Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Best Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Wife!

No matter how much time goes by when you’re married, your wife is still loved and cherished, just as the first day you both met. As you remember the reasons you married her, your depth of love changes for the better. Over time, it gets deeper and is strengthened. The experiences you've shared have had their part in shaping your friendship as well, and your marriage has become more beautiful in your eyes. This is the reason for celebrating your marriage anniversary. This is the reason to celebrate her.

Women love nice things and on your anniversary you can’t help but to spoil her. Your wife may or may not say it, but she loves gifts and they will always put a warm smile on her face. You can show just how much you adore your wife by giving her a gift on your wedding anniversary. If you need some ideas, here are a number of the Best Anniversary Gift Ideas just for your wife.

Create A Time Capsule – One heartfelt and fun anniversary gift idea is to make a time capsule. Your wife cherishes all the wonderful memories that you have shared together and she will find no greater pleasure than to have a time capsule of them. This can include photos, cards, old letters, ticket stubs, flight tickets, and other memorabilia. You both can reminisce on all of your marriage years up to now and in the years to come, as you add more memories to your anniversary time capsule.

Can You Say Romantic Vacation? – There's nothing like the gift of a vacation. Let your wife play and take her away on a dream vacation. No kids, no mommy and no work will equate to a very happy spouse that will enjoy celebrating her anniversary to the utmost. Take some time on the internet, find her favorite spot and go for it! If you can’t afford it, take her somewhere for a few days, even if you have to rough it and drive. Remember, the key is to be romantic!

One Day Spa Treatment – Another great anniversary gift idea is giving your wife a day at the spa. A gift to the spa is one of a woman’s constant desires that will never get dull. Women absolutely love spa treatments! This anniversary gift idea allows your wife to get all the pampering and relaxation a woman needs. This is a gift that expresses your thoughtfulness towards her, and she will love you more for it.

Diamond Ring And Necklace – Next to you, diamonds can be a wife's best friend anytime! You can't go wrong with getting your wife a diamond necklace. These range in price, therefore, you should be able to find one to meet whatever your budget is. Above all, give here an upgrade on her marriage ring, or even start a new tradition by giving her an anniversary ring that she’ll always remember.

Anniversary Flowers – No matter what you do, no anniversary is complete without Anniversary Flowers. One of the most beloved anniversary gift ideas will always be flowers, and no one does Anniversary Flowers better than Peachtree Petals. From roses to calla lilies, Peachtree Petals has the fresh, high-quality flowers your wife desires. For the Best Anniversary Bouquets, Peachtree Petals does it all! Visit us at www.peachtreepetals.com or call us today!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Celebrate Back to School With Flowers

It’s that time of year again! We can hardly believe how quickly the summer has flown by. It’s time for kindergartners to climb the steps of that big yellow bus for the very first time leaving proud teary eyed parents behind; for college freshmen to move in and be on their own for the first time in their life leaving proud and teary eyed parents behind; for the high school senior to walk through the double doors for their last first day of school. Back to school is such a joyful and anxious time for students, parents, and even teachers. We want to help you celebrate life’s little moment with flowers.

For the parents sending their little ones off to school for the very first time who have lovingly packed their first sack lunch and made sure all 100 Crayola colors are available, let them know you’re thinking of them on this bittersweet day by sending them flowers. For parents sending their not so little ones off to college for the first time, helping them set up their dorm rooms, meeting their roommate, and navigating where their classes will be before driving home to an empty nest, send them a gorgeous bouquet to let them know how happy you are for them. Bright, fragrant blooms in their house will help stave off the loneliness as they adjust in the first few weeks without their baby.

For parents of students who seem to have grown up much too fast, we recommend our Wildflower Mix bouquet. This stunning arrangement of Sunflowers, Queen Annes Lace, blue thistle, liatrice, and limonium arrives in a beautiful ceramic vase bringing all of the colors of and fragrances of a meadow into the home and heart of your recipient.

While you’re browsing West Los Angeles’ premier florist’s website, searching for bouquets to send to these proud parents, don’t forget about the students. Sending a small bouquet for that kindergartner is the perfect way to say how proud of them you are and to remind them how exciting and fun school is going to be. Let the new freshman in your life know how much they’re loved as the begin to fight off homesickness by brightening their dorm with a gorgeous Peachtree Petals arrangement. Research has proven that just by having flowers in your home can reduce stress and increase endorphin creating a sense of happiness and calm, just what these new students needs.

The Big Hug bouquet is perfect to send a big hug to students of all ages as they head back to school. This bouquet is truly adorable. Available in three different size options, recipients of the Big Hug bouquet will feel you giving them a squeeze when they receive it. Featuring a six inch teddy bear hugging a pale green ceramic case, your recipient will receive the perfect expression of love with lavender Peruvian Lilies, magenta Mini Carnations, and verdant greens.

Lastly, we can’t forget about the teachers who work tirelessly to make the school year a success for our students. Teachers are often overlooked in the back to school process but without them we would not have cause for celebration. Send your favorite teacher our Smile Bouquet. This dazzling arrangement of huge sunflower blooms with solidago greens and a clear glass vase will put a smile on the face of every teacher who receives it and will brighten their classrooms and their days.

West Los Angeles florist, Peachtree Petals, delights in assisting you in selecting the perfect arrangement to send to parents, teachers, and students as the back-to-school season is under full swing. As you browse our website, if you are unable to find the exact style of arrangement you would like, our florists would be happy to create something just for you. With over 35 years of combined experience, our talent florists enjoy creating unique bouquets that will surely bring a smile the faces of recipients. Peachtree Petals specializes in special occasion flowers for occasions such as this as well as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, weddings, and more. From wedding corsages to gourmet gift baskets, Peachtree has everything you could need in a florist.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wedding Etiquette Dos and Don'ts

A bride faces an infinite amount of details when planning her wedding. Everything from the song order the DJ plays to considering dietary restrictions of guests and who not to seat with whom during dinner. Navigating all of the issues that arise in wedding planning can be difficult even with a competent wedding planner. To help you avoid any pitfalls along the way, we've put together a quick list of etiquette dos and don'ts to help you more easily steer through the sometimes murky waters of wedding planning.

With technology always at our fingertips we've become reliant on social media to make huge announcements for us. And why not? Instead of having to call everyone you know to catch them up with some big news, why not just link your Facebook post to your Twitter and Instagram accounts and be finished with it? This is perfect for little news like a promotion or the purchase of a new vehicle; however, it is not appropriate for announcing your engagement before letting your inner circle of friends and family know. Tell your closest friends and family members in person if possible, or through FaceTime if distance is an issue. They’ll feel great you wanted to tell them as soon as possible. Once you've let grandma in on the exciting news change your Facebook status and let the love pour in from everyone you know.

While shying away from technology is more appropriate for the announcement of your engagement, it is very appropriate for your wedding registry. According to Brides.com, couples should not include wedding registries with their invitations. You want invited guests to feel like their presence on your big day is more important than their presents. Brides.com suggests putting your registry on your wedding website like TheKnot.com and including a link to the site within your invitations. Then invited guests are able to seek more details about your impending nuptials such as attire, directions, and your registry.

Once the wedding registry has been made available it's time to think wedding shower. Wedding shower guests should only be the bride's closest friends and family members. Due to the exclusivity to the guest list, it goes without saying the same people invited to the shower will also be invited to the wedding. Asking someone to attend your wedding shower but not your wedding is a huge don’t when it comes to wedding planning. That makes it seem as if you only invited them for the gifts.

On the day brides say "I do," they'll be running around quite a big between hair and makeup, the ceremony, pictures, and then the fun at the reception. Its easy for a bride to forget something that she's not directly involved in on this hectic day, yet it is important for the newlyweds to remember to feed the DJ, photographer, and other wedding vendors. Most wedding vendors work more than eight hours at weddings - that's an incredibly long day without food! Work the cost of these meals into your wedding budget and be sure you work out with your vendors their preferred dish if there are plated meal options, and be sure to plan accordingly when working with caterers. Find some place quiet for vendors to take a short break to enjoy their dinner away from the hustle and bustle of the reception. Ask your photographer if he/she would mind eating in the main area just in case the perfect shot comes along.

The frenzied wedding planning couples endure for the dream wedding is tremendous, and the big day is so bustling it seems to fly by. In the wake of this it is easy to let one or two details slip through the cracks. Marietta florist, Peachtree Petals, is here to help you make sure the gorgeous details of your wedding do not. Peachtree Petals specializes in Marietta weddings from boutonnieres and bouquets to hairpieces and centerpieces, the FTD certified florist is the wedding florist for the Atlanta metro area according to a survey conducted by the wedding planning website TheKnot.com. With over 35 years of combined experience these competent florists delight in working with brides. Marietta couples planning their dream wedding should contact Peachtree Petals today to schedule their free wedding consultation to discuss ideas for their big day and get a price estimate sure to please any budget.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Saving Money on Wedding Venues

As we reported in May, the average American wedding costs a whopping $30,000.00, according to WeddingWire.com survey. Brides can really start feeling the stress of having the wedding of their dreams while remaining within their budget. Atlanta florist, Peachtree Petals, believe no one should have to forfeit their vision, so we've developed a few cost saving tips for wining and dining your guests for less.

Wed Beyond Mealtime: Serving a complete meal at the reception can get tricky. Between deciding on buffet or family style serving, a plated meal that gives guests two options, dietary restrictions for certain guests, and including kid-friendly foods, the planning and execution of serving a meal quickly becomes overwhelming. We recommend to plan your soiree around mealtimes rather than during mealtimes. By switching up the time of your reception, guests will have already eaten and won’t be expecting a full four-course meal. Instead of serving a full meal, focus on a cocktail reception with signature cocktails that tell a story and appetizers. You can also have a fun cocktail hour featuring dessert wines and decadent desserts. Who will even miss dinner as they snack the night away?

Add a Little Sparkle: Continuing to think with mealtimes in mind, why not have a Mimosa or Bloody Mary (or both!) bar? Having a cocktail hour earlier saves on having to shell out for tons of liquor and expensive dinner foods. These low-key drinks require very few ingredients, all of which could be purchased from a bulk retailer like Costco or Sam’s Club. You can then artfully arrange add-ins or garnishes for guests to choose from as they build their own drink. These light drinks not only are cost effective, but the sparkling wine within your mimosa will create a truly sparkling reception.

Haul in Your Savings By the Truck Load: Food trucks are a perfect option for smaller guest lists as fewer trucks will go a long way. Hiring food trucks can save on your food serving costs while providing variety for guests. Guests will enjoy a mix of flavors from BBQ and taco trucks, to pizza trucks, or Jamaican cuisine. Too often we see food going to waste at receptions, but a wide variety of choices will be pleasing to guests with dietary restrictions, children, and those that are simply picky eaters, and cut down on food waste. Don’t forget the dessert truck! We love doughnut food trucks or carnival inspired fare like deep-fried Twinkies!

Limit the Guest List: As with the concept of fewer food trucks being able to comfortably serve a small guest list, having a smaller guest list regardless of your food and drink choices just makes sense. With less people to feed on your big day, you’ll have to provide less food and drink. This simple math allows you to have the event you dream of without having to empty your pockets.

BYOB: Perfect for low-key, natural wedding spaces, invite guests to bring a beverage of their choice. It is unrealistic to serve every guest’s favorite spirit, so invite them to imbibe on something they know they’ll enjoy: something they brought from home. You could even setup a DIY bar area where guests can share their drinks and get a chance to mingle with one another while trying other drinks all at no cost to you!

It seems as if the higher the cost of an average wedding climbs, the more options there are for brides to save. Located at 1450 W. Peachtree St., NW, Peachtree Petals is Atlanta’s premier wedding florist. The dedicated team at Peachtree strives to see brides happy on their special day. The look on the face of a bride we've worked with is one of the best job perks. In order to see these happy faces, we must look at ways for brides to save while still maintaining their vision. You can play with venues, menus, and attire to create room in your budget, but one thing you simply cannot afford to scrimp on is wedding flowers.

Schedule a free wedding consultation today at our Buckhead Atlanta florist to begin the wonderful journey of planning your dream wedding with us. We will work with you for your design aesthetic and budget by utilizing the freshest, in-season flowers, flat-rate delivery, and free setup on the day of your wedding. From corsages to centerpieces, we've got you covered, and we invite you to browse our comprehensive wedding portfolio online and while you’re there, schedule your complimentary consultation to get started right away.