Monday, January 27, 2014

Wedding Floral Trends

Wedding season is just around the corner. For wedding vendors like Peachtree Petals, Atlanta's premium wedding florist, this is one of the busiest times of the year. While we may be a bit biased, we believe with the exception of the blushing bride, wedding flowers are the most important elements on your wedding day. Floral arrangements possess the power to transform an ordinary courthouse, chapel, or reception hall into a venue fit for a bridal princess. With gorgeous new floral trends for 2014, we’re anticipating this being our busiest wedding season yet. Here are some of the forecasted wedding flower trends we’re most excited to see in the upcoming wedding season.

Vintage Romance: The 2014 wedding season will see an emphasis on vintage flair. Many brides will be channeling elegance from days gone by. So what does this mean for trends in flowers and décor? Many brides will be integrating a vintage feel into their flowers with hand-tied bouquets, trailing greenery, and pastel colors. Brides should look to old family photos to find inspiration for their vintage bouquets. We expect to see many brides using replicas of relatives' bouquets to fulfill their "something old."

Monochromatic: A new trend that hasn't been around in recent years is a monochromatic color scheme throughout bouquets and floral décor. Selecting one color in a particular hue and carrying this color throughout all bouquets, centerpieces, hair pieces, and more creates drama in contrast to the soft romanticism of a vintage theme. Select a color to give the greatest contrast between the colors of your wedding party attire and other décor for a bold statement.

English Gardens: Rustic barn weddings were hugely popular in 2013. The rustic charm of country living juxtaposed with elegance of modern wedding schemes created an adorable theme for many 2013 brides. While the rustic theme is on its way out, countryside chic is still popular. The 2014 twist on this scheme is inspired by the English Gardens. Flower arrangements in 2014 will see the return of willow and rushes set alongside delicate stemmed wild flowers and herbs. Raffia and straw round out these arrangements to complete this return to the English countryside. Brides will particularly appreciate this trend in wedding flowers as it will save them money compared to large, ostentatious arrangements made popular in previous wedding seasons.

Whether you follow the trends for your big day or blaze your own trail, the dedicated staff at Peachtree Petals is confident they can provide you with the arrangements of your dreams on your special day. The staff at Peachtree Petals has experience in wedding bouquets and arrangements for reception décor. The staff will even deliver and set up your unique arrangements at Atlanta area venues. You can easily browse their extensive online wedding portfolio at . While you're there, schedule your complimentary consultation where you can sit down with a floral designer to develop a plan for your wedding day needs. Choose Peacthree Petals as your wedding florist to help design, create, and setup your floral arrangements on your wedding day, and you'll see why Peachtree Petals is consistently named Atlanta’s top bridal florist.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Save Money On Flowers For Your January Wedding!

It is the beginning of the year and new things are happening. Happiness is already in the air and the start your year being married is an awesome experience to have for the rest of your life. One thing you want to know is what you can do to make your January wedding more memorable.

Your wedding is can be as lavish and creative as you would like to make it. It is all up to you and you definitely want to make it count! Now, you are not alone. Many other ladies like you have time and time again tossed wedding ideas around in their heads on how to not spend so much. You may have ideas regarding a lot of aspects of your wedding, yet here are some ideas relative to how to flowers for a January wedding, especially if you want to save money.

Go With In-Season Flowers – January is right in the middle of winter time. It is closer to spring time, however, you still want to go with the flowers that are in season. One big reason is because flowers that are out of season will be more expensive. There are definitely many exotic flowers out there, but you can still find beautiful flowers without paying so much out of your pockets. Some flower options are to go with daisies, lilies, roses, and snowball chrysanthemums.

Use Smaller Bouquets – You can also use smaller wedding bouquets for your wedding as well. This is one of best ways to save money on January Wedding Flowers. You can elect to have a more simple and elegant touch for your wedding flowers. Even single flowers can be very classy and original. Having the right floral designer will be key with using smaller bouquets.

Try Silk Flowers – For your January wedding, you can also go with silk flowers as a great idea to save money. The plus about using silk flowers is they cost less and there will be more of a variety to choose from. You will have more color and flower options for less money than real flowers. You can also feel good about knowing you can keep them and reuse them for other special occasions.

Create Your Own Arrangements – Creating your own arrangements is absolutely an excellent way to save money on your January Wedding Bouquets. You can find a local flower seller and purchase them, and simply get some designer tips over the internet to create your own bouquet. This option does take time, yet if you have put a lot into your budget already, this could be the best route to go in. Yet, Atlanta Florist like Peachtree Petals already has quality wedding bouquets and flowers at a great price, so you don’t have to create your own!

There is not a better time to starting planning your wedding than at the beginning of the year. So even if your wedding isn’t in January, you still can get a head start and make sure you’re not rushing when your wedding day comes. You won’t find a better Atlanta Florist to save money with than Peachtree Petals. Our designers have over 25 years of combined experience and absolutely love their craft. We also offer free wedding consulting to help you explore and decide on all your floral needs. From January Wedding Flowers to Wedding Centerpieces, Peachtree Petals does it all! Visit us at or call us today!

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Public vs Private Proposals

A marriage proposal is a special thing between two lucky in love people. Or, so it used to be. 2013 brought an onslaught of very public proposals starting with Kanye West’s Jumobtron proposal to Kim Kardashian and filtering through the rest of the country with outrageous public proposals from flash mobs to fireworks to marching bands. These once private and small proposals have grown to very large and public proportions thanks to social media sites like Youtube and Twitter. Now with the click of a button you can tune into what once was a private moment between two people.

Much to the chagrin of hopeful grooms, there is now more pressure than ever to have a spectacularly outlandish marriage proposal. Last year 36% of brides using the popular wedding planning website reported having public proposals, a statistic up 32% from data collected in 2009. And once these public proposals are over, women are as eager as ever to publicly share their excitement. According to a 2012 survey conducted by TheKnot and Men’s Health magazine, 12% of women admitted to changing their Facebook status and uploading photos of their rings before calling friends and family to share the happy news.

All of this pressure and anxiety has been capitalized on by entrepreneurs in New York City, and San Francisco. Not sure how to propose to your significant other? Not sure your gesture is grand enough to land your 15 minutes of YouTube fame? Just too busy to put much thought into the event? Not to worry! Proposal Planners are cropping up everywhere ready to assist you in planning the perfect grandiose public proposal.

While the idea of Proposal Planners are a bit intense even for those of us who delight in planning weddings, we are confident you will propose in a special and meaningful way that will be both romantic and memorable for the rest of your lives. The staff at Peachtree Petals wants to assist you with your floral needs for proposing and on your big day.

Named Bride’s Choice Floral Vendor by,, David’s Bridal, and more, Atlanta Florist Peachtree Petals is the perfect choice for your wedding floral needs. Peachtree offers free bridal consultations to ensure the bride gets exactly what she wants on her special day. So whether it be 5,000 long-stemmed roses for your ostentatious proposal, or centerpieces for your romantic wedding reception, contact the dedicated staff at Peachtree Petals today to get started.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Wedding Trends

The holiday season has become synonymous with engagements. As we pack away our holiday decorations, finish the last of the leftovers, and look forward to 2014, many of you are looking forward to planning your nuptials in the New Year. To assist you in getting a jump-start on your plans, here’s a look at the predicted 2014 wedding trends.

Goodbye Rustic: Say goodbye to the rustic-chic barn wedding. 2014 brides will begin to see more vintage inspired trends when planning their big day. Unlike the rustic-chic weddings of 2013, 2014 vintage weddings will place a larger emphasis on glamor.

Brides are encouraged to incorporate old family heirlooms into their décor to create the old-world glam. We'll be seeing more antique books, typewriters, and family photos used in centerpieces.

Brides and guests will see softer color palettes with bold choices in mixing of patterns such with geometric shapes and much less chevron. Key colors will be gray and mint green (a softer choice from 2013's popular emerald hue). These colors will be seen throughout the ceremony and reception and are slated to be seen in vintage furniture rentals by brides and grooms.

Food: Though the popular rustic themes are on their way out, brides will still serve home cooked favorites during cocktail hours such as macaroni and cheese or chicken potpie. These will most likely be served in shot glasses or baroque-inspired gold leafed glasses to continue the old-world glamor vibe. Brides are predicted to continue showing an ecological awareness in the planning of their big day as the local farm-to-table trend continues in menu planning.

Cake: "Naked" cakes are expected to show increased popularity in the New Year. These cakes are un-iced and showcase exposed layers. Ombre-colored cakes will remain popular. Rising above the popularity of the wedding cake will be an assortment of miniature treats. These trendy individual sized desserts like doughnuts and scones can help keep costs low for the happy couple.

Flowers: Peonies will be the flower of the year in 2014. Large arrangements of peonies in pinks and peaches are expected to be the statement piece at the ceremony and reception. Many arrangements of peonies will be complemented by fillers such as roses and hydrangeas. Tulips will make a great stand-alone flower but their use will be limited by season.

Flowers in 2014 won't simply be relegated to bridal bouquet and reception dinner centerpieces. Instead, brides of the New Year will be experimenting with bold hair embellishments like flower crowns and baby's breath to continue the old-world theme.

Whatever your 2014 wedding vision is, the talented florists at Peachtree Petals are delighted to assist you in making your dream come true. Recently named Atlanta’s best bridal floral vendor by, Atlanta Florist, Peachtree Petals is experienced with a variety of wedding designs and needs. Visit their website today ( to browse their extensive wedding portfolio and set up your free consultation.