Monday, August 13, 2012

Best Colors For August Weddings

August is one of the most popular months of the year for weddings. With so many color combinations to choose from, the month of August can be quite tricky. It is the end of the summer, yet the beginning of fall. Some can find this a little frustrating and elect to have there wedding within a single season. At the same time, August allows you to have more creativity and express a variety of wedding colors that are rarely used in any other time of year.

Orange is one the best August wedding colors. It is vibrant and relates to the entering of the fall season. The recommended shade of orange would be rustic, burnt orange or tangerine. This is an original expression all of its' own. Some pairing color to orange include ivory, purple or burgundy. Another great color is green. Green can be dark or lime green. You can have your wedding accessories such as green punch and table decor. Sage green and purple can be a great combination to represent the brightness of summer and the darker shade of the upcoming fall.

Burgundy is an outstanding wedding color. It is so rich and simply beautiful. It is very easy to pair colors with like black, ivory, pink,and gray. Flowers such as Roses and Asian Lilies come in dark shades of red. Your burgundy decor with candles would look very elegant and romantic as the evening progresses.

Yellow is another color chosen this time of the year. Although summer is coming to a close, August is still considered a summer month. Therefore, it is proper to use it as an August wedding color. For more of the fall color theme, sunflower and burnt yellow is an excellent choice. It can be paired with burnt red or brown for a mild appeal.

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