Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Choosing The Right Wedding Planner!

Weddings are priceless and are one the most memorable events a bride will have in life. From the beautiful gown of the bride and brides' maids, to the wedding decor and celebratory reception, weddings will always be unforgettable. Every bride wants their wedding to be all that they've dreamed of and more. As beautiful as you desire your wedding to be, it will not just happen. It does have to be carefully planned out by the right wedding planner to make your big day a success.

Having a wedding planner is not necessarily needed. You can plan your own wedding and cut your wedding costs. However, with a wedding planner on your side, you are able to spend your time on the things which matter most. Here are some tips on finding the right wedding planner for you.

End-To-End Planning - You want to find a wedding planner that is able to plan your wedding from beginning to end. That wedding planner will catch your vision for your wedding and be able to execute it. This includes contracting vendors for wedding decor, wedding flowers, catering, music, and more. The wedding planner will handle all the details required to make the occasion perfect and seamless.

Event Design - The right wedding planner will be able to be creative and put together to overall look of the wedding. They will also meet your budget, timelines and handle all of the logistics involved. The wedding planner will design the invites, return gifts, and decor. If you have a wedding decoration theme, the right wedding planner should have experience creating various event designs and show you examples of their work.

Understanding - It is crucial to choose the right wedding planner that can understand what you want for your wedding. This is not something that requires a lot of back and forth explaining your wedding desire. The right wedding planner that understands you, will make the entire process a whole lot easier, especially when it comes to the final product of your wedding. You will have what you wanted and it comes out perfect, not what someone else expected.

Find A Fun One - You want a wedding planner that is going to be cheery and fun! There is already so much to accomplish with planning a wedding, which if not careful, can become very stressful. The right wedding planner is composed, fun, positive, helps you to relax, and will be like a best friend. They will help you to only enjoy the journey, as well as the final destination of your big wedding day. Have the right wedding planner is a must, yet also you can't forget the flowers. Every wedding must have the best wedding bouquets and wedding decor to make it perfect! An excellent Atlanta Florist like Peachtree Petals can assist you in having the most beautiful wedding floral arrangements you will find. From wedding corsages to wedding centerpieces, Peachtree Petals is the florist for you! Our designers have over 25 years of combined experience and absolutely love their craft. We also offer free wedding consultations to discuss all of your wedding floral needs. We want to make your wedding unforgettable!

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Great September Wedding Ideas!

With summer almost gone, the fall season is preparing itself to come in with all of the transition nature brings during September. It is always beautiful to see September because it carries glimpses of summer and fall, all in the same month. This is why so many people find themselves enjoying September with activities such as vacations, getaways, outdoor birthday celebrations, and also even the most treasured of all--weddings!

If you need some great wedding ideas for September, you have dropped by at the right time. You are not alone when is comes to planning your September wedding. There are great September wedding ideas you can use to make you big day memorable! These amazing ideas will have you speechless and help you not be in a crunch while planning your wedding.

Autumn Theme: There is truly nothing like all of the mix of colors that begin in the month of September, which can be a great idea for an autumn theme wedding. This type of wedding can still be held outdoors because in many places in the country it is still warm. Also, costs for this type of wedding will definitely be less, so you have more to spend in other areas of your wedding.

Fall Foods: Use fall foods that really highlight and compliment the month of September. Candied pecan nuts is great snack for guests as they talk and have fun at your reception. You can also have fall desserts like apple tarts, which are delightful. You could have caramel apples within specialized wedding ribbons, or chocolates shaped like leaves.

Fall Colors: In September, a great wedding ideas to include fall colors within your wedding color theme. You can use colors such as bronze, red or gold within your wedding decor, such as on your dining tables or in your ceremony. Some great fall color combinations include red and orange, chocolate and red, or eggplant and olive.

September Flowers: September has its' own birth flowers of month, which would be a great idea to incorporate within your September wedding. These flowers are the aster, the morning glory and the forget-me-not. There are other wonderful flowers to select from also, however, this can be a great start to come up with a fresh, new wedding idea.

Yes, flowers are a must in any wedding! Even while using these great September wedding ideas, you will definitely need an excellent Atlanta Florist like Peachtree Petals to assist you to provide the best wedding bouquets in September. Peachtree Petals has designers with over 25 years of combined experience perfecting their craft. Also, if you would like to discuss the best flowers for your September wedding, we offer free wedding consultations. We pride ourselves on quality and would love to make your September wedding unforgettable!

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