Tuesday, December 24, 2019

7 Ways to Care for Poinsettia Flowers and Other Christmas Plants

Come Christmastime, we decorate our houses for some holiday cheer. And in addition to those decorations, we also buy some greenery; more specifically, pine trees and poinsettias.

Not only are poinsettias beautifully red in color, but they also have a historical background. Supposedly, an old Mexican legend says that a girl called Pepita didn't have any gifts to give baby Jesus, so she left a bouquet of weeds. Suddenly, they transformed into big red flowers, which is known today as the poinsettia.

Now that you know a bit about the history of poinsettia flowers, it's a must-have for your home. But what if you don't know the first thing about looking after them?

Here are seven ways to care for your poinsettia flowers and other Christmas plants this holiday season.

1. Keep Your House Warm

The poinsettia flower may be one that's associated with winter, but the truth is, it doesn't like the cold. Considering it's native to tropical areas in Central America, it's used to high temperatures instead of low.

Because of this, you need to ensure you keep them in temperatures above 40 degrees. If they're indoor poinsettias, then that shouldn't a problem.

However, if you keep your poinsettia flowers outdoors, you may want to bring them inside if the temperatures drop. Otherwise, they may die from the cold.

2. Don't Over water Your Flowers

As is the case with many flowers, if you over water them, they'll become waterlogged. This can result in many problems, such as root rot. If this happens, your poinsettias can quickly die.

Only water your flowers when the soil is dry to the touch. Make sure there's proper drainage; if the pot came with foil, you might have to remove it and/or poke some holes on the bottom so the roots don't just sit in old water.

To tell if you're watering your poinsettias right, take a look at the leaves. If the leaves are turning yellow and/or they're falling off, then you're not giving the plant the right amount of water.

3. Give It Plenty of Sunlight

Again, this is a tropical flower, so it flourishes when it gets plenty of sunlight. You might be tempted to put your poinsettias on the mantelpiece as a beautiful decoration, but if it doesn't get any sunlight, your flowers will wilt.

If you want to decorate your house and must have your flowers on the mantelpiece, consider leaving it in the windowsill with plenty of UV rays until the last minute. Right before your guests arrive, you can pull it from the windowsill and place it wherever you want.

Keep in mind that while poinsettias will do fine near radiators, it won't fare so well with droughts. This means keep it away from open spaces, such as hallways, doorways, or windows.

4. Decorate With Christmas Cacti

If you want a plant that's gorgeous with barely any effort on your part, then consider getting some Christmas cacti. Since they're from the desert, they're genetically conditioned to withstand harsh conditions. This means you barely have to do any plant care!

All you have to do is put it somewhere with plenty of sunshine and water it whenever the soil is dry. Just like with the poinsettia, you want to be careful not to over water it.

5. Some Christmas Tree Tips

Surely if you have poinsettias, you'll have a Christmas tree as well! Perhaps this is the first time you're purchasing one as an adult, and you have no clue how to take care of it!

When you take it home, make sure you first saw off around 1/4th of an inch from the trunk. You'll need a tree stand that allows you to keep it watered. Make sure to keep the dish filled, as the tree will need lots of water to stay perky.

If you have a potted Christmas tree, you'll need to give it plenty of water as well. Make sure you check up on it often so the soil doesn't get too dry.

6. Go With Rosemary Instead

Not a fan of Christmas trees for whatever reason? Then you might want to get a small rosemary plant instead!

This will reflect the festivities of the holiday season, all without you having to get an actual pine tree. Not only will it smell good, but you can also use it for cooking!

Rosemary plants are very easy to care for. It needs lots of sunlight and an even amount of moisture in its soil.

Although it looks similar to a pine tree, it actually needs a lot more water than pines do. Most people underwater instead of over water, so you need to stay on top of giving it plenty of water.

7. Keep Your Poinsettias Alive Until Next Year

Usually, when people see the flowers die off on a plant, they just toss it. But did you know you can keep your poinsettia plants alive until the next holiday season?

Keep your plant around after Christmas, and prune it in the spring, around April. Keep it in low temperatures around 55 degrees, repot it in May, and keep it in a cool place for the rest of the year. Give it some fertilizer every two weeks.

In November, bring your plant out and give it 12 hours of sunlight, 12 hours of darkness. After doing this for a bit, it'll start growing those beautiful flowers again!

Keep Your Poinsettia Flowers and Other Christmas Plants Lively This Holiday Season

Scattering some poinsettia flowers and other Christmas plants in your home this holiday season can give it a warm and inviting atmosphere, especially if you're planning on having some guests over.
By following our tips for plant care, you can ensure your greenery stays nice and perky during this cold winter weeks. They're sure to put you and your guests in a cheerful mood!

Want to order some Christmas arrangements for your home? Then take a look at our selection now! We have same-day hand delivery available.

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How to Be a Secret Admirer and Send Flowers the Right Way

A whopping 93% of men are nervous when it comes to approaching a woman they like. This fearful feeling goes both ways and is highly common for women to experience as well.

An easier way to approach this is to become a secret admirer. This offers a bit of mystery and romance, without being too forward. You can admire a new crush or someone you've long had feelings for.

Flowers are a great gift idea to impress your secret crush. They are thoughtful and send a romantic yet subtle message. Yet, there are a few tips to consider when sending florals anonymously.
Here's the right way to send flowers to that special someone.

Do Your Research

If you want to wow your crush, find out a few things about them first. These details can help you pick the perfect bouquet to impress them.

Try to figure out what type of flower is their favorite. If you're stuck, popular choices include roses, orchids, peonies, and lilies.

You can also work by what color they like best. Consider their wardrobe and what colors they wear most often. Certain flower colors also have special meanings, well-suited for romance.
Does your crush like attention? If so, a big and bold bouquet would be best. While a more subtle personality type will appreciate a neutral-colored and simpler bouquet.

Remember that those secret admirers do not always have to be men. 95% of men wish women would initiate the first move. So, a female can send her crush flowers as well.

It's also smart to enlist the help of someone else when planning out your secret admirer ideas. This could be a friend, family member, or colleague of your love interest. This person can give you some inside knowledge and help you to win your crush over.

First, always be sure to confirm that your crush is single and not involved with anyone. This could create some problems if you start sending gifts to a married, engaged, or coupled-up person.

Deliver to the Right Address

It's best to have the flower delivery shop send the bouquet to a work address. Sending flowers to their home is a bit too personal. This is a top tip for how to be a secret admirer without being creepy.

Sending flowers to their office will also attract attention from other co-workers. This will likely make your secret love interest feel more special. Your crush can display them on their work desk and let people know they are from an admirer.

You should also think about the time and day you want the flowers delivered. Mondays are often the busiest and most stressful day of the week. Your special gift may not make as big of an impact on this day.

A Friday afternoon is ideal for sending your crush flowers. This way, they also have the entire weekend to spend thinking about who could have sent the flowers. You could also plan to send flowers around a holiday, like Valentine's Day or Christmas.

Express Your Feelings with a Note

Flower delivery services make it easy for how to give your crush a gift secretly. A  small card gets delivered with the flowers. This offers is a great way to share your feelings while still being discreet about your identity.

Short and sweet notes make for the perfect secret admirer messages for her or him. When signing the card, you can stay anonymous by saying they are from an admirer.

Signing the card with a single initial is another option. This gives your crush a clue to who their admirer may be.

A subtle compliment is also a nice touch to include on the card. Or you can go with  a short poem or favorite line. Here are more tips on writing the perfect note to go with your secret flower delivery.

Follow up After Your Gift Is Delivered

As a secret admirer, you don't simply send flowers then call it a day. It's best to follow up with another gift or send them a new bouquet of flowers each week.

Chocolates, cookies, and gift cards are thoughtful ideas that pair well with flowers. A lovely plant gift is a more long-lasting option as well.

Be sure to include short and sweet secret admirer notes with each gift. This builds up the anticipation and shows them how interested you are. It also makes your love interest excited about the idea of meeting their admirer.

Continue sending these gifts to show your affection until you're ready to ask them out on a date. This way, you can work up to a big reveal. Yet, don't take too long to let them know who you are as they may start to lose interest.

If you're too shy to approach them in person, you could send a thoughtful handwritten card or letter. Let them know who you are and ask to take them on a romantic first date.

Use Flowers as a Secret Weapon to Score Your Crush

This last tip involves sending flowers to yourself to get a reaction from your crush. This idea works best in an office setting, where you see your crush every day.

Send yourself a beautiful bouquet from a "secret admirer." Be sure your office crush is around at the time of delivery so they notice.

This will spark a bit of harmless jealousy. It may provoke them to make the first move once they see someone else is interested in you. It's a sneaky trick but gets the job done.

Making a Lasting Impression as a Secret Admirer

Both men and women are flattered by the thought of having a secret admirer. This approach is a subtle and thoughtful way to let your crush know about your feelings.

Sending a custom bouquet of flowers makes for the perfect secret admirer gift. Learn more about how Peachtree Petals can help impress the special someone in your life.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Flowers for Forgiveness: What Flowers Are the Best for Saying Sorry?

Floriography, which is the language of flowers, has been evolving for centuries. By using floriography people have used flowers to share their feelings and emotions with other people. This includes using flowers for forgiveness and telling someone you're sorry.

According to psychologytoday.com, a proper apology needs to accept responsibility, be specific about (and empathetic for) one's hurtful actions. Then assure the recipient of the apology what you'll do to keep from doing it again.

Apologizing and saying sorry is not easy and does not come naturally to a lot of people even when they know they are wrong or that they hurt someone else.
So if you want to use flowers to help apologize to someone, here are some great options.

Why Flowers for Forgiveness?

Apologizing is the best step to take when you've discovered you have wronged someone or hurt their feelings. Or after you've had a terrible argument.

Unfortunately, at times like this emotions are complicated and it can be hard to put everything you want to say into words. Or, sometimes, it can feel like your words may alone are not enough.

Presenting the person you have hurt with flowers can help soften their heart and smooth out a rough situation. But figuring out which flowers to give can be a difficult decision to make.

This is when knowing which flowers are symbols of forgiveness can help you add emphasis to your plea to be forgiven.


Yellow roses are a symbol of apologies, especially between friends. If you are apologizing to your partner or love interest, you can give red roses instead to emphasize your love and affection for them.
Roses have a sweet scent and receiving a bouquet of yellow roses will help awaken the recipient's senses for beauty and put them in a positive mood to accept your apology.

Definitely choose the long-stemmed variety when you are really on the outs with someone!
And make sure you or your florist remove all thorns prior to delivery. The last thing you want when trying to apologize is for your recipient to get stuck with a thorn.


Daffodils are springtime bloomers which makes them ideal for saying you're sorry since springtime is the time of rebirth.

Use daffodil's symbol of new beginnings to start again with the person you are attempting to make up with. Encourage them and yourself to put the past behind you and start anew.

Daffodils come in a variety of colors but to brighten up your recipient's heart, choose the more common yellow for this purpose. It will bring a ray of sunshine to your recipient's day.

Purple Hyacinth

Purple Hyacinth is a symbol of forgiveness. It has a long-standing tradition of being a flower used to say "I'm sorry" and to show a person's deep regret.

The spike of flowers on a hyacinth can be 6 to 12 inches long, providing for a striking presentation that is sure to send a message of your sincerity. The blooms will be hard to miss in any arrangement but they are just as pretty all on their own.

Hyacinths are very fragrant and they normally bloom between March and April. Be sure the top of the vase reaches just to the bottom of the blooms. Trim the stems of they are too long for the vase you put the hyacinths in, if necessary. This will keep the flowers from drooping over the edge.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley consists of long green stems that can have up to 15 little white bells hanging off of them.

The bells hang downward much like a person's head when they are full of regret. So if you are at a loss of words on how to apologize, let the sweet little bells show how heavy your heart is.

The flower bells appear very delicate and sophisticated. Lily of the valley is sure to make your recipient stop and take notice providing you with the perfect moment to apologize.

Blue Hydrangea

Blue hydrangeas are symbols of both expressive regret and asking for forgiveness. Making them an excellent choice for a flower of forgiveness to pair with your heartfelt apology.

Blue hydrangeas are a huge flower consisting of little buds in the center with large wide pedaled flowers surrounding them all around.

One hydrangea on its own can make a serious impression. Your recipient will definitely recognize the size and weight of your regret when you tell them you're sorry.

White Tulip

Tulips are another springtime flower that symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. However, the white tulip is the preferred color of forgiveness.

Tulips are one of the most popular flowers for arrangements. They are beautiful alone in a bouquet or an arrangement. But, they are also easy to incorporate into arrangements and have them still stand out in the crowd.

The tulips simple design can help keep your request for forgiveness on point. Let them help you stand tall and say, "Here I am, please forgive me."

Don't Put Off Apologizing Any Longer

There is no better time than right now to start mending a relationship that matters to you. The longer you wait, the longer the other person will wonder if you really care about them and whether you regret hurting them. If you do, don't leave them wondering. Tell them today and use flowers for forgiveness to help you.

Contact us and we'll help you figure out the perfect flowers to give and beautifully arrange it for you.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

7 Things You Should Know About Making a Wedding Bouquet

Between debating about the guest list and choosing the perfect venue, planning a wedding becomes overwhelming. There's a lot to do, and it seems like there's just not enough time. But because your wedding is a special day that'll only happen this one time, you spend several hours of the day and long nights putting everything together.

And through all of the chaos, there's a ray of peace: deciding on flowers for the wedding bouquet. Making a wedding bouquet is relaxing and brings tranquility during stressful times. There are many flower options to choose from, so it's guaranteed you'll find something for you.

But to make things a bit easier for you, we've listed a few tips that you should know for when you're picking out flowers for your wedding bouquet. Let us help you. Continue reading below to learn more.

1. Your Desired Flower's Season

There's nothing more upsetting than meeting up with your florist with some amazing flower ideas for your bouquet only to realize that those specific flowers aren't in season. Some flowers just aren't naturally available during certain times of the year. That's why we think it's important for you to consider the time of the year that your wedding date is set for.

For example, if your wedding is in August, know that yellow peonies won't be available during that time. Do some research to see which flowers are in season during the time of your wedding. This way you don't upset yourself by getting your hopes up for a certain type of flower.

Know what your options are and go from there. Luckily, many flowers are in season year-round making it super easy to incorporate them into your bouquet. These flowers include carnations, roses, orchids, and much more.

2. The Importance of Your Bouquet

Know the importance of your bouquet and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Your wedding bouquet is just essential of an element in your wedding as everything else is. Sure, your wedding dress is what makes the show.

But all of the other little details come together to really complete your big day. And the bouquet that you put together will compliment your dress in so many ways if done right. It's not just a bunch of flowers placed together.

Your bouquet is what will be held in front of you for all your wedding pictures. You'll be looking at this bouquet for as long as you, your family members, and your friends have your wedding picture on display for. Make it special. Take the time to put something together that truly means something to you.

3. Inspiration From Your Theme and Color Scheme

When making the perfect wedding bouquet, it's a great idea to take inspiration from your wedding's theme and color scheme. Put together a mood board with visuals from your wedding's theme and color scheme to show your florist. Showing your florist is much more productive than simply explaining to him or her.

Bring together pictures of the venue, your wedding dress, your bridesmaids' dresses, the groom's tuxedo, the centerpieces, your shoes, anything! Give your florist a vivid idea of what your wedding is going to look like so that he or she can help put together the perfect bouquet.

4. Use of Shades to Avoid Polka Dots

If your wedding theme is two solid colors such as white and red, consider using shades in the bouquet to avoid polka dots. Using only white and red flowers might make your bouquet look like something from the 1920s fashion. If this is the look you're going for, you don't need to make any adjustments. However, if you're not looking for polka dots, add in shading.

You can add in green foilage or washed-red colors to tie it all together.

5. Your Flower Size Matters

Remember, when selecting your flowers that size does matter. If you want to go for something big and bold, then choosing larger flowers is ideal. However, it's best to keep size in mind when choosing flowers for your bouquet.

You don't want to spend time simply choosing flowers you like without considering the size of them. You might end up with an oversize bouquet. For petite women, a large bouquet might be overwhelming and take away from the bride herself and her wedding dress.
Choose flowers that'll create a perfect size for you.

6. Simplify Your Bridesmaids' Bouquets 

Don't spend too much time putting together these extravagant bridesmaids' bouquets. Your bouquet should be the center of attention, and you don't want the bridesmaids' ones to take away from it. Therefore, simplify your bridesmaids' bouquets by making them smaller.

You still want to tie in your wedding's theme and color scheme into them, but have them more focused on the greenery and add a splash here and there of color.

7. Meet with a Florist Who Can Help

The last tip to follow is to meet with a florist who can help you create your own unique wedding bouquet! Not all florist are the same, so you want to ensure yours is the right fit for you. Consider working with a florist that can also help you create wonderful centerpieces and other wedding decor and really have an eye for design.

This is the type of florist that'll be there with you throughout the entire wedding planning process. This ensures that every detail in decor in your wedding flows smoothly.

Making a Wedding Bouquet Just For You!

Making a wedding bouquet is tons of fun! It's a time for you to become creative and take a minute to sit back and smell the roses.

Ready to make your own perfect wedding bouquet? Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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Flower Colors and Their Meanings: Everything You Need to Craft the Perfect Bouquet

Flowers represent a $34.3 billion annual industry. And it's no surprise that Valentine's Day is the biggest contributor to profits with men making a majority of the purchases for the holiday each year.
But once you understand the wide variety of flower colors and their meanings, you'll come to realize there's a bouquet for almost every occasion. Indeed, D.H. Lawrence once said, "the fairest thing in nature, a flower, still has its roots in earth and manure."

The Spectrum of Flower Colors and their Meanings

Whether you're assembling a bouquet for a wedding, funeral, newborn, birthday, anniversary, or simply well-wishing, each color carries its own significant meaning. And mixing colors and flower types can create a unique, personalized bouquet for anyone.
Read more about caring for your flowers here.


Most often associated with passionate romance, red is, unsurprisingly, a go-to for lovers on Valentine's Day. However, the color red also symbolizes feelings of strength, courage, and respect. If you want to assemble a red bouquet, tulips, geraniums, and poppies are a few species you might include.


Because of its vibrancy, orange is associated with joy, warmth, and happiness. An orange bouquet of flowers represents the wish of a full life, creativity, and excitement. Flowers you might include would be tulips, marigolds, or zinnias.


Like orange, yellow is another color associated with joy and happiness. However, yellow can also represent friendship and new beginnings. A yellow bouquet might include sunflowers, daisies, tulips, or lilies.


Commonly known as the color of good luck, green flowers symbolize good health, resilience, optimism, renewal, and rebirth, making them an ideal gift for someone who's recovering from a surgery or illness. A bouquet of green flowers might include bells of Ireland, button flowers, green cymbidium, or orchids.


A naturally soothing color, blue helps calm worries and preoccupations. Blue flowers promote peace, openness, and serenity—perfect for someone who may be under stressful circumstances. A blue bouquet might include morning glories, hydrangeas, or cornflowers.


Traditionally known as the color of royalty and ceremony, purple conveys a sense of dignity, pride, accomplishment, or admiration. Purple flowers, like clematis, iris, allium, and bellflowers, can be mixed in with other colors to add a rich depth of contrast and to tell someone "congratulations."


Perhaps the more humble sibling of purple, lavender symbolizes mature femininity, long-term commitment, refinement, grace, and elegance. A bouquet might include daisies, orchids, lilacs, or petunias.


There's a reason why pink is the common color of Mother's Day flowers; it represents gentility, happiness, innocence, and joy. It's also ideal for welcoming new children into the world. Bouquets might include roses, carnations, or azaleas.


Most often seen at weddings and funerals, white flowers represent innocence, humility, reverence, modesty, elegance, purity, and sympathy. A white bouquet might feature orchids, daisies, carnations, or roses.

What Do Certain Flowers Mean?

While colors can generally define flower meanings, flower types can be even more specific in sending a message. Some flower types might even contradict the original messages of their color, which is why it's important to pay attention to the species when assembling your bouquet.
For example:

Yellow carnations sometimes mean "disdain," and two-tone carnations represent subtle rejection: "I cannot be with you." Purple carnations can symbolize inconsistency or fickleness.
Black-Eyed Susans, whose yellow color might at first appear cheerful, actually symbolize justice.
Peonies, which now symbolize romance and marriage, once meant something else to the Victorians: anger.

Chrysanthemums symbolize honesty.

Pansies and red poppies represent thoughtfulness and remembrance.

Purple hyacinth might appear to be a prideful flower, but it's actually a symbol of asking for forgiveness. The name derives from the Greek myth of Apollo who accidentally killed Hyacinthus.

Yarrow, although white, is another flower of love.

Anemones, which might appear as a fitting Mother's Day gift because of its color, actually represents fragility because of how short its life span is—not exactly a welcome omen, is it?
Another pink flower, Rhododendron, is even more sinister in meaning. Its poisonous blooms send a clear warning: "beware."

Tansy is not as cheerful as its yellow color suggests. This flower says: "I declare war."

The iris, whose purple hue conveys royalty, also suggests wisdom and respect. Likewise, cornflower, which looks soothing, also has additional meanings: wealth and good fortune.
Cyclamen, whose red, pink, or even white petals can be romantic, also symbolize resignation and farewell.

Geraniums can represent stupidity or folly.

Orange lilies can mean hatred.

A cactus can symbolize strength endurance. (Plus, they don't need to be watered as often! Just be sure to keep them out of reach of children.)

Candytuft can mean indifference: "I couldn't care either way."

Buttercups can represent childishness or immaturity.

Butterfly weeds can suggest to a romantic partner: "You should break up with me."

Words of Caution

While it's important to consider the various flower colors and their meanings when assembling your bouquet, you should also keep in mind where the flowers will be placed.

Will they have access to natural light? Will they be exposed to anyone who might have an allergic reaction (including pets)? Will someone be available to feed and water the flowers as necessary?
If you want to make sure the message of your flowers is clear, don't forget to send a handwritten greeting as well. Other gifts, such as balloons, chocolates, and plushes, add a nice touch. Contact us to place an order today.

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The Best Flowers for Hostess Gifts

Did you know that offices aren’t throwing as many holiday parties as they used to? 30% of HR professionals say that their companies don’t have year-end parties for employees. What this means is that most people only have their own private parties for the holidays.

If you’re lucky enough to get invited to a holiday party, show the host or hostess some appreciation! Consider giving the hostess gifts. It’s the right thing to do, even when the hostess says that gifts aren’t required.

The most common gifts include wine, food, and special coffee or tea blends.
But another great gift to give your hostess is flowers. Flowers brighten a room, smell great, and show appreciation.

Not sure which are the best flowers for your hostess gift? Read on and find out more today:

The Best Flowers for Hostess Gifts

If you’re trying to make a great impression on your holiday party host, you need to give the proper hostess gifts. The following are the best types of floral gifts that will make your host thank your presence. This can even guarantee an invitation to future parties.

1. Traditional Bouquet

It’s important to think about your hostess’s preferences. The most effective way to do this is to observe their behavior before the party even starts. Look at the way they dress and how they act towards you and other people.

Once you determine that they’re more on the traditional side, you can give them a classic bouquet. They’ll appreciate this timeless gift, especially when you give them seasonal variants and colors. It helps set up the mood and coincide with the holidays.

Another important factor to remember with your traditional bouquet is its size. Pick the flower arrangements on the shorter spectrum. It’s a thoughtful choice because it doesn’t overpower the other holiday decorations.

2. Tabletop Tree

Do you want to bring an extra dose of holiday cheer to a party? If so, you can choose a tabletop tree as your floral gift. These small trees are great picks if your hostess has an obsession for the Christmas spirit.

The best part is that these trees are low maintenance. This won’t inconvenience your hostess and her family since they won’t spend that much money and time caring for it. Also, if they have children, they would love to decorate this tree as well.

3. Wreath

Giving a wreath as a holiday hostess gift can’t go wrong. These will always have this festive feel to them, and there will always be a door to hang one on. But if you want to make the most out of your wreath gift, stick to the ones that have green as their dominant color.

Following this tip ensures that it won’t clash with the holiday home décor’s style. If you pick an overly decorated one, your host might end up discarding it or placing it somewhere isolated. After all, they still prefer their own decoration theme.

4. Art-Meets-Flower Arrangement

Is your host an art connoisseur? If so, they will adore this type of floral arrangement. At its core, the florist arranges these flowers in a handmade, ceramic vase.

The best news is that the floral gift also includes this artistic vase. Your hostess will appreciate it since she will actually receive two gifts. You’re ensured that she will use the vase as the years go by.

5. Succulents

If you’re choosing a succulent design, it’s likely for a hostess that loves plants in general. Like tabletop trees, succulents won’t need a lot of maintenance care. They don’t need a lot of water since you only need to water them once every two weeks.

With this, succulents gained enormous popularity over the last few years. If you give this gift to your hostess, there is a high chance they will post about her new succulent gift on social media. Now a small part of the large Facebook community knows about your kindness and generosity.

6. Country Christmas Box

This arrangement is a great option if your hostess loves all things rustic. The dominant red roses will often become reflective of the season’s colors. With this gift, you’ll bring a natural glow to your hostess’s home.

This arrangement makes for a unique and charming gift that your hostess will appreciate.

7. Velvety Hues

This stunning arrangement is the best if you want a softer, sweeter feel to your hostess gift. It’s a safe gift to give since the light color palette can complement a huge variety of home décor. In most cases, it will have a combination of peach hypericum and roses.

This flower arrangement feels like a fresh breath of air. It’s the type of floral gift guaranteed to make your host display it with pride.

Things to Remember When Bringing Gifts

If you bring a hostess gift, you need to keep etiquette in mind. There are a lot of great gifts ruined by poor execution. You don’t want to end up like these failures, so follow these simple tips:

1. Be Discreet

Not all people can bring a hostess gift. That’s why you need to offer yours as soon as you greet them. This prevents drawing undue attention to your gift, which can make the atmosphere more oppressive later on.

2. Avoid Thank You Notes

Your gift alone is already enough to express your gratitude to their invitation. With that, Thank You Notes are redundant as a part of your hostess gift. If you want to thank them, offer the gift and express your gratitude right then and there.

Give a Hostess Gift Today!

These are the best flower arrangements you can give if you’re invited to a party for the first time. It’s only proper to give hostess gifts, even when it isn’t required. If you aren’t sure which ones to get, this list is enough to get you started.

Do you need the best flowers around? If so, you can contact us today and we’ll help you out.

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11 Unique Wedding Bouquet Ideas for the Alternative Bride

Some people hear 'alternative bride' and immediately think of unconventional wedding gowns.
But a non-traditional wedding isn't all about the dress. There are many ways to skip, replace or upgrade wedding traditions.

These include choosing a venue that goes beyond the ballroom (e.g. a gym, stadium, bowling alley, etc.), toasting with a signature drink instead of champagne, having a friend or family member officiate the wedding, and so on.

Of course, if you're looking for an easy way to add a creative twist to your wedding, you can't go wrong with a unique wedding bouquet. That said, here are 11 ideas for a one-of-a-kind bouquet you'll love to carry all day.

1. Apple Bouquet

Are you considering a fall wedding? Awesome! There are many things to love about an autumn wedding including the fact that its apple season.

And speaking of apples, why not go for an apple bouquet? With red gala apples plus some filler flowers, you'll have a unique bouquet that's sure to be a conversation starter.

Tip: If you're DIYing your bouquet, use small apples and skip the berries as embellishment. You don't want a too heavy bouquet or one that will stain your dress.

2. Brooch Bouquet

If your something old is your bouquet, you'll love this idea. Plus, there are brooch bouquet sellers online, so finding one shouldn't be hard.

But if you prefer to make it yourself, make sure you have a lot of old jewelry on hand. You'll need around 60 pieces depending on the size of your bouquet.

Also, try to choose brooches or earrings or rings that aren't too delicate. Remember, you'll be wrapping your creation with stub wires. If some of the pieces break, it's going to be hard to glue them back together.

3. Feather Bouquet

Here's another non-floral inspiration you can add to your list of unique wedding bouquets. Not only are feathers eye-catching, but they're also very versatile depending on which looks you're going for.
For example, large quill feathers go well with rustic wedding themes. Fluffy feathers, on the other hand, match weddings with a 1920s vibe.

Or if you still prefer a floral arrangement, you can add feathers as an accent to your bouquet. It's a great way to give your bouquet a totally different shape and texture.

4. Succulent Bouquet

One advantage succulents have over traditional flowers is they are much more durable. In fact, they're so hardy you can replant them after the wedding.

Now, if color is a concern for you, don't worry. Succulents come in different varieties - from dark green types to purple ones. And of course, you can always pair them with your favorite blooms.

5. Air Plant Bouquet

Tillandsia or air plants seem to be the perfect wedding plant. You can use them as wedding favors, tablescapes, boutonnieres, etc.

And yes, they also look great as a bouquet, especially if your goal is to carry something that feels modern and whimsical at the same time. For brides who aren't afraid to go big, an air plant paired with protea makes for a fantastic splashy bouquet.

6. Pomander Bouquet

Unique bridal bouquets are exactly that because rules don't have to apply to them. As an example, pomander bouquets are traditionally used by flower girls.

But since you're a non-traditional bride, you can go ahead and have your wedding bouquet in that style. And by that style, we mean a round ball of flowers held by a ribbon or string of pearls or twine.

As for what flowers to use, roses are the usual option. But if you feel roses are too conventional, you can opt for sunflowers or carnations. Daisies are a good choice, too, as well as fabric flowers.

7. Single Stem

Can a single stem be considered as a bouquet? Well, no, not in the traditional sense. Which is why it's perfect for alternative brides.

Now, since you'll be holding only one flower, you'll want to go for a bigger variety. Consider a peony, king protea, large dahlia, or open magnolia for your single stem "bouquet."

8. Monochromatic Bouquet

There's a way to do a monochromatic bouquet without it looking one-note. The trick is to pick a color then gradate it.

Let's say you've chosen blue. Bright blue orchids aren't your only option. There's muscari, blue roses, blue hydrangea, and so on.

Don't be afraid to experiment or ask an expert florist to help.

9. Baby's Breath Bouquet

Think baby's breaths are just filler flowers? For a farmhouse style wedding, they might be the only thing you need for a uniquely rustic bouquet. Wrap with some floral tape, and you're good to go.

10. Wildflower Bouquet

There's something magical about a floral arrangement that looks not quite structured. And it's easy to achieve that effect if your bouquet is made up of flowers you've picked yourself.

Of course, it's one thing to pick flowers and another thing to actually have the talent to arrange them in an artful manner. If you're lacking in this area, get a friend to help or talk to a florist who can bring your idea to life.

11. Candy Bouquet

From cotton candy bouquets to pizza bouquets, there are all sorts of edible wedding bouquets these days.

A candy bouquet is something you might want to consider if you love sweets. Just remember not to leave them unattended or ants might get to them before the ceremony.

The Best Unique Wedding Bouquet Is the One That Makes You Happy

Are you worried about your bouquet looking too traditional for a non-traditional wedding? Don't stress too much about that. Choosing a wedding bouquet should be a pleasurable experience. If you're not quite happy about your choice of blooms (or non-blooms), it's okay to start over and look for other ideas like the ones listed here.

Need a Florist Who Can Help?

If you're looking for an Atlanta-based florist, we can discuss your wedding flower needs including the perfect unique wedding bouquet for an alternative bride.

Give us a call at 678.336.1195 or 800.337.1755 and let's make your wedding floral dreams come to life.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Style Down the Aisle: 8 Gorgeous Bridal Bouquet Trends

Over 5.5 million Americans get married each year. If you're one of these lucky people and a bride-to-be, you may be feeling overwhelmed by your bridal bouquet choices. Or maybe you honestly don't have the slightest idea of what you want or where to begin.

Not to worry; we're taking a look at seven gorgeous bridal bouquet trends that are expected to be hot through 2019. Here are some ideas on what to carry as you make your way down the aisle that will perfectly compliment your gown and the beauty of your big day.

1. Go Singular With One Big Bloom

It doesn't get any simpler than holding one grand flower in one of your favorite colors. Some larger-than-life options to consider include peonies, dahlias, chrysanthemums, and day lilies.

Exactly which flower is right for you depends upon the time of year your wedding is taking place and your personal preference. If you're having a rustic wedding late in the summer, you can even try a sunflower.

There is, however, a key to pulling this off, because something this simple can also look rather skimpy. Your flower should be surrounded by plenty of greenery so that it looks like an actual wedding bouquet. This will also help the lone bloom stand out.

2. Pretty in Pink and Other Pastel Shades

Pastel petals are poised to be a big 2019 wedding trend. Their softness is just right for setting a romantic and gentle feel to the big day. They can also particularly compliment outdoor weddings, including those overlooking the ocean.

Roses are available in several pastel tones, but other blooms to consider include delphinium, hydrangea, clematis, and even tulips. A pastel bouquet is a great alternative for the bride who wants something a little more exciting than white but doesn't want to draw too much attention with stronger colors.

3. Go With the Year's Official Pantone Color

Color consulting company Pantone has been guiding graphic designers, fashion designers, interior decorators and more to help them create vibrant clothing and home decor. They also choose a color of the year and as it turns out, 2019's official hue-Living Coral-is just perfect for summer bridal bouquets.

Described as "animating" and "life-affirming", this sunny color can be found in natural roses, peonies, peach gladiolus, and Gerbera daisies. You may want an arrangement that uses it as the central focus of the bouquet, surrounded by more muted tones and greenery.

4. Get Herbal

Herbs have traditionally been a part of wedding ceremonies for hundreds of years due to the belief they bring good luck and fertility to couples. They're certainly not out of place when added to a bridal bouquet or if they're the star of the arrangement.

Fragrant lavender, rosemary sprigs, soft-hued sage, and other herbs can really put the finishing touches on a rustic wedding. They're not just for the bouquet; herbs can be used to adorn tables, entryways, and your wedding cake. They can also be a detail of your wedding centerpiece.

A bonus is they also smell wonderful and certain varieties may even help keep mosquitoes and other insects away.

5. The Cascading Bouquet

There's a reason why the classic cascading bridal bouquet never goes out of style. It's romantic and tends to look more natural than a compact gathering of flowers. It can also be adorned with a ribbon or greenery.

When Princess Diana married in the 1980s, she carried a shower bouquet (the nickname for a cascading arrangement) and the trend really took off. When executed properly, your cascading bouquet will not look like it's about to fall apart. A professional florist knows how to secure each stem so they'll stay in place.

Flower choices for this type of bouquet are pretty much limitless. Gladiolas, gardenias, garden roses, dahlias, and even succulents are fair game for the shower bouquet.

6. Bohemian Rhapsody

For the bohemian (boho) bridal bouquet, expect a bit of the unexpected. Boho bouquets may contain feathers, seed pods, ornamental grass, bright yellow sunflowers, greenery, and more. Anything goes is the name of the game when creating a boho bouquet.

These arrangements tend to be a little more rustic and ideal for outdoor wedding settings and barn receptions. Succulents are also making their these bouquets as they come in several muted tones and many varieties resemble flowers.

The bouquet may include long flowing ribbons or eucalyptus leaves. A trademark of these bouquets is that they usually contain a lot of texture and color.

7. Go Bold With Saturated Colors

According to the Flower Trends Forecast, bright flower colors are trending. For the bride that likes to go big and bold, now's the time to make a big splash.

As mentioned, Living Coral is 2019's official Pantone color, but you can also try hot pink, ultramarine, yellow, and even classic romantic red for your bouquet.

8. Keep It Local

We hear a lot these days about sourcing ingredients from local farmers and food suppliers for meals, so it's no surprise that this trend is finding its way into the bridal bouquet. The bouquet may be made up of seasonal flowers from a local farm with hand-picked greenery from the reception venue added for the finishing touch.

It's a fun and creative way of giving back in a small way to a local business on your big day.

We Can Help With Your Bridal Bouquet

There are lots of options when it comes to choosing the ideal bridal bouquet for your wedding. Whether you need help with creating your bouquet or know exactly what you have in mind, our staff at Peachtree Petals is more than happy to help you create your dream wedding.

Our in-house wedding flower consultants have more than a decade of experience creating the perfect floral arrangements for brides. If your wedding is taking place in the Atlanta or Los Angeles area, contact us to arrange a floral consultation.

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Sweet Petals: 8 Beautiful Ideas for Using Flowers on Your Atlanta Wedding Cake

Your big day is coming up and you want your cake to be perfect. The problem is, you hate those fake flowers made of tons of frosting.

Have no fear! You can still have the cake of your dreams! It's possible to have a stunning wedding cake without all those fake flowers. Instead, you can use the real thing.

Real flowers on a wedding cake? Aren't those reserved for decorations? Why not decorate your cake with real flowers? It's your wedding! If you need some inspirations, here are eight ways to use real flowers on your Atlanta wedding cake.

1. The Waterfall Look

If you like the look of something flowy, consider using real flowers in a waterfall down your cake. This works best with a multi-tiered cake. Three or four will look better than one or two.

Start with a solid cake. If you're going for traditional, choose a white frosted or fondant-covered cake.
Then, start your flower waterfall on the top. Bring it down one side, then curve it over to flow down the corners if you have square layers. If they're round, move the flower flow to one side a little bit.

You can use a lot of flowers this way, so it's perfect if you have several types or colors of flowers or if you want to use a lot. While you can decorate the rest of your cake with other things, we like it best when the rest of the cake is clean.

2. The Party Hat

Do you love large flowers? If so, you may love this cake topper idea. Instead of using figurines of your spouse-to-be and yourself, top that cake with a giant flower.

Don't just stick the flower on the top, though. Instead, put it at an angle, like a gentleman wearing his hat a little at a slant. The angle will add interest, and make it look like the cake is tipping its hat to you.

Want to tie in the color of the petals? Create a color fade on the bottom layer of the cake. If your base color is white, start with a dark shade similar to the flower, then fade up the layer until it disappears into the white.

3. The Topper Combo

Want a cake topper and live flowers? No problem! Simply combine the two. Place your cake topper, or a topper made of flowers, on the top of the cake. If you'd like to use flowers, create a topper out of some of the flowers used in the decorations, but make it stand out.

For example, if there are white flowers in the mix, use only the white flowers on the top of the cake. Supplement it with initials and a heart, or any other cake topper you'd like. This works without flowers on the top, too.

From there, create the waterfall effect. Take it down the cake however you'd like. Make it flow down one side, or turn it to go around the cake a little.

4. Add Beads

If you're going for something sleek, use a combination of flowers and beads (these can be edible). Place a few simple flowers to one side of the very top of the cake. Then place a bigger bunch of flowers in front of the second layer.

Outline the bottom of each cake layer with beads. You can do these in all the same color or alternate them from layer to layer.

5. Tie in Some Ribbon

You can achieve a simple but beautiful look with real flowers and ribbon. First, place ribbons around the bottom of each layer of the cake.

From there, add a bunch of flowers on top of the cake, and only a few in a couple other places, at the corners of different layers on the cake. Finish it off by surrounding the bottom layer with loose petals

6. The All-Out Floral Look

If you really want to let your attendees know you love flowers, feel free to cover your cake in them (just make sure the groom is cool with this!). Create a cake topper from your chosen flowers, and place the flowers around the bottom of each individual layer as well.

This will make for a very busy cake. But if that's your thing, that's okay!

7. Mix Large and Small

Using a variety of sizes of flowers can make your cake shine. Start with a large flower or plant on the top, accented with some smaller ones.

Use medium-sized flowers to create accent bunches in various places on the cake. Then surround the bottom of each layer with smaller flowers. These circles will look something like a halo. Strands of little flowers connected with vibrant green stems work well here.

8. Pair Them with Berries

For a more unique look, pair your flowers with berries when you decorate your cake. Start with some vibrant, large flowers on the cake's top. Accent these with some greenery if you'd like.

Then, use various berries to add bunches of color at the bottom of the different layers. Tie the colors together for the best results. For example, use large red flowers on top, then accent them using red berries on the layers.

Mixing in berries of others colors works well too. Pair blackberries with red berries for a beautiful contrasted look.

Make sure you stay away from holly berries, even though they look festive.

Make Your Atlanta Wedding Cake Shine

Your Atlanta wedding cake should be exactly what you want it to be. If you want to be different, then go for it! That means you can say no to all those frosting flowers.

Real flowers go a long way in dressing up your wedding cake. From graceful to fiery, flowers can show off your personality and love of natural foliage.

When it comes to wedding flowers, we've got you covered. Contact us today to get started!

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Preserving the Memories: 4 Things You Can Do with Your Wedding Flowers After the Big Day

With some weddings spending upwards of $10,000 just on their floral arrangements, you want to get some extra mileage out of them. You might think that cut flowers only have a short lifespan but with the right amount of care, wedding flowers can last a while.

They're usually such high-quality flowers that you'll be able to keep them around for weeks easily.
Here are four things to do with your wedding flowers after the big day has come and gone.

1. Cheer Up Strangers, Friends, or Loved Ones

With the joy that your flowers brought you on your wedding day, it's hard to imagine having to just throw them in the trash. However, there's a lot of joy that they can bring to others just a day later.
Flowers last for weeks when they're treated well and a beautiful arrangement looks great for at least a week with very little maintenance.

If you live near a nursing home, a hospital, or a shelter of any kind, bringing in some fairly fresh flowers brings a ray of light into a dark place. While most of these places work hard to make visitors feel good, they often have limited budgets for spending on decor.

By bringing in thousands of dollars in flowers, you bring a needed brightness to the place. If you have a friend who came to your wedding despite going through a rough time personally, make a special trip out to meet them with these flowers.  Bringing your friend or loved one some flowers when they're feeling low brings needed life into their home.

Some people become withdrawn when they're sad and adding living flowers turns those feelings around to something more positive.

There are even charities who make it their job to take care of this exact type of project. Contact a charity and they'll even arrange to pick up the flowers after your wedding or your reception. They'll take these cheery centerpieces who need to be lifted up and will ensure those people see your flowers while they're fresh and perky.

2. Treat Your Guests

When people come to a wedding, they might pay hundreds of dollars on drinks, travel, or rental of what they wore. On top of that, they'll spend another hundred dollars or more on a gift from the registry.

While that's expected at a wedding, it's always nice to give people something to take away with them.
They'll remember your wedding fondly for a while after if you give them some of your flowers. Have your flowers arranged in a way that allows people to take them away easily.

A large number of smaller arrangements put together by your florist allows everyone the ability to get in on the action.

Make them centerpieces at every table and offer them to the people sitting there. To avoid fights, you can make it a game where someone at every table has the chance to win the arrangement.

Instead of making a bunch of cheap items for people to take home from your wedding, have nice vessels created. A nice pitcher with a small engraving or a small vase at each table makes it easy for you to give away each one of your flower arrangements.

3. Make Something

When it comes time to part with your flowers, you don't need to throw them in the trash. If you're into gardening or saving the earth, be sure to put them into the compost rather than putting them into a landfill.

If you're an artist or like to craft, you'll be able to create interesting things with your flowers. Start by taking your bouquet and hanging it upside down for a couple of weeks while you're on your honeymoon. when you get back, your flowers should be completely dried out and ready to be played with. In this state, you can do a lot more with your flowers.

If you've never made a shadow box, now is the time. Take some mementos from your wedding and arrange them in a deep framed box. Sprinkle petals on the bottom or line the interior with flowers.
Think about pressing flowers from each wedding bouquet. Create bookmarks or wall arrangements that last for years after your wedding. Leave them as a reminder for your spouse on what flowers they should probably get you for your anniversary.

Whatever you make is sure to have loads of sentimental value, so be sure to handle your flowers with care. Think carefully as you construct your final product but with bouquet after bouquet of flowers, you have some room for mistakes.

4. Have Another Event

The modern wedding is more complicated than the wedding of the past. Typical weddings twenty or thirty years ago may have involved a rehearsal dinner but were often in and out affairs.

Now, people stretch out their weddings over multiple days and several locations. If this is how your wedding is going to run, take advantage of your flowers on the days afterward. It's hard to make another venue seem like a wedding venue, but with flowers, it's much easier.

Take your flowers to your next-day breakfast event or to your gift opening party. You'll get another day to enjoy your beautiful bouquets and feel like you got the most out of them.

Offer them to guests at the end and let other people enjoy that lovely feeling you had at your wedding for weeks to come.

Wedding Flowers Are Still Just Flowers

At the end of the day, wedding flowers don't have to be thought of only in that context. Do whatever you would normally do with flowers after your wedding day has passed. Give them to people who you care about and spread the love.

If you want to give some flowers to someone who needs cheering up, check out our guide for more details.

Monday, July 1, 2019

These 6 Plant Gifts Are Way Better Than Sending Flowers

It's the gift that keeps on living! Think of a potted flower as a living bouquet which will grow and grow. A bunch of flowers though is unlikely to last more than a few days, as the stems have all been cut from the plant.

A plant breathes life into a room and it's a gift that's a lasting reminder of warm thoughts towards your loved ones.

Plant gifts are ideal to give when there's no special occasion at all. Flowers that are growing and potted add an extra dimension to the thought and kindness which have gone into your gift.
Plants are easy maintenance too, usually just needing some water and a bit of light.

The benefits of tending to a living flower include stress relief and a connection to nature that is healing. Even if you know nothing about gardening, you'll get enjoyment from a potted flower, especially if you select the right bloom.

We're the plant gift experts and we're going to tell you about the top six plants that'll show you care about the health, and happiness of the person you're giving to.

Orchids Are the Perfect Plant Gifts

Orchids have fast become one of the most popular indoor plants. Their flowers are delicate, exotic and vibrant. This makes these gorgeous plants an obvious gift idea.

They have a stand-out but elegant appearance, and they require minimal maintenance.
Sitting in their own ceramic pot, they just need watering once a week and can be displayed in any window.

In flower language, they stand for delicate beauty. They'll help to achieve feelings of balance and happiness, making them a winning choice as a plant gift.

Give an Azalea, Give a Smile

The flowers of these plants symbolize femininity and delicacy. Azaleas are the perfect plant gifts for your wife, mother, daughter, or friend.

Azaleas represent brightness and cheeriness and so are ideal gifts for any occasion, or even no occasion at all.

Great for the holidays, baby showers or as a welcome gift for someone moving into a new home, azaleas will bring a smile to all great occasions.

Azaleas like bright but indirect sunlight and may need to be watered every few days.

The Peace Lily

The peace lily has been around for centuries. It oozes symbolism and represents peace, virtue, cleanliness, and rebirth.

Giving a peace lily as a plant gift, means you're wishing calm, tranquility, and harmony. Because of what the peace lily has come to mean to so many, it can often be given as a sympathy gift. It's, therefore, a wonderful and lasting tribute to a loved one who's been lost.

The presence of the peace lily can bring about harmonious thoughts. Their petals are beautiful and their stems are lengthy.

They have a healing quality by absorbing the bad things in the air we breathe while expelling oxygen to improve our circulatory systems.

This plant is thought to have taken its name from its white flowers, which many think look like small, white flags of peace.

Roses are Not Only Red

A bunch of red roses can feel a little bit stereotypical and so an actual rose plant is a great alternative to this traditional floral gift.

Roses come in so many colors, from reds to yellows and pinks to whites. Anyone who receives a planted rose will love the thought that's gone into this gift.

Red roses are famed for representing love and passion. They're a great alternative gift to take to a wedding. They're also an ideal gift for a ruby wedding anniversary of forty years.

Clusters of these blooms in pots will brighten up any room. They can even be planted outdoors at a later date, meaning they'll last and last.

Soothing Lavender

Calming Lavender is a perfect plant gift because it's renowned for its relaxing and calming scent.
Lavender plants look impressive. These stress relievers will freshen up the home with their wonderful fragrance.

Perhaps you have a sick friend or a relative who's having a hard time at work. Lavender plants make for the perfect soothing gift. What's more, they won't add to the workload as they don't require lots of water to stay healthy.

Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo plants have a reputation as being bringers of peace, love and good fortune to any space they are placed in.

Their roots in Feng Shui are thought to give off good luck to their owner. They're therefore an ideal gift for someone you know who just needs a bit of extra help.

Three stalks of lucky bamboo are said to bring happiness, wealth and a long life.
They're sturdy plants and very low maintenance. They can be placed in a window but can adapt to small amounts of light.

They're great gifts for Dads as they have a modern and masculine look. They're also ideal for bathrooms where they can profit from the moisture of showers and baths.

Plants Are the Perfect Gifts

Living plants are just like us: they grow, eat, and breathe. Those that bloom bestow beauty and charm, acting as a reminder of your thoughtfulness in giving them as a gift.

Our selection is easy to maintain needing just a little water and light. Remember too you're also doing your bit to save the planet by giving live plant gifts instead of cut flowers. A huge percentage of flowers sold are flown in by jet to florists from far and wide.

Think of the energy and fuel you're saving by selecting a more eco-friendly living plant instead.
We'd love to hear from you whether you're looking to give something for a wedding, funeral or even a hospital visit. Check out the wide variety of plant gifts we offer. Our selections are available all year round and are there to meet your every need.

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Happy Together: Here Are the Best Wedding Anniversary Flowers to Surprise Her With

Whether you're newlyweds still enjoying their honeymoon phase or a couple who's been together for years, celebrating your marriage will remind you of all the great memories you share and the ones you'll create in the future.

You've had the wedding of your dreams and it was the happiest day of your lives. But marriage isn't always a walk in the park and it takes a lot of work to keep the spark alive.

It's important to show appreciation and respect for your significant other even when you're both busy and life gets hard. Making time for each other, going on date nights, and communicating effectively will help you maintain a healthy, loving relationship.

If your anniversary is approaching and you'd like to surprise your spouse with a thoughtful gift, read on to learn which wedding anniversary flowers to choose to celebrate your love.

1st Anniversary

Your first anniversary marks a whole year of your love and union. For many couples, it's the honeymoon phase where they get used to living together and planning their future. It's also filled with challenges, learning to solve marital problems, and for some couples, the time to start a family.

The marriage flowers for the 1st anniversary are carnations. They symbolize love, youthful affection, and deep passion. Their abundant blossom represents the expansion of the family, growing love, and blooming happiness in a marriage.

3rd Anniversary

Sunflowers are the blooms for your 3rd anniversary. They signify happiness, joy, and overcoming challenges in a marriage because they always turn towards the sun.

Sunflowers also symbolize friendship between the partners, fidelity, and strength because of the sturdy stem that keeps them upright.

5th Anniversary

To celebrate 5 years of a sacred unity, give your spouse a bouquet of daisies for your anniversary of marriage.

The delicate daisy means eternal love with a strong foundation, loyalty, hope, and growth. It's great to remind yourself of these values in order to reignite the spark between you and your partner.

10th Anniversary

Yellow daffodils are the best flowers for an anniversary as meaningful as your first decade together. They carry the meaning of simplicity and paying attention to the little things that make you happy, but also to all the years filled with wonderful memories.

A bouquet of 10 fresh daffodils is the perfect way to celebrate your 10th anniversary and welcome the future with open arms.

15th Anniversary

Red roses represent fiery passion, deep affectionate love, and everlasting romance. If you celebrate 15 years together, it means you know and accept each other completely, with all your flaws and virtues.

Red roses signify a strong unity that blooms into an exquisite flower despite the obstacles (thorns) that life throws at you. The reason why you should give red roses specifically (not white, yellow or pink) on your 15th anniversary (and not earlier) is because they're a symbol of deeply-rooted true love.

20th Anniversary

Celebrating two decades together calls for beautiful asters that carry the meaning of longevity, wisdom, hope for the future, and patience. These flowers for anniversary represent what you've learned from marriage in the past two decades.

A single aster flower is simple and delicate, but when put in a bouquet, it becomes an amazing union of beauty and mesmerizing floral scent.

25th Anniversary

The stunningly beautiful iris is the symbolic flower of your silver anniversary. Iris represents courage, faith, hope, and wisdom, all of which you've gained during your 25 years together.

The flower is small and delicate on its own, but when put together in a bouquet, it becomes a powerful bunch with the meaning of romantic love and happiness.

30th Anniversary

To celebrate 30 years of marriage, give your spouse a bouquet of dozen lilies as wedding anniversaries flowers. Lilies have a big, glorious bloom with visible anthers and come in several different colors, each symbolizing a different thing:
  • Pink lily means abundance, success, prosperity, and wealth
  • Yellow lily means gratefulness and joy
  • Red lily means passion for life and love
  • White lily means virtue, innocence, and purity
  • Orange lily means confidence, wealth, and pride (not suitable as an anniversary gift)
After 3 decades, your marriage is strong and well-rooted, and you as people have become wiser, more understanding, and more committed to each other. This is also the time when many married couples become grandparents which helps them find a new purpose and joy in life.

40th Anniversary

Gladioli are long, slender flowers whose blooms are layered one above the other, just like the memories, happy times, and experiences you've gained after 40 years of marriage.

One gladiolus stem has up to 20 florets, but not all of them will blossom at the same time. It's best to form a bouquet of at least 3-6 stems so when they bloom, you'll have a lush bunch of blossoms.

The name 'gladiolus' comes from the Latin word 'gladius' which means 'sword' and with these flowers, you're telling your spouse they still 'pierce through your heart' with their love, passion, and affection.

50th Anniversary

For your Golden Anniversary, surprise your significant other with a bouquet of yellow roses and a flowerpot of violets. Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship, true love, faith, and longevity, while violets represent faithfulness, virtue, and modesty.

These two flowers go together to mark a half a century of a successful, happy marriage full of heartwarming memories. Just like the colors yellow and purple complement each other so beautifully, the same is true for you and your partner whose love has withstood the test of time.

Choose the Most Beautiful Wedding Anniversary Flowers for Your Significant Other

Though marriage is a union between two people in love, it's still challenging and takes an effort to keep the flame alive. No matter how many years you've been together, all that matters is that you love, support, and care for each other in both good times and bad.

If you liked this article and would like to learn more about flower care and choosing the best flowers for different occasions, visit our blog.

Is your anniversary coming up? Visit our online store and order the most beautiful wedding anniversary flowers to surprise your significant other.

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What Should You Give as Graduation Flowers: A Simple Guide

Graduation is a huge accomplishment. After all, only just above half of all students who attempt college go on to receive a degree. It's a time for family and friends to gather around their graduate and inspire them to the next phase in their journey.

Whether you can make it to town for the big day, or you just want to send a gift from a distance, sending someone bright blooms is always a treat.

Graduation flowers are a great way to mark the milestone and congratulate your loved one on their accomplishment. The right bouquet will create an ambiance for the day and make them feel special and valued. Read on to learn how to make the perfect selection no matter who you are shopping for.

Choose Their School Colors

Choosing school colors for a graduation bouquet is a way you can't lose. No matter what kind of flowers you choose, your graduate will love the personal touch.

You may have trouble finding flowers that are black if that is one of their school colors. But you could consider using blooms that are dark purple or maroon in color or consider just using black ribbon to tie together the bouquet.

Choosing school colors is especially a good idea if you will be using the flowers for a centerpiece for their graduation party. It's a nice touch to add to the tables to tie together the theme.

If you're throwing a party, you may also want to consider buying some garlands to decorate. It's a great way to make a table of honor stand out in a small room.

Make sure that you visit a florist in person or include a note about your order if you want to be sure that the flowers are the right color. Sometimes when you order a bouquet online, the one that the person gets doesn't look exactly the same.

Consider Sending a Leis

Leis are often given to people on vacations as a way to welcome them to a fancy hotel or result. But they're also used as a way to congratulate someone on an accomplishment or achievement in life. Consider ordering a lei for the graduate in your life.

While most traditional leis are made from orchids, there are also leis made from roses, plumeria, carnations, and foliage. Orchids can be an expensive option, but they're also very beautiful.

If you want to make your gift extra special, consider adding money into the lei as a graduation gift. It's a lot better than just stuffing the money into an envelope. You can also sew candy into a lei if the graduate has a major sweet tooth.

If your graduate isn't the kind of person who would wear a lei, you can also order a corsage or boutonniere for them to wear on their big day. Find out what their favorite flower is or just choose a collection featuring the school's colors.

Choose Flowers That Represent Prosperity

Bright and bold flower color choices will bring your festivity and celebration to the next level.  Choosing yellow flowers is a way to symbolize success and accomplishment and charge up the day. Orange flowers, on the other hand, represent enthusiasm and a passion for life which is perfect for a graduation day.

White and green flowers are symbolic of new beginnings. Choose flowers of those colors if your graduate is looking to the future instead of reminiscing on their past. Camilias and white carnations are good options for symbolizing luck and prosperity to come.

Send Their Favorite Flower

Giving someone their favorite flower is a great way to show them how well you know them and make them feel loved.

If you don't know what someone's favorite flower is, consider asking their parents or best friends if they know. Even if they don't they may be able to reach out and discreetly ask for you so that you don't have to ruin the surprise.

If you decide to send someone their favorite flowers, try to schedule your delivery for the morning of their graduation day. They'll love waking up to something special and it will brighten their mood just in time to celebrate.

When to Give the Flowers

When to give the flowers depends on if you are attending the graduation ceremony or not. Most commonly, you will give the graduate their flowers after the ceremony is over.

But, if you aren't able to make it, you can send the flowers to show up any time within a week of the actual graduation.

If you take care of the flowers, they can last for weeks. Make sure that you change the water and use the fertilizer package that comes with your flowers. You should also trim the ends of your stems so that they can get enough water.

Where to Order Graduation Flowers in Atlanta or LA

Ordering graduation flowers for someone is a great way to let them know that you are thinking about them and celebrate their big day with them no matter where you are. If you're buying graduation flowers, consider purchasing them in the school colors for the institution where they are graduating from.

You can also find out what someone's favorite flowers are or send them flowers that carry a special meaning.

Do you know someone who is graduating soon? We would love to help you send a thoughtful message. Find out if we deliver in your area today.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Expressing Your Sympathy: All You Need to Know About Traditional Funeral Flowers

In 2018 alone, the funeral industry had a revenue of $16 billion. This industry is large because funerals are so common. Are you prepared for a funeral?

Whether you're attending in person or trying to send your condolences when you can't attend, sending flowers is always a good choice. However, it's helpful to know some tradition first, so you can send the right message.

There are some traditional funeral flowers you can send to make the statement you want to make. Not sure which ones to choose, or how to send them? We've put together a complete guide to help you decide -- keep reading so you can express your sympathy in the best way.

Funeral Flower Arrangements

First, let's break down the different arrangements you might find on your search for grieving flowers.
There are two main types of funeral flowers: those that will be used as part of the service, and those that are sent to show sympathy to the grieving family.Flowers for the service can include:
  • Bouquets
  • Wreaths and hearts
  • Standing Sprays
  • Crosses
  • Casket arrangements
  • Urn and photo arrangements
These will beautify the space during the service.
Flowers for showing sympathy might include:
  • Floral baskets
  • Bouquets
  • Wreaths
  • Other arrangements including things like fruit
There's more freedom for choosing these flowers as a gift.

What to Send and When

Wondering how to navigate the expectations surrounding funeral flowers? Just follow these guidelines.

Funeral Service Flowers

These flowers tend to come in pre-arranged sets to match the look for the funeral. Most funerals aren't decorated with a random assortment of flowers from loved ones. Instead, they'll have bouquets and arrangements that are designed to all look nice together.

It's not expected or encouraged for you to show up to most funerals bearing flowers. However, if you're planning the funeral, you might need to have the right arrangements sent to the funeral home.
The family members, or those planning the funeral, will be the ones to choose the casket arrangement and other important floral decorations. But if you want to help out, and you're close to the family, you could offer to take care of the casket arrangement for them.

Generally speaking, it's always best to ask the family before sending or bringing flowers to a service. You want to make sure you won't disrupt their plans for decorating. Flowers can offer a beautiful way to pay a tribute to a loved one, which is why funeral service flowers are a beloved tradition.

Flowers for Mourning

If you want to send an individual message to the family or loved ones of the deceased, you can send them your own floral arrangement.

You can send them to a specific person or address them to the family. You can expect that they will be receiving lots of flowers at the time, so bigger isn't always better. Instead, send a tasteful arrangement that will fit nicely in a crowded home.

Sometimes, you might even choose to send a potted flowering plant, rather than cut flowers. This can send a message that lasts longer than your usual bouquet.

However, keep in mind that grieving families tend to be busy, and might not have the time or energy to care for a new plant. When in doubt, cut flowers are always a good choice.

Even if the funeral is over, but you just heard about it, you can still send flowers. This gesture is welcome at any time.

Traditional Funeral Flowers to Choose From

Now that you know what to send or bring and when, which flowers should you choose?
The good news is that you have a range of options. Funeral flowers don't have to be all somber and serious. Funerals are meant to be times of celebration, not just mourning, so many bright and luscious flowers can work well.

Here are three popular funeral flower types, and the meanings they convey.


This traditional choice for standing sprays and wreaths comes in many different colors, so you can pick which one suits the moment best.

Red, for example, symbolizes affection. Pink carnations were once believed to have sprouted where the Virgin Mary's tears fell, making them appropriate for Christian and Catholic funerals.

However, flowers mean different things in different cultures. For example, in Buddhist culture, white is the color of mourning, and sending flowers of another color may not be appropriate. It's important to know enough about the family to choose the right flowers that will show respect.


If you choose a white rose arrangement, you're making a statement about peace, innocence, and purity. Red roses can show love and affection, while yellow is associated with friendship.

But no matter which color you choose, roses tend to be a good choice for traditional funeral flowers. They look beautiful alone or mixed with different flowers.


Lilies remain one of the most popular funeral flower choices. Their strong scent combined with their beauty can help make the funeral space feel even more celebratory.

Some people may also choose to send a peace lily plant, which is associated with rebirth, as well as peace.

Sending Lilies to a home is a good choice, but be careful if the mourners have pets. These flowers are very toxic to cats, so they aren't a good choice for all households.

Sending the Right Flowers for Loss

Traditional funeral flowers remain the top way to show love, respect, and sympathy at the time of a funeral. Whether you're choosing arrangements for the casket or just sending a bouquet to someone's home, this guide will help.

Wondering where to get your arrangements? Check out our sympathy and funeral options here.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Note Writing Basics: How to Get Your Card Right Every Time

Have you been putting off sending a note to a family member or friend? Whether it's a thank you note, a sympathy note, or just a note to express your love, what's holding you back?

These days, when people send 16 million text messages per minute and 156 million emails, a written note can make all the difference to someone who's feeling lonely or could use a kind word.

Many people avoid writing notes because they're worried about their writing abilities. It's okay if you're not a note writing expert, though. You can become one in no time if you keep these tips in mind.

It's Always the Right Time

You might think it's too late to send a note to someone you love. Maybe they got married a couple of months ago or they gave you a gift last year.

The truth, though, is that it's always a good time to receive a note or card. Everyone loves getting mail that's not a bill or a credit card application. Chances are good that your loved one will appreciate your note no matter how late it is.

Keep in mind, too, that you don't always need a reason to send a note. There's nothing wrong with sending a "thinking of you" or "hope you're well" note just because. Often, these are the very best notes.

Start with Great Stationery

Having some nice, high-quality stationery can make the note writing process a lot more appealing.
Whether you want something that contains a clever message or features the official color of the year, there are lots of stationery options for you to choose from.

Before you start writing your note, head to the store and look for some stationery or a card that's appropriate for the situation and gets you excited to write your note.

Create a Digital Draft

There's nothing more irritating than having to throw away several practice notes because you misspelled something or wrote the wrong thing.

To avoid wasting your new stationery, write your note on the computer first. That way, you can plan out exactly what you want to say and transfer it to the card after.

There's no more wasted paper when you do it this way, and you'll be free to make as many mistakes as you need to figure out the perfect message.

Follow a Formula

If you have no idea where to begin when it comes to writing a note for someone, try following this basic formula:
  • Start by greeting the recipient by name
  • Express why you're writing
  • Use one or two sentences for a personal touch
  • Wrap up with a closing message (thank you again, I wish you the best, etc.)
 There's plenty of room to get more creative with your notes, but this formula can be helpful if you're dealing with writer's block and have no clue what to say.

Talk About a Memory

When it comes to adding a personal touch to your cards, a memory is a great approach to take. Spending a sentence or two writing about a memory you have with your loved one shows them that they really do matter to you. It'll also make your note unique and separate it from other notes they've received.

Think About the Future

It's also helpful to spend a sentence or two addressing the future. Maybe you can let your loved one know that you're looking forward to seeing them soon or that you hope to make plans to see them the next time you're in the neighborhood.

If you're writing a thank you note, you could also talk about how you plan to use their gift in the future (I can't wait to bake lots of casseroles in this dish, Aunt Helen).

Don't be Something You're Not

It might be tempting to try and make yourself sound smarter or more sophisticated than you are, especially if you don't consider yourself to be a great writer.

It's important to note, though, that your loved one wants to hear from you. They love you for who you are, and they don't want to read a note that sounds like it was written by someone else.

Resist the urge to use the thesaurus to expand your vocabulary or change your tone and write from the heart. It'll make your note much more meaningful.

Focus on Them

When in doubt, focus on the recipient, not yourself. Emphasize how much you appreciate them, what their friendship means, why you love them, etc.

There are so many self-centered people in the world these days. If you can separate yourself by keeping the focus on the recipient, you'll be miles ahead of all the other people who might be sending them notes.

Keep it Short and Sweet

You don't need to send your loved one a novel. Instead, try to keep your note short. Limit yourself to a few really well-written, meaningful sentences. This will have more of an impact on your loved one than a long letter full of boring platitudes.

You can only read messages like "best wishes" and "congratulations" so many times before your head explodes.

Don't Overthink it

Finally, don't overthink it. Remember, most people are just excited to receive an original note.
As long as you're writing from the heart and being genuine, they won't care if it's the most well-written note in the world.

With so many people eschewing written notes these days, they might not have that many to compare it to, anyway.

Take Your Note Writing to the Next Level

Writing a heartfelt note doesn't have to be difficult. If you keep these note writing tips in mind, you'll have a much easier time expressing your thoughts and feelings and showing your loved ones that you care.

Do you know what makes a note even better? When it's attached to a stunning flower arrangement!
Next time you need to send someone a note, send some flowers along with it.

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