Monday, December 24, 2012

Last-Minute Flowers On Christmas Eve!

There is no doubt about it, this is the best time of the year and Christmas Day is almost here. Friends and family are enjoying spending this treasured time together. Most of the kids have their attention on receiving gifts under the Christmas tree and they just can't wait! We also take the time to buy gifts for the people that mean the most.

Time is of the essence and with Christmas one day away, you still have time to find some great gifts for the special people in your life. There is no better gift than the precious gift of flowers. Flowers are great as primary Christmas gifts. They are also excellent during the holidays to compliment your primary gift to your wife, mother, or family member. Here are some delightful last-minute Christmas flowers you can get on Christmas Eve.

Poinsettas - Poinsettas are considered the Christmas blooming plant of the world and full of tradition. It's beautiful, rich red flowers and deep green leaves make for just the right plant for Christmas. They are also perfect gifts as floral decor for your family or friend holding the holiday festivities at their home. They are not hard to find either. Poinsettas are easily accessible, being found being sold at numerous of stores, including Peachtree Petals. The Marietta florist has the elegant Better Homes and Garden Red Poinsetta Planter in the electroplated gold metallic embossed ceramic container. We also have red poinsetta baskets as well.

Celebration of the Season Centerpiece - Centerpieces are so fitting for the Christmas festivities and no table is complete without one. The Celebration of the Season Centerpiece displays a lovely holiday elegance, with red roses and spray roses. They are nestled within assorted holiday greens and variegated holly that encircle three red taper candles. Peachtree Petals has the popular Norman Rockwell Centerpiece as well. The centerpiece pays tribute to one of America's greatest artists and is fitting for the holiday season. It is comprised of red roses and mini carnations, with holly and holiday greens. The flowers surround a Norman Rockwell figurine based on his famous painting, "No Christmas Problem Now".

Seasons Greetings Bouquet - Christmas bouquets are meant to be remembered and the Seasons Greeting Bouquet does just that. It has red roses and burgundy mini carnations accented with lush holiday greens, with gold glass balls and gold cording. This arrangement is created within a red, ornament-inspired ceramic container featuring a gold harlequin pattern with a matching lid. It allows your loved one to have a keepsake for years to come.

Whether poinsettas or flowers, for Christmas Eve flower delivery you can depend on Peachtree Petals to have the best choice of floral arrangements you are looking for. Peachtree Petals not only offers premium last-minute Christmas flowers, we also provide free same-day delivery of all of our bouquets within the Atlanta and Metro Atlanta area. There is no need to leave your home on Christmas Eve. Within hours, Peachtree Petals will have your flowers delivered right to your front door, just in time for Christmas! With over 50 years of experience, our professional designers can create the right stunning floral arrangement for you. For Christmas and the holidays, call Peachtree Petals at 1-800-337-1755 today!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Romantic Holiday Gifts For Her

It is a wonderful expression of love when you give gifts to the one you love during the holidays. It's important that men know what their woman likes. Every woman is different, yet also the same. They deem precious the things that say, "I love you" with your words, your presence, and your gifts all in one. Women always enjoy romance, even during the holidays. Though you may give her gifts, there are some romantic holiday gifts that are free and simple.

Besides the gifts you can purchase, here are a few more romantic holiday gift ideas for her this Christmas.

Hand-Made Card - Give a hand-made card along with your gift, and 20 reasons why you adore her.

Holiday Date - Buy her a nice outfit, call up a baby sitter to watch the kids and take her out on an unexpected date. It is a great time to tour the town, experiencing holiday lights and more.

Hot Bath And Massage - Run her a bath by candlelight, with soothing music and rose petals in the water. Afterwards, provide her with a your very own foot massage.

Write Personal Song - Write her a song or poem and rehearse it to her. Go the extra mile and convert what you write into a ringtone secretly set on her phone. When her phone rings, she'll hear your declaration of love to her.

Of course, you can't forget one of the most popular gift for any holiday--flowers. Through the decades, a bouquet of flowers, balloons, a huge teddy bear, and chocolates during the holidays has made many women feel so appreciated and special. Peachtree Petals has a large assortment of holiday flowers and has just the right Christmas flowers in mind to help make for a memorable holiday season.

Grand Occasion Bouquet by Vera Wang - This beautiful bouquet is one of elegance and grace. It comprised of red roses with white stock and white asiatic lilies, accented with lush greens. It is made of Christmas colors, and perfect for romance during the holiday.

Holiday Happiness Bouquet - If the person you love is very cheerful and enjoys incorporating Christmas in everything, you can accommodate her with this delightful arrangement. It has white asiatic lilies and chrysanthemums sitting with red mini carnations, assorted holiday greens, red glass balls, and most notable, three candy canes to highlight the bouquet. It also has a festive candy-striped ribbon surrounding a beautiful, red ceramic vase.

Spirit Of The Season Buoquet - This is red and romantic for the holidays. This bouquet has brilliant red spray roses and mini carnations, coupled with burgundy mini carnations, red hypericum berries, and assorted holiday greens in a clear glass vase, accented with a marvelously designer red ribbon. It expresses the holiday season, love and romance all in one.

Peachtree Petals is ready to exceed your expectations during the holidays with sheer quality and excellent floral arrangements. Along with our stunning bouquets of Christmas flowers, this Buckhead florist has a variety of gift baskets, chocolates, assorted gifts, and much more! Our floral designers have over 50 years of experience and can meet all of your holiday floral needs. We also are able to create custom-designed floral arrangements as well. Atlanta Florists like Peachtree Petals go the extra mile to ensure you will have a splendid arrangement sent to your sweetheart this holiday season.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Deals At Flower Shops For Christmas!

Thanksgiving has passed and the year's biggest holiday is a couple of weeks away. Christmas is the #1floral -buying holiday and 30% of adults buy flowers as gifts. From Christmas parties needing floral decor to flowers given to appreciate your Mother, flowers are perfect for the holiday season. There will be many holiday deals by flower shops right now. Peachtree Petals is one of those flower shops you don't want to miss and is offering an assortment of flower deals for Christmas.

Christmas Centerpieces For $19.99 - Peachtree Petals is offering an amazing deal of a custom designed Christmas centerpiece for $19.99 for pick-up orders. The holiday deal will be offered until December 31st. Our florists will use the highest of quality and seasonal flowers to create a Christmas centerpiece for your just right for you. Whether for your home or to surprise a family member at the holiday dinner, this is a great buy.
The Holiday Sneak Peek Sale - We have the Holiday Sneak Peek Sale for those shoppers who love to take their time by pre-ordering their beautiful bouquets and floral decor. You can pre-order from our holiday collection by December 14th and receive 20% your entire order. Customers can simply use coupon code XMAS20 at checkout and will automatically receive their 20% discount.

$10 Pick-Up Deal Off All Bouquets - There's nothing like receiving a discount for simply going to pick up your flowers and that's exactly what Peachtree Petals' offers. Any customer will receive $10 off when they decide to pick up their floral arrangement. This is standard with Peachtree Petals, yet how much more exciting for our customers to save a little more money to put towards their other Christmas gifts!

Once you have selected which Peachtree Petals holiday sale you desire to take advantage of, go to our website and you can choose from our wide assortment of Christmas bouquets to seal the deal! Some examples of our Christmas flowers are the Candy Cane Lane Bouquet in a basket, the Vera Wang Grand Occasion Bouquet, Fresh 28" Christmas Gold Wreath, and much more!

You don't have to look any further for holiday flowers, Peachtree Petals is the right choice for you. This Atlanta flower shop is a recognized Master Florist, with floral designers with over 50 years of floral design experience. From holiday gift baskets to Christmas centerpieces, Peachtree Petals can meet any of your floral needs this holiday season. Visit us at or call us at 1-800-337-1755 today!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Best Flowers For Christmas!

Christmas is almost here and many will agree is the most wonderful time of year. Nothing compares to spending time with family and friends. It seems like the food never ends as well. We also can't forget gifts.

Whether to your family members, co-workers, or even to the less fortunate whom we don't even know, we willingly and cheerfully give gifts to all. Flowers are one of those gifts for Christmas that bring joy to those dear to us. Here are some great flower choices for Christmas and the holiday season.

Poinsettias - The poinsettia is the most popular Christmas plant in the world today. The botanical name for the plant is Euphorbia Pulcherrima, which means "very beautiful". The plants can be as short as 2ft tall, yet can grow up to 10ft in height. They are known for their large, rich red bracts and green leaves, offering the perfect combination of Christmas colors. They also come in pink, green, marble, and cream.

Christmas Amaryllis - This well-known plant and comes in a variety of colors, yet is most popular for its' red color. Having flat and narrow leaves, its' shape looks similar to the lily. It is in bloom during this winter season and makes for a great decoration during the holiday season.

Red Roses - Red roses are beyond compare and are is the most popular flower in the world year-round. It is romantic, beautiful and fitting for any occasion, including Christmas. They have their brightest shade of red color during the winter season. Roses also come in white, which can be an excellent combination for Christmas centerpieces on the dinner table, kitchen and other home decor.

Red Gerberas - The red gerbera daisy is so beautifully cheerful. Their symbol is love and desire. Their expression is similar to the sunflower, having a bright, lifting appeal that is perfect for Christmas. They come in other colors, including white as well. They are best used during Christmas within mixed bouquets.

All of these top flowers for Christmas, indeed will make the season bright. Peachtree Petals is a premier florist that can provide all of these beautiful flowers and more. This Buckhead Atlanta florist specializes in quality floral bouquets and decor, using the most freshest flowers. Our floral designers have over 50 years of experience with their craft and can create the right Christmas flowers for you. Peachtree Petals offers free same-day delivery throughout Atlanta and Metro-Atlanta area as well. Celebrate your Christmas and the holiday season with Peachtree Petals!

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Flowers For Thanksgiving

There is always something to be thankful for. We're thankful to have homes and jobs. We're thankful for all the festivities we will partake of, including the delicious food we get to enjoy. Yet, we are most thankful for the relationships and the people we hold so dear.

There's nothing like expressing your thanks to those you love than with flowers. They speak volumes to the heart of that special someone and communicates just how beautiful they are to you. Below are some great flowers for Thanksgiving this week to brighten your holiday.

Chrysanthemums - The chrysanthemum is recognized as the flower of the month of November. They communicate compassion and friendship. They are great for Thanksgiving for their rustic colors, which bronze and red are popular. Within a Thanksgiving arrangement, bronze button spray chrysanthemums and red daisy spray chrysanthemums are excellent choices.

Sunflowers - Sunflowers are considered beautiful for the happiness it brings, resembling the sun. The flower is bold, radiant and cheerful. It is sure to brighten the day of anyone that receives it, especially for the holiday. They are in-season in November and exude the spirit of Thanksgiving. Sunflowers can be mixed with other autumn blooming flowers for a stunning Thanksgiving arrangement or centerpiece.

Asiatic Lillies - These flowers are one of kind and so versatile in color. They are in-season year round. For a variety of reasons, white and pink lillies are mostly used throughout the year. However, in the fall and winter season, their rustic color comes bursting forth. Asiaitc lillies are dark orange and bloom wide.

Thanksgiving flowers are available and you can get the most stunning arrangements from Peachtree Petals. This Smyrna florist has exceptional floral designers with over 50 years of experience that can create the finest Thanksgiving bouquets. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for on our Peachtree Petals website, we can even custom design floral arrangements just right for you. From Thanksgiving centerpieces to Thanksgiving floral baskets, Peachtree Petals does it all! Please visit us at or call 1-800-337-1755 today.

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Best Flowers For Quinceaneras

For a young girl, a quinceanera is a joyous occasion that celebrates her arrival into womanhood in the Latin American community. It is held on her 15th birthday, and the way it is honored can differ in many countries, such as religious overtones. Regardless of the minor differences, the quinceanara is conducted lavishly and families esteem their little girl on this special day.

The quinceanera is a beautiful moment and deserves nothing less than the best of floral arrangements to match. Quinceanera bouquets are usually smaller in size and more colorful than wedding bouquets. Below are some great choices for flowers to use as bouquets and in other ways for your quinceanera.

Daises - Daises are a great flower theme for your quinceanera and for a bouquet. This versitale flower has so many colors to choose from, therefore, it can be an easier flower to use for matching any color theme you have for your fiesta. Daises come in colors such as red, pink, yellow, white, orange, and maroon. Within the daisy family, the gerbera daisy is very beautiful, rich and provides an elegant youthfulness to your flower theme. You can float daises in water for a table accent. They have long, wide stems as well, which make for excellent centerpieces.

Roses - Roses are always a great choice for a quinceanera and frankly, any occasion. The rose is a flower that grows all year long, therefore, they are at your disposal to use no matter what season your quinceanera falls in. The flower represents love and beauty. It can be very symbolic of her beauty and entrance into womanhood. Red or white rose petals can be scattered on tables. Pink rose centerpieces can bring an air of elegance to the quinceanera. No matter the idea, you can simply be very creative with roses.

Peonies - Peonies are great for centerpieces and arrangements for your quinceanera. It symbolizes a happy life. They have a wonderful scent and are delicate. They do not have strong stems and are recommended to be used mixed with other flowers. Peonies come in colors such as pink, fuchsia, white, and burgundy. The flower is full and delightful. They can used for decor, especially accents on tables as flowers floating in water.

Whenever you have your quince, you will definitely need flowers to help your fiesta be the most memorable ever. Peachtree Petals has the highest quality of quinceanera bouquets you will find. This Marietta florist has a large assortment of quinceanera bouquets, floral arrangements and floral decor. Our floral designers have over 50 years of experience and can meet all of your floral needs. Floral arrangements for quinceaneras should be breathtaking and that's what Peachtree Petals will do for you. Visit us at or call us at 1800-337-1755 today!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Flowers And Chocolates - A Great Combination

There is nothing like flowers and what they can mean to a special someone. Flowers brighten our day, bring tears to our eyes and encourages hope for tomorrow. Yet, there is a small dainty that brings much delight as well, which we all have come to know as chocolates. When the two are put together, nothing can be compared to this loving combination.

Flowers and chocolates communicate a deep level of romance and sincere love to your special someone. The choice of flowers in the bouquet should have an element of richness and depth in color, just like the chocolate being given along with them. If you are sending flowers and chocolates, a common flower theme for your floral arrangement should be solely the red rose with lush greens or a bouquet with the red rose as the main flower. The two are not usually sent to someone that is just a friend.

The gift of flowers have been given throughout history as symbols of love. Many flowers communicate feelings such passion, friendship, and comfort. They cater to having a multi-sensory experience, where we can see, touch, and smell the joy they bring us. Billions of flowers are sold each year, including 32.1 billion in 2011. With flowers doing as much as they do, chocolates just makes the gift experience better.

Chocolates are great choice to give as an additional gift, especially to a woman. Men like chocolate, but women love chocolate! Chocolate is a "feel good" food for women all around the world. Scientifically, chocolate is a neurotransmitter and lifts the level of serotonin in the body. For women that encounter the up and down levels of stress, chocolate literally makes them feel happy. Of course too much of chocolate is not healthy, but every once and a well, can be a pleasure for the one you admire.

There are a variety of chocolates to make your floral arrangement more enjoyable. One popular chocolate that compliments floral arrangements the best is the chocolate truffle. These delicious treats are typically made with ganache centered in the inside and coated with dark or milk chocolate. Truffles can also be centered with caramel, nuts, graham crackers, fudge, berries, and even marshmallows. They can be lightly touched with a sprinkle of sea salt or lined with elegant stripped chocolate designs on the outside layers to add to the delicacy.

Peachtree Petals is a Midtown florist that provides the highest of quality floral arrangements and premium chocolates. We have an assortment of truffles, including caramel sea salt truffles, amaretto truffle, rasberry truffles, and more! From flowers for birthdays to wedding bouquets, Peachtree Petals can meet all of your floral needs for any occasion. If you are planning your wedding and are in need a assistance for your bridal bouquets, we also have a staffed wedding consultant that will meet with you to make your big day memorable. Come visit us at or call us at 1-800-337-1755 today. We have the best of flowers and chocolates for you!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wedding Boutonnieres - The Perfect Flower For The Groom

Weddings are so special and we all want to look our best. This is not only for the bride and her bridesmaids, but the groom and his groomsmen. There's nothing like a boutonniere to add the right touch to the attire of the groomsmen. Holding a wedding bouquet in the hand wouldn't be fitting for a man, however, a wedding boutonniere is always perfect.

A wedding boutonniere is a flower bud designed to be worn on the left lapel of the groom and groomsmen. It has special significance, distinguishing those who are a part of the wedding party and honoring them. Just as the groom's tuxedo or suit is different from the groomsmen, so can the groom's boutonniere be. Some ideas could be to make it the same flower type and design, but larger. It can be the same design, but with a different flower bud. You can also have a different flower and design altogether.

It is placed on the outside of the buttonhole, not on the inside. There are a few choices to wear the pin of the boutonniere. It can be pinned inside, therefore, on the outside it can not be seen. However, a touch of elegance to the wedding boutonniere is to wear a decorative pin on the outside. This even adds more style to the attire. If you would like to be even more creative, the pocket boutonniere is another type worn in the jacket pocket. It is flower petals glued to cardboard and inserted inside the groomsmen's pockets. You can add rhinestones and other embellishments also.

The first and most important rule to remember is the wedding boutonniere chosen is based on the bridal bouquet. The groom will compliment the bride. Once the bridal bouquet is selected, then your decision for the boutonniere flower and design will be much easier. You can use fresh or silk flowers for it, however silk flowers do last longer.

They should be made to compliment the bride and bridesmaids' dress colors and style. The colors are very important and make sure that any embellishments to the boutonniere compliment the wedding colors as well. The great thing about boutonnieres is that they are few in number and are small. This comes in handy if you need a floral designer to dye the flower bud of the wedding boutonniere to a certain color if needed. This should be able to done fast and at low additional cost.

This wonderful little floral accent can make a world of difference for the matching of the entire wedding party, even if you desire for all the men in the wedding party families to wear a boutonniere. This is also perfect for making your wedding photos more beautiful. With family wearing various attire color schemes, it can be difficult to bring all the colors together for your wedding photography. These will be the primary memorabilia and you want them to be their best.

Stunning wedding boutonnieres and other floral arrangements for your special day do not have to be a chore when it comes to Peachtree Petals. This Buckhead florist is capable of meeting all of your wedding floral and decor needs. Our floral designers have over 25 years of experience and know how to make custom wedding boutonnieres, wedding corsages, and more! If you need help deciding on wedding centerpieces and other decor, we have our very own wedding consultant ready to meet in person with you. Our goal is to completely satisfy you and make your wedding perfect. Visit us as or give us a call at 1-800-337-1755 today!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Different Types Of Corsages For Me

Corsages are some small accent flowers, yet can have a profound affect on any occasion. Corsages add to the appearance of the individual and the event itself. What makes them so special is that they are flowers that are worn on our actual person. They are worn on our waist, dress, jacket or gown during whatever event we are a part of. They also can by a symbol relative to individuals and the respective parties they are a part of, such as wedding corsages.

Yes, these tiny flowers should be desired and can have great impact. If you are trying to decide on a type of corsage, there are different types of corsages to choose from.

One type of corsage is the wrist or wristlet corsage. This is the most famous of corsages. It is made up of three to four flowers, artistically attached to a ribbon and worn around the wrist. Many people enjoy the freedom this corsages brings, without the risk of it falling off your dress. To be strikingly beautiful, they are created with flowers that are the same or a complimenting color of the attire. This is worn predominantly during wedding and proms. they also are worn by young girls during various dance events such as homecoming. The wristlet corsage moves with the arms of the individual, which can bring creativity and variety to photos. The big advantage of the wrist corsage is there is no concern of pin damage to your gown.

Another corsage type is the clothing-attached corsage. This type of corsage lays pinned gently on either side of your dress. If you are concerned about the pin harming your gown, this corsage can also be made using a magnet. Therefore, whatever florist creates them for you, feel free to request magnet corsages. Instead of putting a pin through your clothing to attach the corsage, there is simply a magnet to put behind inside your dress. This is the best choice for corsages being worn on delicate dress material. They will probably be more expensive, yet it may be worth it.

Finally, there are miscellaneous corsages. These are the corsages that are now being created by florists as new and trendy. Corsages are now being worn on women's purses. You can imagine having a gown, with a purse and a corsage on the side of it to match. It really brings a lot of flare and originality to your appearance. This corsage can be attached to the side or the handle of your handbag. Also, a popular type of corsage is the hand corsage. This one is smaller in size than a wedding bouquet, made with smaller flowers and is carried in the hand. These are just two unique ways to use corsages, however, you are not limited. If you have a great idea for a corsage use, consult with your florist and they can assist you in creating the type of corsage you desire.

Corsages are worn most often for weddings and proms. However, they can be used for any special moment to celebrate an individual. This does not necessarily have to be a large corsage. It can be on a smaller scale. It could be their birthday and 50th Anniversary. A corsage can be purchased and given for the honoree to wear during the event. This is particularly great for older women. It identifies them as being most important and really makes them feel special.

Whether a wristlet or clothing-attached corsage, they will need to be designed and be beautiful. Atlanta florists like Peachtree Petals is able to design the right corsage for you. With over 25 years of floral experience, our designers can create premium wedding corsages, wedding boutonnieres, wedding bouquets, and more. If you are seeking corsages for your wedding, Peachtree Petals has its' very own wedding consultant who can sit down with you face-to-face and help make the wedding flowers of your dreams. We desire to be your choice florist and meet all of your floral needs. Give us a call at 1-800-337-1755 or visit us at today!

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Flowers In Season In September

Many people don’t question what’s in season during the spring and summer, it’s the fall season the average person needs help with. Some customers call Atlanta florists desiring the colorful tulip, however, are sadly disappointed when they find this beautiful flower in September is now out of season.

Inspite of this example of a flower not available in the fall, there are a number of other alternatives of blooming, in season flowers in September to choose from.

Sunflowers —Sunflowers are timeless flowers that fit so well with the autumn colors, as we gently change seasons. The brown, red and yellow also offer brightness to any room and occasion.

Pansies — This flower comes in yellow, dark crimson, purple, and other colors. They thrive during cool nights and can prolong their growing season.

Snapdragons —Snapdragons are full of color and tall. They are fragrant flowers, can withstand frost during the winter and have a hardness many can not find.

Sweet Peas — These are climbing plants and offer a wide variety of colors. They come in a variety of fragrant, bright colors such as white, red, blue, and pink. They have a sweet fragrance as well.

Calla Lilly — This is one of the most elegant flowers in the world and thankfully, it does continue to bloom in September. They can be expensive this time of year. It provides different colors during this season such as cream and bronze. One point to be taken is the colored flowers are smaller than the traditional white calla lilies.

Phalaenopsis Orchid— This is also known as the Moth Orchid. It is a large flower and is very popular pot plant to use for September weddings.

Roses — Many people may be surprised, but roses with birth new flowers in September and late fall. Almost every color will be available during this month except true black or blue. You can choose bright colors such as pastel pink and orange. You can also choose passionate colors like brown to compliment the fall.

Whether in the Summer or Fall, florists like Peachtree Petals can assist you to pick the best flowers in September. This new Lawrenceville florist is passionate about floral arrangements and our designers have been perfecting their craft for over 25 years. Also, if you are looking for the best flowers for your September wedding, we also have our very own wedding consultant at your disposal. We pride ourselves on quality and provide free same-day delivery in the Atlanta and metro Atlanta areas. Let Peachtree Petals make your September unforgettable! Visit us at or call us at 1-800-337-1755 today!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Things To Do For Labor Day

Labor Day is almost here and the air is full of excitement for one of our favorite holidays. It's the day we honor hard-working men and women across the country. It is a day to simply to eat and enjoy your friends and family. For those traveling here to Atlanta, there will plenty to do this coming weekend.

Here are some fun things to do for Labor Day in Atlanta and in Georgia this weekend.

Stone Mountain's Labor Day Weekend Celebration - Stone Mountain Park is planning to have three days of fun and festivities to honor Labor Day. The park has skyrides, sites, train rides and more. From September 1st through September 3rd, the Labor Day Celebration will include the popular Laser Show Spectacular at 8:30pm on Memorial Lawn. The laser show is shown literally off the Stone Mountain itself. There will also be an extended fireworks show afterwards. Make sure to arrive early for a great seat. This is something you don't want to miss!

Art in the Park at Marietta Square - This is a free event that kids can enjoy with their families and gain a great appreciation for art. This is the largest art show in the Southeast and it is held every Labor Day weekend. It highlights 150 artists and kids will be able to paint too. Callaway Gardens' Labor Day Festival - If you want to leave Atlanta this weekend and have a quick getaway, Callaway Gardens will be have a Labor Day Weekend Festival full of things to enjoy. They will have hot air balloon rides, including a Friday evening balloon glow. There will also be family activities, exhibits, and more.

Celebrate Freedom Atlanta Concert - The Fish 104.7 is having a free concert and is the largest outdoor concert happening in Atlanta! It will be held at Jim R. Miller Park, beginning at 8:30 Saturday night. If you want some good music, rock on there for a great time!

Georgia Dome Chick-Fil-A Kick-Off Games - Football will be going on all day Sunday in Atlanta as the college football season begins. Get your tickets. The tailgating will begin early and sure to be a lot of fun!

You can celebrate your loved ones, colleagues and co-workers by purchasing them some flowers this week also. Atlanta florists like Peachtree Petals would love to be a part of you honoring those you love with flowers. With over 25 years of experience, our floral designers are able to create the Labor Day Flowers you're looking for. Whether you want red roses or even spray painted blue roses to honor Labor Day, Peachtree Petals can custom design a bouquet for you. Visit or call 1-800-337-1755 today!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Best Colors For August Weddings

August is one of the most popular months of the year for weddings. With so many color combinations to choose from, the month of August can be quite tricky. It is the end of the summer, yet the beginning of fall. Some can find this a little frustrating and elect to have there wedding within a single season. At the same time, August allows you to have more creativity and express a variety of wedding colors that are rarely used in any other time of year.

Orange is one the best August wedding colors. It is vibrant and relates to the entering of the fall season. The recommended shade of orange would be rustic, burnt orange or tangerine. This is an original expression all of its' own. Some pairing color to orange include ivory, purple or burgundy. Another great color is green. Green can be dark or lime green. You can have your wedding accessories such as green punch and table decor. Sage green and purple can be a great combination to represent the brightness of summer and the darker shade of the upcoming fall.

Burgundy is an outstanding wedding color. It is so rich and simply beautiful. It is very easy to pair colors with like black, ivory, pink,and gray. Flowers such as Roses and Asian Lilies come in dark shades of red. Your burgundy decor with candles would look very elegant and romantic as the evening progresses.

Yellow is another color chosen this time of the year. Although summer is coming to a close, August is still considered a summer month. Therefore, it is proper to use it as an August wedding color. For more of the fall color theme, sunflower and burnt yellow is an excellent choice. It can be paired with burnt red or brown for a mild appeal.

Your August wedding colors will not be complete without the perfect floral arrangements to match. Atlanta Florists like Peachtree Petals is able to provide the highest of quality wedding flower bouquets for your August wedding be breathtaking. Our floral designers have over 25 years of experience in their craft and can meet any of your floral needs. From wedding bouquets or corsages, we can custom design any floral accessories to your liking. Also, our wedding consultant is available to discuss your wedding colors with you and create the best complimenting floral decor. Call Peachtree Petals today. We truly do it all!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bar Mitzvah Flower And Event Ideas

A Bar Mitzvah is not a light ceremony. It is a revered and honored Jewish tradition that is very significant. Bar Mitzvah literally means "a son of commandment". It is held on the 13th birthday of every Jewish boy. It is their transition and celebration entrance into their religious adulthood. With this momentous occasion, there are some wonderful event ideas to make it unforgettable.

A Bar Mitzvah Theme is a great start to begin your event planning. For example, the Torah can be a theme for the event. Various laws and teachings can be posted all around the venue. All attendees can read while they sit and dine. It can also serve as a reminder to the adolescent of his responsibility in his life ahead. Food Variety is central to the occasion. Bar Mitzvah's are not just a celebration, but also social in nature. Therefore, the occasion is festive. A variety of snacks on each table such as nuts and candy, while the main courses are being prepared would be great. Gift basket centerpieces are excellent, because they provide so much snack variety, beauty and color to the event as well.

A Poem/Letter Centerpiece is a warm gesture of for the adolescent as well. The poem or letter can be about how so many people are proud of him. It can be words from the parents for all attending to read. It can also share some experiences in his life that communicate how special he is.

Flower Centerpieces and floral arrangements are excellentt for Bar Mitzvahs. Tall and beautiful centerpieces are recommended to symbolize growth and achievement. Floral decor can be creative such as flowers on chairs and tables. Matching corsages for the Mother and Grandmothers involved. Also, boutonnieres for the honoree, Father and Grandfathers as well.

Whether it is a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, flowers are always beautiful and bring life to any occasion. If you are looking for an Altanta Florist, Peachtree Petals is able to meet all of your floral needs. We have designers with over 25 years of experience and truly care about their craft. They also care about your moment. With this important event, you want a florist that cares and a florist you can trust. Visit our Bar Mitzvah Flowers collection.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Finding The Perfect Wedding Flower Consultant

When shopping for the best premier Atlanta wedding florist a helpful tip is to look and listen before you tell the wedding consultant or florist exactly what you want. In many cases, florists and floral consultants will have a portfolio in their shop or on their website. Invest some time looking at their past work. Ask them questions about their floral design process. What flowers do they love and what flowers do they like least. More importantly, ask them why? Ask them about where they source their flowers and more importantly what flowers will be in season and therefore likely more budget friendly at the time of the wedding. While the package pricing and the bottom line is a key factor in the final purchasing decision, understanding their design process and passions will greatly impact if they are the designer for you.

In addition to reviewing their portfolio and discussing their design process, it is helpful to have ideas which inspire you. Tear out the photos from those bridal magazines, of styles which you like and most important any trends which you really cannot stand. If you have a favorite flower and are not seeing it featured in the current trends, jump online and find photos you can take with you to the wedding floral appointment.

Be prepared to show the designer the colors you will be using, color swatches can be very helpful. Having an understanding of the reception venue and the lay out, including the number of windows and time of the recpetion are important details to provide the designer. Talk about the season and the tempature, as some flowers, no matter how beautiful, just won't stack up to a hot Atlanta summer, despite even the premier Atlanta floral designers best efforts.

As with any artistic decision, ask for refrences. A premier Atlanta floral designer will not hesitiate to offer you a refrence or two. This is a major decision and it is important to do the research and make sure other brides feel that the consultation yielded the flowers of her dream.

While it is tempting to show up at the consultation, rattle off a list of must haves and move on crossing flowers off your long bridal to do list, it really is better to ask and explore with the floral consultant and past clients, so that you get the flowers of your dreams at a value which will make the groom sigh with relief.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Artisan Flowers Collection

Artisan floral arrangements are designed to compliment, in a simple fashion, any living space and can also make for a great gift to that special someone. Artisan bouquets are designed to embrace both beauty and simplicity. Therefore Peachtree Petals, Atlanta's premier florist shop, is proud to present it's unique Artisan Flower Collection. It's a premium collection of arrangements that are inspired by the English Gardens and the love of gardening. Based on the simplicity and raw beauty of flowers, each arrangement was designed using simple vases, minimal greenery and flowers so beautiful, yet so simple that they could have been grown in your own backyard.

From the collection, is the Blank Canvas Bouquet. It is a pure white oriental lily surrounded by the brilliant colors of pink roses, purple stock, orange lilies. Placed in a simple glass cube with green ribbon, this flower displays simple elegance.

The Kale-ifornia Bouquet beautifully brings the gardens of California right into your home. This glass cylinder is filled with purple kale and surrounded by green hydrangeas, mini callas, lavender roses, scabiosa and waxflower. Variegated lily grass accents the top by looping over the arrangement. This beautiful arrangement can be enjoyed on a side table or as the focal point on a dining room table.

Also in the collection is a stunning Rose Garden Bouquet. Arranged with 30 rose stems that are hand tied and placed in a 5" square glass cube. Accented with equisetum bent over the roses. This would be a wonderful gift to share with someone.

You don't have to look any further for the simple beauty of Artisan Flowers. Peachtree Petals is a popular Atlanta Florist known for our quality, value, and our highly advertised free delivery throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Whether you need a bouquet delivered to Roswell, Norcross, Buckhead, or Symrna, we service these areas and more. Our professional designers and staff would love to custom design a bouquet for you to enjoy!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Atlanta Wedding Florist

Even if you are planning to host a small wedding, a talented and experienced wedding consultant or wedding floral planner, like Peachtree Petals, is truly an asset, especially if you are planning the wedding without the assistance of a wedding planner. 

First of all, an experienced wedding consultant will be familiar with local Atlanta venues and be able to offer constructive and solid guidance as to venue layout, existing color schemes and the scaling of the  reception flowers, in addition to their knowledge of seasonally available and appropriate blossoms.

Choosing an experienced Atlanta Wedding Florist, like Peachtree Petals, will also grant the bride to be access to a solid network of professional contacts, which will make for easy planning and seamless communication. No bride to be wants to get a phone call on the day of the wedding and have to try and track down someone to let the floral designer into the church or reception venue. Struggling to find a cake baker or a string quartet, an experienced premier Atlanta Wedding Consultant will have the trusted referrals right in his or her Rolodex or smartphone.

Many bridal magazines show magnificent and very expensive floral arrangements with out of season or very rare blossoms, which are simply not withing the budgets of many brides to be. An Atlanta Premier Wedding Florist can work within any budget, to ensure that even budget conscious brides can have the flowers of her dreams.

As with all things bridal the devil is in the details and working with a talented and experienced Atlanta Wedding Florist, brides can expect the flowers will come together perfectly, totally exceeding her wildest dreams. Many a bride finds that a collection of favorite photos and the images in her mind, of the perfect flowers, actually can be achieved and achieved with finesse, artistry and ease, when working with a talented and trustworthy Atlanta Wedding Florist, like the designers at Peachtree Petals.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Announcing Peachtree Petals' Floral Gift Club

Make Fresh Flowers a Regular Part of Your, or Someone Else's, Life

Our Floral Gift Club is a gift they'll never forget! Each week or month we'll deliver a breathtaking bouquet of seasonal and exotic flowers hand-selected by our professional floral experts. Each bouquet is chosen for its exquisite beauty, seasonality, and sensory effect and hand delivered fresh-cut right to your door. We offer weekly & monthly pricing and as a thank you to our loyal Floral Club Member, we offer a 15% discount to all members of the household for personal use. Discounts can be applied to any bouquet as well as wedding or events.

Here's how to it works: Call us at 678.336.1195 and speak to our design specialist. He will go over your billing  & shipping information and discuss what package works best for you. You can select from our 3, 6, 9 or 12 month programs. You will also need to specify what week you would like your deliveries made: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th week. Then we will take care of the rest.

We can increase or decrease the bouquet size and price to meet your design requirements.   All Bouquets include FREE delivery in Metro Atlanta.

The Floral Gift Club is a great gift or a convenient way to always enjoy fresh cut flowers in your home. So, order now and relax.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Book your wedding and get a FREE gift!

Get a FREE Bird Cage card holder and a throw away bouquet when you book your wedding with Peachtree Petals!

Book your wedding with us by June 30th 2012 and receive a free bird cage holder and toss away bouquet.

Peachtree Petals is a premier Atlanta Wedding Florist. Our Master Designers can mix or match any pieces to create the wedding of your dreams. We are here to make your day beautiful for the best floral value in Atlanta. Every wedding is treated with personal attention and within every budget  from a simple, elegant ceremony to a large, lavish wedding. Everything from bouquets for the entire wedding party to dozens of flower arrangements for the reception.

Each wedding bouquets & floral arrangements is designed special with the bride in mind. If you are looking for a wedding Florist in the Atlanta Metro area, get in touch with us to learn more about our services and visit us to see our extensive portfolio and talk about ideas for your wedding.

Visit our site to view examples of our floral arrangements for wedding ceremony, reception, bridal parties and more.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wonderful Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

"No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother’s love." ~ Edwin Chapin

Mothers go the extra mile to make sure everyone is happy, comfortable and safe. On this Mother's Day, you have the opportunity to show the Mother in your life just how special she is to you. If you are wondering what to give Mom for Mother's Day this year, below are a list of gift ideas that will help you show your mother your love and gratitude.

A Visit to the Spa for the Day
With all of the work a mother does everyday, give her a visit to the spa for some relaxation and rejuvenation. Mother's love to be pampered.

Write Her A Simple Letter 
There aren't many mothers out there that wouldn't completely melt while reading a hand-written letter by their favorite person, which is you. How to write the letter is completely up to you. But whatever you do, make sure you write it from the heart.

Is Mom A Techy? Buy Her A Gadget!
Some mother's are techies! They may want something more electronic. If your mother love gadgets and apps, why not give her the must-have top rated electronic gift. TechNewsDaily recently reported a PriceGrabber's survey showing that 13% of shoppers will buy their Mom a smart phone or a tablet this Mother's Day. She will probably jump for joy, give you a huge hug and then go play with her new gadget.

Take Her Somewhere Special.
Surprise her and take Mom to that special place she loves to dine at. You could also take her to a spot she would always take you when you were younger, which you've never forgotten. Experiences mean that much and more. Let her know how special she is as a mother and how much you appreciate her and add another memorable experience to her life.

Pay Mom A Visit 
Sometimes all a mother wants is you. When life has been busy and you have not been able to spend as much time with her as you would liked to, a simple visit to see her this Mother's Day would mean more than you'll ever know. No need for cards and large gifts--your presence and the sound of your voice will let her know she is truly loved. So get on the road!

If you do pay Mom a visit or get her a techy gadget, don't forget the flowers! There is nothing that says I love you more than wonderful bouquet of fresh, premium flowers. They can always accompany any other gift you decide to shower Mom with.

You don't have to look any further for premium flowers, Peachtree Petals can meet all your floral needs for Mother's Day! It's a special holiday, and Peachtree Petals is gearing up to make hundreds of Moms happy this year. Peachtree Petals is a popular Altanta Florist known for our quality, value, and our highly advertised free delivery throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Whether you need a bouquet delivered to Roswell, Norcross, Buckhead, or Symrna, we service these areas and more. Our professional designers and staff would love to create a Mother's Day bouquet your Mom will never forget!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Mother's Day Is #1 in Flower Sales!

The big day is right around the corner and florists are looking for not just their flowers to bloom, but their sales also. If we thought Valentine's Day was something, well here comes the biggest day for the florist industry of the year--Mother's Day!

According to the society of American Florists, one-fourth of the flowers sold throughout the entire year are sold during this holiday. More than a third of adults purchase Mother's Day flowers or plants. It is also the top holiday for floral sales due to the length of days it is celebrated. Raymond Brickner of the Flower Cart Florist Company in Indiana, stated in a report, "Mother's Day is easier because it is more spread out. We make deliveries the whole week before Mother's Day. On Valentine's Day, almost everyone wants the flowers to arrive that day."

It is no wonder Mommy Day is #1 when it comes to flower sales. Everyone doesn't have a significant other, however, everyone has a Mom or knows someone who is one. All the daily expressions of love we see done by our Mothers all around the world. They go to work, they feed the kids, they clean the house, they cook, they read bedtime stories, they shop, they shop again, they cheer at the baseball game every week, and all while looking good for their hubbies at the same time. What would we do without Mothers. They are recognized and honored on this special day.

If you plan on purchasing flowers for those special Moms, you don't have to look any further. Peachtree Petals is capable of meeting all your floral arrangement needs. From one-piece bouquets for your Mother at home, to bulk floral arrangements for all the company Moms, Peachtree Petals can provide quality floral arrangements at a great price. Just opening last year, the new Atlanta Florist has become popular for our simplicity, a customer- first attitude, and most notably, our free flower delivery service within the metro Atlanta area. With Mother's Day coming, Peachtree Petals is ready to help you make your Mom's day more special than ever this year!

References:; 3.7.11,, Lu Ann Franklin-Mother's Day is No. 1 for flower sales, florists say

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Peachtree Petals Announces New Nationwide Delivery Pricing!

We are one of the newest Atlanta florists and we are making tremendous headway in the industry. Our company is known for quality, simplicity, value, and our highly advertised great delivery prices. Peachtree Petals offers free delivery for the city of Atlanta and all metro Atlanta areas. Yet, that's not all. There's more!

We are pleased to announce our new delivery pricing for all our floral arrangements nationwide. With the purchase of a bouquet, Peachtree Petals can provide  customers with a standard $10 same-day delivery fee anywhere in the US. Customers outside of Georgia can now enjoy Atlanta's own Peachtree Petals flowers. Standard delivery is a 5 hour window timeframe to receive your stunning arrangement.

Our rush service option can't be beat as well, offering a premium 2 1/2 hour timeframe within metro Atlanta only, from creation to delivery, of a fresh bouquet of flowers. Rush service is an additional $8.99 to your floral arrangement. Therefore, even if it's a last minute order, Peachtree Petals can quickly get your flowers delivered.

Peachtree Petals is establishing itself as not only the Atlanta florist, but also as a national florist able to meet any of your floral needs. As professional florists, we guarantees your satisfaction with every order sent through Peachtree Petals and for delivery in the United States, Canada, and on all FTD branded products. We guarantee the highest quality arrangements for the best value. From an array of floral arrangements for various occasions, to a beautiful bouquet delivered right to your doorstep, Peachtree Petals can do it all!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Record Pollen Is Here!

With an early blooming season, spring pollen is here. Actually, it's everywhere! Record amounts of pollen has arrived in March and many states are getting something along with their nice sunshine.

This month, Atlanta experienced the highest pollen count the city has had in over 13 years reported CNN. The Atlanta Allergy and Asthma Clinic measured 8,164 particles of pollen per cubic meter of air. This was a record breaking particle count for the big city. Not only is there high pollen in Atlanta, but high counts of pollen have showed up in the southeast and southwest regions of the country. Knoxville, Tennessee was rated the #1 worst city for allergies in 2011, and with the early pollen releasing, the city has a high pollen rate this year as well.

Since winter was not that cold, plants and trees are releasing pollen much earlier. This has meant hay fever and varioius allergy symptoms for millions of people to contend with. "We’re seeing it in the patients who are having much more trouble this year than they’ve had in the past, because of the very high [pollen] counts and the prolonged season," said Dr Stanley Fineman at the AAAC and president of the American College of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology.

Many have the big question should I have any concerns about cut flowers causing allergies? All flowers have pollen. Most of the types of flowers within arrangements do not carry the type of pollen that causes allergies. Calla Lilies do have high pollen on their stamen, however, florists remove them because they can discolor the flower and probably due to its' pollen. If allergies are a very sensitive issue for the recipient, Orchids are the safest choice and stay away from Blossoms, Daisies, Sunflowers and Chrysanthemums. Also, stay away flowers with visible pollen and scented flowers. The less scent a flower has, the less pollen it will have.

Inspite of the pollen in Atlanta and nationwide, you can feel at peace with purchasing floral arrangements for that special someone. Atlanta florists like Peachtree Petals can provide you with a great floral arrangement and meet all of your floral needs, even weddings . The new florist creates stunning bouquets and is known for their free delivery services in the metro Atlanta area. Experts are available to answer any questions about certain flowers you may have. Even with all the pollen we are experiencing, you can still enjoy the beauty of flowers today!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

An Overall Successful Valentine's For Peachtree Petals

Peachtree Petals is proud to announce its' overall success for the 2012 Valentine's Day.

Peachtree Petals achieved fulfillment of over 1,200 orders between the day prior and on Valentine's Day. With the high volume of quality floral arrangements to be created and delivered, Peachtree Petals ended the holiday with an astounding on-time delivery success.

The NRF performed a 2012 Valentine’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions survey, finding total spending for this year's Valentine's Day would be expected to reach $17.6 billion. This was the highest spending per consumer in ten years. With the economy showing signs of recovery as well, numerous of florists nationwide indeed experienced a boom in sales, and it was no different for Peachtree Petals.

Beginning a week prior to Valentine's, orders were taken by the hundreds from a combination of sources.

These orders were created from customers via online. The Peachtree Petals website is very user friendly and customers can quickly create orders. Peachtree Petals Customer Care Team also accommodated an enormous amount of phone-in orders, with the goal of every single customer receives the highest quality attention and service.

Just entering the flower industry in 2011, the new Atlanta Florist got its' first taste of what the #1 holiday for flower sales is really like. From extensive hours of hard work in their florist center, to after hour deliveries, Peachtree Petals had a total team effort. Great companies are comprised of great leadership. To show the heart and level of commitment of Peachtree Petals, company President and Founder Mark McCurry was even involved from start to finish.

Peachtree Petals was honored last December by being designated as a Master FTD Florist. This prestigious honor is bestowed upon florists determined by FTD to be the best in the industry. Peachtree Petals is proud to be recognized as a Master FTD Florist.

Atlanta florist Peachtree Petals of 1231 Collier Road, Suite H in Atlanta, GA specializes in offering prompt delivery, excellent quality, and reasonable pricing on all of their floral designs, wedding arrangements, and bouquets. Peachtree Petals is known for their quality, simplicity, and most notably for their same day Atlanta free flower delivery service within the Atlanta Metro area.

References:, National Retail Federation, Americans to Pull Out All the Stops This Valentine’s Day

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Best Flowers For March Weddings

March is the month that follows the love month of February and is before April, known for the treasured Mother's Day.  Both months get so much attention, yet they happen to give March just a little bit of the spotlight.  However, March does present to us the one and only first day of what we know as Spring.  It is officially the first season of the year, symbolizing the fresh and the new.  It is truly a great, meaningful time for weddings, and there are just the right flowers to match.  If you are about to have your big day this month, there are recommended flowers for March weddings.

One of the best flowers for March weddings are the peonies really come into season during Spring and bear a different style of flower of their own. They are beautiful for a bride this time of year. They are very elegant.  With the peonies, it is important to specify to your florist whether you would like them in full-bloom, half-bloom, or both. Another flower for a March wedding is the chamelaucium, also known as the waxflower.  The flower is as significant as its' meaning, which richly says "Happiness in marriage". Its' flowers have a waxy-feel to them. They produce a fresh aroma when the petals are crushed.

Another flower that's excellent for March weddings are hyacinths. They have a lovely fragrance.  They also work well as a complimenting flower to roses.If you prefer to play it safe, a great flower choice would be the daffodils.  The daffodils are very popular during spring time.  Their meaning is "Unrequited love". They are beautiful and their array of colors, make them very versatile flower for using in weddings.  They can be made into floral arrangements, boutonnieres, corsages, and even wedding table centerpiece decor.  If you are undecided on certain aspects for your wedding flowers, you can always go with daffodils.

Tulips are recommended for March weddings as well.  They are so tender and fresh.  They come in a variety of the typical colors used during Spring, such as pink, lemon yellow, soft greens, and lavender.  Tulips are available year-round, yet are in peak season during your spring wedding.  As a result, you will find they will be reasonably priced.   Last but not least, the rose is fitting for every wedding.  Following the use of the deep rose colors such as red and hot pink during Valentine's Day, with a March wedding, it would be fitting for using more of the softer, gentler colors of the rose.

No matter which flowers you choose for your March wedding, they will only be as beautiful as the florist that is chosen that can create that desired wedding arrangement for you. Florists like Peachtree Petals is able to provide a variety of wedding bouquets and vast floral arrangements to meet your every floral need. Since last year, the new Atlanta florist has become well-known for its' quality, simplicity, and free delivery of the their arrangements. Peachtree Petals knows weddings and also has its' very own Atlanta floral wedding consultant, offering first-hand floral expertise to make sure you have the best flowers for your March wedding. You can be certain, Peachtree Petals will help your wedding day be simply unforgettable!


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Monday, February 20, 2012

Peachtree Petals Is a Master FTD Florist

Atlanta, GA (February 20, 2012) – Premier Atlanta florist Peachtree Petals announces that they have been designated as a Master FTD Florist. The honor is bestowed upon florists determined by FTD to be the best in the industry. Peachtree Petals is proud to be recognized as a Master FTD Florist.

Atlanta florist Peachtree Petals of 1231 Collier Road, Suite H in Atlanta, GA specializes in offering prompt delivery, excellent quality, and reasonable pricing on all of their floral designs and bouquets. Head floral designer Todd Hausman has over 25 years of creating floral arrangements for all occasions. He is dedicated to providing fantastic service and only the freshest flowers in all of his floral designs. Peachtree Petals works to deliver the best quality at the lowest prices by taking most orders over the phone or Internet. This keeps overhead low, and allows them to exceed their customer's expectations, not their budgets. To the staff at Peachtree Petals, going above and beyond is all part of what it takes to be a Master FTD florist.

Peachtree Petals is a well known Atlanta florist for their same day Atlanta free flower delivery service within the Atlanta Metro area. They even offer rush delivery for those instances when time is of the essence. Peachtree Petals delivers to homes and many other locations, such as hospitals, offices, hotels, and funeral homes. Their website is filled with testimonials from customers praising the Atlanta florist for their dedication to making timely floral deliveries, even in complicated circumstances. Each floral arrangement or bouquet is lovingly crafted by one of the trained floral designers at Peachtree Petals to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition. All deliveries are backed with a satisfaction guarantee.

FTD Master Florist Peachtree Petals creates floral designs for every occasion. They are proud to offer the FTD Better Homes and Garden bouquet collection. In addition, their florists create custom bouquets for every one of life's milestones, including weddings, births, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, congratulations, get well bouquets, sympathy arrangements, and more. The Atlanta florist has an extensive gallery of floral arrangements and bouquets on their website for easy ordering. Their floral designers are happy to work directly with clients to create breathtaking custom floral arrangements for weddings and other special events. Peachtree Petals also offers delivery of gift baskets, balloons, and chocolates.

Atlanta florist Peachtree Petals takes pride in delivering the freshest flowers at the most reasonable prices in Atlanta. Head Designer Todd Hausman and his team are known around Atlanta as the florist of choice for any occasion. As an FTD Master Florist, they are dedicated to always providing the best service to their customers. Visit the Peachtree Petals website at to view their extensive collection of floral arrangements or to place an order.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Top Valentine's Day Travel Getaways

Valentine's Day is a time when many couples look for opportunities to getaway. If you are looking to surprise your spouse or that special someone with a getaway for Valentine's Day, there are several great destinations to consider.

One place to travel to on Valentine's Day is Arizona. The state is turning 100 years old on February 14th and there are bound to be celebrations for this momentous occasion.
The state is full of attractions, not to mention it's sunny weather. If you are seeking to travel somewhere warm and stay in the United States, Arizona is the place. While you're there be sure to visit Sedona, Arizona which is a short drive from Phoenix. Sedona has been called the "Mecca for Artists" has the most breathtaking sites you'll ever see.

Another great Valentine's Day getaway destination to visit would be Churchill, Manitoba.  This year will be the most scenic time for visibility for the Northern Lights in 50 years!  It will be a wonderful experience.  Mexico, Bermuda, and Colombia are also great getaways for their beautiful beaches and low cost of travel.  Paris is the city of love and is known all over the world for its' romantic appeal.  While in Paris, be sure to take you sweetheart to see the Eiffel Tower, try a crepe, shop in the street markets, visit the Louvre, and take a memorable dinner cruise on the Sienne River.  With Valentine's Day landing on a Tuesday, it's a perfect travel time to catch some amazing mid-week flight deals and opportunities to save money.
If you just can't do any traveling this go around, don't let that stop you!  A great way to celebrate the holiday is to getaway right where you are.  The great city of Atlanta is going to have a lot to offer.  Blue Mark Studios will be hosting A Couple And A Canvas workshop where couples will have fun creating their own art masterpiece.  Botanical Gardens, located in Piedmont Park, has flowers galore.  You can have a picnic right in the park and then take a gentle stroll through Atlanta's largest garden attraction.

Ballooning over Atlanta is a romantic gesture also.  The balloon rides leave right before sunrise and sunset, therefore, the view of the city will be breathtaking.  Underground downtown Atlanta has an array of shopping, restaurants, and entertainment to take your beloved, where even you will find vendors playing sweet serenades and giving out roses as well.

While you are deciding on things to do on Valentine's Day for that special someone, do not forget the flowers.  Peachtree Petals has an assortment of stunning Valentine's Day bouquets to meet all of your floral needs.  The new Atlanta florist has become popular for their quality designs, simplicity, and offering the best value with free delivery.  From Valentine's Day bouquets to even a selection of flowers for him, Peachtree Petals has it all and is excited about making this year a Valentine's Day to remember!

References:  1.19.12,, Robert Reid, A Love Surprise: Perfect Valentine’s Day Getaways You Hadn’t Thought Of

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Best Flowers For Winter Weddings

Your big day is almost here and you have everything in place.  Well, almost everything.  The one thing that you have to decide on are your floral arrangements of choice to make your wedding day even more special.  Here are some great choices of flowers for winter weddings.

Cymbidium orchids are available this time of year and at lower prices.  They are chosen usually for beach and tropical weddings.  Marilyn Monroe even chose this flower as her bride bouquet for her wedding.  Tulips is another flower that can be used for winter weddings, in spite of it being typically out of season.  Florists have flowers shipped from hotter climates during the winter and/or grow them under glass.  It is no different with the tulip; it can be shipped to you.

Another beautiful, elegant choice is the ranunculus. These multi-petaled flowers have a variety of uses such as table centres, bouquets and boutonnieres.  They also range in colors including white, purple, deep red, orange, yellow and pink.  Gerberas or gerber daisies range in color also and are recommended.  Of course, if you can't decide on what you want, you can select the traditional red rose, which is always a dependable wedding flower. 

As you plan your winter wedding, be sure to take your time and choose a floral arrangement that you love and also ties in with your overall theme. Years later, you will be able to look back at your wedding photos and remember all over again your special day. Peachtree Petals is an Atlanta florist that knows weddings and can get you exactly what you're looking for.  Feel free to contact us, even for free consultation, and we will be more than happy to help make your winter wedding the best ever.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Really, Flowers For Him?

'Tis true, 'Tis true. Men like flowers too. Even the macho ones. In a survey, it was found that over 60% of men like receiving flowers. So who said men do not like receiving flowers? More than the flowers, men enjoy the thoughtfulness. The sweet gesture. To the average man, it is great knowing that someone simply had them on their mind. With the celebrated Valentine's Day holiday approaching, why not show your hunk that you love him by sending him a stunning bouquet of flowers. He may not tell his friends about it, but one things for sure he will appreciate the kind gesture.

Peachtree Petals, popularly known as Atlanta's finest flower shop, has a wide array of masculine flower arrangements that can melt the most manly heart. To show your love, how about sending a bouquet that has manly rust-colored Asiatic Lilies, orange Peruvian Lilies, red hypericum berries, and lush greens such as the "You're Special" Bouquet at Peachtree Petals. This arrangement shouts "Happy Valentine's Day, Baby! I'm so glad you're mine!" Peachtree Petals has this beautiful love bouquet and so many more to select from. As you prepare to select your arrangement for that special guy, don't forget to include some sort of food item. Whether it's snacks or fruit, we all know that men love to eat and he will treasure your thoughtfulness for a very long time.

More Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas For Him
  • Give him a card inviting him to a romantic night for two. Later on that evening, cook him his favorite meal and dance the night away.
  • Create for him a hand-crafted card with a poem written by you or a list of 20 reasons why you love him.
  • Join him for a full day of enjoying his favorite recreational activities.
  • Fork up the cash and purchase that big ticket item or electronic gadget he's been wanting.
  • Give him a huge gift bag filled with all of his favorites things.
  • Last but not least, tie a big red velvet bow around yourself, with a pair of classy red stiletto pumps. With the added touch of a flowers for him your in hand,  he will never forget it.
Valentine's Day is all about expressing your love for that special someone. Showing your love to that special guy in your life has never been easier. Peachtree Petals has floral arrangements that are created with you in mind. If you want to send roses, balloons, or a bear, they have it all.  Atlanta Florists like Peachtree Petals go the extra mile to ensure you will have a splendid arrangement sent to your sweetheart that will make it a holiday to remember.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Making The Life Of Your Flowers Last Longer

Flower are one of the greatest lively gifts given as an expression of gratitude and care.  It would also be a gift if the floral arrangement could remain as beautiful as the day we sent or received them.  We think to ourselves, "Only if they could last!"  The expected life span of a bouquet of flowers is at least 4 to 7 days.  However, they can last much longer.  Depending on the flowers and how well you care for them, will determine if the flowers will last longer that the expected life span.

Below are some helpful tips that will extend the life of your floral arrangement.
  • Be sure to keep the floral foam or vase filled with fresh warm water.   The flower food provided by your florist should be mixed with the water.  You will want to make sure you follow the instructions on the packet.  If your water begins to look cloudy and murky, empty the water and replace it with clean water and flower food.
  • Keep your flowers away from vents, radiators, on top of televisions, directly under ceiling fans, even sunny windows.  This may be contrary to the thinking flowers must need a lot of sun.  Excessive heat and the heat from appliances will cause flower dehydration and petals to wilt much faster than normal.
  • Make sure your floral arrangement is kept in a cool spot (65 to 75 degrees).  Do not set your bouquet near the refrigerator.  Refrigerators emits a type of humidity that can harm the flowers.  Also, fruits and vegetables release enzymes that can harm them.
  • Remove dying flowers daily. Decaying flowers can cause flower-killing organisms, which can clog stem ends also.  So promptly remove dying flowers, especially those that set in the container water.
  • A good suggestion is to replace the plant material to keep the arrangement looking full and new.
  • Cut off at a slant of 1 to 1 1/2 inches of each stem.  You will need to use a sharp knife as to not damage the stems.
  • Find out any other tips for keeping fresh the specific flowers that you have in your arrangement (i.e. carnations, lilies, hydrangeas, roses).
Taking a few moments in your day to care for your flowers, can result in you enjoying the beauty of your floral arrangement much longer.  Atlanta Florists like Peachtree Petals take steps of prompt care as well to make sure their customers receive the the best bouquet possible. They properly refrigerate, perform accurate stem-cutting, and quick, free delivery for all floral arrangements Peachtree Petals make sure you receive the highest quality floral arrangement to begin with, therefore, making it easy for your flowers to last.<

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Roses For Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day around the corner, people are preparing gifts to express their deepest love for one another.  To everyone around the world, no other flower compares to sending Valentine's Day roses.  According to, 110 million roses are sold during the three days surrounding Valentine's Day.  Although the majority sold are& red roses on Valentine's Day, the holiday yet includes the purchasing of an array of the flower's other beautiful colors.  There are variety of colors of the rose and they all have different meanings to communicate love for every level of relationship.

White Roses are symbolic of innocence and purity.  They express truth and are heavenly.  They work well when mixed with the red rose to communicate a bond and are the favorite rose for weddings.

Yellow Roses  communicate friendship and freedom.  These are not the roses to choose if you have other intentions than to be just a friend.  A best friend or colleague would love these.  You can also send yellow roses for occasions such as weddings, graduations, and new mothers.

Deep Pink Roses are used to express "Thank You".  It's rich color communicates the depth of what you mean, without the denotation of romantic love.

Peach Roses communicate appreciation and gratitude.  They are similar to how deep pink roses are used.

Orange Roses express enthusiasm and desire.

Two Roses Entwined speak of becoming engaged or marriage is drawing near.  This is a timely act for anyone desiring to propose on Valentine's Day.  You can explain the meaning of the entwined roses and then pop the question!

Red Rose + Yellow Rose denotes happiness and celebration.  It is a very lively expression.

Light Pink Roses communicate a joy to behold, fun, and happiness.  They are also great for the celebration of newborns.

Red Rose is the symbol of love.  It is the capturing of love, passion, grace, and romance, embodied in one flower.  This is the rose to express romantic relationship level and/or the desire to have one with someone.  It is the Valentine's Day Rose.

There are so many ways to use the unspeakable gift of roses to speak volumes to those we love on Valentine's Day.  There are also so many rose colors to choose from.  Whatever your decision may be, Peachtree Petals are able to provide the quality floral arrangement and rose colors you are looking for.  The new Atlanta florist defines themselves as being simple, quality, and also, free delivery of their floral arrangements.  Their experienced florists are more than capable and willing to help customers make their Valentine's Day the best one ever.

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