Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tips For Summer Weddings!

So you're considering planning a wedding in the Summer. That's wonderful! One thing Summer weddings have to their advantage is the beauty of nature. With a few helpful tips from Atlanta's Peachtree Petals, your wedding can be a glorious occasion that you and your guests will not want to end. With these tips in mind, you will be a well prepared bride with beautiful memories to enjoy for years to come.

Plan, plan, plan! You will need to decide a date that your guests will be happy with. Make sure that the weekend you choose is not during a US holiday. Friday and Sunday wedding dates are best because venues and caterers offer less expensive prices during those times.

Choose a venue. If you are going to have your wedding inside, be sure to check if it's well ventilated and that the AC works. For outside weddings, make sure that the area is well shaded.

Have a backup plan. If you plan to have your wedding outdoors, be sure to have a backup plan. Outside weddings run the risk of experiencing possible rain and thunderstorms. Choosing a facility that has indoor and outdoor accommodations is a good choice to consider.

Don't overspend on decor. Nature is helping you with decor by providing you with green trees, warm fresh air and natural beauty all around you. Let it become a part of the overall decor of your wedding. Some brides choose to have their wedding in a garden. The Summer is the perfect time to do it!

Keep your guests well hydrated. With it being so hot during the summer, you will want to ensure that you and your guest have plenty of water for everyone to drink.

Select an experienced wedding florist. One of the best tips for your summer wedding is to partner will a top Atlanta florist like Peachtree Petals for your wedding floral services. From June wedding bouquets to wedding centerpieces, Peachtree Petals can design the elegant floral arrangements you deserve and provide a variety of bouquets to meet all of your wedding floral needs. Peachtree Petals does not have a minimum budget requirement as well.

With its' very own Atlanta floral wedding consultant, Peachtree Petals can offer first-hand floral expertise to make sure you have the best June flowers for your wedding. Peachtree Petals is a full service Atlanta wedding florist providing wedding flower services to brides throughout the Atlanta and Metro Atlanta Area. The popular Atlanta florist has worked with many brides to make their special day more beautiful. Let us help you make your floral dreams come to life. Visit or call us at 1-800-337-1155 today!

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