Thursday, January 3, 2013

Best Flowers For January!

The new year is here and full of excitement for what is to come. January is a time when many people set their goals and resolutions to make sure their new year is a great one. It is also a time gifts are given to express best wishes to loved ones embarking on a new season in their lives.

Gifts in January help people enjoy their new, fresh start all the more. There's no gift that expresses newness and life like flowers. There are an array of great choices for flowers during the month of January. Here are some of the best Atlanta flowers there are to offer to begin the new year.

Carnations - Everyone knows about this little delightful and cheerful flower. It is actually known as the official birth flower for January. They come in a variety of colors such as yellow, dark red, light red, purple, pink, and white. When sending these beautiful flowers to a friend or special someone, be mindful that carnation colors do have meanings. For example, yellow means disappointment, dark red means deep love and purple means capriciousness.

Lilies - This elegant flower provides such a rich and loving expression for the new year. It is a symbol of purity and refined beauty, which makes it very meaningful for January. The lily comes in white, pink, yellow, orange, rust, and even purple. They are tall flowers and bloom wide as well.

Eucalyptus - The eucalyptus flower is a wonderful flower to behold. It comes in a incomparable shape and its' very own appearance. You can find this flower in red, pink and white. This flower is also used for January weddings.

Iris - The iris is unique and beautiful. Iris means "rainbow" and can express to a loved one their year will be bright. The flower has color combinations such as blue and purple, white and yellow, and pink and orange. The iris is an orchid-like flower with long stems. They have 9-12 buds per stem. They are a great choice for weddings in January as well.

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