Friday, July 27, 2012

Finding The Perfect Wedding Flower Consultant

When shopping for the best premier Atlanta wedding florist a helpful tip is to look and listen before you tell the wedding consultant or florist exactly what you want. In many cases, florists and floral consultants will have a portfolio in their shop or on their website. Invest some time looking at their past work. Ask them questions about their floral design process. What flowers do they love and what flowers do they like least. More importantly, ask them why? Ask them about where they source their flowers and more importantly what flowers will be in season and therefore likely more budget friendly at the time of the wedding. While the package pricing and the bottom line is a key factor in the final purchasing decision, understanding their design process and passions will greatly impact if they are the designer for you.

In addition to reviewing their portfolio and discussing their design process, it is helpful to have ideas which inspire you. Tear out the photos from those bridal magazines, of styles which you like and most important any trends which you really cannot stand. If you have a favorite flower and are not seeing it featured in the current trends, jump online and find photos you can take with you to the wedding floral appointment.

Be prepared to show the designer the colors you will be using, color swatches can be very helpful. Having an understanding of the reception venue and the lay out, including the number of windows and time of the recpetion are important details to provide the designer. Talk about the season and the tempature, as some flowers, no matter how beautiful, just won't stack up to a hot Atlanta summer, despite even the premier Atlanta floral designers best efforts.

As with any artistic decision, ask for refrences. A premier Atlanta floral designer will not hesitiate to offer you a refrence or two. This is a major decision and it is important to do the research and make sure other brides feel that the consultation yielded the flowers of her dream.

While it is tempting to show up at the consultation, rattle off a list of must haves and move on crossing flowers off your long bridal to do list, it really is better to ask and explore with the floral consultant and past clients, so that you get the flowers of your dreams at a value which will make the groom sigh with relief.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Artisan Flowers Collection

Artisan floral arrangements are designed to compliment, in a simple fashion, any living space and can also make for a great gift to that special someone. Artisan bouquets are designed to embrace both beauty and simplicity. Therefore Peachtree Petals, Atlanta's premier florist shop, is proud to present it's unique Artisan Flower Collection. It's a premium collection of arrangements that are inspired by the English Gardens and the love of gardening. Based on the simplicity and raw beauty of flowers, each arrangement was designed using simple vases, minimal greenery and flowers so beautiful, yet so simple that they could have been grown in your own backyard.

From the collection, is the Blank Canvas Bouquet. It is a pure white oriental lily surrounded by the brilliant colors of pink roses, purple stock, orange lilies. Placed in a simple glass cube with green ribbon, this flower displays simple elegance.

The Kale-ifornia Bouquet beautifully brings the gardens of California right into your home. This glass cylinder is filled with purple kale and surrounded by green hydrangeas, mini callas, lavender roses, scabiosa and waxflower. Variegated lily grass accents the top by looping over the arrangement. This beautiful arrangement can be enjoyed on a side table or as the focal point on a dining room table.

Also in the collection is a stunning Rose Garden Bouquet. Arranged with 30 rose stems that are hand tied and placed in a 5" square glass cube. Accented with equisetum bent over the roses. This would be a wonderful gift to share with someone.

You don't have to look any further for the simple beauty of Artisan Flowers. Peachtree Petals is a popular Atlanta Florist known for our quality, value, and our highly advertised free delivery throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Whether you need a bouquet delivered to Roswell, Norcross, Buckhead, or Symrna, we service these areas and more. Our professional designers and staff would love to custom design a bouquet for you to enjoy!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Atlanta Wedding Florist

Even if you are planning to host a small wedding, a talented and experienced wedding consultant or wedding floral planner, like Peachtree Petals, is truly an asset, especially if you are planning the wedding without the assistance of a wedding planner. 

First of all, an experienced wedding consultant will be familiar with local Atlanta venues and be able to offer constructive and solid guidance as to venue layout, existing color schemes and the scaling of the  reception flowers, in addition to their knowledge of seasonally available and appropriate blossoms.

Choosing an experienced Atlanta Wedding Florist, like Peachtree Petals, will also grant the bride to be access to a solid network of professional contacts, which will make for easy planning and seamless communication. No bride to be wants to get a phone call on the day of the wedding and have to try and track down someone to let the floral designer into the church or reception venue. Struggling to find a cake baker or a string quartet, an experienced premier Atlanta Wedding Consultant will have the trusted referrals right in his or her Rolodex or smartphone.

Many bridal magazines show magnificent and very expensive floral arrangements with out of season or very rare blossoms, which are simply not withing the budgets of many brides to be. An Atlanta Premier Wedding Florist can work within any budget, to ensure that even budget conscious brides can have the flowers of her dreams.

As with all things bridal the devil is in the details and working with a talented and experienced Atlanta Wedding Florist, brides can expect the flowers will come together perfectly, totally exceeding her wildest dreams. Many a bride finds that a collection of favorite photos and the images in her mind, of the perfect flowers, actually can be achieved and achieved with finesse, artistry and ease, when working with a talented and trustworthy Atlanta Wedding Florist, like the designers at Peachtree Petals.