Thursday, September 13, 2012

Flowers In Season In September

Many people don’t question what’s in season during the spring and summer, it’s the fall season the average person needs help with. Some customers call Atlanta florists desiring the colorful tulip, however, are sadly disappointed when they find this beautiful flower in September is now out of season.

Inspite of this example of a flower not available in the fall, there are a number of other alternatives of blooming, in season flowers in September to choose from.

Sunflowers —Sunflowers are timeless flowers that fit so well with the autumn colors, as we gently change seasons. The brown, red and yellow also offer brightness to any room and occasion.

Pansies — This flower comes in yellow, dark crimson, purple, and other colors. They thrive during cool nights and can prolong their growing season.

Snapdragons —Snapdragons are full of color and tall. They are fragrant flowers, can withstand frost during the winter and have a hardness many can not find.

Sweet Peas — These are climbing plants and offer a wide variety of colors. They come in a variety of fragrant, bright colors such as white, red, blue, and pink. They have a sweet fragrance as well.

Calla Lilly — This is one of the most elegant flowers in the world and thankfully, it does continue to bloom in September. They can be expensive this time of year. It provides different colors during this season such as cream and bronze. One point to be taken is the colored flowers are smaller than the traditional white calla lilies.

Phalaenopsis Orchid— This is also known as the Moth Orchid. It is a large flower and is very popular pot plant to use for September weddings.

Roses — Many people may be surprised, but roses with birth new flowers in September and late fall. Almost every color will be available during this month except true black or blue. You can choose bright colors such as pastel pink and orange. You can also choose passionate colors like brown to compliment the fall.

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