern way of life.

Todd Hausman graduated from the University of Illinois in 1984 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Ornamental Horticulture. Todd’s acquisition of specialized knowledge in the field of decorative plants and attention to detail truly set Todd’s designs a part from any other florist in the Atlanta-metro area. He brings over 25 years of experience to Peachtree Petals. After graduating, Todd worked in all aspects of the floral industry, particularly in the areas of management and in the wholesale floral industry where he utilized his skills in horticulture as a wholesale floral buyer and manager.

Todd’s southern hospitality is demonstrated through the interactions he and his staff have with customers. Whether it is a corporate client or individual customer, the staff at Peachtree Petals greets their regular customers by name and knows each of their unique style and floral needs and desires. The personal rapport developed between staff and client allows floral designers to take into consideration occasion for floral arrangements, client budget, and recipient likes and dislikes. Getting to know their customers is paramount for Peachtree Petals staff, and it is this unique relationship that allows for the floral designers to create unique floral creations you won’t find anywhere else.

Peacthree Petals’ southern hospitality is further extended through their commitment to the Atlanta metro area. Peachtree Petals treats the clients in the city like family by giving them free delivery every day throughout the metro area, and a $9.99 flat rate for outlying areas. Customers can also expect a variety of daily deals like 15% off select arrangements. These deals are Peachtree Petals’ way of letting their local customers know just how important they are.

And when the southern belle is ready for her big day with Prince Charming, she can count on Todd Hausman and his experienced staff at Peachtree Petals to make her day unique and special with one of a kind bridal bouquets and boutonnieres for the whole wedding party. Named the 2013 Bride’s Choice Award for florists, Peachtree Petals provides the southern bride with free Atlanta wedding consultations to make sure her wedding party and wedding d├ęcor is picture perfect.

Kick off your shoes, pour yourself a tall, ice cold glass of sweet tea, and browse Peachtree Petals’ website at your convenience. Whether you’re a native southerner, or just hoping to enjoy the slower pace and hospitality only found south of the Mason-Dixon Line, Peachtree Petals, Atlanta’s premiere florist, can provide you with floral arrangements and gifts for all occasions.

Monday, June 10, 2013

How To Save Money For Your Wedding!

Weddings are so beautiful to behold, and there is not a more wonderful time for a woman. Most people agree that the wedding is the day of the bride. It is hers to enjoy! She is walking out her dream and this event is to remember forever. With your wedding being so valuable, as the bride, you want to plan out every aspect of it to make sure you have the wedding you have always imagined. This does begin with what will dictate everything you decide regarding your wedding--your budget.

A bride is special and deserves the very best for her big day. Most times, the first notion that comes to our minds is having the best equates to dollar signs. This does not have to be the case for you. With just the right information and tips, you can have the best for less! Here are some great ways to save money for your wedding.

Set reasonable expectations. Don't get caught up in having the "perfect wedding". Every item doesn't have to be glitz and gleam. There is no need to spend a lot on a table centerpiece, passing decorations or aisle decor. Identify items that just have to be a good fit, yet at the same time, reasonably priced.

Let your family and friends help. People you know may in fact be great choices to provide the wedding services you need, which will help save money too. From a photographer to catering, check your friends and family list. You are bound to know someone personally that will work. If they don't, they may know someone who has the skills you are looking for and still get a great deal. Family and friends may also help as a wedding gift to you. Go direct. Go to a local printing company or order online to save costs on your invitations. Wedding invitation specialists may end up taking away too much of your budget.

Get a better bridal gown on a budget. Check renting and the thrift shop before going out to find a gown. You may be surprised at what you find. If you take the time, you can find a steal. Even with minor alterations, you will still end up saving money!

Think twice about the limousine. Getting a limousine looks good, however, it is not necessary. Most of your memories will not have anything to do with the short limousine drive to the reception or airport. Therefore, have a friend drive you and avoid this expenditure.

Shop around for flowers. Make sure you shop around for your wedding flowers. You desire the best flowers available, however, you do not have to spend too much on this aspect of your wedding. You want to stretch your budget and spend it most on the areas of the highest priority to you. This is an area you can save in. Get estimates from several florists and inform them you are price shopping, which will aid them in providing you with the best price. Also, inquire if the florist has a minimum budget requirement.

With these tips, you are sure to save money for your wedding! As a bride, you can not just get your flowers anywhere. You need a florist that has the expertise to create the stunning wedding bouquets and wedding floral decor you are looking for. Peachtree Petals can design the elegant wedding floral arrangements you deserve and does not have a minimum budget requirement. Peachtree Petals has its' very own Atlanta floral wedding consultant to offer first-hand floral expertise to make sure you have the best wedding flowers. Visit or call us at 1-800-337-1155 today!

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