Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Peachtree Petals Announces New Nationwide Delivery Pricing!

We are one of the newest Atlanta florists and we are making tremendous headway in the industry. Our company is known for quality, simplicity, value, and our highly advertised great delivery prices. Peachtree Petals offers free delivery for the city of Atlanta and all metro Atlanta areas. Yet, that's not all. There's more!

We are pleased to announce our new delivery pricing for all our floral arrangements nationwide. With the purchase of a bouquet, Peachtree Petals can provide  customers with a standard $10 same-day delivery fee anywhere in the US. Customers outside of Georgia can now enjoy Atlanta's own Peachtree Petals flowers. Standard delivery is a 5 hour window timeframe to receive your stunning arrangement.

Our rush service option can't be beat as well, offering a premium 2 1/2 hour timeframe within metro Atlanta only, from creation to delivery, of a fresh bouquet of flowers. Rush service is an additional $8.99 to your floral arrangement. Therefore, even if it's a last minute order, Peachtree Petals can quickly get your flowers delivered.

Peachtree Petals is establishing itself as not only the Atlanta florist, but also as a national florist able to meet any of your floral needs. As professional florists, we guarantees your satisfaction with every order sent through Peachtree Petals and for delivery in the United States, Canada, and on all FTD branded products. We guarantee the highest quality arrangements for the best value. From an array of floral arrangements for various occasions, to a beautiful bouquet delivered right to your doorstep, Peachtree Petals can do it all!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Record Pollen Is Here!

With an early blooming season, spring pollen is here. Actually, it's everywhere! Record amounts of pollen has arrived in March and many states are getting something along with their nice sunshine.

This month, Atlanta experienced the highest pollen count the city has had in over 13 years reported CNN. The Atlanta Allergy and Asthma Clinic measured 8,164 particles of pollen per cubic meter of air. This was a record breaking particle count for the big city. Not only is there high pollen in Atlanta, but high counts of pollen have showed up in the southeast and southwest regions of the country. Knoxville, Tennessee was rated the #1 worst city for allergies in 2011, and with the early pollen releasing, the city has a high pollen rate this year as well.

Since winter was not that cold, plants and trees are releasing pollen much earlier. This has meant hay fever and varioius allergy symptoms for millions of people to contend with. "We’re seeing it in the patients who are having much more trouble this year than they’ve had in the past, because of the very high [pollen] counts and the prolonged season," said Dr Stanley Fineman at the AAAC and president of the American College of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology.

Many have the big question should I have any concerns about cut flowers causing allergies? All flowers have pollen. Most of the types of flowers within arrangements do not carry the type of pollen that causes allergies. Calla Lilies do have high pollen on their stamen, however, florists remove them because they can discolor the flower and probably due to its' pollen. If allergies are a very sensitive issue for the recipient, Orchids are the safest choice and stay away from Blossoms, Daisies, Sunflowers and Chrysanthemums. Also, stay away flowers with visible pollen and scented flowers. The less scent a flower has, the less pollen it will have.

Inspite of the pollen in Atlanta and nationwide, you can feel at peace with purchasing floral arrangements for that special someone. Atlanta florists like Peachtree Petals can provide you with a great floral arrangement and meet all of your floral needs, even weddings . The new florist creates stunning bouquets and is known for their free delivery services in the metro Atlanta area. Experts are available to answer any questions about certain flowers you may have. Even with all the pollen we are experiencing, you can still enjoy the beauty of flowers today!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

An Overall Successful Valentine's For Peachtree Petals

Peachtree Petals is proud to announce its' overall success for the 2012 Valentine's Day.

Peachtree Petals achieved fulfillment of over 1,200 orders between the day prior and on Valentine's Day. With the high volume of quality floral arrangements to be created and delivered, Peachtree Petals ended the holiday with an astounding on-time delivery success.

The NRF performed a 2012 Valentine’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions survey, finding total spending for this year's Valentine's Day would be expected to reach $17.6 billion. This was the highest spending per consumer in ten years. With the economy showing signs of recovery as well, numerous of florists nationwide indeed experienced a boom in sales, and it was no different for Peachtree Petals.

Beginning a week prior to Valentine's, orders were taken by the hundreds from a combination of sources.

These orders were created from customers via online. The Peachtree Petals website is very user friendly and customers can quickly create orders. Peachtree Petals Customer Care Team also accommodated an enormous amount of phone-in orders, with the goal of every single customer receives the highest quality attention and service.

Just entering the flower industry in 2011, the new Atlanta Florist got its' first taste of what the #1 holiday for flower sales is really like. From extensive hours of hard work in their florist center, to after hour deliveries, Peachtree Petals had a total team effort. Great companies are comprised of great leadership. To show the heart and level of commitment of Peachtree Petals, company President and Founder Mark McCurry was even involved from start to finish.

Peachtree Petals was honored last December by being designated as a Master FTD Florist. This prestigious honor is bestowed upon florists determined by FTD to be the best in the industry. Peachtree Petals is proud to be recognized as a Master FTD Florist.

Atlanta florist Peachtree Petals of 1231 Collier Road, Suite H in Atlanta, GA specializes in offering prompt delivery, excellent quality, and reasonable pricing on all of their floral designs, wedding arrangements, and bouquets. Peachtree Petals is known for their quality, simplicity, and most notably for their same day Atlanta free flower delivery service within the Atlanta Metro area.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Best Flowers For March Weddings

March is the month that follows the love month of February and is before April, known for the treasured Mother's Day.  Both months get so much attention, yet they happen to give March just a little bit of the spotlight.  However, March does present to us the one and only first day of what we know as Spring.  It is officially the first season of the year, symbolizing the fresh and the new.  It is truly a great, meaningful time for weddings, and there are just the right flowers to match.  If you are about to have your big day this month, there are recommended flowers for March weddings.

One of the best flowers for March weddings are the peonies really come into season during Spring and bear a different style of flower of their own. They are beautiful for a bride this time of year. They are very elegant.  With the peonies, it is important to specify to your florist whether you would like them in full-bloom, half-bloom, or both. Another flower for a March wedding is the chamelaucium, also known as the waxflower.  The flower is as significant as its' meaning, which richly says "Happiness in marriage". Its' flowers have a waxy-feel to them. They produce a fresh aroma when the petals are crushed.

Another flower that's excellent for March weddings are hyacinths. They have a lovely fragrance.  They also work well as a complimenting flower to roses.If you prefer to play it safe, a great flower choice would be the daffodils.  The daffodils are very popular during spring time.  Their meaning is "Unrequited love". They are beautiful and their array of colors, make them very versatile flower for using in weddings.  They can be made into floral arrangements, boutonnieres, corsages, and even wedding table centerpiece decor.  If you are undecided on certain aspects for your wedding flowers, you can always go with daffodils.

Tulips are recommended for March weddings as well.  They are so tender and fresh.  They come in a variety of the typical colors used during Spring, such as pink, lemon yellow, soft greens, and lavender.  Tulips are available year-round, yet are in peak season during your spring wedding.  As a result, you will find they will be reasonably priced.   Last but not least, the rose is fitting for every wedding.  Following the use of the deep rose colors such as red and hot pink during Valentine's Day, with a March wedding, it would be fitting for using more of the softer, gentler colors of the rose.

No matter which flowers you choose for your March wedding, they will only be as beautiful as the florist that is chosen that can create that desired wedding arrangement for you. Florists like Peachtree Petals is able to provide a variety of wedding bouquets and vast floral arrangements to meet your every floral need. Since last year, the new Atlanta florist has become well-known for its' quality, simplicity, and free delivery of the their arrangements. Peachtree Petals knows weddings and also has its' very own Atlanta floral wedding consultant, offering first-hand floral expertise to make sure you have the best flowers for your March wedding. You can be certain, Peachtree Petals will help your wedding day be simply unforgettable!


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