Monday, May 18, 2020

2020 Wedding Trends: Centerpieces

Saying I do! is the easy part of a wedding.

Finding the perfect flowers to celebrate the biggest day of your life can be a massive and important decision. Flowers set the mood for our celebration. Wedding centerpieces set the wow factor for our special day.

Bold and ornate arrangements can create a formal atmosphere. Simple and elegant arrangements can create a softer, more intimate feel. The flowers you pick can help organize and plan your day to fit your perfect wedding vision.

Let's take a look at some of the 2020 wedding trends for floral centerpieces.

Wedding Wow — 2020 Wedding Trends for Centerpieces

You found the perfect person. You found the perfect dress. You found the perfect venue.
All you have left to do is find the perfect flowers and show up at the alter.

When it comes to finding the perfect flowers for your centerpieces, you've got options. From budgets to blowouts, there is a flower arrangement for every bride and groom. Here are a few of the biggest centerpiece wedding trends of 2020.

It's All About That Vase

Wedding centerpieces tend to revolve around the vase.

A low, wide vase can create a spill-over effect. Flowers look as though they are growing wild and free. These types of wedding centerpieces can create a laid-back feel.

A tall, narrow vase can create a more regal effect. This type of vase requires long-stemmed flowers. Many times, using tall vases means that you'll need to use quite a few different flowers to create a full look.

There is a growing trend with popular wedding centerpieces of 2020 to use more natural bases and vases. Wood, stone, and even clay pots are becoming a go-to base for the big day.

It's What's on the Inside that Counts

Flowers have meaning. Colors matter.

When choosing the perfect wedding centerpiece, flower meanings should be considered. Most of the time, we choose our flowers based on the colors we like most, as well as their aroma.

Don't be afraid to add a little bit of trivia and fun to your special day, though, with a meaningful color scheme.

Deeper hues like red, orange, and yellow tend to hint at passion and romance. However, these hues are more indicative of strength, joy, and happiness. Softer hues like green, blue, and pink promote a feeling of optimism, peace, and joy.

Love those lavender hues? These purple colors give a vibe of pride, admiration, grace, and elegance.
Choosing to create centerpieces based on color meaning can add a whole new element of fun to your perfect day.

The Bouquet's Bestie

Centerpieces should highlight your bouquet.

Your floral arrangements should be complementary to your bouquet. The flowers do not have to match, but you should be consistent with your overall color scheme.

The 2020 wedding trends, when it comes to perfect centerpieces, focus on color palettes and mood.
A rustic wedding may lean towards green and yellow hues. Choose a few bold flowers for your bouquet and then complement with garden centerpieces filled with sunflowers, yellow snapdragons, or field flowers.

A modern, formal wedding may present the perfect opportunity for bold flowers. Pair a bouquet of red roses or pink peonies with contemporary centerpieces filled with green fuji mums, pink gerbera daisies, and/or pink roses.

Are you dreaming of a more alternative type of wedding?

There are some really impressive wedding trends of 2020 that incorporate feathers, fruit, and even candy. If this sounds like your type of bouquet arrangement, you'll want to pair with a centerpiece that is equally as awesome and delicious.

A Season of Love

When choosing flowers, you'll want to find what's blooming, what's in season, and what's locally available. A wedding budget kiss of death is picking flowers that need to be shipped in from a far off location.

Your bouquet should represent colors, smells, and meanings that are special to you or to your relationship. With the hundreds of flowers available, you'll surely be able to find the right color to fit any budget.

If flower choice is paramount to your wedding, then make sure you plan your ceremony and reception during its season.

Great spring flower ideas include using roses, peonies, tulips, and calla lilies. Summer picks could include orchids, daisies, sunflowers, and chrysanthemums.

Feeling like fall is the time to say I do? Dahlias, lisianthus, calla lilies, and roses are all great picks. For a winter wedding, consider amaryllis, sweet peas, camellias, poinsettias, and gardenias.
There are a handful of gorgeous floral options to choose from during any season.

Stick with flowers that are in season. You don't want to deal with wilted flowers before the wedding ceremony begins.

Decide on the Vibe

When choosing centerpieces for your wedding, there should be some type of theme or pattern. However, it doesn't have to be a traditional one.

Some of the biggest 2020 wedding trends include warm and inviting colors, as well as a casual chic vibe. Many brides and grooms are opting for more non-traditional flowers and color schemes when it comes to decor.

Using lots of sprawling greenery on the tables, as well as multiple shades of the same flower color for centerpieces is a growing trend. Pairing white roses, white calla lilies, and white gardenias with an array of greens against a wood base can be very visually appealing. Plus, this type of centerpiece can easily fit both casual and formal affairs.

On the opposite spectrum, some truly impressive centerpieces of 2020 included a ton of color. Mixing bright hues together like pinks, greens, purples, blues, and oranges can make a fun, vibrant centerpiece.

Pick your vibe and match your flowers accordingly.

I Do Love That Centerpiece

Planning your wedding is fun. It's an experience of a lifetime.

There are hundreds of flowers to choose from when it comes to planning your special day. Don't feel overwhelmed, though. The best approach to finding the perfect petals for your big day is to use a professional and experienced florist.

Ready to pick your flowers and design your centerpieces? We'd love to help!

Let us help you figure out the perfect, in-season flowers that will fit your vision and your budget. Schedule a consultation and we'll design your dream centerpieces. You've said yes. Let us do the rest.