Friday, April 27, 2012

Mother's Day Is #1 in Flower Sales!

The big day is right around the corner and florists are looking for not just their flowers to bloom, but their sales also. If we thought Valentine's Day was something, well here comes the biggest day for the florist industry of the year--Mother's Day!

According to the society of American Florists, one-fourth of the flowers sold throughout the entire year are sold during this holiday. More than a third of adults purchase Mother's Day flowers or plants. It is also the top holiday for floral sales due to the length of days it is celebrated. Raymond Brickner of the Flower Cart Florist Company in Indiana, stated in a report, "Mother's Day is easier because it is more spread out. We make deliveries the whole week before Mother's Day. On Valentine's Day, almost everyone wants the flowers to arrive that day."

It is no wonder Mommy Day is #1 when it comes to flower sales. Everyone doesn't have a significant other, however, everyone has a Mom or knows someone who is one. All the daily expressions of love we see done by our Mothers all around the world. They go to work, they feed the kids, they clean the house, they cook, they read bedtime stories, they shop, they shop again, they cheer at the baseball game every week, and all while looking good for their hubbies at the same time. What would we do without Mothers. They are recognized and honored on this special day.

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